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Lies, Spite, And, Possibly Love

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Author: locke-writes

Title: Lies, Spite, And Possibly Love. Chapter One

Based On: Imagine being Dodds’ boyfriend to piss off his father From: @thranduilsperkybutt

Rating: T

Word Count: 2,108

Warning: Mentions of homophobia and transphobia,

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AN: This is the first chapter of a multi-chapter fic. Fair warning I’ve never written multi-chapter fic before (that wasn’t requested) also the main character is a gay trans man so if that makes you uncomfortable for whatever reason don’t read this. (It is a reader insert technically with Quinn used as like a nickname kinda situation)

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Clean Up

Summary: Just a typical day for Taehyung as a father.
Member: Taehyung x Reader
Type: Family!AU, sweet
Length: 1,191 Words

I think that Taehyung would be the best dad ever. The names of his kids are the names that he actually wants to give to his children. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario

-Admin Kat

“Taehyung!” You called out in both annoyance and exhaustion. You heard giggling coming from the living room, behind the couch, and you knew exactly who it belonged to. You waited in the kitchen, starting to count down from ten loudly. The giggling intensified until you reached the number three. Then you heard the giggling completely stopped. The sound of quick footsteps approaching filled the room and you were soon staring at your husband and two kids. You rose one eyebrow as the three of them continued to giggle. “I’m only going to ask this one time of each of you. Who ate the cake that was meant for tomorrow?” You asked as you pointed to the now empty plate. There were small crumbs that scattered the table where you assumed the perpetrator sat.

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