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New stills for 3x04 (The Price)

This is only 2 episodes away!! 2!!

Why are they making his illness progress so much and so quickly? 😭 Laurie you’re killing us 😢

My poor heart is breaking so much already 😭💔


7 Days of Frary:

↳ Day 7: Free choice → everything

“It’s you! It’s always been you!”

I’m doing this follow forever because i just hit my goal a.k.a. 10k! Most people don’t know but i start this blog almost 3 years ago and it was dedicated to the janoskinas (if you don’t know who they are do not google them!), but anyway when i got tired of them i kinda left this blog die and then one direction adopted 5sos i lowkey started to like them so i made this blog about them (awful idea). all this to say after one year and half i reached 10k and made amazing friendships with people i still talk and i couldn’t be happier about it.

So I’m doing this (long ass) followforever to remind and thank the people that i’m following i love them very very much! Let’s just start this!!

♛  Whoremonster Squad  ♛

Let’s just start with my favorite memes of all the time! I’m not going to talk one by one bc this post would be 10km long, but i love you guys so freaking much and i’m pretty sure you know that! Yall my moms and sons!! I hope one of us ends up with James Franco or Drake or Guy Fieri! Yall are beautiful and so nice and goals as fuck!!! Me @ yall: I love you bitch… I’m never going to stop loving you….. BITCH

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ashmydash - omg dani love you sosososo much and you are so beautiful my queen egg!! pls be careful with your addiction and i can’t wait till september to your 5sos concert so you can finally choose your lane! you are my lil tiny eggsy and i love youososososoososo much!!!!!!!! (SIKE BITCH)

michaelclitsfford - ALEX!!!!! i love you so fukcing much (even tho you bully me for loving michael cera sosooo much)! i loved meeting you at the 5sos concert and i’m still mad that i didn’t fight you that day (but maybe next year when i hopefully move there). you are a great girl and omfg your blurbs….. why are you trying to kill all of us??? (i still gonna read them tho) i just wish the best for you!!! and ffs stay in your michael lane

hemmingscrazy - monica omfg i still can’t believe we have know each other for almost 7 years and we met just this year at the 5trash concert. (could’ve been in a better concert but nooooooo had to be on that one) can’t wait to see you glow on ur prom and you slay everyone still i love you so much my noodle son,  i couldn’t ask for a better person than you. jk lmao you are a luke girl wtf is wrong with you

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tictactoews  asked:

top 5 of your own fics

DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I HATE THIS QUESTION ;_; i hate talking about my own writing OK

 so i’m not going back to my lj writing days even if i have some GEMS there because i haven’t the nerve to go back and look at that stuff? i need to because stuff needs fixing up and i really should just…. look at it to see how far i’ve come, BUT. here is a list of fics from merlin onwards so.

o1. now everyone who followed me during merlin days will know how obsessed i was with the magic reveal and how ridiculous it was that arthur was dim (i once told bradley james this at a convention) and then someone created a magic reveal meme! cue you are my sweetest downfall (merlin/arthur, gwen, morgana, uther, gaius, character death warning tbh) it was a fic that explored merlin’s dedication to arthur, his love for arthur, and sees the rest of the main cast flit through. it’s the… first stream-of-consciousness attempt and i think it works well?

o2. moving on. so i was in the social network fandom for a long time. i screamed a lot about mark and how interesting a character he was. but i also spoke about chris and dustin a lot and how much i loved THEM (chris was my favourite character even though he was in the movie for like a minute BUT). there was a prompt on the kinkmeme that i had to write about:  The plane Eduardo is supposed to be on flying out on goes down, no survivors, and Mark finds out about it from the news. so write it on the skyline (mark/eduardo, chris, dustin, apparent character death warning) was born, where mark finds out just that. another stream-of-consciousness piece (see a theme here?) that explores how mark deals with the supposed death of eduardo. happy ending though!

o3. so i don’t even SHIP this pairing in inception, but i saw a prompt and couldn’t actually resist it! i have a huge THING about epistolary/multi-media fics and this is one of those things. it was one of my very first attempts with photoshop too, and it works well (i hope!) a secret about a secret (arthur/eames, multi-media, adult) includes photographs (for accessibility reasons.)

o4. i’ve only written one fic for the percy jackson fandom and oh was it heartbreaking. but i’m proud of it? it’s written in a non-linear fashion, and though it hurt, i had a lot of fun with it? it’s nc17 because apparently that’s how i roll and it’s really fucking weird, but i’m gonna stand by it. it’s not… good or happy reading, but broken boy soldier is definitely in my top five simply for style. 

o5. this one’s going to be a tie between TWO of my shadowhunter fics because i couldn’t pick! but i’ll have to go with the first fic i wrote for this fandom and still my favourite. it’s a time loop fic, and it was pretty difficult to write, but i’m also the proudest of it because i wasn’t entirely certain it was completely IC? i’m still not! to endure (alec/magnus, other characters, time loop). i’m really emotional about alec’s mental state 100% of the time. the other fic is my BATTLE COUPLE fic because it was inspired mostly by @owlwithafringe who let me scream about it. but as the sun rises (alec/magnus, battle couple, alliance rune) i am OBSESSED with the alliance rune and i will scream about it to anybody that listens.

so now that terrible thing is over….

(i know there are no emmerdale fics on here, but i’m still finding my feet and i’m not sure which ones i’d even include. but i am having fun and i’m sure they’ll be on my end of year fic round up :P)