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Because I love those hours before the sun comes up, when you wake up for a moment and you realize you can stay in bed just a little while longer. And you’re safe. And there’s no rush. And it’s quiet. For all my hub loves. xo Pre-pancakes, so it’s v smutty. Don’t get me wrong, it’s highly emotional and descriptive, but it’s still porn. To experience the full mood of this thing, I’d recommend listening to Max Richter’s “Three Worlds” as you read.  @captainwiley @dassala @the-reason-to-sail-home @thejollypirate @businesscasualprincess @shoedonym @katie-dub @abbadons-little-witch @swanandapirate @mahstatins

+ It’s dark when she opens her eyes. Not the dark of late evening, when the stars have begun to twinkle in the sky—when the only sound to be heard is the choral chirping of insects, the darkening of doorways. No, it’s a darkness that knows it will have to fade eventually, a grey dawn that casts their bedroom in a hazy, dreamlike glow.

A nippy, quiet breeze smelling suspiciously of rain tiptoes through the open window and she catches the scent of him on the air. It’s a spicy mixture of cologne and sweat, a warm, enticing blend that clashes wonderfully with the fresh, tingling wetness of an impending storm. She can feel his rough, weathered fingers against the bare flesh of her waist. The tap, tap, tapping of his thumb against her belly. The smooth, hard metal of his ring against her stomach not unlike the steady ringing of a church bell, a far off song, a call to his side.

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6x10 “Caged Heat” // 6x16 “And Then There Were None” // 12x13 “Family Feud”

“Like Father Like Daughter?” or “The Thing about Family and Betrayal”

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This season really reminds heavily of S6 (kind of interesting it happens exactly six seasons later in S12) and of course the central element connecting all of the above is Mary Winchester. The myth, hopes and memories surrounding her and how it conflicts with reality. In any case when looking at all of these parallels it seems unlikely for Mary to not at some point be caught between BritMoL and her sons (well, she is already kind of so…) and the fact that Gavin’s story seems like such a major piece of parallel too for the end of the season, it is highly doubtful that Mary does not expect something in return from the BritMoL. I don’t think it’s crazy to assume that she may hope to be united with John again. Wether by bringing him back to life or her going Gavin’s road…

Chapter 95 Preparations and Predictions

We are entering another spoiler week and new chapter is coming out this week. Finally

  • I will be tagging this month’s chapter related as #snk 95, and #snk spoilers just like I do every month. If you want to avoid them, you can blacklist those tags.
  • Chapter 95 is the first chapter of Volume 24. Wow, we’ve come a long way!
  • As Yonkou Productions say, spoilers usually drop on 4th-6th every month which hits on weekdays this month. Earliest they might drop on Monday 3rd.
  • Chapter will be officially publish on 8th or 9th which hits weekend.

Some predictions:

  • I think we will get another Warrior chapter, I’d like to think that we are gonna keep seeing Warrior flashback but we might return to current timeline as well. Isayama didn’t create a new place and new characters to abandon them after 4 chapters so Paradis is gonna wait a bit more, if SC are not on mainland already.
  • We can actually see Amputee-kun’s face and Isa might reveal who he actually is even if he doesn’t reveal how he got there.
  • More Mads? More Warrior Cadets? More Zeke? More Porco? Maybe we might see glimpses of Paradis as well.

Though you guys nvm my prediction part bc I tend to fail at them

UPDATE: Chapter will be out earlier than usual.

For Japan, July 7th; for USA July 6th!


"Cassian deserves better than Nesta" 😡😡😡

Any time I see “Cassian deserves better than Nesta” my blood boils. Straight silvery fire rage in my eyes. Who the hell is anyone to say who people deserve? Do you know these people? Do you know everything they as individuals and a couple have been through? Let me answer that. No you don’t because Sarah hasn’t told us yet. Nesta Archeron is a complex character. There are layers to her and despite her hard exterior this is a girl who was constantly facing her fears throughout these books, ACOTAR- Tries to go over the wall to save her sister. ACOMAF- Agrees to hold meeting in her house that could get her killed. ACOWAR- Tells her story to a group of people who she was raised to hate that doesn’t give a shit about humans in hopes of convincing them to save 1,000s of lives. Then offers herself as a distraction/sacrifice fighting Hybern to buy her sister time to stop the cauldron and the war.

So someone please tell me why Cassian doesn’t deserve a woman who would face her fears at every turn to defend those she loves and cares about. Does he not deserve someone who defends him verbally and physically against his enemies? Does he not deserve someone who waits up to see if he’s okay? Does he not deserve someone who pays so much attention to everything about him that she can tell when he’s hurt? Does he not deserve someone who would rather die than live a life without him?

Octavia volunteers to fight in this hunger games bullshit when no one else would/could, she fights to save everyone, she fucking wins it, decides to give the bunker to all the clans, and then Clarke pulls this shit and locks not only Octavia out, but also Kane and every other clan out there ?? I’m so angry with Clarke rn I can’t handle this ?? How could she just knowingly let all those people die ?? Clarke had a choice and she picked the wrong one.


israel hands + costume details

I’m the most beautiful when I’m standing on stage
—  shinee