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Hi, I am considering putting my new certification as a Reiki master-teacher to good use, but have no idea how to market my skills. I see you offer similar services and I am curious as to how you got your name out there when you were first starting out? Thank you and namaste.

I’d be happy to share tips! I’m all for inspiring and helping other heart-centered business owners start a practice. Of course, I’m still pretty new in the business world (my oldest business has been around for just over a year and a half, and my new one for only a few months). Here are a lot of the marketing tips I can think of. 

  • Become enthused about marketing: Marketing isn’t a sneaky way to steal money from people. It’s a way to share what you offer (in this case, powerful healing) to others in need. In turn, you receive an income, but it’s not at anyone’s loss! Marketing is the best way you can serve the world with your gifts. 
  • Give away some free content first: You’ll hear terms like “opt in offers” to get people on your email list, but basically what you want to do is provide valuable content for free. This not only helps build trust, but it also helps you work with the people you are really meant to (since they’ll be the ones who like your free content). This can be anything from a podcast to a blog to a YouTube channel to free Reiki meetups (like healing circles) in your town! (For example, this tumblr ended up being a channel for my business. I didn’t initially plan to start a business from here, but my constant answering questions helped people really trust in me and my work, and it’s allowed me to make a living off intuitive readings). 
  • Focus on purpose first, then profit: Profit is important, but when you focus on what you can give first and foremost, your business will thrive. As a fellow healer, it’s not hard to get into a giving mindset, so also be sure not to give too much and feel guilty about asking for money! I tend to do the latter, so that’s why marketing is important too. 
  • Educate yourself: There is so much free material out there on marketing and running a profitable business! My best recommendation would definitely be Marie Forleo, since she has an AMAZING sense of helping people run profitable purpose-centered businesses. She also has a course coming up called B-School which is a great investment (or you can apply for the scholarship if you make a short video before 3pm Eastern Standard Time tomorrow). Here’s the info on B-School!
  • Create community, don’t just sell: My best example of this is my coaching facebook page here. Why? Because I have a mix of content that I write with no links, helping links to blog posts, marketing posts (like advertising coaching), and beneficial shares from other pages! The general rule is approximately 1/3rd marketing, 1/3rd resourceful posts of your own, and 1/3rd sharing resources that you didn’t make. This is a great balance for keeping people engaged! 
  • Queue your social media posts: Expecting to remember to post every day/multiple times a day takes a lot of mental energy. I’d recommend creating a hootsuite account to post, and also using Tailwind if you like Pinterest! You can preschedule posts, so that way you do it all in one day and it runs for a week or two (or however long you schedule out). 
  • Look at the pages/businesses you like and ask yourself why you like them: This one is pretty simple, learning by example! 
  • Be vulnerable, transparent, and honest: This is super important! Be open to sharing bits of your story (relevant parts, not treating your clients as therapists), your life lessons if they apply to your work, and apologize honestly when you make a mistake. I think I’ve done about half a dozen things on this tumblr that unintentionally hurt someone or weren’t socially correct. I learned, wrote a formal apology, and continued growing. This alone has probably helped me gain a lot of trust, and it’s helped me become a better person too! 

As far as my own personal story, I started this tumblr blog about 2-3 years back and just answered questions about spirituality, mindfulness, mental health, and related topics that people asked! I had a policy of answering everything I received and always coming from a place of compassion. This helped me build an amazing community of now over 5,000 followers! 

I offered free readings for some time, but got so many requests that I started doing them on a commission basis. It began at $10 per page, and overtime grew to $25 per page based on demand (and my own income needs cause of student loans). Now I’m launching a second business that’s wholly what I want to do for a living and I’ve gotten traffic through tumblr a bit, mainly Pinterest, and Facebook. 

This post probably as typos lol (but it’s too long to edit). I do hope this helps you out! And, of course, I’m more than willing to share your content, website, or anything like that on my blogs. :)

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Love dosent Hurt.
It’s the Absence or the Rejection.
Not Loving when u want to ,hurts.
Not Recieving it when u need it ,hurts.
Love doesn’t Hurt :)
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