the he ate us really needs to end

I Thought You Were MY Daddy


Ok, I read your Andy fanfic so can I have one with Patrick but the kid is like 10, and you were doing the ‘daddydom’ thing???

More Brendon smut because holy shit ❤️❤️ but it needs to be the kinky Call me Daddy side of brendon please

I really need some Brendon smut

A/N I decided to make this one for all these requests. I did ask the person who wrote the first request if it would be ok for me to use it with Brendon instead and they said yes so don’t worry.


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The Wrong Boy (part 3) - Hoseok

part 1    part 2

Hoseok’s hiding something from me.

It’s been three and a half weeks since we had our morning together. He told me nothing happened between us, that all we did was sleep, but since then he’s been acting strange. Well, stranger than normal. He flinches whenever I call his name and moves away when I try to touch him. What’s worse is he’s been giving me those half-assed, one-armed side hugs. When I ask him if he wants to hang out, he’s suddenly busy with homework or helping out one of his friends. I knew Hoseok had school and extracurricular activities, but this was getting ridiculous. In all that time I had barely seen or spoken to my best friend and it was driving me crazy.

A few days ago I managed to ask him if he was avoiding me, if I had done something wrong, but he insisted that he had just gotten tied up in other activities. His expression contained the right amount of guilt for me to believe him. He promised to make it up to me the next day and buy me my favorite cupcake. The prospect of my two favorite things, food and my best friend, actually cheered me up. I thought maybe now we could get back to our version of normal.

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