the heart of the plate

The apartment smells like burnt cookies and cinnamon when Bitty walks in.

It’s dark except for the light above the oven and the Christmas tree lit up in the corner of the living room.

He drops his bag just inside the door and kicks off his shoes being careful to line them up next to Jack’s sneakers and Olivia’s tiny purple play shoes.

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I drew this over the course of the weekend when I had time. I like the Idea of Gaster being their father, I also have seen a lot of sad comics (like Hand plates) that have hurt my heart enough to try and draw something redeeming.

I hope it’s okay for my first undertale comic. Gaster doesn’t have skull fractures yet, but I will be drawing a comic on how I think it happened later on when the time arises.

i feel like obi-wan was constantly giving cody heart attacks because as the war went on and got more and more dangerous, obi-wan kept deciding “oh, i kinda feel like wearing less aRMOR TODAY” 

like honestly, look at this:

early in the clone wars he had chest armor that looks like it probably covers his heart from both the front and the back and also has plating all the way up his arms as well as on his shins. it’s not perfect, but it’s definitely something, especially considering how the majority of the time, the enemy used blasters

after the time skip, apparently obi decided all that plastoid was cramping his style so he got rid of basically all of it except for his forearms. i would love to see his clones’ reaction to finding out their reckless general had now made himself even more of a target.

by ROTS obi-wan decided to basically fuck armor entirely, opting for fabric and leather alone, content in the assumption that the power of the force and pure concentrated sass will save him. he doesn’t even have gloves anymore lol. cody has long given up hope.


Request: If you’re doing requests, try the serious college professor Ren falling in love with the kindergarten teacher who works at the elementary school down the street. Maybe she shows up on the college campus to visit her old professor, but meets him instead, and he’s smitten. He visits her in her kindergarten classroom, but he’s got to get past her students before he can do anything else with their teacher.

A/N: This is so cute (and so very late, sorry!) Tell me how I thought this was about Ben Solo and wrote it about him and use the name and everything and realized it wasn’t and had to change it all to Kylo…oops. Anyway, I didn’t really make him all that serious (sorry) but I got the concept down! Thanks for requesting, enjoy!

Word Count: 3.3K+

Warning: None

“Okay, kiddos! The bell is about to ring, don’t forget to take your paper plate hearts and goody bags!” You announced as all the kindergarteners gathered their things, mumbles echoing against the walls along with light giggles as the kids lined up to leave. “Happy Valentines Day!” Opening the doors, the children piled out, their parents greeting them with little stuffed toys or balloons. Looking at your watch as you waited for the kids to be picked up, you took in a deep breath. Your Valentine’s day–or, afternoon–was going to spent passing by the local college campus and wishing one of your favorite professors happy birthday. After all, it was hard to forget when the man shared the day with a holiday.

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It Ain’t Hard to Define

Anonymous said: “Could you do a Scott/Isaac/Allison fic where Allison and Scott are together and Isaac thinks that he’s breaking bro code by being attracted to Allison but the couple has already decided that they want him?”

Allison Argent/Isaac Lahey/Scott McCall
Rating: G, Word Count: 903
Pining Isaac, Established Allison/Scott, Polyamory, POV Isaac

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‘Hey, Isaac?’

‘Yeah?’ Isaac looks up from picking the corn out of his salad.

He and Scott are the only ones at the table, sitting across from each other, waiting for the rest of the pack to arrive for lunch.

Scott’s moving his food around his plate. His heart patters in his chest, and he’s not really looking at Isaac when he asks, ‘You wanna come over tonight? Mom’s not home. We can order pizza and watch a movie, or something.’

‘Sounds great. Just you and me?’ Isaac grips his fork so tight it’s ready to snap. As much as he loves the rest of the pack, he loves being alone with Scott just a little bit more. Even though he shouldn’t, because Scott is dating Allison. Who he also loves being alone with just a little bit more than he loves being with the pack.

He’s always held the firm belief that love songs are complete bullshit. And yet, here he is, living one. It’s not even one of the sexy ones with happy endings. No, it’s one of those tragic ones about unrequited love. To be more specific, he’s living Jesse’s Girl. A very intense version of it, because he not only has feelings for his best friend’s girl, but also for his best friend’s boy.

What is wrong with him?

Maybe he’s just a terrible person. It would explain why he’s such a terrible friend, because he’s pretty sure that one of the first rules of friendship is: DO NOT LUST/PINE AFTER A FRIEND’S PARTNER.

Fuck. His life’s a mess.

‘No, actual–‘

‘Allison, Boyd and Kira are working on some History project so they’re not coming,’ Stiles announces his presence, interrupting Scott. He drops his tray on the table, then sits down next to Scott. ‘Everything set for tonight?’ He grins at Scott, waggling his eyebrows.

Isaac’s hope crumbles. Stiles is going to be there, too.

‘Dude,’ Scott hisses. There’s dull thud and a yelp from Stiles when Scott kicks him.

‘Dude!’ Stiles gripes back, leaning down to rub his shin. After a moment of intense glaring, he huffs. ‘Ugh. Fine. The new English teacher. Evil? Yes or no?’

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This side blog turns one on the 28th, and since Valentine’s Day isn’t that far off, I decided to double up the celebration~ It’s been a wonderful year for otome and you, my fellow fangirls, have made it all the more enjoyable. So, if any of you are up to it, do send me a number with your chosen suitor or lord (and MC’s name), and consider it my heart’s day gift. :D I won’t mind you sending broships either. Love is love!

Most of these were taken from @ozhawkauthor, who was so kind enough to let me use them. *3*

I’ll be accepting requests until the 31st of January. Thanks again!.

  1. Flowers
  2. Surprise date (you thought I forgot but you were wrong! Surprise!)
  3. Whoops I actually forgot
  4. Love Letter(s)
  5. Confession
  6. Chocolates or candy hearts 
  7. Sharing a plate/box of chocolates/popcorn/drink
  8. Comforting a heartbroken friend
  9. Ridiculously over-the top proposal
  10. Simply doing nothing
  11. Fancy dinner
  12. First Kiss
  13. First Meeting
  14. Shopping together
  15. A date with their selves
  16. Blind date
  17. Serenade (oh boy, you REALLY can’t sing, but… that was kinda cute anyway)
  18. Cuddling gets handsy
  19. Movie night with a friend turns unexpectedly romantic
  20. Long distance love affair
  21. Homemade date ‘cos we’re broke
  22. Secret admirer/secret crush
  23. Date Gone Wrong
  24. Accidentally meeting a former lover
  25. Spends time looking for a gift and ends up too shy to give it
Happy Belated Valentine’s Day, Steven.

It had been a really rough week.  Five-0 had caught a case that was almost a smorgasbord of illegal acts: several homicides, extortion, ransom, drug trafficking and yet another bomb scare.  When all was said and done, they had needed to conduct a twelve hour stakeout, tail and interrogate at least five different suspects, and coordinate with SWAT and the bomb squad for the final take down.  Luckily, no one was seriously injured, but it was safe to say that they’d all been pushed to their physical, emotional and mental limits.

So when an exhausted Danny Williams stumbled into his kitchen and found a plate of heart-shaped cookies and hand-decorated cards from his children, it took him a moment to process the significance of the items.

It was February 16th.  He had completely missed Valentine’s Day.

Danny slumped into one of the chairs and scrubbed a hand across his face, debating what he should do.  What he wanted was to face plant into his bed and not move for the next ten to fifteen hours, but the romantic in him balked at the notion of ignoring the oversight.  Sure, the last few Valentine’s hadn’t exactly gone according to plan either, but that was before he and Steve had gotten together.

Following last year’s disastrous couple’s retreat with Lynn and Melissa, they’d all taken a hard look at what they had and what they truly wanted.  The girls were great, but neither he nor Steve would ever be able to give them what they deserved, not when they were so devoted and in love with one another.  The subsequent breakups were amicable, but still difficult, particularly for Danny and Melissa, who had been together for four years.  But it was for the best – Melissa was a wonderful woman, and she needed a partner that was wholly committed to her, who could say “I love you” with ease, and where both she and her significant other could be themselves, void of any relational guards.

Ironically, Melissa and Lynn had found that in each other, just as Danny and Steve did.

Two days ago should have been Steve and Danny’s first Valentine’s Day as a couple.  They hadn’t made any plans, nor had they discussed whether or not they would even celebrate it, but that didn’t stop Danny from imagining how such an evening could have gone.

He shivered and decided a cold shower was in order.

In spite of his mental wanderings, he knew he wouldn’t have the energy for such activities.  But in the end, he decided that a little gesture was better than none at all.  After said cold shower (accomplished in under five minutes – Steve would be so proud), Danny redressed in jeans and a t-shirt, packed an overnight bag, and headed to the store.  

By now, all the local shops had placed their Valentine’s items on clearance.  After some debate, Danny selected a Butterfly lei, a teddy bear dressed like a sailor (and holding a heart), a pack of Longboards and – just in case he managed to tap into his last energy reserves – some bedroom essentials.  Satisfied with his choices, he paid for the items (glaring at the smirking store clerk as she rang up the condoms), and headed over to Steve’s place.

When he arrived, he was surprised to find that Steve’s truck was not in the driveway, and all the lights were off.  He knocked a few times and called out, but there was no answer.  Danny had a spare key of course, so he let himself in.  

There were signs that Steve had been there recently – dirty dishes in the sink, and his clothes from that day were left on the bathroom floor along with a wet towel, but the SEAL was nowhere to be found.

Worry and dread began to creep in, but was quickly laid to rest when his cell phone rang, the screen flashing his partner’s name.

“Steve… are you okay?  Where are you right now?”

“I was about to ask you that.  I’m at your place.”

“I’m at yours.”

Silence fell for a few beats.  

“I forgot about Valentine’s Day.  I came over to surprise you,” Steve explained.

Danny laughed and shook his head.  “Same here.  Honestly, the one time we’re both on the same page…”

“That’s why we’re perfect together, babe,” Steve interrupted.  “Stay there.  I’ll be back soon.”

“Sounds good.  I’ll be waiting for you.”

His fears alleviated, Danny put the Longboards in the refrigerator and left the rest of his purchases on the kitchen island.  Then he went to the living room, found a local football game on T.V. and made himself comfortable on the couch.

He must have fallen asleep, because the next thing he knew, there were soft lips pressed against his.  He opened his eyes to find his partner’s hazel eyes staring down at him, affectionate but tired.

“Mmm… hey.”

“Hey yourself,” Steve whispered.  “Sorry for waking you.”

“S’okay.”  Danny sat up and wrapped his arms around Steve’s shoulders, pulling him back in for a deeper kiss.  Steve’s hands drifted to explore Danny’s lower back, urging him closer.

As sweet as it was, it didn’t last long.  Steve pulled back and released a huge yawn.

Danny quirked a brow.  “I’m sorry, am I boring you?” he joked.

Steve looked abashed, but tried to hide it by resting his forehead against Danny’s.  “Sorry.  It’s not you.  I’m just so tired.”

“Me too,” Danny admitted.  “We haven’t slept much over the last forty-eight hours.  Let’s get some rest.  We can pick this back up again later.”

“Okay,” Steve murmured, sounding half asleep already.  

Rather than head up to the bedroom, Danny laid back down on the couch, coaxing Steve to follow.  It took some arranging, but eventually, they settled into a snug position – Danny lying on his back and Steve partially on top of him, arms and legs entangled.  

Steve pillowed his head on Danny’s chest and yawned again.  “Love you, Danno,” he said.

“Love you too.  Happy belated Valentine’s Day, Steven.”

Within minutes, they were both sound asleep.  They were together – safe, content and happy.  That alone made it the best Valentine’s Day either had ever had, even if it was a few days late.

Holidays for Littles: Valentine’s Day

Valentines day can be a really fun day for Littles, both with and with out caregivers. Here are some ideas of activites, foods, and crafts you can explore for valentines day!

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