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i was born in space. i’ve never felt the sun on my face or breathed real air or floated in the water. none of us have. for three generations, the ark has kept what’s left of the human race alive, but now our home is dying, and we are the last hope of mankind. one hundred prisoners sent on a desperate mission to the ground. each of us is here because we broke the law. on the ground, there is no law. all we have to do is survive. but we will be tested: by the earth, by the secrets it hides, and most of all, by each other.

Delphine and Cosima

Brochu observed that her character’s romance with Cosima is “one of the most important love stories in the show. I think it’s great it’s two women and the their main problem isn’t that they’re two girls.” Manson added that “It really speaks to the heart of the show. It’s a clone show that is about diversity… It’s just two characters who love each other.”

This shot is my favorite part of the trailer. Mostly because everyone else is all serious, then there’s The Flash. I know in my heart that Ezra is going to steal the show. He’s also going to get so much more attention after this. I don’t know if I’m ready to share this boy with the world, but I’m excited to see where his career goes after this.

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where are the hearts that people have at the concerts coming from? Like is it a project or something?

yeah! every show hearts of the colours of the lgbt flag are handed out.. then during g/g/b people shine their flashlight through them creating an amazing display of rainbow beauty. i love the idea of it and i love the reassurance that anyone can love anyone it gives.

I saw I got a few Supergirl fans as new followers


Nice to have you here. Thank you for following my weird blog. Just a heads up:

I am anti Mon-El. I hate him and what he has done to the show. I think he’s an abusive slave owning fuckboy that lives on man pain.

I am pro James Olsen and a member of his defense squad. I think he’s a great character that got screwed by the writers.

I ship a lot of things. I love Sanvers, Karolsen, Supercorp and Scholsen. It makes me happy. I’m good with almost anything that isn’t Karamel. I think it’s abusive and toxic.

I am a Kara Danvers stan and I love the Danvers sisters. I miss when she was the actual star of the show and their relationship was the heart.

If you’re cool with all that, then we’re gonna have fun together.

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OMG you too have witnessed the greatness that is Sing. I love this movie, I was init for the music but the characters are amazing and Rosita's gotta be the one who impressed me the most. Johnny is great too and I was playing I'm Still Standing for days after I watched the movie.

YES! I actually didn’t know of it until a few days ago when my friend asked me about it. AND I LOVED THE MOVIE SO MUCH. The music was great, the storyline was great and of course the animation and characters were great! Rosita is one of my faves! I loved her performance at the show and it warms my heart so much. <3 SOBS I get emotional over Johnny. This pure boy just wanted to sing ;___; *wipes tears* The soundtrack is on repeat for me so I feel you!  HAHAHHAHAHA

P.S. Ash’s song was totally my jam!!

I could write novels with thousands of volumes with what I feel for you.
I could compose songs that sounds the same way it feels when I’m with you.
I could make poetry with every rhyming word just to tell you how much I love you.

But let me tell you a secret,

I could have millions of libraries for the books I’ve written,
billions of albums for the songs I’ve composed,
and trillions of words in every rhyming poetry I’ve made,

but they will never be enough to show you how much love my heart has for you.

—  because the way i love you goes further more than the universe within (via @justimbxste)

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Okay but Harry soaking wet, coming out and into the light, with a close up of just his eyes... There is something so vulernable about the whole thing, and I'm just so unbelievably proud of that specifically because this is it, hes really going to open up and show us his whole beautiful heart and soul. We are so lucky.

we are the luckiest peoples!!! you are so true and correct. i have a lot of muddled incoherent thoughts about the image and persona he’s crafting and where that ends and the truth of like him and his art begins and we’ll see what happens when his music is released but godddd so far i really feel what you’re saying? he’s walking this very fine line of vulnerability and celebrity and trying to carve out this space where he can open himself up express what’s real to him but also protect himself as a person and also be marketable and i’m so so amazed and impressed by how he’s going about it. he’s such a beautiful person.

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Honestly, I'm just waiting for the day where SU gets canceled. That fucking drama about this show is getting ridiculous. The story is build up of fillers instead of actual plot, most of the characters doesn't get a development, CN looks like they doesn't give a fuck about the show and only cares for this TTG bullshit, the fandom is just a big joke...Just end this misery before it gets worse.

Honestly, I agree and want to disagree. Thing is, as critical I am of the show, it’s done a lot for me. It inspired me artistically, has a lot of LGBTQ representation, design diversity (though flawed), and in my opinion it had a unique and interesting art style and color palette before everyone became a Funko Pop gremlin on the show.

However, while it would hurt my heart personally to see it cancelled, we have to remember- it’s still a show and must be treated as such. If it’s shitty, it’s shitty. We have a right to be critical of it. Now, as for the network mistreating it, that’s honestly out of our power and it’s only a matter of time before the show gets Young Justice’d to make way for Teen Titans Go season 666. 

The fans do indeed impact the show and why are we so critical now? Well duh- cause the show is doing shitty things now. If it wasn’t shitty, we wouldn’t be bitching. Wanna show support? Buy the official merch or buy the episodes online rather than pirating the leaks we get every other day. So yeah, you’re right about it being just a matter of time before it gets cancelled, but honestly I’ll be sad to see it go. Especially since it has SO MUCH FUCKING PLOT AND PROMISE AND WE ARE WASTED ON FUCKING WRESTLING MATCHES AND BAD JOKES, but whatever.

-Mod G

i got confetti on the side for the day this thing dies before it morphs like Tetsuo Shima

- mod s

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i like my friend a lot, but she's talking to someone else who doesn't treat her right and it breaks my heart

Try to show her that you can treat her better, idk if it would work bc yk you can’t force someone to like you 

I’m really struggling to finish Iron Fist, I’m trying because I want to understand what will happen in Defenders and interested in seeing every second of Claire’s screen time and also Colleen won my heart, she is much more a protagonist of this show (and more interesting) than Danny imo.

But I keep struggling with Danny. All cultural appropriation aside, which is already bad, I can’t sympathize with Danny. He is a boy who lost his family and still I feel nothing for him and this is so weird for me because my emotions can be easily manipulated by most films/shows. I just find his character so unpleasant, invasive and pretentious and still so bland. I have no idea if it was intentional for him to be so childish and uncomfortable to watch or if it was a problem with the direction or writing or acting. I’m not sure, I just know I can barely tolerate seeing his face on screen and ugh I’m a second away from quitting

I don’t want to shit in something others may be enjoying, just curious to know if I’m the only one having such a hard time connecting and tolerating his character

the flash: actually has purpose, does use material from the comics, has a beautiful healthy interracial couple, black family at center stage and basically the heart of show, 4/7 of the regulars are poc, lead that is actually not that bad and quite complex and gets hate for literally breathing; female lead is a black woman who is respected loved and cherished by the titular hero, second part of s3 is revolving around her, cute ass kidflash played by keiynan lonsdale, has jesse l. martin??? and carlos valdes?? does not give into fan demands

legends: of tomorrow

arrow: marc’s fanfic come to life