the heart wants what the heart wants i guess


2013 : The year that saw FC Bayern München conquer it all and beyond.

Sympathy for the DeVille commentary

By writers David Goodman and Jerome Schwartz…um, wow?

They pretty much made it sound as if Regina was in total control of Belle, including before and through the kiss. They said that Regina wanted to get retribution in the cruelest way possible to get Rumple to reveal his plan and “state of his heart and feelings for Belle” (it’s confusingly said, though, because they reference his lies to and manipulation of Belle as if SHE wanted personal revenge; I’m positive that’s not what they meant, though - that it was all about Regina since they mention Zelena revelation from Heart of Gold). I guess that Regina must have instructed Belle to be as cruel as possible in whatever way and so that meant (for Belle) using their wedding vows against him …and kissing him…and getting him to the “point of really thinking there may be a chance for them just before she rips the carpet out from underneath him”. It almost sounds to me as if Regina controlling Belle brought out whatever anger and resentment she had towards Rumple (though I must be clear - this is Regina in control making Belle be cruel; I’m guessing she made sure to emphasize to Belle how awful Rumple has been to her - sheer manipulation). Sigh - the scene through the kiss was one of my favorites ever and now even this has been tainted, knowing that none of Belle’s words here were genuine.

One thing that ticked me off ? One of DG or JS (not sure which ) saying that it’s a testament to Bobby that Gold has done so many terrible things and yet our heart breaks for him when Belle, who’s “been the recipient of a lot of sort of cruel behavior on his part” does all this to him ….that it speaks to the “humanity he brings to this character”. Really?!!!! Aside from 4A, an ill-chosen comment in Broken and kicking her out of DC (which was a manifestation of his fear that she couldn’t love him, when exactly has Rumple been cruel to Belle?

If anyone else has the blu ray, I’d love to hear your comments about this….I was so excited when I saw that there was commentary for this episode, but now I’m sorry I watched it…the Rumbelle part anyway

Of wishes and needs

I wanted to be the first
To capture your mind
I wanted to be the only
Your “one of a kind”

I wanted to be the winner
With you as my prize
-My heart is just a sinner’s
Poorly disguised-

I didn’t get what I needed
I just got my heart’s desire
I gave you my heart
To toss or to admire

I truly was the first
But was I the only one?
At one point was the winner
Is it you that I won?

I got what I wanted
Your mind, your love, your time
But I guess what I needed
Was for your heart to be mine

The First Of Many Heartbreaks

I have never done this but I’m curious. You see, I often think back to the first time I ever got my heart broken and how it shaped me as person, but I wonder what truly broke your heart the first time? 

Send me a message with your first heart break experience and I shall try to write poems based off those experiences. If for whatever reason you just want someone to know, but don’t want to share with anyone else let me know in the message and I will respectfully keep it between us. 

I guess I would very much appreciate this opportunity to feel heartbreak through someone else’s eyes as well as challenge myself as a writer.

-The Writer

Truck girl at heart

I’m a truck girl at heart

Where do I start?

I want a big red truck

To get through all the muck

When I’m mad i’ll run people over

Cherry coke in my handy cup holders

Chrome rims and big tires

I want it lifted even higher

“You’re a little girl thats too big of a truck”

Well guess what grandpa I don’t give a fuck

I think trucks are sexy

Get one of them if you want to impress me

Let me take you for a ride baby

I can handle this bad boy, trust me you’ll see

We’ll drive to the beach

In the back we’ll lay down a sheet

Eat pizza and look up at the stars 

I told you Honey, I’m a truck girl at heart



I loved you. I didn’t want to be anywhere else but with you. I guess I wasn’t enough for you. Now I’m wondering why couldn’t I just have you. I wanted your hugs, laugh, kisses really I wanted all of you. I loved you. There was nothing I could do. You were what I needed something new. You became all I knew. I loved you and I think I can remove the “ed.” Cause when I saw you, I knew your heart was where I wanted to be. In my heart you’re all I see. I love you and I don’t know when I’ll stop. & I really don’t know if I want to or not.

Dear everyone I used to RP with ever,

I’m back. I’m sorry I left without a trace or warning. I’m sorry I don’t have so interesting story about why I was gone so long. Truth is I went to Job Corps in Kentucky, came back and forgot I had Fili. However, now that I remember the glorious lion of a dwarf is indeed one of my blogs, by Durin’s beard i will be on him at LEAST once a day….at LEAST.

So to all of the blogs that had some sort of romance with Fili, if there’s still a place in their heart for this lovable dwarf and you want to take him back no questions asked, no quest to prove his love, MESSAGE ME.

If there’s still a place in your heart for Fili but you want to make him work for his spot back, MESSAGE ME.

If you never were with Fili but you want to be, guess what? MESSAGE ME!

I’m back and here to stay and I really missed all you goobers. So in conclusion:

I’m sorry I left, sorry I forgot about this golden goof, if you want to rp again shoot me a message. Those of you that still have the same URLs I plan to message tonight and try to get back in touch with you. I’m sorry that I was gone for so long. I’m back though…

The Golden Heir of Durin has come home

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lol i guess you are too biased, always defending Shoe. Not that i hate any of them, in fact i like both.

Heart wants what the heart wants.


No matter how much I try to resist memories flooding the pathway of my journey you still appear in my dreams and i feel you in my heart aching pain of my days yet my heart still fills with hoping butterflies flying over  securing us and reassuring us that our bond is wasn’t insane.. birds chirping, unwelcome lurking  to kill fantasies and dreams . I just want to tell you that you inspire me to become a better divine person and no matter how distant we become I just want you to know you have a place in my heart forever my love. Im sorry i failed but hey what can you say i guess you can compare me to your rough drafts in your sketchbooks. i don’t know what it will take to relive those nights with you by my side laying side by side with your hands on my thigh deep breaths blown on my neck aw what the heck I might as well just give him becky for not neglecting me in my time of need that’s why i plead for your heart give it back!

The second I started to fall for you, I knew that My heart would be broken. But I tried anyway. You said I was and ocean and that you were just a stone. That I’m too amazing, and magical for you. You told me that you love me and that you love me too much to even gamble the chance of loosing me. But guess what, you lost me. You broke my heart. You want to be friends after you hurt me, but that would kill me. You want me to forget about this, I forgave you, but it takes a lot more to forget. I promised to never hurt myself because of you, but right now I’m not sure if I can keep that promise.

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hi! can we have some random nice fred dukes hc?? he needs more appreciation~

my apologises, I’m not very familiar with the character. But I try! - Mod Kurt

  •  S/O probably met Fred at one of his circus shows. Mostly likely catching his eye after s/o defends him from rude audience members. 
  • Dates are cheap,diner dates. Though it’s mostly out of the fact he travels a lot. Assuming s/o moves with him.
  • Or if they met at the institute, s/o would have to go through hell in order for him to notice them. Jean Grey is too pretty for her own good and s/o’s sanity. But it works out. 
  • Assuming this x men evolution verse or general high school au, s/o and Fred either meet in one of those anger management classes or gym.