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Early little thing for V-Day while wearing some pretty bewb supportive shirts ahaha!
My Promptis feels burn strong! I even made a little head-canon for myself where Prompto gets a tattoo of the Virgo constellation on his neck where he has the most freckles. Noctis drew along to connect the dots for his zodiac sign one day as a joke and Prompto got permanent ink over it for him <3 I have fluffy feels and I wanted to share them with you all @^▽^@

Lams: Crash and Burn

Look, headcanons and fics about Laurens taking care of Ham all soft and fluffy-like are all well and good but you know what I need more of? Headcanons and fics where John can’t because he’s being a reckless fuck too. 

John’s anger complemented by Hamilton’s anger so that when they’re together they’re just a ball of rage against the world (except each other). 

Hamilton staying up all night writing and John sitting next to him and giving him advice and insults on demand. 

Hamilton egging John on into physical confrontations with whatever asshole is idiotic enough to cross them this week. 

Hamilton waking up from a nightmare, in an empty bed because John went and got himself arrested. 

John stumbling home drunk and puking in the toilet without his boyfriend to hold his hair back because Ham fell asleep in the library for the third time this week. 

Hamilton kissing John hard in a bar and telling him “fight well, babe,” before John breaks away to join in a brawl.

John not begrudging Hamilton’s workaholic attitude because he knows Hamilton’s urgency and agrees with his values. Hamilton respecting John’s recklessness and passion and not once expecting to hold him back. 

The two in bed together, wrapped in each other’s arms, murmuring softly about justice with the same breath. 

Hamilton getting the call that John is in the hospital two hours late. By the time he gets there John is already out of surgery and Hamilton only has to wait, jittering, a half hour before he wakes up. He looks at John with damp eyes and holds his hand and says softly “who do I have to slander?”

Hamilton passing out on the lawn because of exhaustion. John getting all caps texts from the Schuyler sisters and racing back from a protest to be there with him, even if he’s unconscious. When Ham comes to, John murmurs “Next time just tell me who to punch.”

Lafayette and Hercules loving both of them, but hating that they’re in a relationship because it seems to just make them more intense. They have to bump their parenting skills up a few notches just to compensate.

John talking about Hamilton constantly when they’re apart, his eyes shining with pride at his boyfriend’s accomplishments.

Being able to make each other laugh endlessly almost on command.

Hamilton showing John off every time they’re out in public together, locking their arms together and bouncing on the balls of his feet when he’s introducing him as “John Laurens, my boyfriend.”

Their tenderest moments happening when they’re apart, Alexander writing John long, poetic letters about how important he is, John responding in kind. When they’re together, the words rarely come out like that, as though they don’t need to be said. They’re understood implicitly.

Neither of them sure if their relationship will outlive their recklessness or crash and burn from too much passion. Both of them hoping it’s the former but not daring to slow down in the meantime.  

idk this is just all in my head right now

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What are the best canon verse slow burn fics?

sure thing!

all my reasons why, by tylerproposey (1/1 | 11,658 | General)

It starts off as an infatuation, nothing more than admiration for the entrancing blue eyed boy. It turns into a crush - something he’s never had - and suddenly every shade of blue reminds him of Lance. It ends with love, something deep and turbulent, really he never stood a chance.


Falling like a Burning Stone by MagiKatFish (5/? | 6,574 | Teen And Up)

“Keith retrieved his helmet, bayard, and rations from his lion before climbing out and setting his gaze on the horizon that beckoned to him. The orange-tinted haze of the sky shrouded the faint light that shone from above, dusting the ground a tawny blur. It was more than a long shot, but Keith still gripped at his chest and mumbled to the empty air: ‘I’m coming.’”

After crash landing on an unknown planet when the wormhole destabilized, Keith now needs to figure out how to survive and get in contact with the rest of team Voltron. Fortunately (or not), he may not be alone.

just this once by elysium (1/1 | 10,350 Teen And Up)

they all do their best to help keith. he hates it. it’s embarrassing and pathetic and he wants to smack the bowls of food that hunk and pidge bring him out of their hands but it’s not their fault he’s like this. it’s his own fault. he’s laying in his bed with his shirt clinging to his skin and his thoughts chasing themselves around in his head.

//underage drinking 

Okay Hear Me Out, Fellow Joshua Graham Lovers

I’ve had experience with burns and such.
And I head canon that Joshua’s skin is healed, aside from scars. His whole body wouldn’t be marred with scars but there would be prominent ones scattered across his skin.

Here’s why I head canon/think this:
My dad got in a REALLY bad bad burn accident when he was twenty. Burnt beyond recognition. What happened is he was cleaning out a large tank (gas) in our old barn… The lighting wasn’t great, and without thinking he grabbed his lighter and lit it to see better. You can guess what happened. His whole body was severely severely burnt. Aside from like his lower torso and down. So his stomach and chest and face and back.

He was in the hospital for a long time. They couldn’t actually really do anything aside from well give him pain Meds, clean him up- and oh yeah, shave his scruffy face ((he says that was awful.)) skin peeled and it was even worse because in a few months following was the date he was gonna get married. Guess what? His skin was mostly healed by then. He has scars yes, but he healed.

I know the burn scenarios are different but let’s take time into consideration. Joshua had to have been burned before Ulysses “joined” the Legion. BEFORE the Divide was destroyed. That’s along time before the courier meets Joshua. Think about it, there’s no way his skin is completely burnt and raw still. Yes, he probably has ghost pains, and sensitive spots and yeah the scars must be fucking terrible. (I don’t think he was on fire for that long, it must’ve gone out awhile after he tumbled into the canyon, though obviously it would take months and months for it to even begin to scar and heal. So yes, major scars and nerve damage. But by his meeting with the Courier it would’ve been,,,, what, a year? Longer? Since he was set aflame. And maybe he keeps on the bandages for reasons, like identity, or penance, or maybe the lingering ghost pains and nerves and scars are just that bad.

Idk, head canon whatevs you want. I still draw him fully burnt and crispy. But I think he’s not as “well done” as he would’ve been. It would also make sense with the way he looks in Vegas, like hell his skin doesn’t look burnt and it’s actually pale??? I found that weird. And that kinda triggered my head canon tbh.

Feel free to message me with your own head canons!

((I love our bandagey Mormon, crispy or not!)

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Any short Taekook fics you could rec?

OHO BOI. I don’t read short taekook fics,,,, but I’ll rec a few good ones cause I feel bad that my laptop crashed ,,,, (Fluff with slight angst, !!!SMUT!!!, this is a wholesome fic I love this pls read it and send love to the author!! - body guard au) (Fluff, this one is more ot5ft taekook but its really cute!! highschool au?) (OOOOH BOI,,, ULT FAV GOOD FIC REALLY GOOD FIC. I’d suggest reading all the tags before you begin because there’s a lot of triggers. Drugs abuse, mental health issues, smut, manipulation - university au) (BDIDHSI FAV FAV FAV SO MUCH ANGST IT MAKES ME WANT TO SLAM BY HEAD AGAINST THE TABLE, #teamkook👀 , angst/fluff, PINNING, slow burn - Canon divergence) also its not complete yet BUT still a good read.

Han says there is too much Vader in Ben.

And god, how hard is that for Leia to hear. She knows Han wouldn’t say this in any way to hurt her or blame her, but it’s because of Leia the force is strong in Ben. Because of Leia her son is able to be twisted and manipulated in this way. Even as both her and Luke tried their best to stop it from taking hold.

Even after she learnt the truth from Luke, she’s never been able to feel at peace with her parentage and all of the atrocities that Vader committed. Especially the ones to her own people, her own planet. Her whole world. Yes, he might not have pulled the trigger, but he stood there and watched and said nothing, and to Leia that’s just as bad, maybe even worse than being the one to pull the final shot.

She can’t rectify Darth Vader with Anakin Skywalker and she doesn’t understand when Luke tells her they never were, really, one and the same.

She’s felt that pull though. Felt an anger burn through her, felt sadness tear through her soul, and knows that it would be so easy to let the darkness take over, close her eyes and let the dark side of the force take control. It’s inside of her she thinks, coursing through her bloodstream and spreading through her body. A child of Darth Vader, sithspawn. Watch out because Leia bites back.

The ugly whispers have always followed them both, but Leia knows she’s the one that struggles, the one that would find it so much easier to just let go. Luke is a firm and solid centre, a sun bright and hot to Leia’s dark and circling moon. She needs him to lean on, to stop the dark thoughts at times from spilling forth over the edge.

She thinks about Ben taking form inside of her, growing by inches, stretching his tiny fingers and toes. How he absorbed everything from Leia, how her body stretched and curved so that he could take hold.

Too much of Vader, Han says, but maybe there’s too much of his mother as well.

Snack Stickup | Closed


Devin let out an exaggerated sigh, hating his job more than anything else in the world. Seeing someone walk in, he grumbled and recited the greeting. “Welcome to the Snack Wagon, please don’t be afraid to ask me for help.” He then looked over at the customer, clearly unhappy. “Please don’t ask me for help.” Dj leaned his chin in his hand, playing with the candy bars on the counter that were for sale. Two guys walked in, Devin reciting the greeting all over again before texting on his phone.  

Yu-Gi-Oh Head Canon: The people of Kul Elna were still alive when they were smelted into the Millennium Items.

The Millennium Tome called for 99 human sacrifices in order to create the seven Millennium Items. Not only did this call for their blood, bones, and flesh to be smelted into the gold that created them but the souls of the people were needed to give the Millennium Items their magical properties. To accomplish this, Akhenaden had them sedated so they wouldn’t struggle and dropped them in one by one as Bakura watched them drown and burn to death in the metal.

(Alternative head canon is that the medicine used for sedation was opium. Being a powerful drug that allowed for Egyptians to perform surgeries, it was the perfect choice and allowed for the victims to stay alive long enough for their inevitable demise. A terrible twist, however, is that opium is also a well known ingredient in morphine, which is a well known treatment for chronic pain. So, if any of the victims were “lucky”, the agony they felt may have been lessened by the effects of the opium.)

(This head canon is only supported by the Japanese anime. If you listen closely, you can hear the screams of the victims coincide with the bodies dropping in.)

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Headcanons for a flat chested! s/o and Osomatsu? Sorry, I love this lazy bbu so much.

I feel you, I love Oso oh so much too!

  • He will pick out cute lacy bras for you to wear
  • Matching lacy lingerie is 👌
  • He’d lightly tease them about it every blue moon, unless she tells him it’s an insecurity
  • He will try your bras on to see if he could away wearing them for fun
  • He is memorized by the bra removing trick and will have you do it all the time
  • He’s still gonna try to grope you from time to time because, “every little bit counts”
  • Will tell you the worst boob jokes 
  • Not the best at consoling but if you’re feeling insecure about your boobs he’ll try his damndest to make you feel like the most beautiful woman in the universe
  • Has a shirt that reads ‘proud supporter of the itty bitty titty committee’ and it’s up to you to burn it or not

@six-souls-chilling​ / @just-face-planted​ ASDFWEFWEFdfawefdawe—–

LATE CHELD BUT i actually drew them along with the others but then forgot…. im a bad friend… unfriend me this instant, JFP (also i lost the ask gdi)

  • Name: Rosé
  • Gender: ( ᐛ )و (any pronouns work)
  • General Appearance: Always ties their hair up to show off their forehead with that rose tie. Their hair isn’t always brown because they like dyeing it a lot.
  • Special Talents: They always seem to cause trouble. ALWAYS. 
  • Who they like better: AC because they understand each other better LMAO
  • Who they take after more: A weird balance of both, actually.
  • Personal Head canon:  Rosé probably ‘accidentally’ burned down a store once because the cashier was rude to them

Since the Hiccstrid fandom seems thirsty lately, I drew you some heavy snogging.

I drew them standing up, pre-bed tumble first and edited a screen shot of Hiccup’s bedroom for the background but then I wondered what they would look like in bed: 

But Astrid’s braid looks weird for if they are laying down, but since I drew it, I thought I would share it, anyway.

Also, it my head-canon that Hiccup has burn scars on his left side, in-case you were wondering my colouring choices. 


I see a lot of people upset / disappointed in the Paily we got tonight. I am with you and I kept waiting for another scene with Paige BUT I think it is a good thing they are not rushing them back together. As much as I want to see them together (my poor Paily shipper heart NEEDS it), them having to work at their relationship before it is put back together is GOOD for us for the long-term. If they pushed them back together right away without obstacles/talking then I would worry it was filler until they are ready for Emisoff to figure things out. The more time and episodes they spend developing the Paily storyline to me means the more likely they are looking long-term (endgame). I mean so far they have basically spent all of 5a showing us how much Emily loves Paige and showing us finding her way back to Paige. If that doesn’t scream end-game to you….

Side note: Paige never confirmed the girl she was with was a date. I am calling it that they set it up to make us and Emily think that (Emily seeing her with 2 coffees, Aria actually seeing her out with the girl) so that Emily thinks she has blown it / lost her chance / gets jealous and then Paige is like “oh her? you mean my cousin?" 

((Ok, I just watched the first micronations episode and like… Compared to other nations with micro nations Austria seems really calm and accepting of Kugelmugel? He’s not disdainful or angry, he doesn’t deny Kugels existence or anything, he just sighs and warns the other micro nations to be careful because he’s eccentric? Like, dare I say it… almost fatherly?
I don’t know if that really represents the actual country’s reaction to it but…
What if Rod sees Kugel as his second chance after he messed up with Italy?Like, he knows last time he was a train wreck of a parental figure and this time, he’s determined to actually make sure that this child feels loved.
This child is his, this child has his eyes and love for the arts and this child will be loved.
When this child comes to him with scraped knees and tears, instead of telling him to stop being so petty he’ll smile and kiss it better and ask if he needs a sticking plaster.
When this child is sad he’ll ask him to help him with his baking in the kitchen, and he’ll let him lick the spoon (afterwards he’ll sigh and wipe the chocolate mess from his face with a faint smile).
When this child comes to him feeling lonely he won’t tell him to get over it, he’ll hold him close and hum lullabies softly and tell him stories of kings and emperors and balls and castles, and not all of it will just be stories.
And when Kugel is off on a tangent on art and deeper meanings and philosophies and flits from topic to topic excitedly Austria just nods and listens and smiles at the boys enthusiasm, because against all odds he does remember being that young and excited about the world around him, and how encouraging it was to have someone who would listen.
Just… Aph Austria intent on being a decent father this time around, please, I need it like burning))

I really hope Mello died before that truck was set on fire. I always head canon him being terrified of being burnt after he got his face burn and the pure terror he would go through because it’s happening again. But he would have to remain calm because he’s a fucking hard headed asshole who would never let Takada see the weaker side of him. I reckon in his last moment, if he wasn’t dead by the time the fire started up, he would’ve tried to escape that van, trying to break open the doors or something not caring that Takada could see that panic because he never wants to feel his skin bubble and blister like that again, especially since this time he knows it’ll take his life.

Feeling rather sad right now because beloved sister in spirit is now on her long journey back to Vienna and with that our unexpected journey Elven Edition has sadly come to an end. Dear dear sis, thank you so much for the epic time and for the amazing memories we’ve made over the past 10 days. I’m already missing you loads and it’s way too quiet in my apartment right now..❧