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i went through your entire amanda grayson tag (our Holy Lady of Space, Amanda 'fuck the rules' Grayson, Peace Be Unto Thee) and i have something to add: imagine the entire AOS w/ amanda. i don't mean it in the sappy sense i'm talking 'imagine Amanda meeting Spock Prime' 'imagine Amanda being really fuckin sneaky and getting info on possible future bad guys' 'imagine Amanda basically one-punching fate because 'surprise motherfucker don't fuck w my son'' like ! WE DONT TALK ABOUT THIS (1/?)

(cont)  like ok can you imagine Amanda’s watching the captain who saved her son and her husband, and she’s joined by an ageing Vulcan she doesn’t recognize by sight, but does by mind. 

‘Spock?“ She turns, and the man is shocked, but openly elated. 

"I am surprised you could tell.” He says, and the rational part of her mind is screaming some form of 'how the fresh hell did that happen’ but her heart says 'hug hi!!!m hU!G HIM!@!’ so she does.

 "I don’t know how, but you’re my son.“  and then they go for a walk, long and winding and Spock (because it is Spock, it’s her son but he’s so old and frail and heavy with the weight of the worlds he’s saved) tells her of his past, of his time as First Officer and the people he left behind, of the lives he saved and the lives lost that still keep him up at night

. They keep walking, conversation now family and 'what was I like?’ 'you liked flowers’ and then Spock, the son she raised, is standing there, confused  Amanda has the absurdly ridiculous opportunity to introduce her son to her son and it ends up going rather well until Sarek shows up, face openly concerned. 

"Amanda-” he starts, and then he spots her companions, and she watches, and feels, as he opens his mind to two versions of their son. 

“I know, right?” She says, laughing as his face goes from concerned to confused to astounded. Sarek joins the group, lost in thought, and Amanda smiles. “They should come for dinner.” She says. He agrees  and then the four of them are having dinner in a cramped apartment because emergency homes are never meant for company but it’s fun, it’s laughter and terrible jokes and the general feeling of home. 

Amanda rings her parents to tell them that 'everyone’s alright, yes Mom I’ll try to get Spock to see you, no I won’t be taking tim- Mom, I need to help people! Anyway, we’re planetside until the main fleet gets back, yes, love you two. I’ll kiss my boys for you.' 

 Amanda meets the crew of the ship who saved her life: Hikaru Sulu, who made the best mistake a man could make. Pavel Chekov, the pocket rocket genius who saved an entire culture. Montgomery Scott, another genius ('Honestly, Spock, how is this entire ship full of geniuses?“) who cracked trans warp beaming ('Okay Spock I’m gonna need to take a breather.’ 'Mother?’ 'Trans Warp Beaming. I’m going to scream.”) Nyota Uhura, the linguist who kicks ass and would make a great daughter-in-law.  Leonard McCoy, a doctor who calls her 'Ma'am’ and makes her laugh. And then, Jim Kirk. Another slightly-less-pocket rocket genius who knew enough pieces to make the picture, and saved the day.

 She gives them all a hug, a squeeze, a 'thank you’, and leaves with invites to dinner, lunch, birthday parties, even a wedding (which she misses, unfortunately, but the pressed flowers and the tiny holo sent by the husbands are just as good.) im gonna end my rant w resurrect amanda grayson 2k16 because bRUH PLEASE

i think that @ravenschmaven had a meltdown in my askbox and its honestly the greatest thing I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness. 


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Holtzbert having their first major fight

ok u know what I’m sad now 

most likely a second chap to this? mebbe? we’ll see! thanks for the prompt! (also damn did this get long) 


Erin remembers the day.

It was snowing. New York was lit up with streetlamps covered in frost.

God, that makes it so much more nicer than it was.

And Erin doesn’t really want to remember it anyway, hell, it would be fantastic if the whole day just left her mind and instead of spilling the coffee and instead of trying to better it just by making it worse she should have just left it and maybe Erin shouldn’t of tried to be a nice girlfriend to start with and-

It started with coffee.

Hot, skim milk, sprinkled with chocolate and the intention of sweet, caring love.

Well, that’s how Erin remembers it. Or at least, she tries to.

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End of July goodies!!

  • 7'scarlet Limited Edition - ami-hime SP Pack
  • Hefty amount of Reiji merchandise that I might of went overboard with…

I think I went too over… but I just really wanted the acrylic stands…

Not all of the items were unwrapped in the Reiji merchandise, since they were ones  I had previously bought, and it was a shame to open up that nice bubble wrap with cute tapes…

Just so you guys know, I have to work 11 AM to 7 PM and then 7:30 PM to 11 PM both Friday and Saturday, and tomorrow I just work a regular 8 hour shift with a fifteen minute break and a lunch.

I’m pretty exhausted, and I’m sorry I haven’t written anything for so long. I am just tired.

If anyone asks about me updating, point them to this post. Thanks! 😊