the head and the heart artwork

All I’ve got II pt. 2

Jungkook x reader, Namjoon x reader

genre: contents of smut, slight fluff, angst, tattooed!jungkook, badboy!jungkook

word count: 12.1k

Jeon Jungkook was a tall guy, handsome with all those ethereal artwork tattooed on his arms..and your best friend. He was by your side whereas you faced a painful heartbreak, caressing your hurt soul for as long as you needed him. But how much can a friendship withstand if one of the two develops feelings? 

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I needed more immortal Viktor and Reincarnated Yuuri, but this time Yuuri gives back :3 This was initially supposed to be for @victuuri-week for Day 6 - Reincarnation, but since they don’t allow continuations… continuation here. Writing to accompany @drawverylittle‘s heartwrenchingly gorgeous artwork here  <3


How cruel, Viktor laments as makes one final, dejected lap around the rink. His imagination is finally starting to rear it’s ugly head, ready to supply him with images and a voice that makes his heart feel like it’s shredding in his chest.


Again, he thinks as he slows, circling to center ice. He closes his eyes. He can almost picture him, running down the steps of the seating aisle, screaming Viktor’s name, smiling, waving. Maybe even blowing a kiss.

He can hear the footsteps now too. As if his mind wasn’t being cruel enough.

Yuuri would come down to the edge of the ice, maybe even dare to take a step on the slippery surface to meet Viktor halfway. At least, that’s what he had always done. That’s what Viktor craves more than anything else in the world.

Katsuki Yuuri. Yuuri’s smile. Yuuri’s laughter. Yuuri’s warmth, his love.

“Viktor, please. Look at me!”

Viktor finally gives in, as he does every time his mind tries to play tricks on him, tries to convince him Yuuri’s life has started again. He wants to believe it. It’s been far too long since Yuuri passed and he knows it’s nearing the time for him to search again. Because he will always search for Yuuri in this world. Yuuri is his world.

His eyes flutter open, expecting an empty rink. But he’s not alone. 

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“You will never see a more loyal pairing to each other; they will each give the other person their all. It’s often unexpected, but I can see Hufflepuff doting on their Slytherin and Slytherin getting over protective of their Hufflepuff.”

i. She has war running through her veins, anger in her heart. Her cries shatter the souls of men and the hearts of women. She loves those who worship her, those who hide their brilliant minds with bloody hands. Leaving tracks in the bloodstained sand, she wanders through the battlefield.

ii. Her mind sees all the moves her opponent makes. These pawns on a chess board, sacrificing and doing the same moves again and again. She blesses the scholar. Her eyes flash as she advises kings and queens, the one whose deed become immortal. She challenges those who are mortal to reach for the stars that she lives in.

iii. How the times spins by her as she sits at her loom, creating stories of strength and despair. To her they are one and the same. The colored strands gleam as she finds her peace. The world wanders in and out of the artwork. The glories of men and gods are proclaimed and she weeps.

iv. The councilor, the warrior, goddess of strength, her fire burns as she kisses the heads of those who still whisper her name. She is unmatched, sainted and sacred. Owl eyed goddess, her hands are claws, dripping with blood as she sings a funeral song

v. where is she? there. she is on the bloody beach, staring at the pyre of the lovers. She’s crying, ichor bleeding, heart breaking, yearning for the stars. She wants what has been denied to her for so long, she wants the gentle touch of a lover, kissing her scars. She wants a hand gripping hers as she marches into battle. She wants. She burns for someone to caress her skin, to run a knife across her heart, to pull her away from the war that threatens to consumes her mind. Whirling, burning, yearning. She needs.

—  Athena by Abby S

Juno Crawford, everybody! ❤

Okay, I was supposed to do this yesterday, but I had to study for law class, AND GUESS WHAT, the professor ditched us. Talk about a waste of time. Then I basically procrastinated until today because I had to get an Elias headcanon out of my head. (I might post it once I’m done. *wink wonk*)

So out of all the genderbends, I ship Juno with Lewis the most, probably because their pictures sit side by side in my gallery. When I took a quick glance I was all like, “Oooh, they’re cute, I ship.” Even though I am always pro-Elias, I am not going to let go of my ship just yet. (*^﹏^*)


I guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess.

Things My Heart Used to Know by @hiddenpolkadots

He and Raven share a look.

“How would you like to help us get into the City of Light?” asks Bellamy, slinging his arm around her shoulders. “You don’t need to do much, in fact we’ve got the paperwork and everything sort out already. All you need to do is ah, put on a little show.”

The girl squints suspiciously at him. “What kind of show?”

“Oh, you know,” said Raven airily, taking her other arm and leading her towards an old portrait at the top f the stairs. It’s a painting of the royal family, or what was the royal family, and she points towards the small blonde haired girl in the middle. “Just pretend to be Arkadia’s long lost princess, that’s all.”


or, conman Bellamy Blake just found his crew’s ticket out of the slums of Arkadia that’ll leave them ten million dollars richer. 

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Worth the Wait

For SNS Summer Week Day 5 - Family

Author:  (AO3 ) 

Paring: Sasuke x Naruto

Summary: “The door swings open and Naruto catches himself, trying not to fall forward. As soon as he straightens up, everything stops. He is–essentially–looking up at himself, or a version of himself, an older, more mature version.”

Naruto charges toward the opposing ninja at full speed, having just watched the man blast Sasuke some 30 feet away into a tree. Their opponent had stolen a forbidden scroll and was now cornered by team 7 in the forest just outside of Konoha.

The man blocks and dodges as Naruto attacks him repeatedly, his skills an obvious result of his high level of mastery as a ninja. Both Kakashi and Sakura are yelling at Naruto to be more cautious, but the warnings fall dead to his ears as he jumps to attack again and again. Suddenly, as Naruto is about to charge from behind, the ninja turns around in the last second, catching the young genin off guard and hitting him dead on with some from of jutsu. Sakura’s cry is the last thing he hears before everything fades to black around Naruto.

When he opens his eyes he’s in Konoha again, sitting on the sidewalk, leaning against a fence.

What the hell?

Mind racing, Naruto jumps up, looking around for his team and the enemy ninja. The last thing he remembers is being hit by a powerful jutsu, Sakura calling out his name in fear. Had he been blasted all the way back to Konoha? He has no injuries whatsoever though, no physical sign that he had been hit at such close range.

Heart pounding in his chest, Naruto bolts through the streets, towards the forest where he had been perviously fighting. As he races down the familiar roads, everything mostly a blur around him, a part of his mind registers a discontinuity, or rather several incoherences in his surrounding that shouldn’t be there. He slows his pace, most of his brain screaming at him to find his teammates but the subconscious nagging in his mind hindering him.

This was definitely Konoha, but something, several things actually, were off. A few shops missing, some new buildings here and there, roads that seemed renovated, houses he had never seen before, and it left completely Naruto bewildered.

How had he missed these changes? Had he really been that caught up in his training that he didn’t pay attention to his surroundings to this extent? How was he noticing the changes now though?

At this point Naruto had slowed down to a quick walk, mind racing as he looked around and took in his hometown, so familiar yet so new now.

He almost trips over himself when he spots the hokage several feet away from him, his hat covering most of his face, head lowered as he reads the documents in his hand. The hokage turns, walking through the gates of his house, and Naruto races after him.

He knows. He knows the moment he saw the Hokage that the man wasn’t Sarutobi. Though he’s wearing the hokage attire, he’s much taller, with an athletic build, broad shoulders, long legs, and unwrinkled skin. Naruto knows he isn’t Sarutobi, but it makes no sense.

Running through the gates of the hokage’s house, Naruto slams against the door, preventing it from closing shut.

“Hokage oji-san!”

The door swings open and Naruto catches himself, trying not to fall forward. As soon as he straightens up, everything stops. He is–essentially–looking up at himself, or a version of himself, an older, more mature version.

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Human Coloring Book

Notes: This is a fic in which I combine my love for Dad!Killian with my love for tattooed Killian. I refuse to believe that man only has one tattoo on his person. He’s probably not as tatted as I made him in this, but whatever. As always, I have to thank my good friend @welllpthisishappening (if you’re not following her, there is something wrong with you because she is fantastic and she makes ridiculously long but amazing fics that will make you forget that the outside world exists and when they end, you weep because it was so good and you want more.) for listening and giving me feedback on my work. She’s the best. All mistakes are mine because I don’t have a beta and I am trash. You can also read it here on AO3: [LINK]
Summary: Killian Jones is covered in tattoos, including an impressive outline of a full sleeve on his blunted arm. Emma thinks he should get it colored. Killian gets it colored in a rather unconventional way.
Rating: T
Word Count: 3,500+

Emma nearly gasped the first time she stripped him bare and saw what was underneath all the leather. Nothing had prepared her for the magnificent artwork that lay undiscovered, hidden under numerous layers of black clothing. Killian Jones was covered from head to toe in ink. She had always assumed that he had a few tattoos aside from the heart and dagger that bore another woman’s name, but what she discovered was an entirely different level.

There wasn’t much work on his torso, but there was a tiny, tiny black swan on the far end of his collarbone and it became Emma’s favorite thing to kiss. It was a tribute to her, something that he had gotten while Emma and Henry were in New York. He had taken his vow to remember her everyday seriously and had marred his skin with his promise.

A pair of coordinates with an old fashion looking sextant took up the majority of the space on his left ribcage. It was one of the older looking tattoos on his body, the ink starting to blur a bit with age. Emma knew the moment she saw it that it was another memorial wrought on skin. It was for Liam and Emma sometimes caught him tracing it with a pensive look on his face in the dark quiet moments of the night, particularly on the hard days where one of them almost didn’t make it home.

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anonymous asked:

botw zelink request! :) link attempts to draw zelda

I have not finished BOTW nor have I freed all the Divine beasts. This is also the first BOTW fanfic I’ve ever written! 

It was all Revali’s fault.

If you asked the Rito he would have denied everything, the smug bird. But Link was certain the cause of his incredible embarrassment was all thanks to Revali.

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“Home in Your Arms” by @fire-of-the-sun

Artwork created for the @slackru Bunker Fluff Challenge

Only weeks after the Bunker doors close for six years, Marcus Kane finds an old music player among Cadogan’s things and imagines what it’d be like to dance with Abby Griffin.

He knows the thought is foolish, but - as was the case for some time now - the pull of his heart outweighed the uncertainty in his head. There is nothing more he wants than to help ease the sorrow that had taken root in her and to bridge the gap that had inadvertently grown between them and connect once more.

It begins with his outstretched hand - a wordless invitation to join him as the first notes of a half-forgotten melody fills the silence of their quarters, countering the pall of solemnity that had taken hold. It’s an offer to feel something else - something beyond the crushing burden of work and worry that he knows is weighing on her now more than ever. 

Her mind tells her the act of participating in something as self-indulgent as dancing was an almost ridiculous notion, especially in the wake of their circumstances. The world they lived in did not accommodate such frivolity. But she also knows his heart and recognizes the plea in his eyes that resonates in her as deeply as it always has. There’s a pain there that she wants to remedy just as much as he does for her and so, with some reservation, she takes his hand…

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SoMa Week 2017 Day 5 - YOU MAKE ME STRONG (ft. FlaMakNess Nisekoi AU Collab!)

@l0chn3ss‘ snippet:

“– little fly-aways tickled his neck. The warmth of her back against his… it made him feel… it made him stronger. Yes, that was the word. He felt strength cascade from her heart into his, felt the weight of her words keeping him afloat through his worries, felt her hand reaching closer to his as she spoke quietly. Her head rubbed his shoulders back and forth slowly, unknowingly. He wished it wasn’t all pretend…”

just like @flamedork‘s artwork, we did our own rendition of this beautiful as HECK screenshot from episode 19:

kirste’s snippet:

remember to check the flamakness collab tag to see all of our works!

In Bloom - E.D

This is an Ethan imagine/one shot based off a song from my all time favorite band, Neck Deep. I honestly feel like all I do is imagines based off of songs lmao yolo.

Summary: Ethan has doubted your relationship/himself due to his mental state, because of his issues he has broken up with you. 

Warnings: idk depression I guess? This is based off irl events 4 me recently so if its hella emo thats why lmao

For My E, come back to me soon.


Ethan’s POV:

Sometimes, at night I let it get to me

It’4:48 in the morning and I keep replaying that phone conversation in my head that happened just a few weeks ago. 

Me: “Y/N, I am so grateful you’re in my life. Everyday with you is such a blessing a-and I-I love you very much.”

Y/N: “And I love you more Ethan-so what’s going on in that head of yours? It’s two am, I know you’re feeling down.”

Me: “I’ve been thinking about my life and that includes this relationship, I-I-I just don’t know what I want.”

Y/N: Ethan, baby, you’re getting inside your head right now ple-”

Me: “No, please just understand this is for us, for you.”

Y/N: “What are you talking about Ethan?”

Why do I do these things? I push people away, I pushed her away. No Ethan, you were bad for her. She deserves so much better than you, she deserves the whole universe. You could only give her a star. You weren’t good enough for her, she was wrong thinking you were. It’s what’s best, I’m worthless to this world anyways.

Your POV:

We’re never going to put the pieces back together if you won’t let me get better

“You’re getting inside your head babe, you’ve been doing this all too much again. Have you seen your therapist?”

I asked trying to hide the trembles that were just attacking my body. This was the one of many phone calls filled with panic from Ethan since we started dating; even before that. I knew what this call was about, I just couldn’t bring myself to come to terms with it just yet. Sometimes when Ethan’s depression would just overtake his soul, he’d leave me in the dark with no explanation or warning. My mom calls this, “a level of emotional abuse” but I just call it “lost.”

Ethan: “You have the biggest heart, you are so full of love I can’t even begin to explain–you’re so sweet and so kind.” 

Me: “You’re these things too E.” 

Ethan: “Whenever I’m with you, I’m on cloud fucking nine. You’re my escape, always. I realized now that, that isn’t healthy Y/N. I need to be my escape, my hero. You shouldn’t carry this burden of mine on your shoulders.”

Me: “But E, we’ve been through hell and back. I’ve been here through everything, as for you with me. What makes you think I’d turn my back on you now?”

Ethan: “You don’t understand. I’m just not better; I haven’t been. Please don’t get me wrong. I love what we have. It’s so natural, and you’re so beautiful. But my mind-its just not.”

But that’s where he’s wrong. I hate when he just shuts himself down like this, like he’s nothing. When we first met, he told me about all the beautiful places he wanted to visit, and I was staring at him thinking “God, I’m already there.” That night we stayed up until sunrise, and I swear the stars looked so gorgeous God must have taken the glimmer in your eyes and blew it across the sky.

And when he first touched my hand, I felt it in my heart how god forsakenly awful it was going to be when I had to let it go. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I’d find beauty in such calloused, beat up things. But they’re strong and have held the universe. He swears he doesn’t like the way they look, but if the world was in my favor; I’d hold them until it ended.

But by far, the most incredible piece of artwork is the painting that goes on in his head. It’s filled with all sorts of different hues, but it holds the most breath-taking stories; and I’ve never been so lucky to know such gentle and exquisite brushstrokes. 

Ethan: “We talk all the time about how ‘that’s gonna be us one day’ when we see an old couple holding hands in the grocery store or when we see little kids wearing vans and beanies how that’s gonna be our little punk. I want that, and I want you Y/N, I see my future with you I just-I can’t give those things to you unless I’m better.” 

I felt my whole world come crumbling down. I couldn’t swallow, I could barely breathe. This was so selfish of me to start crying and begging him to stay. How was I suppose to go on without him, for what could be a long time. What if he moves on when he’s better and I’m still so fucking in love with him it hurts to breathe. My whole life feels like its on hold because he decided to have a mental escapade right before our sixth month…god I’m so fucking selfish.

Ethan’s POV:

“I’m sorry” I whispered trying to hold back the tears I knew were coming.

I could hear her crying on the other end. I broke her heart, I broke her fucking heart. The one girl who has always been there for me, always put me first even in her time of crisis. I was such a shit boyfriend to her it’s unreal. I was always late to dates on accident. She had to ask to buy her flowers…what guy doesn’t think to buy her flowers? Or caption on her Instagram pics? She always planned dates and hangouts too, but she always did what I wanted to do or adjusted for my taste. These are just for starters. I fucking love the girl, she’s my girl. My fucking world. I just don’t know how to relationship I guess. But fuck, when it comes down to it, I’d be bad at relationshipping if I got to smell her smell for the rest of my life or see her laugh at my turtle face. 

And then I heard a click.

“FUCK.” I yelled slamming my phone down to the ground watching it shatter, just like her heart. 

“FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK.” I started throwing everything off the desks and my bed, the picture of her and I on the ground. Everything is broken because of me. Why was I born? Why is my brain like this? So full of sadness and pain? I hurt the ones around me too much.

Your POV:

Cause the truth is, you’re the only voice I wanna hear in my head

I hung up the phone so impulsively. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t move, all I could do was cry. I wanted him, I needed him. I was about to get in my car and drive to where he was. 

I blame him for thinking he knew what was best for me when he is what’s best for me. He gave me his fucking heart after having it torn apart and shredded so many times, and that was always good enough for me. I shouldn’t of busted his balls so much about stupid fucking flowers. I pushed him too much. But when it comes down to it, if I had to choose between a boy with stupid red roses in his hands and an emo boy who loves to film me, with calloused hands and only two dimes to rub together…I’d choose my E. A thousand times over, I’d choose my E.


The first time she sees them they are curled around each other in an overgrown part of the walled garden, hidden in overgrown shrubs and weeds and the heavy, moss-covered boulders left over from when the spot used to be a rockery.

She’s old enough now to understand that it’s different, that the other children in her class live with both their parents, that there are two silver Land Rovers in her classmates’ country house drives rather than one. When her mother visits she sits at the top of the stairs listening to them argue and bicker over what feels like nothing to her.

She presses her cheek against the cool rock she hides behind, not wanting to ruin it. Her heart flutters, sure that this is their reconciliation, and in her head she imagines her mother joining her father on parents’ day at her school, the two of them walking hand in hand as they talk to her teachers and admire her artwork hung on the walls; she imagines proudly telling her classmates that she can’t stay to play because her mother is calling her.

But in the morning Céilí leaves as usual, a kiss on Effie’s cheek and not so much as a backward glance at her father, and that is the first time that Effie realises love is not a real thing, not really - it’s something where you lie and say things that aren’t true; it’s a game you play, pretend, make-believe - and the first rule is that you both know you’re lying.

Blood Money

Ever felt fear? No, no, not  the fear of a little spider or the fear of a bad grade. The real fear who’s creeping inside your body like a cold and damp feeling… You never experienced it? Well, neither did Allison. She had everything and more and it had really big advantages to be the daughter of a big Mafia boss, but the disadvantages were much bigger… 

GENRE: Angst, slight Horror 

Warnings: Swearing, Violence and later on much Smut   

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Originally posted by relationshipaims

Shawn Mendes x Reader

Word Count: 1,286

A/N: This is the first time I’ve written one of these so I hope someone likes it and then I’ll do more! And if anyone does and wants to send me a request pls pls do! X


The anticipation was killing me as I placed my key in the door. I hadn’t seen Shawn for exactly two months today. It was the longest I had gone without seeing him, he was always busy around this time of year. I quietly opened the door, avoiding the spot in front of the door that never ceases to creak at the worst of times. As I placed my bag in the kitchen, I could see an arm flung over the back of the couch and a bundle of dark, luscious hair. A smile forced my cheeks to raise as I crept over to the couch. I stopped for a moment, standing in front of the couch, admiring the peaceful human being that I adored so much, breathing deeply, eyes shut. I carefully plant one of my feet on the couch, beside Shawn. I climb onto him gently, fitting perfectly in between his legs, my head lowering onto his chest. I feel his arm leave the back of the couch and snake around my waist, holding me close. I lift my head to look up at him with a huge grin on my face. “Y/N, oh my god. Hi…Hi…Hi…Hi” he says with the most beautiful raspy voice, kissing my forehead between every “hi”. “Hey” I reply, my cheeks beginning to hurt from smiling too hard. I flip myself over so I can properly stare into his beautifully brown eyes. The cheeky look he was wearing was enough to make me foolishly giggle - god I missed him. “I missed you.” I say nuzzling into his neck while wrapping my arms around his perfect body. “Y/N you have no idea how hard these past few weeks have been without you. Especially at 1am when I could seriously use a good dose of you.” I can feel that mischievous look on his face and playfully hit his chest at the crude remark. “I’m just joking baby… Well mostly, it is partly true. But I missed every other part of you as well, I promise.” He leans his head away from me, lifting up my chin and allowing me to get lost in his eyes. We stay staring at each other for a moment, my heart filling with love. He breaks the stare by softly placing his warm lips on mine, kissing me ever so slowly but pleasingly. I start to think that maybe what he said before wasn’t so false and maybe I have been craving him too. My head is spinning as he pulls away, my heart pounding. I lay back down, placing his arm on my stomach as I trace the artwork on his forearm. Just as he closes his eyes with a smile creeping onto his lips, I adjust myself so my weight is on my knees, and my hands rest on the arm of the couch where Shawn’s head lay. I gently place my lips on the curve of his neck, placing kisses all the way up to his jawline, earning a small moan that escapes his lips. “Y/N I really didn’t mean to-” I interrupt him as I crash my lips into his, kissing him more passionately and harder than before. His cold hands slip under my shirt and rest on my back, sending shivers through my body. Before I know it, I’m being lifted up off the couch by Shawn’s mesmerisingly strong arms as I wrap my legs around his waist. “Are you sure?” Shawn asks me, his concerned eyes staring into mine. I smiled and gently kissed his lips. No one else in the world could make me feel more safe than him. He raised his eyebrows as he waited for a verbal response. “Yes, Shawn, I’m more than sure.” He kissed me once more before standing me on my feet. He intertwined his, now warm, hand with mine and lead me up the stairs to the bedroom. I immediately commended myself for wearing matching underwear today and even better - Shawn’s favourite pair. I turned Shawn around to face me, kissing his lips hastily before pushing him backwards, onto the bed. I followed soon after, on my hands and knees, crawling up to his gorgeous face. I began kissing his neck, this time from his jawline down. Again, earning a soft moan from Shawn. Lifting his top over his head, I continued my trail of warm, wet kisses down his chest and towards his waistband. He knew how much I loved how he looked in his grey sweatpants. He places his hand under my chin and guides me back towards his face. “I need you so bad Y/N” He whispers to me in between our lustful kiss. He flips us, hovering over me like the angel he is. I watch in adoration as he unbuttons my shirt making me more and more eager for his touch. I quickly sit up, throwing my shirt off my body and reaching for the nape of Shawn’s neck. He kisses me while sliding his hands down the sides of my body in search for my shorts. He somehow manages to swiftly unzip and remove them while not breaking the kiss. “Y/N I think you managed to get sexier while I was away. Unless it’s just that underwear.” He says in a low voice before slipping his tongue under the band of my lacy navy blue underpants, releasing it with a snap on my skin, only stimulating me more. He spreads my legs apart as he removes the item he loves from my body. “Can I, baby?” The hot breath of his voice making me moan. “I’ll take that as a yes” He laughs as I nod my head hurriedly. As his tongue touches my ball of nerves, I know I’m not going to last long. He hums against my sensitive warmth, making me lift my hips, my hands pulling on his hair to bring him closer to my core. My moaning becomes rhythmic as his tongue works like it never has before. “F-fuck Shawn” I pant. He lifts his head up enough to look at me. “Right now is about you, Y/N. I want to show you how much I missed you. Okay?” I nod, my head ready to explode with pleasure. “Please, Shawn. I-I need you so much.” He complies by continuing only this time it’s harder and faster and I can’t control the noises and movements of my body. He moans into my core as he continues to flick his tongue in and around me. He continues at a fast pace as I completely come undone under his touch. He kisses my hip before grabbing his t-shirt off the floor and handing it to me. I lift up my arms as his smell engulfs me, leaving my heart comfortable as ever. He places the covers over us while he lays there smiling at me. I turn my head to the side to face him with the little energy I have left. “I love you. You know that, right?” He asks me as he stares into my soul. He wraps his arms around me and pulls me closer. “I definitely do. I love you so much.” He pulls me tighter than before as I rest my hands against his body and my head on his beating heart, his chin resting on the top of my head. Do you know that feeling where your body is content and filled with happiness and love and there is nothing to worry about because you are safe and in the arms of someone you love? Well this is me now. With the most beautiful being in the world.