the heart wants what the heart wants i guess

So, this is entirely @kazliin and their beautiful fanfiction’s fault, specifically the part where they used a song from Notre Dame De Paris for Viktor’s free skate. If Viktor is the singers, that would make Yuuri the object of Viktor’s desire, which means Esmeralda, and there you have it.

Bonus reaction Viktor:

That feel when you get your friends interested in things you’re interested in lol

- Everything is fine, I promise.

Reaction (Monsta X): When their crush wraps their arms around their waist and says, “Where do you think you’re going?”

Shownu: “It makes my heart happy when you do things like that.”

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Jooheon: “I guess I’m not going anywhere, if you don’t want me to.”

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Wonho: “Well I was going to find you, but I guess I found you. Hey beautiful.”

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Minhyuk: “Wherever you want me to go, beauty.”

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I.M: Crush- “What’s wrong? Why are you making that face?”

I- “Nothing. I just want you to know that you can do that again if you want.”

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Hyungwon: “Well… you’ve succeeded in making my cheeks go really red and get really hot.”

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Kihyun: “Girl, why are you playing my heart like this? Making it beat all fast and sh*t.”

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oh my GOD.
and when Phichit skated alongside his friends, my heart just melted.
but wait…
he has never met seung gil in person (or so i suppose 👀) so like..? how? oh my god my poor heart couldnt take it i just wanted to McFucking Die i Love seungchuchu to death

i want both of them to skate on my grave
i was praying so hard for an interaction and i GUESS this will have to do (for now)
i feel so blessed.


I let you go, Annie.
With my hands, and my head; the heart (which cynics say is code for penis), wants what it wants. 

But now, with you… I finally have something - you know, WE have something - something that is amazing. And I guess tonight, I was just trying to keep it that way. And I thought that’s what you wanted, too.  But I guess… I was wrong.

Eugene Fitzherbert, Tangled Before Ever After

aka Poor orphan Eugene feels like he was finally getting the family he’s always wanted, but the person that means the most to him told him she didn’t want to be a part of his family right now.


No, really. Thank you.


i’ve not seen such bravery,
such strength of heart

And Thus Thanatos And Midas Fell In Love

Summary: It starts because you’re you. You’re a crooked tarot card deck that just reads death, handed out with cold eyes and colder heart.

It starts because he’s him. He’s the flash of gold that’s too bright you have to close your eyes even though you still want to look. He’s the softness and warmth of climbing into bed on a cold day, surrounding yourself in comfort.

It ends because there’s still love in your heart, stored away where you thought no one could find it, but he and his stubbornness did.

Pairing: Gavin Free/Ryan Haywood      Words: 1175


A/N: Prompt from @flame-cat: ryan has a mental breakdown? i know thats sort of vague but… do what you want with it i guess. 

This whole thing was a huge experiment in writing style so I hope it pays off.

It starts because you’re you. You’re a crooked tarot card deck that just reads death, handed out with cold eyes and colder heart. You’re the fear of being followed in the middle of the night, the constant looking over a shoulder. You’re the crack of a gun and the few precious seconds you have left of life before the bullet hits right between your eyes.

It starts because he’s him. He’s the flash of gold that’s too bright you have to close your eyes even though you still want to look. He’s the softness and warmth of climbing into bed on a cold day, surrounding yourself in comfort. He’s a siren with his trill of laughter and expert look that seems to pull your heart towards him and you want to hate him but you don’t and that’s where it starts.

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Mycroft's reaction to falling for an American girl who moved to London.

Its not really going  to be any different than if she was a native from down the street.

The heart wants what the heart wants and rarely gives a damn about where you’re from, sound like, look like but understands that mighty NEED to be with them.

I think the only instance you might have Mycroft start second guessing is if the girl in question was either mythical or alien just because ‘how in the hell do you proceed forward with either when science says they don’t exist and you have no idea what to do to impress an galactic traveler.

The Sun Signs as My Crushes

(Current) Aries: You make me feel so special, and you have a habit of making me lose sleep. Our conversations are full on inside jokes, sarcasm, pickup lines, and compliments that make your cheeks turn rosy red. I’m terrified of losing you. Please don’t forget me.

Taurus: I thought I was your third choice, what makes you think you can suddenly start liking me once I stopped liking you? You think this is a game, guess it doesn’t matter because I already won.

Gemini: You loved me first, and I watched you fall for another after another. Each time breaking their poor hearts. You never knew what you really wanted, and I’m glad I never gave you the chance to leave me heart broken.

Cancer: I remember the day you wanted to kiss me, you asked politely, but I refused because we had just met. You seemed to only like my body, not me. You tossed me away when I wouldn’t give you what I wanted.

Leo:  Our love was toxic from the start, but darling we wrote poetry. We both knew how things were going to end. Just like a fire we ended in ashes. Did all the time we shared go to waste?

Virgo: Thinking about you makes me want to forget. The memories seemed so harmless, but they keep me up late at night wondering why I didn’t take the risks. I was so conflicted. I made mistakes.

Libra: Your eyes pierced me, and instantly there was a connection. Flirting with you was such an ease, but I was so conflicted. You were so endearing, and you actually wanted to get to know me for me.

Scorpio: You. I miss you from time to time. I wonder if you remember our late conversations, I’m sorry I had to leave. You called me once, and told me about how happy you were. Maybe I was jealous?

Sagittarius: I always smiled around you, and you always returned the smile. There was so much sarcastic jokes between us, we could have written a book. But you knew better then to fall in love with me.

Capricorn: You confused me. You said you didn’t like me but your actions and words told me other wise. Maybe you liked to play games, but don’t ever do that to my heart.

Aquarius: Oh you were such a witty one, but did you get scared of your own feelings? What ever happened to your sarcastic one liners, and the quick glances towards me?

Pisces: You never really liked me, did you? Maybe at a time you did, but in the end you only liked the idea of me. So you used me to get them jealous. But jokes on you, I did the same.


depending on the run directly before, sometimes the shock of seeing their soul can make farris start to remember on their own.

but when that happens, toriel usually doesn’t get there in time for that to matter much.

…or the first two panels can just be their regular reaction anyways (◡‿◕✿)

I hate how on every inch of social media is my family I can’t post anything without anyone asking or opening there mouths here I have a mask to hide behind….. some where I can bleed out

Trust me if I where to post what I feel on anywhere I would have an army of people wanting to hunt and collect heads for me and half of them wanting to whip my ass for giving someone the power to create and destroy me away to someone who didn’t even want to be around but I guess the saying is true the “heart wants what the heart wants”

Out of all the ones before you I didn’t feel anything close to you and the ones after and empty and emotionless ……

I sat in the dark and saw sparks with the ones before you but the sad thing about sparks is that they fade away and then you it was just boom everything went off the charts the darkness I had grew accustom to all of sudden was filled with light and beautiful colors and that scent the smell that burned as it cooled the colors that glowed like distant stars and galaxy ………. The ones after where empty they just made the colors turn grey and black and numbness

It’s crazy how the heart wants what the heart wants but then again with out the heart there wouldn’t be life the brain would be a lump of meat and so would the rest of you the heart control everything the brain just gives the orders I believe when it speaks it knows what it’s say what mines says is to get up and to fight I just don’t know where to start or even how in that case

The few I’ve talked to say that pray and ask and say I’ll do what ever it takes and change but I can’t bring myself to do it I can’t pray for something you don’t want instead I pray for your happiness whether I’m in your life or not …..

Here I have a mask somewhere I can hide and bleed out and let the colors turn black and I slowly be consumed by dark once again here I am ready to die another time

I want the Headline chapter 34
  • *Before Chapter 34's retraction*
  • Me: the heart
  • Me: damn you Namjoon. Why????
  • Me: yoongi, get a grip!
  • *in the middle of chaos caused by anons*
  • Me: wait, angelique want to retract?
  • Me: *read bunch of anon asks posted by angelique with furrowed eyebrows*
  • Me: what the heck guys? She's the writer, the SOLE OWNER of the story.
  • Me: guess just have to wait the new one.
  • *after new chapter 34 released*
  • Me: damn! It's still heart wrenching for Jeon.
  • Me: btw, Areum sod off will ya?!

Aerie’s streak of fantastic timing for her romance conversations continues, as she decided to speak up IMMEDIATELY after the rakshasa fight finished, while everyone was still taking ambient poison damage and Rasaad was encased in a giant flame ring.

Great timing for a heart-to-heart. I choose to interpret this to mean that she was frightened one of them might not make it through the battle and didn’t want Caden to die or lose her thinking she hated him. :O

Caden’s grateful she wanted to talk, at least. It was surprisingly uncomfortable having her silent and brooding and not able to share her conversation to pass the travel hours.

A question he’s been asking himself ever since he learned of his heritage, ever since Gorion died under Sarevok’s blade.

Three guesses what he’s starting, very vaguely, to think about here. ;)

its so weird cause like when lucaya has a moment i get like really excited and my heart starts jumping but whenever theres a rucas moment my heart just kinda drops and i wanna throw out the tv....i guess the heart wants what it wants.
  • Lexi: but do you not want to kiss me?
  • Elliot: of course do I want to. I've pretty much wanted to since you moved in here.
  • Me: STOP ! You guys are killing me, my heart can't handle this! STOP IT!
  • Elliot: but I can't hurt Jess.
  • Me: Wait, what, nooo! I didn't mean it, please don't stop, Elliot kiss her, please...

my feelings right now