the hearbreakers

I told you once that I didn’t think love exists, you told me that one day you’d show me what love felt like.

It was only after you left that I decided that love had to be real, because all I remember is pain, pure fucking pain and It hurt too much to be anything but love.

When you told me you’d show me what love felt like; I didn’t think you meant like this.

romantic relationships
are not the only relationships
that can hurt you

friends can break your heart
friends can be toxic
friends can be abusive
friends can be cruel
friends can treat you wrong
friends can break you

but they shouldn’t
they never should.

Anonymous said: Write something for a ex best friend who treated you wrong and didn’t care about your feelings

Anonymous said: Can you write a poem about an ex best friend who was toxic?

(cc, 2017)

So the boy you gave your everything to
Walked away without looking back
And you’re left to pick up the pieces he left behind

2 boys later and you’re getting good at pretending he’s not here
But you’re still planning for ways to go back
Still searching for a reason to call

The boy you gave your everything to
Gladly took it, knowing full well he wasn’t planning to stay
He took and took and took until you were nothing but a ghost of what you use to be

There are times when she looks at herself in the mirror to remind herself that she is the sum of both the good and the bad things that she has been through. The surprises, the laughters, and happiness are as important as the hearbreaks, the losses and the setbacks.
 And that’s when she smiles and feels proud of herself. She has come a long way, and she is proud of the woman she has become. She is stronger, wiser, and a lot kinder than she was years ago.
That’s when she realizes that she is beautiful, and she smiles even wider at the world.
—  Yel Gaminde