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Request: What about Aquaman with the reader telling him she loves him

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A small wave was created as you exited the water with force. Your hair stood wet, perfectly on your back as the droplets of the salty water made your features pop. Your elbows rested on the cold and slippy surface of a dark brown rock and in a matter of time every little thing that could give away you were a mermaid from the buttom up became han like from the human air.

You took a moment to admire him. Arthur was there too, admiring what he called sunshine. For you it used to be the time to start luring victims along with your herd, but after meeting Arthur, your human bloodlust had come to an end. As the myths said mermaids ate humans because it could satisfy their needs until they found what they really wanted. And if what they couldn’t have it they became foam. The tale was old as Ancient, coming firm the first people of your herd and again you had never believed it, until now.

In your belief the decision to tell Arthur how you really felt was the best. And so here you were.

“Arthuuuur” you sang his name. He turned his head to your direction, blonde hair blurring your sigh to his big aqua eyes.

“Hey (y/n).” He called and got up, ready to approach you. “I have something to tell you”

“Good, I do too!” You said, a huge grin covering your face. “Go first”

Arthur shoved his hand I to the water next to you and run it though his hair to help it stand back as yours. He felt his gut burning, his brain trying maniacally to digest what had happened the last few days.

“I’m… I’m” your eyes shone in love as you awaited for his next words. “…please go first.. whatever you have to say will not be as hard to say.” He said, letting you down just one bit. But with the confidence you had at the moment, since you are so sure that he’d say the same words back you opened your mouth and let the words flow out melodically.

“I’m in love with you!” Your tail splashed from the joyful feeling that was bubbling inside of you, making your insides toss and turn.

“What?” Arthur blinked, looking at you in disbelief. He never thought that you could feel that way for him, you… you were his mermaid friend and now…part of his kingdom. “I just wanted to say that I.. I was told I’m the king of the sea, or so I was told by a woman named Mera.” A moment of silence followed before he sighed and spoke again. “And I’m so sorry (y/n) but I don’t… feel the same way.”

You swam back, your hands meeting the water and fins starting to appear on them, your human like fingers colliding with the usual membrane that would cover the empty space.

You wouldn’t bow, you would just disappear not giving him any sight of you ever again. Your body shook as the bubbling feeling started hurting your insides. Was that it? We’re you to turn into bubbles? Well nobody ever had but as you swam away, ignoring your herd’s callings until you realised that maybe it wasn’t your body that was turning into bubbles.

I Thought You Were MY Daddy


Ok, I read your Andy fanfic so can I have one with Patrick but the kid is like 10, and you were doing the ‘daddydom’ thing???

More Brendon smut because holy shit ❤️❤️ but it needs to be the kinky Call me Daddy side of brendon please

I really need some Brendon smut

A/N I decided to make this one for all these requests. I did ask the person who wrote the first request if it would be ok for me to use it with Brendon instead and they said yes so don’t worry.


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The Wrong Boy (part 3) - Hoseok

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Hoseok’s hiding something from me.

It’s been three and a half weeks since we had our morning together. He told me nothing happened between us, that all we did was sleep, but since then he’s been acting strange. Well, stranger than normal. He flinches whenever I call his name and moves away when I try to touch him. What’s worse is he’s been giving me those half-assed, one-armed side hugs. When I ask him if he wants to hang out, he’s suddenly busy with homework or helping out one of his friends. I knew Hoseok had school and extracurricular activities, but this was getting ridiculous. In all that time I had barely seen or spoken to my best friend and it was driving me crazy.

A few days ago I managed to ask him if he was avoiding me, if I had done something wrong, but he insisted that he had just gotten tied up in other activities. His expression contained the right amount of guilt for me to believe him. He promised to make it up to me the next day and buy me my favorite cupcake. The prospect of my two favorite things, food and my best friend, actually cheered me up. I thought maybe now we could get back to our version of normal.

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