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Employee of the Month: Part 2/11

Pairing: Reader x Hwang Minhyun

Group: Wanna One (NU’EST if you squint your eyes and tilt your head a little)

Type: Probably Actually Fluff


Warnings: Bad Words(but less than I usually have, so be proud of me)

A Brief Synopsis:

The tale of Minhyun’s not that shitty job and how it provides a platform for you to exist in his life romantically. Kind of.

(the synopses are gonna be almost completely the same for every person lol sorry)

A/N: Sorry it took longer than expected. I’m shitty at time management. 

Name: Hwang Minhyun

Age: 22

Occupation: Live-In MaidHousekeeper

  • From the outside looking in, the fact that Hwang Minhyun chose this as his profession was astounding to virtually everyone
  • Honestly he could get any job he wants
  • He’s so diligent 
  • And handsome 
  • And meets so many job qualifications 
  • But “cleaning is my passion" 
  • It was actually a problem 
  • Arguably a kink
  • Nobody should trust a bitch with that many cleaning supplies
  • 6 dusters is too many dusters for one person
  • Hell 6 dusters is too many dusters for 6 people
  • He has probably killed someone and gotten away with it
  • And that’s how he ended up as a house keeper 
  • Not because he could flawlessly get away with murder, but because he was a clean ass bitch
  • Not that I really needed to clarify that

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Brought to you by the skamily angels (lol) from the discord chat

  • Drink every time Vilde talks about Lesbians
  • Drink every time Noora says Nei
  • Take a shot everytime Noora says liksom
  • Drink every time someone mentions William (to erase the memory)
  • Drink every time isak or sana makes a truly brilliant facial expression
  • Drink every time someone says fy faen
  • Drink whenever even waggles his eyebrows
  • Drink every time Isak rolls his eyes
  • Drink when Even’s eyes crinkle
  • Take a shot every time you’re sad for even = death by alcohol in 2 mins
  • Drink when even’s eyes crinkle
  • Drink when Sana’s dimples kill u
  • Drink every time vilde does something gross and fake straight
  • Drink when Evak is wearing the same colour scheme 
  • Drink when Eva makes heart eyes
  • Drink when Chris has a spoon
  • Take a shot at every slo mo
  • Drink when Chris has a face journey
  • Drink when someone has a really awkward stilted conversation with their crush
  • Drink when Noora takes longer to start a sentence than the sentence itself takes
  • Drink when someone take desperate to a new level
  • Drink when you find Isak in s2
  • Drink when Eva shows up in s3
  • Drink every time Noora takes an unnecessary longass pause in between words
  • Take a shot at every sassy sana comeback
  • Drink when Jonas’ eyebrows become their own person with their own life
  • Drink every time Vilde meows
  • Drink when eskild is the best father/brother/mother figure to ever exist
  • Drink everytime Isak cries
  • Drink when eva is drunk in s2
  • Drink whenever you’re reminded about vildus,
  • Drink when theres food
  • Drink whenever there’s a movie reference in s3
  • Drink whenever there’s no heterosexual explanation for Vilde
  • Drink whenever evak kiss
  • Drink when there’s not hetero explanation for eva
  • Drink whenever isak wears a snapback
  • Drink whenever Isak is the master of something
  • Drink whenever something particularly gay happens with a character that isn’t canonically queer
  • Drink whenever evens curl is rebellious
  • Drink whenever there’s toilet paper on isak’s bedside table
  • Drink whenever Even does something extra
  • Drink every time evak have a nose kiss
  • Drink every time Isak and Even are caught staring at each other
  • Drink when Isak walks away
  • Drink every time isak does his little head tilt thing when he wants a kiss
  • Drink for everytime Isak is on his laptop
  • Drink when u want to punch willhell
  • Drink for every time isak is having an emotional breakdown
  • Drink every time Sana is on her laptop
  • Drink when Magnus asks a dumb question
  • Drink whenever isak wears the grey depression hoodie
  • Drink whenever Sana is left out
  • Drink when jonas is an amazing friend
  • Finish ur drink when isak cries
  • Chug when evilde kiss

anonymous asked:

Deaf!Lance AU (with klance)?

Keith is this indie singer that plays at a lot of coffee shops, and one he frequents is one that Lance always frequents, so Keith does everything he can to subtly get Lance’s attention with his music, but he never even looks up from whatever he’s working on while Keith plays. He tries different songs and styles, and does his best to get Lance just to look his way. Finally, Keith wears a shirt that says, “talk to me”, it’s nothing he even thinks about, a shirt he’d gotten somewhere that he couldn’t remember, and it was just an advertisement, but Lance thinks it’s funny when he glances at Keith. 

Lance gets up after Keith is singing and waves to him as he walks over, and Keith is having a coronary, because this was the one day he hadn’t been trying to get Lance’s attention, but now Lance was wandering up to him. Keith says hello, and Lance doesn’t say anything because he wasn’t looking up at Keith, and then Lance signs, “I like your shirt,” and it all clicks in Keith’s head at once, even though he has no clue what Lance is saying. He tilts his head at Lance and Lance tugs out a little notebook filled with little phrases and a pen and writes it for him. Keith smiles, and they start handing off notes to each other every time Keith is in the shop. It doesn’t take long before Keith is trying to learn sign. Of course, the first thing he learned to sign was, “will you go out with me?”
***Requests Open***
This was really fun! I wasn’t sure how to incorporate the sign as anything other than dialogue, if that’s not what I was supposed to do, oops! lol

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If you're taking Bull requests, can you do 37? If not, ignore me lol <3

“You don’t have to hide anything from me. I adore every part of you.”

Originally posted by kissooff

“You’re hiding something from me.” Bull mumbled out. And when you looked away, he tilted his head to try and catch your eye again. “Every time I get close, you subconsciously touch your clothes.”

He smirked a little when you gave a huff. You loved Jason; you really did. But sometimes, you hated that he was able to read you like a book. Just when you thought you could hide something from him, Bull was proving you wrong. “No, I’m not.” You stubbornly replied, still looking away.

Bull’s eyes narrowed just a bit. He knew you were lying. Or at least avoiding the truth. Those were two different things.

His hand came out and covered your knee. The contact made you tense up; not that you didn’t want Bull to touch you. It always felt like fireworks when he did. But the other half of you didn’t want him to get too close. “You don’t have to hide anything from me. I adore every part of you.”

“You’re just saying that…”

“No, I’m not. I’d never lie to you.” He replied, and when you turned your head to finally look Bull in the eye, he was leaning forward and delivering a sweet kiss to your lips.

Drabbles are closed

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Good luck with the blog!!~~ How about a scenario w/ GOM+Imayoshi confessing to their 'oblivious' crush. Only to realize that their s/o was actually playing around, well aware of their feelings and returned them. lol a cheeky s/o!~ <3

This does exceed my limit, so the responses will be shorter - I’m sorry!

Akashi: He gave you an inquisitive look, smiling and tilting his head. “You exceed my expectations every time…” That’s a big part of what made him attracted to you in the first place.

Aomine: “Huh?” He looked confused for a second, and then a big smirk lit up his face. “I’m gonna get you back for that.” Despite his words, he wrapped his arm around her shoulders and pulled you close.

Kise: “____-chii..! How mean!” He whines, and it takes him a few seconds to realize that this didn’t mean that you rejected him. “Wait, so…” He didn’t say more, as it finally clicked and he wrapped his arms around you, cheering and twirling you around.

Kuroko: He blinked his wide eyes at you for a few moments, before he smiled and his expression became soft. “You tricked me, ____-san.” He really didn’t mind it all too much, though, with that cute smile you gave him.

Imayoshi: “Ooh?” He placed his hands onto his hips, eyebrows raising curiously. “You cheeky girl,” he grins; there was nothing to be angry about though, as this still meant you returned his feelings. 

Midorima: “Y-you.. knew..?!” He was embarrassed, and you laughing at his cute reaction and red face didn’t help. “I-it’s not funny! O-oi!” He was huffing, and you giggled and eased his nerves by pulling him down to your level and pecking his lips.

Murasakibara: “Ehh? That’s mean, ____-chin,” he frowns, placing another small candy into his mouth. “I think I’m gonna have to punish you for that.” He was acting stubbornly because he was outwitted, but it didn’t matter since he just patted your head and smiled, offering you a candy.

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What are their quirks? What are their embarrassing stories? What do they want to do with their lives? If they were in our world what would they be doing? If they were an animal what would they be? Favourite stuffs? Adventurous hairdos? If they had superpowers what would they be? What about genderswaps? I have sO MANY QUESTIONS OH MY GOAT THEY HAVE BECOME SOME OF MY FAVOURITE CHARACTERS WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME

THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY ahhh umm under a read more bc it got really long??? lol sorry

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I finally brought myself to look at this video from Sunday —-she was so sweet like always, and I, for the life of me, can’t get over that head tilt she gives when she realizes is me *again* lol! I was SO choked up, I could barely form words —it really is a miracle I didn’t start actually crying then & there haha ((You would too if Emma fucking Stone thanked you for “everything“ lol!)) She’s THE best! 

I’m SO thankful & happy that I got to meet her & see her perform so many times. She lived up to my every expectation of her. She truly is an incredible human being & just SO sweet & down to earth, and of course, SO UNBELIEVABLY TALENTED! :)