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Artist spotlight: Heather Agyepong shines a light on Victorian black women

The on-going quest for visibility has been the bane of women of colour for centuries, a feat held back by revisionist history, eurocentrism and racism. In Britain, where the art of paving over unfavourable relics of the past has been perfected, it’s not hard to imagine the sheer volume of figures of colour who remain unknown to the vast majority of us.

Too Many Blackamoors, one of the exhibitions featured at the Seen Fifteen Gallery’s Art Licks Weekend, works to undo that. In Heather Agyepong’s photo series, the life of the little known west African godchild of Queen Victoria, Sarah Forbes Bonetta, is explored through a collection of reimagined portraits featuring the artist herself.

Warnings: None. All fluffy fluff.

Author’s Note: Takes place early on in Jensen and Quinn’s relationship. Specifically in between the  “A Soldier’s Heart” and “All that I’m Asking For” But if you haven’t read them, no worries it will all still make perfect sense.

Special Thanks: To @alievans007 for being a sweetheart and tagging me this post that inspired the story. Thank you to @daisyjm75 for co-writing her awesome Casey Dean OC from “You Know You Love Me.” I can’t wait to do more crossovers between our stories! And always thank you to my beautiful beta cupcake @ariallane xo

Tampon Tales

Jensen hasn’t seen Quinn smile all morning. This was rare. He’s asked her countless times if she’s okay and each time she dismissed him and told him that she’s fine. But the way that she clenched her jaw when she answered him made him feel like “fine” was code for “fuck off dude.

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