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dark RC please tell me all your headcanons about Victor (post-GPF engagement bonding) with mama Katsuki when they came back to Hasetsu so that Yuuri could tell them the good news. Victor helping out Mari and the Katsukis at the inn while Yuuri rests, mama and papa Katsuki beyond ecstatic to see their boy happily in love with someone who'll treat him right as they come across the two in a quiet , intimate moment, and the good ok' shovel talk from big sis Mari... just Victor gaining a new family

At first I thought “dark RC” was your way of accepting me as the super villain this website deserves. Then I realized your phone probably autocorrected it from “Dear.”


After the GPF, Yuuri and Victor return to Yu-topia Katsuki with Yuuri’s silver medal swinging high above their heads, and Hiroko immediately takes it away to have it polished and displayed in the front lobby in a glass case. 

Toshiya wants to celebrate and the entire family proceeds to get a good buzz on–although Toshiya and Yuuri crank that shit to eleven and have a sing-off that involves way too much bad karaoke and not enough bread products to soak up all the alcohol. The next morning, Victor wakes up cuddling his soon to be father-in-law on the kitchen floor while Hiroko keeps stepping over them as she makes breakfast. Meanwhile, Yuuri can’t figure out how he got on the roof or how to get down.

While Yuuri begins boxing things up to go to Russia, Hiroko and Victor spend their time either cooking–Hiroko will teach him how to make the perfect katsudon bowl even if it kills her and Victor vows to not set another pan on fire as long as he lives–or looking at baby albums. She murmurs that she’s trusting him with her son, that he needs to look after her boy’s heart as though it were really made of glass. “He’s spent most of his life surrounded by you. You’re his whole world. If you aren’t completely sure–” And he stops her and solemnly assures her that the only way he’d ever leave Yuuri is if Yuuri wanted him to, “and even then I wouldn’t go down without a fight, Hiroko-san.” 

“Oh, Victor. Call me kaachan,” she says, and she gives Victor a snapshot of a six-year old Yuuri determinedly holding himself steady on the ice, chubby arms thrust out to keep his balance, and cheeks puffed out with the effort. She also gives him the next shot of Yuuri in mid-fall. Victor keeps the first in his wallet and makes the second one his Facebook cover photo.

The week before they leave, Ice Castle throws a huge going away bash and all of Hasetsu attends. People line up for pictures with Victor and all the kids demand ice time with Yuuri. From the outside of the rink, arms resting on the boards, Victor watches him lead a trembling, brave girl out onto the ice by both hands, and wonders how long he should wait before starting to drop hints about having kids. Mari takes the opportunity to sidle up to him and murmur, “If you hurt him, there is no amount of fame in the world that will save you from me.” 

Victor’s too terrified to do anything except laugh, and Yuuri comes off the ice not too long after that to ask if everything’s okay; Mari and Victor both say yes (and if Victor’s voice shakes a little, no one comments on it). Takeshi takes the opportunity to come over and bellow, “Hey Victor, did you know that Yuuri had hundreds of posters of you on his walls growing up? I guess if you wish long enough and hard enough, dreams really do come true!”

Guess which one of them Yuuri smacks upside the head:

“Yuuri, did you really,” says Victor.
“He really did,” says Mari.
“Ow,” says Takeshi.

Victor coaxes Yuuri back onto the ice and they attempt to skate to Stammi Vicino, Non Te Ne Andare, but then the Nishigori triplets get onto the ice, followed by every other child (and a couple of dogs and two birds), and it turns into a big game of ice tag. Victor’s never laughed so much in his life.

Later that night while they’re curled up together in Yuuri’s childhood bed, Victor whispers that he doesn’t want to leave. Yuuri whispers back that someday they’ll be here for good. “But Hasetsu will wait for us. We’ve got a world to conquer together first.” After that, Victor never again asks if Yuuri’s sure. 

At the airport, Toshiya tearfully hugs them both. Victor says goodbye and goes to hug Hiroko next, but she just smiles and pats his cheek and says, “You’re family, Victor, and families never say goodbye. I’ll see you both in May for my birthday.”

Mari just gives him a Look.

They board for their flight and before Victor is forced to turn his phone to airplane mode, a text comes in from a familiar Russian number: what the hell is taking you and the pig so long? just get here already.

Victor smiles, presses a kiss to Yuuri’s head where it rests on his chest while Yuuri scrolls through his iPod for something to listen to, and replies: We’re on our way.

I just can’t help but think

I’ve brought it up a few times here and there, but the more I think about it, the more I think something like this will end up happening in TOG6. We all know how Abraxos likes free falling off of cliffs as if he’s dead, right? (There’s a page that references to this in one of the books but I honestly can’t remember). Well, I feel like Abraxos is going to have to play dead at some point in the final book. And we’ll all think he’s really dead, until he rises back up and does some cool shit to the enemies. While it will break my heart to not know if he’s dead or not, I would love to see Abraxos pull one over on everybody.

Sirius x Reader: Mo&Pa (Prequel)

Warnings: Death

Requested: No

A/N: The Prequel to Mo&Pa. In memory of James and Lily Potter I thought I would write this because it’s a little different x Enjoy reading my loves!X



You apparated almost directly in front of Godric’s Hollow, you were a few minutes early but they wouldn’t mind. You quickly skipped across the road and stopped at the gate.

You frowned, the door looked open- Sirius wouldn’t be there yet, he would still be on his Order mission.

Slowly opening the gate, you withdrew your wand and walked to the door.

Fear began to trickle through your veins.

Lily must’ve done some bad cooking, they were letting out the smell you tried to reassure yourself.

The door creaked as you stepped over the threshold. It was quiet, far too quiet for the Potter home.

Panic had begun to set in as you walked into the hall and hadn’t heard a whisper.

On the window sill you could see their two wands and a jolt of realisation surged through you- they didn’t have their wands.

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Could you do POV for Detachment Studies? :D?

(Detachment Studies)

Holster’s very aware of how Ransom feels about soulmates.Holster respects and encourages Ransom in his pursuit of detachment studies, and assures him on a near-weekly basis that he’s totally cool with Ransom going away when the time comes. In related news, Holster is the biggest hypocrite and the worst friend in the entire world.

Because he does not want to let go of Ransom.

He knows it from the first. This is a kind of chemistry he’s never felt before – it’s all the joy of camaraderie, like he felt for his teammates in juniors, plus a kind of invisible sizzle that keeps their conversation flowing and their vibe light and loose and happy. Being with Ransom is kind of like getting high, only instead of getting fuzzy everything gets sharper, clearer. Everything gleams and the world is a fucking fantastic place because Ransom’s there and he’s with Holster and together they can do anything.

Why on earth would he want to lose that? Why would he even be okay with losing it?

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Klaus Mikaelson - Fatal Attraction

Prompt: 47 (from Prompt List) ‘For some reason, I’m attracted to you’ for Klaus Mikaelson

You heard the door to the grill swing open behind you as you cleaned the glasses from the night’s worth of drinking. You’d worked at the bar for a while; your friend, Matt, had got you the job.
“We’re closed.” You called out, hearing the person sit down at a stool on the opposite side of the bar.
“Are you sure you couldn’t stay open just a little longer, love?” A gravelly voice replied.
“Klaus Mikaelson…” You mused, turning around, a glass and cloth in hand. His smile was crooked as always, his eyes swimming with humour. “Everybody’s favourite homicidal hybrid.”
“Hilarious.” He responded, rolling his eyes at your smirk. “I’ll have a bourbon please.”
“Like I said, we’re closed.” You drawled, placing the glass down and picking up another, an endless stack to go.

“Oh come on,” Klaus sighed, hoisting himself over the bar and sliding next to you, earning an eye roll from you.
“You’re not supposed to be back here.” You retorted, not caring too much as you dried another glass. He poured himself a glass of whiskey, taking the bottle with him as he leant against the bar. He stared at you, the glass resting against his lips.
“Do I have something on my face?” You asked, your tone bland. He smirked, taking a swig and raising his eyebrows.
“You know, love, for some reason, I’m attracted to you.” He mused, pointing at you.
“How flattering, you’re quite the gentlemen.” You scoffed, tucking your hair behind your ear and avoiding eye contact subtly.

“You don’t see it, do you?” He asked, tilting his head to the side, drink in hand as you faced him, leaning against the bar.
“See what?” You frowned, throwing the rag in your hand on the wooden bar.
“Your own appeal.”
“Am I supposed to?”
“Come now, Y/N, modesty is for the weak. You must see how..” He paused, narrowing his eyes.
“Beautiful, smart, elegant, majestic?” You teased, giving him a dry look.
“Interesting you are.” He said, ignoring you and stepping forwards.

“Klaus, it’s late, I need to lock up. You should go.” You stated, turning around walking towards the edge of the bar.
“But we just got started, love.” He smiled, appearing in front of you, his glass abandoned. You could feel your heart thumping in your chest though you tried to keep up a casual facade.
“Yeah I don’t know what you think this is but I’d say it’s approaching its finale.” You crossed your arms to hide your shaking hands, standing up tall.
“Do you know why you interest me so much, Y/N?” He inquired, stepping close enough that you had to look up to look him in the eyes.

“Enlighten me.” You replied sarcastically, not moving away despite how much you wanted to. He tilted his head to the side, stepping back again.
“You refuse to believe that I can best you.”
You only raised your eyebrow in response.
“You’re scared, rightly so; I’m the original hybrid, I could snap your neck in a matter of seconds. Yet, love, you do everything you can to hide that fact. Now, tell me, why is that?”
His head was slanted to the side, his eyes glistening. You frowned, your heart beating like a drum in your ears.

“I can hear your heartbeat, Y/N.” Klaus whispered, lifting his hand up. He was still a few steps away, his fingers reaching up and pushing your hair away from your neck. A short breath escaped your lips as his finger tips dusted across your skin lightly.
“I can feel your blood pumping under your skin.” His voice purred. You swallowed, almost too aware of the pressure against your neck. With a steady breath, you grabbed his hand, his surprise registering in his eyes.
“Like I said,” you began, pulling his hand off your neck and letting it drop to his side. “I need to lock up.”
Instead of being disappointed, as you expected, he only smirked, his eyebrows raising. You stared up at him, looking into his eyes as you told yourself that he wasn’t human and that what you needed in this crazy town of vampires, witches and hybrids was human.
“Until next time, Y/N.” He whispered, disappearing with a weak gust of air and leaving you with your dirty glasses and a high heart rate.

Creepypasta #318: Tourist Trap

The living dead shambled aimlessly down the street, their clothes and flesh in tatters. My heart in my throat, I angled the van around them as best I could, but they flail at the vehicle as it passes, their slimy fingers streaking the body. I had hoped to find settlements here on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. All I found was abandoned cars and shattered storefronts. The Pancake House was in flames, the grocery stores had all been looted, zombies milled around inside the showroom windows of a department store, gnawing confusedly on half-clothed mannequins. Every few miles I tried the CB radio, hoping to find someone, anyone out there that could help.

The seat beside me was filled with ammo and weapons. The medical supplies and food was in the back with Laura. She breathed harder and harder with each contraction. This wasn’t planned – you have to understand – none of this was planned.

I had been making my way North. Everyone’s been making their way North since the zombies came. The theory is that the undead will be less active in the colder regions. Don’t know if its true or not, but it seemed like a good idea.

I had came across Laura by the side of I-90; she had run over one too many zombies and it had gummed up the underside of her car. They had started to swarm her little Volvo.

I had pulled over to the side of the road and popped enough of them to give her a chance to make a run for my vehicle.

Sometimes it amazes me how good a shot I’ve become over the last year. When all this started, I didn’t even know how to fire a gun. Guess all those games of DOOM were good for something after all.

I had figured I’d be dropping her off at a settlement someplace, so I had asked her where she was going.

“North.” she had said.

And that’s how we started traveling together. It was nice to have someone to talk to again, and someone to watch my back when I was foraging. She was no great beauty by any stretch. I mean, she could have been a real looker but there was something sour about her looks. She was good enough company though, and when we had made love at night in the back of the van she was eager and welcoming.

That was then. Now, the gas gauge read a quarter of a tank left. Laura was moaning in pain, she pushed and pushed but the baby just wouldn’t come. It had been almost twenty hours of labor and still nothing. She was going to die if I didn’t do something soon. I tried to CB again, hoping to find a settlement, a military base – someplace with a doctor.

I knew I should have worn a condom or pulled out or something, but she told me she couldn’t have babies. She said there was something wrong with her ovaries. Something gynecological, I don’t remember what exactly. But she got pregnant anyway. Figures, I never won a damn thing in my life before.

Suddenly an idea occurred to me. Ocean World was up ahead. They have – they had rides and animal exhibits and dolphins and killer whales. A place like that has to have a first aid kit, several first aid kits maybe.

Laura is saying my name over and over the whole time I made my way to Ocean World. The parking lot was empty. We drove around the skeletal remains of a bear on the way in but aside from that it was clear sailing. There didn’t seem to be a lot of zombies milling around. Always a good sign. They had probably eaten everything there was to eat months ago. The living dead aren’t above eating animals – I’ve seen them chow down on anything from cows to kittens. I think they prefer people though, I’ve never seen zombies swarm a caribou the way they swarm people.

Maybe it’s the way we taste.

I parked the van as close as I could to the main entrance but Laura was beyond walking now. I told her to wait there and I’d get a cart or something to bring her in. She begged me not to leave her, not to abandon her.

It took me fifteen minutes to calm her down. Jesus Christ! Fifteen minutes wasted! I locked her inside the van. I had the hunting rifle and a handgun with me. Extra ammo was loaded into the pockets of my jeans. Hopefully, I wouldn’t need any of it but zombies are like fucking roaches. They get everywhere.

Ocean World might have been a fun place to visit before, but it was creepy now. The grass was overgrown and heavy with weeds. The rides creaked and rocked to their own rhythm. I found a couple of golf cart things right away but they didn’t have any power. There was a sign that pointed me towards the Visitor’s Aid Station. That was where I had to go.

Most of the animals were dead in their pens. Looked like starvation, but what do I know. Poor things. Some of the bears had gotten out somehow but the zombies had gotten to them and picked them clean.

Speaking of the devil, I spotted a pair of zombies staggering around the remains of little building called the “Snack Shack.” They were bloated and weird looking. Huddling in the corner of the aquarium building, I thought about taking them out.

Problem was they might not be the only living dead in the park and I didn’t want to attract too much attention if I could avoid it. I decided to cut through the aquarium and take the long way towards the first aid station. I passed through the archway that invited me to “Explore the Wonders of the Deep” and entered the darkness of the dead aquarium. I’d forgotten the flashlight, but I didn’t want to go back to get it. I was afraid I’d loose my nerve.

Rifle drawn, I made my way through the murk by touch. Occasionally, my hand would stray across the clammy surface of a tank. I couldn’t see the dead fish floating inside but the cloying stench told me they were there.

The passage I was in seemed to be turning. I wondered if I was going in circles. What if I came right back to where I started? Could Laura afford for me to waste any more time?

Squelching footsteps alerted me to the fact I wasn’t alone. Something moved in the darkness, a shadow among shadows. I shouted a warning but there was a no answer. The shape moved closer. I fired, but th e shot was wide of the mark. The muzzle flash gave me a momentary glimpse of my attacker – a zombie in the garb of an Ocean World tour guide.

The bullet shattered one of the fishtank walls. Water and dead barracudas spilled out over the floor, knocking the zombie off-balance. It wobbled a moment and then fell clumsily into a heap.

When its head was up over floor level, I fired again. It twitched once and then lay still. I slumped against the wall, trying to bring myself to keep moving. I really just wanted to curl into a ball and wish this shithole of a world away. Before Laura I used to think about suicide – sometimes I would hold a gun under my chin and wait for my courage to take hold. Of course it never did. I don’t know what scared me more, the thought that there might not be a next life, or that there would be a next life and by killing myself I’d lose the chance for it.

But I couldn’t die now, I had responsibilities. I got up, started moving. Stagnant water and liquefied gray matter pooled around my feet. A few moments more of walking and I saw light at the end of the corridor. I picked up the pace.

The exit brought me out to a huge amphitheater, seashell-shaped with long benches interspersed with tall stairways. There was no stage at the heart of this auditorium though, just a huge tank. The thick glass walls of the tank were frosted with grime and lichen. The water was brown and murky and it sloshed gently over the edges. I had a momentary vision of warm weather, frolicking dolphins and laughing families.

From there it was quick sprint to the squat Visitor’s Aid Station. I kicked open the locked door to find medical supplies in abundance.

And wheelchairs! They had wheelchairs!

I grabbed one and headed back for the van. I didn’t go through the aquarium this time. I just popped the two zombies hanging around the “Snack Shack” and prayed my luck would hold out.

When I got to Laura she was hyperventilating and there was some kind of fluid staining the crotch of her sweatpants. It didn’t look like blood or water.

Not good.

Not good at all.

I took a long hard look around before I set the rifle down beside the van. It was all clear.

“I didn’t thin k you’d come back,” she kissed my hand like I was the Pope or something. “I love you.”

I shushed her and got to work. It wasn’t easy loading her into the wheelchair. No matter what I did it seemed to hurt her. In the back of my mind, I started thinking about that Robin Hood film they did with Kevin Costner. I remembered the black guy in the movie had delivered a baby by cutting the mother open and taking it out.

Jesus. Would I have to do that?

Grabbing a knapsack full of iron rations and bottled water, we got moving. I rolled her through Ocean World. Halfway to the Visitor Aid Station, I spied one of the living dead off in the distance. I thought about taking it down, only to realize that I’d left the rifle back by the car. I still had the pistols, but I decided to save them for now. As we passed the amphitheater, something I spotted out of the corner of my eye made me stop dead.

There was a dead killer whale floating at the top of the stagnant water. Had that been there before? Or had it jut bobbed to the surface? I couldn’t be sure. Huge swathes of its black and white flesh had been gnawed to the bone. It writhed with zombies. Th ey crawled over its massive bulk like maggots, immersion in water had left their bodies bloated and warped.

The awfulness of what I was seeing held me there I couldn’t look away.

Suddenly one of them saw us. It fumbled off the whale’s body and clawed its way over the thick walls of the tank. It flopped onto the ground with a wet smack. Others started following, seething up over the edge of the tank trampling each other in their hunger.

Laura’s scream goaded me back into action. I started running, pushing the wheelchair ahead of me with all my might. I could see the Visitor’s Aid Station just up ahead.

I didn’t see the crack in the pavement.

The front wheel of the chair hit it at just the right angle, knocking Laura face first onto the pavement. The impact with the back of the chair knocked the wind out of me and I fell – I wheezed something unintelligible about the baby. Laura stirred groggily, blood trickling down her forehead.

I rolled over and saw zombies, too many to count, bearing down on us. I drew one of the pistols and fired four times, three zombies fell, and one stumbled, th e rest just swarmed over them.

Laura was trying to get to her feet, but she was too swollen, too sore to move quickly enough. Our eyes met. “Save yourself!” she said, “Leave me!”

Save myself? I knew that alone I could outrun them, she was only slowing me down. And for all I knew she might die anyway giving birth. It wasn’t cowardice. Not when she wanted me to do it.

The legendary settlements in the North beckoned me. I stood slowly, felt my legs tensing.

The zombies were close now, close enough for me to hear the squelching of their footsteps. Staring into a sea of putrid, black gummed mouths, I made my decision. I hefted the wheelchair over my head and with an indignant cry hurled it into the thick of them. Some of the zombies toppled like bowling pins; the others just kept coming.

Somehow I lifted her up into my arms and started running.

It wasn’t long before my lungs were on fire and my muscles were screaming in protest. I was afraid to look back, too afraid to see how close they were. Laura moaned with fresh contractions.

I barreled through the door to the Visitor’s Aid Station and let Laura slide from my grip.

Cold hands locked around the back of my neck, dragging me back through the door. I screamed and tried to kick free. More hands found me.

And I knew that this was it. I had failed her, failed my child, failed at everything, as I always knew I would.

Laura pulled one of the pistols from my waistband and fired over my shoulder. Blinded and deafened, I fell forward. On her knees, she fired again and again.

I can’t believe I almost abandoned her. Funny thing, I wasn’t really aware of how much she meant to me until that moment. I think that the real horror of all this isn’t that the dead were coming back to eat the living. The real horror is what it’s making us become. What we’re letting it make us become.

Hours later, barricaded in the Visitor’s Aid station, I watch Laura breastfeeding our newborn child. The zombies are camped right outside, we’re both sore beyond description, and the only thing more limited than our supply of food is our supply of bullets. We don’t know how in the Hell we’re going to get out of here, and we have no idea what the future might hold.

But right now that doesn’t matter.

Credits to: Al Bruno III

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Yamaguchi, kageyama, kenma, oikawa are all dating a punk/bad boy/girl what are the rest of the teams reactions to finding out about this?

I didn’t do the entire Nekoma and Aobajousai teams because damn man that’d be too many people. (I’m only a tiny high schooler I’m sorry.)

Tsukki wouldn’t really care about Kageyama’s relationships, but he’d be sort of surprised when he meets Yamaguchi’s partner. He’d never have thought he’d be into a punky kid.

Hinata would that that it’s so cool. He’d be really intimidated, but holy hecky he’d have a nose bleed from how cool they are.

Noya and Tanaka would try to act cool in front of the punk. They see themselves as older brothers to the first years, (although Kags disagrees) so they’ll be like those over protective big brothers.

Sugamama and daddy Daichi wouldn’t really care about how Yamaguchi and Kagayama’s partners looked, they’d be more worried about it they would be a distraction to their practices.

Oh goodness the punk s/o would scare Asahi so much he’d be so intimated his glass heart wouldn’t be able to take it.

Iwazumi would (though he wouldn’t admit it) think that they’re actually pretty cool looking. He’d be surprised that Oikawa is dating them, but he’d be cool with it. (I can imagine him being Oikawa’s partners’ body guard hoohohoho.)

Kuroo would think that it’s so cute that Kenma is dating a punky bad kid. Since that’s Kuroo’s own style, he’d click with them really well. (It would make Kenma jealous the poor baby.)

From Animage 2016. Translated by anon at /a/.

Victor: The best skater in the world. He’s trying to shorten the distance between him and Yuuri in order to know him better as his coach, but he ends up playing around with him too much thanks to his carefree nature.

Ability: 5/5
Legend: 5/5
Drunkenness: 4/5
Skinship: 4/5
Maccachin: 4/5

To think the top skater and “living legend” could also get merrily drunk. His dog Makkachin has been together with him ever since his Junior days.

Yuuri: It’s his fifth Senior year. He has the skill but he’s a skater that crumbles easily under pressure. His idol is now his coach and he wants to win at the Grand Prix Final.

Ability: 3/5
Potential: 4/5
Katsudon: 5/5
Glass Heart: 5/5
Eros: 3/5

Yuuri hasn’t been able to demonstrate his potential because of his glass heart. His polished Eros is superb, though! Will he improve it even further in the future?!

Yuri: A cute Russian yanky on the outside. He’s currently training to be an ice prima donna under Liliya’s strict guidance. He will be once again competing against Yuuri at the Rostelecom Cup.

Ability: 4/5
Beauty: 4/5
Yankee: 5/5
Agape: 3/5
Cat-likeness: 4/5

He may usually be a Russian yanky but he becomes a fairy when on ice. He’s finding the Agape inside of him. He has an Himalayan cat, is he a cat person?!

Don’t Give Up

Summary: With HIVE and its previous leaders finally taken down, Team Arrow can finally rest. But for Oliver, victory tastes bitter without the love of his life by his side. No matter what she said, he just can’t let her go.

Slow burn reconciliation fic. Rated General.

A/N: It feels AMAZING to write again!! Can’t promise anything right now, life is a beast. I’ll take what I can get.


Oliver was tired.

Exhaustion settled into his bones, weighing down his limbs as he dragged his feet toward Felicity’s chair, dropping into it with a groan. It’s Curtis’ chair now, a tiny voice insisted, a thought he squashed with a vehement shake of his head. No matter how much time passed, this chair, these computers, would always remind him of her. He’d always remember her perky ponytail, twitching as her attention bounced from one monitor to another; the click-click-click of her fingers as they flew across the keyboard; the fruity-floral scent that still lingered in this space, even if only in his mind. The ever present ache in the middle of his chest burned bright and hot, robbing his breath and tightening his throat.

He missed her. God, did he miss her.

He missed their casual affection, the tiny little moments that passed between them as they reached out for each other. A hand on a shoulder, a kiss on the head, fingers entwining for brief moments at a time. He missed her smile, the carefree and joyful one that brightened his whole universe. But most of all, he missed talking to her.

His favorite times to talk were in bed, at night and in the morning, usually after making love. After connecting with her body, he always connected with her heart, her soul, whatever it was that made her…Felicity. They had shared so much of themselves over the summer, getting to know almost everything about each other.

Almost isn’t enough, the critic in his mind chastised. That’s the problem.

Oliver dropped his head into his hands and sighed. He didn’t know how to fix this. Felicity had said there was no fixing this, but Oliver was a stubborn man, and he refused to let go. She was the best thing that ever happened to him in his long, miserable life, and he couldn’t let her be the one that got away.

The mechanical sound of the elevator pulled him out of his head, and he sat up with a start. His heart started pounding as both hope and trepidation filled his chest. He didn’t move, didn’t breathe, until the elevator dinged, and the doors slid open.

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fic - asanoya

But this is different. This is them seeing each other in another light. It’s not the same as seeing each other naked in the changing room, changing clothes or having a quick shower; it’s less ordinary, less mundane and more private. Profound, innermost.

Asahi is tongue-tied when it comes to Nishinoya. And overall, a goofball.

       on ao3

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Do you have any fics about after marco dies and what jean does or something?

(i’m cryin anon, why would you ask for this)

Calligraphy by quartetship

Summary: “I’m keeping the pen, though. The only way you’re getting it back is if you come back for it personally. I’d give any amount of pens to see that…”

After the loss of the most important person in his life, Jean is just doing whatever he can to cope - which includes hanging onto the pen he stole from Marco weeks ago. A pen that might be the key to getting more back than just his sanity…

Spur by absolutelyCancerous

Summary: Suiting up for battle—two instances.

Crossing Over by stripeypirate

Summary: Angel, angel what have I done? 
I’ve faced the quakes, the wind, the fire
I’ve conquered, country, crown, and throne
Why can’t I cross this river?

Mod Summary: Jean’s good luck has caught up to him and he has a close brush with death.

Selfish by Chellodello

Summary: Marco isn’t a selfish person by nature but sometimes he wishes he was.
Marco loves Jean. Jean loves Mikasa. Ymir watches the fallout.

Shots Fired by Enterprisingly

Summary: Jean has been holding onto his complicated, undefined feelings for his dead best friend, without actually dealing with them, for far too long and it’s becoming a problem. Eren should probably have taken some lessons in sensitivity before bringing up the subject, though.

The Glass Around Your Heart by hella

Summary: Jean just wants to wait for the right time, that’s all.

linger by ocelot

Summary: There were a lot of things Jean shouldn’t have done, falling in love with Marco was at the top of the list.

And I’ll Try Again by TheEarlyKat

Summary: Time Loop AU: Jean can’t keep going back for Marco. He can’t see it all over again.

Pieces of Marco by LessPaleMorePail

Summary: Jean saw pieces of Marco everywhere he looked. But he always remembered him the most when new recruits joined the Training Corps.

Not Really There by Rhov

Summary:Jean reflects on Marco’s death. “I know you’re not really there. I know you’re a ghost, or spirit, or my imagination tormenting me once again. Still, I want to see that smiling face again.”

Lost Soldiers by kawoshin

Summary: “Were you alone when you died? Were you lost? Please tell me I’m not the only one.” Bodies were being tossed onto a pile, human ash spraying everywhere and blocking the silver stars of night. Soldiers were raining from the sky, landing onto Jean as he began to shake uncontrollably. “What am I supposed to do?”

Sometimes by lordegbert

Summary: Sometimes it was soft. Sometimes it wasn’t as soft.

Mod Summary: ”The first night was the hardest, he was told it always was. The dorm was quiet, faces cast down to the floor where their fallen comrades would sit, laugh and smile.”


The dream shifted again, and Chaol was pinned beneath her as she writhed above him, her head still thrown back, that same expression of ecstasy written across her blood-­splattered face.

Enemy. Lover.