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Favourite Books of 2016!

All of these books (with the exceptions of Vicious and Emmy & Oliver) came out in 2016.
Honourable mentions to This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab which I didn’t include because there’s already 2 other Schwab books in this set, and My Lady Jane by Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton and Jodi Meadows which I left out because it’s currently on loan to a friend. 


6.07 Deleted Scene

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Please some pre-cursed Adam headcons. I love your writing! U are amazing!!

i told myself that i didnt need them i tried but then you sent this request and i was like ‘ITS FATE.’

  • Not exceedingly fond of people laying their hands on him. I know, it sounds arrogant, but Prince Adam values his own space and will let people touch him when he feels like.
    • Has this irrational fear that any sort of attention on his body is going to leave him feeling sick with himself, much like he felt when his father gave him any sort of attention.
      • He can almost feels his father’s hand on his back, pushing him into the life of being heartless, and deep down, Prince Adam absolutely despises it. He sometimes wonders what life would be life if his father hadn’t been so loveless and if his mother was still alive. 
        • He’ll let you know if you’re okay to touch him. It’s very rare, and either he’ll vocalize and tell you or he’ll touch you first. (Grabbing your hand, kissing the back of your hand, letting his fingers graze on yours while dancing).
          • Contrary to this, he does let Lumiere, Cogsworth, some of the others in the castle into his personal space.
    • Probably one of the reasons why he preens himself constantly. With the lack of affection from his father, he finds it easy to give it to himself. Straightening his jacket, brushing hair back from his face, letting his finger linger near his face while he expresses himself, glancing in the mirror before crossing his arms in front of his chest as if he’s hugging himself. He is. He can’t look at himself sometimes when he realizes just how alone his life is. 
  • One of the (few) reasons why he insists on wearing such over the top clothes, and getting all decked out for the parties he holds is because he refuses to let anyone recognize what’s underneath. A pitiful, sad excuse for a human. At least, that’s what he feels like sometimes. If you put on a mask, no one can truly see what you’re feeling. Isn’t that right? He asks himself. That’s right. Your father taught you that valuable lesson.
    • He soaks in the aesthetic of the parties he holds, but doesn’t enjoy them as much as he may seem. Prince Adam hires people to be there, basically hiring friends to keep him company. He taxes people until they feel “obligated” to come to his party. And even then, it’s only the most beautiful of women. 
      • (The next few are NSFW) Picks and chooses from the women there when he feels like it. He rarely ever engages one on one with them because he’s afraid of cracking his facade. The rare occasions he does pick a woman to stay at the Castle for the night with him, he acts and lashes out.
        • If they assume they were chosen for sex, he tends to get offended, often asking, “Do you think I’m that easy? Asking you here had nothing to do with that, I’m disgusted!” and if that happens, more often than not, he’ll have them leave before the night has even really started.
          • If they don’t assume that, then it’s usually just him staring at them from across the table. An intense stare as if he searching for answers somewhere inside of their bodies. He appears like he’s going to ask a question here or there but stops himself from going any further He tilts his head, licking his bottom lip before requesting that Lumiere get a bedroom set for them. 
            • Prince Adam does this because It isn’t a matter of being loved anymore, it’s just a matter of not being alone for an entire evening and actually have some sort of human interaction even if it’s just staring. He doesn’t want to be loved, but it’s still nice to not be alone.
          • I’m not saying that he hasn’t had sex with any of the women who’ve stayed the night there. It probably happens here and there, but only when he’s absolutely starved for affection and needs it. Tends to be a picky battle. He refuses to let them touch him other than when deems okay, probably yells here or there if they do something he doesn’t like. Still insists on consent, regardless. If they don’t want it, he’s not that much of an asshole and he won’t force it. 
          • Seriously uses women most of the time. After personally seeing them once, he usually never sees them again and they’re never invited back. If he keeps his distance, no one can get to his true self.
            • Refuses to let them stay in his room afterwards. He can’t let someone sleep in the same bed as him. It would expose to much and it’s much too personal.
  • Prince Adam absolutely buries all of the feelings above. He tries to feel nothing but what his father said was okay to feel. It leaves him a hallow shell on occasions. A man of good looks with an ugly personality. 
    • After his mother died, he tried to express himself to his father about his grief, but wasn’t allowed, and even then, the staff in the castle were told not to let Prince Adam even acknowledge his feelings. They made him weak, were his fathers words.
      • Years upon years of burying his emotions leads to more and more violent outbreaks. Most of them are attacks on himself, and he’ll beat himself up for letting emotions creep to the surface. 
        • Created a facade of narcissism and arrogance. Because of this, Prince Adam convinces himself that that is all he is and it only elevates as he gets older. He starts lashing out in more extravagant ways. Parties, taxing the villagers, buying himself lavish things(Clothes, materials, objects for the Castle) to perhaps fill the void in his heart.
  • The only thing that seems to keep him grounded is being left alone with a book. Contrary to what he may tell others, he does enjoy Romances while they last. Perhaps because he never saw such a thing with his parents and dreamed of encountering it or because he wanted it just as much. 
    • But, he tells himself that it doesn’t exists. Such a magical thing must only be expressed with words in some silly story. He slams the book shut and sets it on the table, standing up and walking out of the library. He’s never finished a Romance other than Romeo and Juliet. He hates it. He hates the cliche of dying for someone you love. Where is the practicality in that? There is none, he snarls while making his way down the hall, There is none. It’s foolish. 
  • During his childhood, his father convinced him that his mother died because of Prince Adam and his childlike tendencies. If Prince Adam acted like an adult, and like a Prince, then his mother wouldn’t have gotten so weak and gotten so sick. 
    • This leaves him bitter and cold for most of his teenage years until he turns the bitterness and chill into arrogance and hatred, no longer inflicting it on himself but on others as well.
  • When he was a child, the one place he would go to get away from it all was the Garden. His father wasn’t one for tracking him down outside of the Castle walls so a young Prince Adam would curl up in the Garden and read a book there when he was younger.
    • Over time, he starts to secretly take care of the rose bush that’s opposite of where he reads. They were his mother’s roses after all, and seeing them dead and wilted make him feel guilty. And over even more time, he becomes exceedingly protective of it. The pure white petals, the sharp thrones, the green vine and leaves.
  • Prince Adam kept a journal up until the Curse was placed on the Castle. Wrote in it every night before he went to bed, and keeps them locked away so no one can read them. They’re just documents about his day, things he had done, things he had thought, and felt but didn’t express given the chance. One of the ways he can be so stoned face and heartless is because he spills all of himself on paper and truly feels nothing outside of writing.
    • Sometimes, during the Curse,  he re-reads what he wrote and can pinpoint pivotal moments where things turned bad. He constantly tells himself, “You’re not a Beast now, you were a Beast then.”

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I am BEYOND EXCITED to share this super special project I’ve been working on for the past few months. I got the opportunity to pitch a story and designs to be made into an animated short for Polaris and Disney Digital. It was chosen and along with Oddbot Inc. we have been working to animate and bring it to life. I have learned so much through the process of designing, writing and directing this film. SO I am proud to annouce my directorial debut, HEARTLESS PRINCE! Hope you guys enjoy it <3


T r u e  loves kiss  //  An act of true  l o v e

Dans & Rune’s Fic Masterlist

HAPPY FANDOMVERSARY! It’s been an entire year today since @itdans​ and I started writing Voltron fic and I think it’s time to have a little round-up post with everything we’ve put out so far! Thank you so much to everyone who’s taken the time to read our stuff (and a special thank you to our commenters, we love you so much!) Here’s to another awesome year of stories.

Project Zero  

  • Pairings: Sheith, Hance
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: ONGOING (14/25 Chapters, 113k Words)
  • Summary: A story of love, survival, and resistance in war. Shiro is the last of his kind and is dying from a mysterious infection that is turning him into a robot. Keith is a one-time thief who will do whatever it takes to save him, all while trying to stop a galaxy ending super weapon only known as Project Zero. Hope, heroics, heartbreak, mild A/B/O smut, and some Hance. Shiro is a space cat boy, Keith is a badass, Pidge is a genius, Hunk is the handsomest boy in the galaxy, and Lance is a toaster. 

Alea Iacta Est

  • Pairings: Sheith 
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: ONGOING (1/3 Chapters, 5k Words)
  • Summary: A modified retelling of the Hades/Persephone myth for Sheith Month (August 2017)

Legend of the Sun and Moon 

  • Pairings: Sheith, Hance, Allura/Female OC
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (25/25 Chapters, 165k Words)
  • Summary: Prince Shiro of the Moon Kingdom and Lieutenant Keith of the Sun Kingdom are literal star-crossed lovers, trying to fight an ancient evil, save the world, and each other.  An epic sprawling Voltron adventure set across a fantasy Asian continent. 


  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (5/5 Chapters, 31.5k Words)
  • Summary: Keith grew up alone, passed from foster home to foster home with no real family of his own. The only one who stayed with him was Shiro, his best friend and protector with large snowy wings and a soft smile. He told Keith he was his guardian angel. Then one day, Shiro disappeared and never returned. Written for the Voltron Big Bang 2017. [Art Link]

The Road to Nowhere

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (7/7 Chapters, 17k Words)
  • Summary: A sweet, gentle road trip fic about two best friends letting themselves fall in love. Written for Sheith Week (July 2017).

The Guardian and the Dreamer

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (6/6 Chapters, 16k Words)
  • Summary: Seven year old Shiro finds himself in the land of dreams and meets a fierce little guardian spirit named Keith, who is determined to protect his heart.A Sheith fairytale inspired by the myths and folktales of East and South-East Asia. Spirits and monsters, gentle gods, dangerous dragons, and a snarky merman named Lance. Two young boys on an adventure through the land of spirits and dreams, and the first sweet crush on your best friend. 

The Road Not Taken

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (6/6 Chapters, 32k Words)
  • Summary:  Shiro left for the Kerberos mission without ever telling Keith how he felt and he never came back. By the time they found each other again, Shiro was broken and scarred, a different person. But what if they had a chance to do it all over again?A story where Shiro and Keith get a second chance to correct all their past mistakes to create their perfect life together. But a perfect life isn’t always what it seems. 

Thief of Hearts

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (9/9 Chapters, 45k Words)
  • Summary:  Shiro is a high end prostitute waiting for his client to arrive. Keith is a thief on the run looking for a place to hide.A Moulin Rouge inspired story. 

Bite Down 

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (10/10 Chapters, 55.5k Words)
  • Summary: Fast cars, illegal street racing, bloody fists, and public sex. Keith is only ever interested in a one night stand, get what he wants and leave before anyone can get too close. But why does he want a second taste of Takashi Shirogane?  A story of addiction, self-destruction, love, and recovery.


  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Teen
  • Currently: Complete (8/8 Chapters, 39.5k Words)
  • Summary: Far away in a land of eternal winter, the Snow Prince Keith ruled over his frozen lands with cruelty and magic. Only a brave hunter named Shiro can find a way to save the cold, heartless prince. Or destroy him.A Sheith Snow Queen Fairytale. 

Speed Racers 

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (5/5 Chapters, 23k Words)
  • Summary:  It’s been five years since Shiro and Keith were best friends in the Garrison. Five years since Shiro’s graduation and the accident that almost killed him. Five years since Keith’s whirlwind wedding when he tried to give up his hopeless pining for Shiro. Things have changed since he’s been back, but hopefully the one thing he’s missed is the one thing that’s stayed the same.Recently divorced Keith returns home and reunites with Shiro, the one who got away. Cute and fluffy! 

The Professional

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Explicit
  • Currently: Complete (3/3 Chapters, 23.5k Words)
  • Summary: Shiro is trapped in a life of expectations and responsibility. The black sheep of a prominent business empire, he struggles to come to terms with the tragedy that knocked his life off course. He starts looking for solace through unconventional means.Keith is ready to offer his services for a price, and it doesn’t hurt that Shiro looks so good on his knees. BDSM Fic. 

For Weather

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 5k Words)
  • Summary: Shiro finds an umbrella. For Weather.


  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 2.5k Words)
  • Summary: Keith tries to come to terms with a new revelation and its consequences. Shiro won’t let him do it alone.Set at the end of Episode 8, “The Blade of Marmora,” Missing Scene. 

First Contact

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 2.5k Words)
  • Summary:  Shameless excuse for tentacle smut. 

The Black Paladin

  • Pairings: Sheith
  • Rating: Gen
  • Currently: Complete (1/1 Chapters, 2.4k Words)
  • Summary: Shiro comes to the realization that his position in Voltron is replaceable. Set after Season 3.

I’m crawling out of between-seasons hiatus to give you:

Miraculous Ladybug: Princess Tutu AU

(If you’ve never seen PT but like ML, check it out! They’ve got similar appeals and you’ll probably like it.)

Adrien is the storybook prince whose heart was literally shattered, leaving him without emotions

Felix is his younger brother & loyal knight, aggressively hovering around Adrien like a mother goose, angrily squawking at anyone who gets too close

Marinette is a ladybug who was given magic earrings and turned into a girl so that she could help the heartless prince regain his emotions

Chloe is Marinette’s rival, the prima donna of the school, also in love with Adrien, and secretly the adoptive daughter of Hawkmoth

Also they all still do ballet, that’s the most important part of any Princess Tutu AU

John Harrison.  Instinctively, she knew his name was false, but Sera no longer cared; the only truth she craved now was the taste of his mouth on hers, the caress of his strong hands upon her flesh, and the glorious sensation of him stretching her, filling her, completing her– and satisfying her as no man in her past ever had.  Claiming her as his own in every intimate way possible…
—  my writing, from upcoming chapter of A Khan By Any Other Name