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That Worked Out Nicely

I believe long ago an old child/poet wrote something to the effect of, The magic is the interaction.  He must have been quite wise!  LOL  Though I don’t reblog very much any more, yesterday I shared two lovely posts from a couple of my dearest friends @towardsnihility and @m-miral, and to make a long story short, one is currently featured in quotes, and the other has the “magic” 100 hearts. Yes I must admit, that worked out nicely, and just so no one accidentally thinks I’m selfless, my post inspired by Leena’s has a red quote thingy as well.  Thank you to everyone!  Kindness is indeed a good thing, and here comes the big finish.  In case no one’s told you yet today, let me be the first to say…

I love you,
Mike <3 

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¿¿¿orihime ,Despite being a self insert blank slate mary sue I can not reach the heart of everyone and remove rukia from his post so his literary purpose only work 45% ????¿¿beacuse the weending novel is RR y no IH ??? lol

I’m not quite sure I understand this fully, sorry. If you’re saying that despite being so thoroughly engineered, Orihime couldn’t effectively eclipse Rukia, then yes, I agree. A commercial product is never going to beat a true piece of art in stirring the soul.

And as you imply, the fact that WDKALY was so mediocre (and simply told the reader things, rather than show them) and required effectively lobotomizing the characters, and didn’t even focus on IH, really seals the deal. The ending was calculated to destroy Bleach irrevocably, and nothing else.

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Could you do one of y/n doing "heavy" drugs and one day Eric (close friend) comes in your house without telling you and finds you smoking or snorting something and he gets super mad cause he didn't know about it? maybe because he has a little crush on you idk he's a cutie lol

This is all over the place i’m sorry

You crushed the small white pills into powder inside the plastic bag before carefully pouring the substance onto the bathroom counter and creating thin white lines with a plastic membership card from your wallet. Your heart pounded in your throat as you observed your work. You hadn’t been doing this very long. Things were getting really rough for you lately and when a girl in your drama class mentioned the effects of the drug… well, you figured it was worth a shot. You typically avoided looking in the mirror these days but when you looked up at your reflection in the medicine cabinet it was hard to look away. You hardly recognized yourself. Your hair was tangled and knotted on top of your head in a banana clip. Your eyes were bloodshot and your skin was dull and lacked color. You wore just a pair of underwear and your best friend’s shirt he had left over at your house a week ago. It smelled like him and offered a kind of comfort. You hadn’t seen him in several days since you’d been skipping school. It was easy to get away with, with your mom being out of town this week. You shook your head, disgusted with yourself, as you bent over the counter and snorted the first line of white powder. You sat on the lid of the toilet seat and let your head fall back against the wall as the calm started to set in. The world slowed down and you glanced down at your hands. They seemed detached from your body. All four of them, you noted. Everything around you was doubled and out of focus. You waited a few minutes before sitting up to snort the second line. You thought you heard a voice from downstairs but discredited it. You’d experienced hallucinations before. You had only gotten halfway done with the line when the bathroom door flew open. You snapped your head up, terrified. Before you stood your best friend, a confused and angry look on his face as he observed the scene. “What the fuck, y/n?!” he shouted, causing you to shrink back.

“What the fuck are you doing in here?!”

“Reb, calm down I’m just–” He slammed a hand down onto the countertop.

“You’re just what? You’re just what, y/n?”

“I’m trying to tell you–” He  swiped two fingers through the white powder and rubbed his thumb over it.

“What the fuck is this? Are you doing fucking cocaine in here? Is that why you’ve been gone all week? Because you’ve been holed up in your bathroom fucking snorting coke?”

“It’s not coke, Jesus Christ!” you swatted his hands away from it. “What is it then?” he demanded.

“Special K,” you told him indignantly, offended that he thought you’d ever even consider doing coke. “Special– what?” He was glaring daggers at you. “Ketamine.” He shook his head at you. You could tell he had no idea what that meant. “Whatever, I don’t care what the fuck it is. You’re not doing this anymore.” He swiped the rest of the powder into the sink and turned on the faucet. You stood up quickly and gripped the edge of the counter, watching as your stash went down the drain. “What the fuck, Eric!” you screamed at him, hands flying towards him. He grabbed your wrists and yanked them down, moving his face just inches away from yours. You could feel the heat radiating from his reddened skin. He lowered his voice to a growl. “Y/n,” he stared into your eyes without blinking. “You’re going to sit down, and you’re going to tell me what the fuck is going on.” you glared at him and he tightened his grip on your wrists. “Do you understand?” he asked. You snatched yourself free and backed up, stumbling a bit. You were still high and disoriented. Your back hit the wall and let yourself slide down onto the floor. He sat down beside you and rested his head in his hands. You watched as he tried to even out his breathing, his entire body shaking. You would probably be shaking too if you weren’t currently sedated. He looked back up at you and shook his head slightly, “What’s going on, y/n?” you shrugged. “It helps.” “Helps what?” you sighed heavily. “Helps me not want to kill myself.” you saw a flash of fear in his eyes. “Don’t say that. You don’t mean that.” You rolled your eyes and looked away. “Okay,” you muttered. “Okay? Okay what? What does that mean? Y/n–” “Just okay! That’s what you want me to say, right? ‘Okay Reb, you’re right I’m not depressed, I’m not falling apart, I’m not struggling every day to just exist.’ Is that what you what to hear?” It came out sounding more harsh than you’d intended. “Why didn’t you tell me?” he seemed genuinely hurt. You shrugged. “Doesn’t matter.” He grabbed your face and turned it towards him. “Why do you think I don’t care about you?” his voice was tight. “I don’t know… I don’t deserve it.” He blinked hard, trying to will away the tears in his eyes. “That’s not true. You deserve more than this. You deserve everything. You deserve to be happy.” You wanted to argue back but lacked the energy to do so. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. “I would do anything to make you happy,” He whispered. You looked down. He moved in front of you, resting on his knees, and leaned forward, pressing his forehead against yours and placing his hands on either side of your face. “Anything.” he repeated. You reached up and gently squeezed his forearms. He had a look in his eyes you’d never seen before. He bit his lip nervously and gazed at you. His lips parted slightly and your stomach fluttered and you prepared yourself for what was about to happen. He backed away and stood up, pulling you up after him. “Wh-” you began but he cut you off. “You should get some sleep. You look exhausted.” Your heart sank as you followed him into your bedroom. You sat down on the bed and when he looked down at you, you identified the glint in his eye. Desire. He walked towards the door and turned the light off on the way out. “Wait. Reb?” he turned back around. “Don’t leave. Stay with me. Please.” He came back and took off his shoes before laying down next to you. The want and pain in his eyes was almost too much to bear. You pressed yourself as close as you could to him. You heard his heart beating rapidly in his chest. He wrapped a hesitant arm around you and you closed your eyes. “Don’t go anywhere.” you said quietly. He buried his nose in your hair and murmured, “I’m right here. I’m staying right here.”

Drama Geeks (Jack G Imagine)

A/N I’ve been meaning to finish and upload this since fucking DECEMBER. I suck I know, but I wanted it to be good because I loved the idea of this so much. So without further ado, enjoy Jack G as a boy in theater. (THIS HURTS MY HEART BCUZ I’M IN THEATER). Also request stuff plz. k love u bye.

Requested: Yes 
Smut: No, but I’m open to a part 2 if someone wants to request it.
Words: 4528
*Things that look like this are thoughts*

It was the beginning of the school year and to say you were nervous was an understatement. You had just moved from California to Omaha,Nebraska because your dad got a new job. This meant a new home, a new school, and no friends. You quickly got dressed in the outfit you picked last night which consisted of a simple loose black top and high-waisted shorts since it was still pretty warm inside, you grab a long gray cardigan to throw over the outfit and went to your new bathroom that was attached to your bedroom. You did some loose curls and some neutral makeup and once you were happy with your appearance you head to the kitchen.

“Good morning sweetie, you look beautiful. I’m sure you won’t have any problems making new friends today. Also honey, I hear they have a theater program and they haven’t had auditions yet either, maybe you should try out?” Your mom says as you grab a bowl and pour cereal into it. You loved theater, in fact at your old school you had been the lead character in the spring musical.

“I’ll check it out mom, thanks for telling me. I’ll see you later I’m gonna head to school.” Quickly, you grab your bag and keys and head outside. You’re close enough to your school that you decide to walk. After you enter the school you make your way towards your locker. You obviously weren’t paying attention because all of the sudden you walk into something hard and fall backwards. Slowly, you look up and see it wasn’t a something, it was a boy. And that boy was possibly the most attractive boy you had ever seen in your life.

“Are you okay?” He asks you, holding his hand out. You turn red, but grab his hand so he can help you up.“U-uh, yeah. I’m so sorry I wasn’t paying attention to anything” You stutter out. As he pulls you up off the ground.

“It’s fine, it’s not everyday a pretty girl runs into you.” He winks and you turn red again. “Are you new here?”

“Yeah, I just moved here from California, I’m Y/N. Do you know where Mr. Klein’s room is?”

“I’m Jack Gilinsky. Nice to meet you Y/N. He’s actually my teacher for 1st period too, I can walk you if you want?” You nod and start walking with him to the classroom. “So Y/N what do you think of Omaha so far?”

“It’s okay, I don’t know anyone so I feel a little awkward here.” You admit, you had never been the new girl. Your whole life you had gone to the same schools and had the same friends. It was devastating when your dad told your family that his job was relocating him.

“Well, if you need someone to sit with at lunch you are welcome to sit with me and my friends. I’m sure they won’t mind at all.” He offers, you smile because you feel welcomed and accepted for the first time since you’ve moved. You nod as the two of you arrive at the classroom.

Before you knew it it was lunch time. So far you were really enjoying the school. All of your classes seemed easy enough, all your teachers were funny and nice, and people were very friendly. You walk into the lunch room and look around for Jack. Luckily, he spots you first and calls you over to the table. You walk over to it and wave to everyone there.

“You can sit here Y/N, I saved you a spot.” Jack says patting the spots next to him. You set your lunch down and sit.

“Everyone, this is Y/N. She just moved here from California. Y/N this is Jack J, Nate, Sammy, and Katie.” He says, pointing first to the blonde haired boy on his left. Then pointing to the brown haired boy with a snapback on who sat next to Jack J. Next was another brown haired boy, who winks at you when you look at him, you giggle at him and blush. Lastly, he points to a girl with shoulder length blonde hair and blue eyes, she was really pretty. I’m sure she’s one of the guys’ girlfriends. She waves at you and says hello.

“Damnnn Y/N you’re hot. Do all girls in California look like you? Because if so I’m going to California.” The boy who you believed was Sammy says. You laugh at him and roll your eyes. Wasn’t he the charmer, “So do you have a boyfriend back in California or are you single?”

“No, I don’t, I mean I used to but we broke up before I even knew I was moving.” You answer. You see Jack sending Sammy a glare, which weirdly stopped Sammy from flirting with you for the rest of lunch. As lunch went on you got to know everybody, they all seemed like really cool people.

After the last bell of the day rings, you head to your locker to gather your things. You start to head outside, but see a poster for auditions. Should you audition? Ah, what the hell, worst thing worst you just don’t make it. After deciding, you head to the room that auditions were being held in.

Once you enter the room you look for anyone you recognize. As you walk around you see Jack and Katie talking so you head over to them, “Hey! Are you guys auditioning?”

“Yeah! I’m hoping to get a big part this year.” Katie says.

“Uh I’m auditioning, but I’m not really sure what for yet. I hope a lead role, but I’d be happy with anything.” Jack says.

“I don’t know what I’m auditioning for either, this was a spur of the moment thing to be honest. I doubt I’ll get a lead part.” You say. One of the directors then comes into the room and explains the procedure of auditioning.  After he explains everything, he says that he will be starting with the girls, he calls in a short girl with red hair. You talk with Jack and Katie about theater, while waiting for your name to be called. You learn that Jack had been in every production since his 9th grade year, and that last year he got one of the lead roles.

After some time, the director comes out and calls your name, Jack and Katie wish you luck as you go into the room where they are doing the auditions. You run lines as a couple of different characters, then you sing a song of your choice. You decide to go with “My Favorite Things” from The Sound of Music. You finish up and the directors thank you and you head out of the room.

You decide to wait for Katie and Jack to finish up to ask how they did. Katie comes out first and asks you about your audition. You talked to her while waiting for Jack. After a little bit of time Jack comes strolling out of the room.

“How did you do?” You ask him.

“I think I did pretty well, but I guess we’ll see for sure when the cast list is put up.” You all head towards the front door of the school to leave. After you say your goodbyes you start walking home.

After a couple minutes of walking a Jeep pulls over next to you. You feel panic start to hit you as the window rolls down. Immediately, you recognize who is driving the car, it’s Jack, “Y/N do you need a ride?” He asks.

“Oh, uh I’m fine walking I don’t want you to have to go out of your way for me.”

“No, I insist.” He smiles and you accept the ride. You walk around the car to the passenger door and open it and jump up into the the seat. Once you get situated in the car he asks you for your address. He makes a joke that made you laugh so hard that you almost started crying. He pulls into your driveway and you both sit and laugh. Once you stop laughing you grab your bag and thank him for the ride.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Y/N.” He says as you get out of the car. You wave to him and go inside your house.

“Hey honey! How was your first day? Did you audition for the musical?” Your mom asks you as you set down your backpack.

“Hey mom, it was really good everyone is really friendly. Yeah, I did audition, I think it went really well too.”

“That’s good I’m happy for you honey.” You nod and head to your room.  



You open your eyes slowly and grab your phone. It was 7:00. SHIT IT’S 7:00? Why didn’t my alarm go off?!?!?! Oh my god Jack is gonna be here in 20 minutes. Jack had insisted that he brings you to school in the morning and home, since he lived only a couple minutes away and you were on the way anyways.  You jump out of bed and quickly put on a t-shirt and jeans. Quickly, you put on some makeup and do a messy braid. Your phone buzzes to tell you about a text, you check who it is and get excited when you see it’s Jack.

Jack: I’ll be there in 10, running a little late. R U ready to see the cast list?

You: That’s fine I woke up late anyways. AND OMG I totally forgot about tht. I’m so nervous!

Jack: I’m sure you got a lead. :)

You: LOL doubt it, I’m sure you did tho.

Jack: Wtevr loser. I gtg and drive now. See you soon ;)

You feel yourself get pink from the stupid little winky face. It meant absolutely nothing, but for some reason it had an effect on you. Why did you have to have a crush on Jack, things would be so much easier if your stupid heart wouldn’t start beating faster every time you saw him.

You had completely forgotten about the cast list too. After the initial auditions Jack, Katie, and you got callbacks, you were hoping that you had done well enough to get a lead. Today was the day that the official cast list went up, to say you were nervous would be an understatement.

You head downstairs and grab some quick breakfast. You grab your shoes and backpack, right as Jack texts you to tell you that he’s here. You run out of your house to his Jeep and climb up into the seat.

“Hey lazy, nice job getting up late.” He laughs as you playfully slap him in the shoulder.

“Shut up I don’t know why my alarm didn’t go off.” You laugh. You turn his radio up because it’s one of your favorite songs.

“YOU LOOK SO PERFECT STANDING THERE IN MY AMERICAN APPAREL UNDERWEAR.” You sing loudly. Jack laughs at you, and starts singing along with you. He pulls into the school parking lot right as the song ends. He turns the car off and gets out of the car coming over to your side opening the door for you, “Why thank you kind sir.” You giggle, grabbing your bag and jumping out of the car.

“Of course my dear princess.” He says while taking a bow. You laugh and call him an idiot, trying to hide the blush you got because he called you princess, as you head towards the school. You both walk into school and head to your lockers. Of course, Jack is always done before you and comes over to you and waits for you to finish putting your stuff away.

“Let’s go see it.” He takes your hand, leading you towards the board in the front of the school that had the cast list.

You both look at the cast list searching for your names, “OH MY GOD! I got the lead part!” You scream, smiling so big that your cheeks start to hurt.

“I got the lead too. Looks like we’re going to be spending lots of time together Y/N.” He winks at you and you blush. The idea of spending hours with Jack makes you giddy. He was really hot, funny, and made you really happy, what’s not to love.

You decide to look for Katie’s name to see that she got one of the smaller lead parts. You were looking forward to this production.

After school ends you make your way to the drama room with Katie. Jack finds both of you and makes his way over.

“So are you ready for this craziness to start?” He asks.

“I think so, are you?” You answer.

“I guess as ready as I can be. I’m glad your my co-star, though.” He grins widely, making you do the same. Katie, Jack, and you grab a seat before the directors come in to give a speech.

“Hello everyone! First, I’d like to say good job at auditions. It was hard to choose because everyone was amazing in their own way. But unfortunately, only one person can be a character, so if you did not get the part you wanted I invite you to come back next year to try out at  the next musical. I would assume most of you have seen the cast list that was posted. I’d like to invite the two leads up here, so Jack Gilinsky and Y/F/N Y/L/N come on up!” Everyone claps as Jack and you head to the front of the room. David, one of the directors, shakes both of your hands and tells you how you both deserve these parts. He tells Jack and you to give some encouraging words.

“Hi everyone! I’m Y/N and I just want to say that all of you are amazing. I’m excited to work and get to know all of you. This musical is going to be great I can feel it.” You grin look at Jack waiting for him to give a speech.

“Well, I’m Jack. I am really excited to get started on the musical. Good luck to everyone, and I hope you all have a great time. This musical is going to kick-ass.” David takes over and starts talking about the schedule and other things related to the musical. Jack grabs your hand and you feel butterflies explode in your stomach as he leads you towards the chairs that you were sitting in. The rest of the practice goes fast and before you know it, it’s over for the day. You head to your locker and grab your things.

“Hey Y/N are you ready to go?” You turn to see Jack smiling at you, waiting for a response.

“Yes, I am,”

“Okay let’s go then babe,” Your eyes get wide from him calling you babe. He probably called girls babe all the time, it probably doesn’t even mean anything…. God Y/N act like a normal human being. He probably doesn’t even like you like that anyways.

You silently follow Jack to his car jumping into the passenger seat. He slides in beside you and puts the key into the ignition before pulling out of the student parking lot.

“So it’s almost been a month of school, how are you doing?” He asks.

“I’m doing pretty well, I honestly haven’t me that many people though.” You admit. Ever since meeting Jack’s friend group they were pretty much the only people you talked to. You hadn’t really made an effort to meet anyone else.

“Well if you want to meet more people from our school there is going to be a party this Friday. Maybe you could come with me?” Your heart started to beat faster. Jack wanted to go with you to a party. Maybe the feelings aren’t one sided after all.

“That sounds fun, I’m in.”

“Cool I’ll pick you up at 8 on Friday then,” He said as he pulled into your driveway. You said your goodbyes as you got out of his car and entered your house.  



Katie sat on your bed as you flipped through all the clothes in you closet at least 3 times.  

“Ughh. I have nothing to wear. I’m about to just call Jack and tell him to not come get me,” You flop onto the bed next to Katie.

“Here let me look.” Katie heads over to the closet and starts rummaging through the clothes. “What about this. You’d look so hot in this Y/N.” She lays out a short black dress with a red flannel to go with it.  You had bought the dress on a whim once but didn’t feel comfortable enough to wear it anywhere.

“I don’t know Katie…”

“Come on at least let me see it on you.”

“Fine. I’ll be right back,” You head into the bathroom and quickly get dressed. You look into the mirror. You looked….. good. The dress fit you like a glove, it hugged your curves and made your boobs and butt look great. You walked out of the bathroom into your bedroom.

“Holy shit Y/N you look amazing. When Jack sees you he’s not gonna be able to keep his hands off you. Let me do your hair and makeup pleaseeeee,” You laughed and agreed to let offer. Katie was gifted at what she did, because you looked amazing. You glanced at the clock you still had 15 minutes until Jack would be there.

“Y/N if Jack doesn’t realize how hot you are then he’s insane. He’s lucky to have such a smoking hot co-star in the musical.” You laugh even if you looked good you highly doubted that he would think of you as more than a friend. You’d only ever had one boyfriend in your entire life. Not that there was anything wrong with that, but you couldn’t think of any reason why Jack would want you when he could have anyone else. He was Jack Gilinsky after all.

Katie quickly got ready for the party as you talked to her. She was actually a really cool girl and you two had grown very close in the past couple of weeks. As you two talk, you lose track of time and before you know it you hear a knock on the door. Suddenly, you get a wave of nervousness as you go to the door that Jack stood on the other side of. You wipe off your sweaty hand on your dress before reaching for the doorknob and twisting it open.  There stood the boy who was responsible for your erratic heartbeat.

“Wow, Y/N you look beautiful. So do you Katie,” You smile and blush furiously. Jack freaking Gilinsky just called me beautiful. Why is he so perfect?

“You don’t look too bad yourself Gilinsky,” Katie replies back, winking at you before pushing past Jack towards his car.

“Should we get going?” Jack says while running a hand through his perfect hair.

“Yeah, um lets go.” You grab your purse and follow Jack out to the car. The car ride to the party is filled with meaningless small talk. Jack pulls up to the street that the party is on. You open the car door, causing you to already feel the bass of the music pulsing through the night. You make your way up to the house with Jack and Katie entering the loud, cramped place.

“Want to go get a drink?” Jack says grabbing your attention. You nod and he grabs your hand pulling you to the kitchen. It felt like your hands were molded to hold each others. God Y/N, molded to hold each other? I need to get my shit together.

Once you get to the kitchen Jack lets go of your hand to go and get some drinks. You survey your surrounding. Typical party of teens making out, getting high, dancing, and drinking. As you’re looking around you see Katie with Sammy and Jack J, they spot you at the same time and make their way over to you.

“Damn, Y/N you look really good.” Sammy says with a wink. You roll your eyes, over the weeks you had learned that Sammy was a huge player, and would say anything to get into a girls pants. You see Jack coming back with two drinks in his hand.

“Hey Jack, did you get me a drink?” You ask him.

“Yeah, here you go,” He hands you a red cup and you thank him and take a sip.  

“Wow Jack, thanks for getting me a drink too.” Sammy says sarcastically.

“When you become an attractive girl, then I’ll get you drinks you dick.” Jack laughs. Did he just call me an attractive girl? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Okay I need to calm down…

“I’m gonna go dance. Come on Katie,” You pull Katie with you to the large group of people who are dancing.  Dancing really meant basically dry fucking on the dance floor. You push your way through the crowd to get towards the middle. You start swaying you hips to the rhythm feeling the music. You had always loved to dance so you felt in your element.

You dance with Katie for 2 or 3 songs, before Jack J comes and starts to dance with Katie, leaving you dancing alone. Suddenly, you feel two hands on your waist as you continue to dance. You keep dancing for another song, then the guy flips you around so you are facing each other while dancing. He was hot. He had amazing chocolate eyes, perfect brown hair that was styled up into a quiff-like style, and from what you could tell, an amazing body. Finally, he says something, but you couldn’t here him over the music. You go to his ear so he can hear you, “Sorry, what was that I couldn’t hear you.”

“I’m Cameron, and you are, other than extremely sexy?” You giggle at the last bit.

“I’m Y/N.” You smile, as you continue dancing. After, awhile someone pushed through the mess of people, causing them to part like the Red Sea.

“Hey Cameron! What the hell?” Jack yells. You back off of Cameron and see how pissed Jack looks. His jaw was clenched, along with his fists, causing veins in his neck to bulge out. Jack makes his way to Cameron, and you can see the anger in his eyes.

“Oh hey Jack. What’s up du-” Cameron is cut off as Jack swings and punches him in the nose.

“What the hell?!?!” Cameron yells, while holding his nose. Jack turns around and storms out of the house through the sliding glass door that leads to the back door.

“What the hell was that??” Katie asks, you had forgotten that she was dancing right next to you.

“I have no fucking clue. I’m gonna go talk to him…”

“Okay be careful, though. He looked pissed, I’ve never seen him that mad before,”

You head out into the cool night looking around for Jack. You finally spot him on a bench a little ways from the house. You walk over to him slowly. He has his head in his hands and you see his jaw clench as you approach him. Sitting next to him on the bench you stare out into the night. Finally after a couple of minutes, you look at him and see him in the same position that he was in when you first sat down.

“Are you gonna tell me why the hell you punched someone in the face?” You ask him trying to keep the anger out of your voice. You were a little bit pissed at him, he had no reason to punch someone in the face. Especially, someone who hadn’t even done anything.

“If I do you’re probably just going to laugh at me.”

“No, I won’t. Just tell me Jack, because I’m really honestly a little pissed that you punched the guy that I was having a good time with,” Jack’s jaw clenches as you finish the sentence. You continue, “I don’t get why the hell you would think that that’s a good idea. What the hell was going th-”

“I WAS JEALOUS, JESUS CHRIST. I WISH I WAS CAMERON. I WISH I HAD THE FUCKING BALLS TO GO UP AND DANCE WITH YOU, BUT I DON’T BECAUSE I FUCKING LIKE YOU Y/N. CAN YOU NOT SEE THAT?” He yells. Your brows knit together confusedly. What the hell? Where is this coming from. You don’t say anything and stare out into the distance. After a couple of minutes of silence, you slowly turn to see Jack staring at you intently. You shiver from the gust of cold wind that blew, and the intense stare. Jack shrugs off his hoodie and gives it to you.

“Jack you don’t have to give me this. You’re gonna get cold…” You say holding the hoodie out to him offering it back.  Jack shakes his head.

“I’d rather you be warm and comfortable, don’t worry about me I’ll be fine.” He says quietly. You take the hoodie and slip it on, turning back to stare at the trees that acted as a fence between the noisy house and the rest of the world. Silently, the two of you sit for what seems like hours before he breaks the silence with a loud sigh, “I’m sorry I’m an asshole.”

“You aren’t an asshole Jack.” You giggle.

“I just don’t know how to feel about you anymore, how to act around you…” He mumbles

“What do you mean by that?”

“I mean that the way I feel about you is a feeling I’ve never felt for any other girl, even girlfriends I’ve had. To be honest it scares the shit out of me because I don’t know what to do. Whenever I’m around you I can act like myself, which is new for me… And I’ve been scared to act on my feelings because I was afraid that you would shoot me down. I like you Y/N, and I don’t care if you don’t feel the same way I just had to tell you how I felt. I’m sorry for fucking up your night by punching a guy, that you might have,” His jaw clenches, “liked.”

“You didn’t fuck up my night Jack, and I was just dancing with him it means nothing,” You let out a small shaky breath, “But, uh, I feel the same way….“ You say softly looking back up at him.

“Good because then I can do something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time.” He grabs your face bringing his lips to yours. The kiss is slow and sweet, as well as passionate, expressing all the feelings the two of you had held back.

After what seems like forever you both pull back. You bite your lip and let out a giggle. He looks at you with a confused smirk, “What are you giggling about?”

“I was just thinking that our stage kiss won’t have to be staged anymore.” He smiles and laughs.

“Hey Y/N I have one question.” He asks.

“And what would that be?”

“Will you be my girlfriend?”


I still laugh about Regina’s heart, though. Like, I get that the writers wanted it to be this huge romantic (if terribly literal…but then this is the show that had the Echo Cave “REVEAL YOUR DEEPEST DARKEST SECRET” contrivance because lol what is organic conversation between characters) thing for OQ.


regina has that handy mausoleum she used, e.g., to hide Henry from Pan? and she put that spell around Snow’s apartment to protect their unborn child? so it’s not like she has no means of protecting her own heart. she has really effective ways of protecting it. but whatever

and fine like maybe Zelena wouldn’t know to look for it with Robin because Regina barely knew him

but the writers?? wrote Robin??

literally hiding it under some leaves or sthg in the woods? which they

?literally used a few episodes berfore when Regina ripped out her own heart to show how depressed she was about losing Henry that she just tires to bury her heart somewhere randomly

like that’s supposed to demonstrate just how little she cares about her own heart right, it’s just lying there in the dirt


and then inexplicably zelena finds it IMMEDIATELY

i just


Favorite Steroline Moment - #18

Favorite Steroline Moment - #18

Oh, this scene! Besides the fact that we all knew what was going to happen later in this episode, this scene is a mixture of flirtation, shy smiles, sexy arms and heart eyes and got me sooo excited and happy. Actually, this entire episode is one of my favorites - obviously.

Let’s start with Stefan. God, this man can be sexy fixing things. I don’t blame Caroline for being speechless and drooling lol. She literally looked at him from head to toe and got out of words - so not Caroline. And then he looks at her all sexy, fully aware of the effect he causes on her. And he enjoys it so damn much!! Then he makes a joke 

“You know, if you’re gonna go for a spin I suggest you to get your helmet”

And Caroline starts talking nonstop, because that’s what she does when she feels unconfortable - “Just because I talk too much doesn’t mean I always know what I’m actually talking about”

“This is the bike that I learned to ride on…”

And Stefan? Just staring and smiling at her. And still making jokes. Oh God, so much cuteness! And Caroline can’t stop looking at him - his eyes, his arms, his body, so she changes subject again. And Stefan can’t stop smiling at her! But she’s not sure if he’s really flirting with her or just keeping the promise he made to Liz. That’s when she tries to free him, saying he doesn’t have to do any of this. He pretends not understand what she meant, but she explains herself

“No, I mean being here. With me. If you have someplace else you’d rather be….”

But he interrupts her

“I don't”

And sounds pretty honest about it.

And the smiles. And exchange of glances. Just perfect.