the have's and have not's

Where Did All the Fairy Godmothers Go?

It happened so slowly, most didn’t even realise it was happening.

The disappearance of the Fairy Godmothers.

Nobody knows where they went, but then again nobody bothered to ask. It seemed as though they’d always been there, so it wasn’t much of a surprise that no-one asked where they went until it was too late to get an answer. 

After all, the world was a big place and growing bigger every year. There were so many people. More than when the Fairy Godmother’s had first appeared.

More people than they ever hope could help. 

Magic could only do so much when they were so vastly outnumbered.

What was once commonplace became a lottery of sorts. Who would be amongst those lucky enough to meet a Fairy Godmother? To have all their dreams come true? Their problems solved? Who were the haves and who were the have-nots?

It didn’t matter how good a person was, all that mattered was being in the right place at the right time, crying the right amount of tears.

Really, it was inevitable that the backlash against Fairy Godmothers would rise over time, as the world grew bigger and fewer people got a chance at a magical happily ever after.

People always want a quick fix for their problems.

Yet, in the midst of the uproar, the anger, the envy, people forgot that Fairy Godmothers were people too. Of course, they weren’t entirely human, so it was easy to strip them of said humanity, to see them as these beacons of fate, handing out happily-ever-afters on a whim and leaving the rest of the population to rot.

It was easy to forget the fairies who had raised their children in secret.

Easy to forget the ones who loved and watched over the orphaned ones, as though they were their own.

Easy to forget the ones who protected them against the darker forces in the world, as well as those who wielded them.

Until, one day, people began to notice that it had been weeks since they’d spotted the familiar flutters of sparkling wings. There were no whispers of magical happenings at peoples’ doors, no rumours to spread. Cries for help went unanswered for everyone. It seemed at last that the world was equal- at least in terms of those hated magical shortcuts.

Some celebrated a return to fairness, others felt stabs of guilt at having pushed an entire group of beings into hiding. A few hoped they’d come back if only to help those less fortunate- who now seemed to be suffering more than ever in the fairies absence.

(There were certain murmurs among the younger folk, those who had been too small to ever be graced by fairies power, about how vocal those in positions of power had been in their hatred for the Fairy Godmother’s. But those criticisms were quickly squashed by those who were louder, older, angrier.)

Weeks turned into months, months turned into years, and soon Fairy Godmothers were a distant memory. They became nothing more than stories to tell dazzled children, all with the understanding that Fairy Godmothers weren’t real- that if their children wanted a happily ever after, they would have to earn it like their forefathers before them.

Fairy Godmothers didn’t exist.

And their children would just have to accept that and move on.

Communicating with Sugar Daddies

I take screening to another level. We all have “haves” and “have nots”, but then you want to make sure this person is genuine. Part of that is done via communication and some is homework. Sometimes (not all) a genuine SD is willing to let you know who he is, what he does, etc and you can verify it on the internet. There are also free public records (in the US) that help confirm is someone is from a particular area. Lastly, you can search e-mail addresses and cell phones to see if they have posted them on CL or other sites where you may learn he’s into pros or BDSM. I just recently learned you can use tineye dot com to reverse search images to see if he/she lifted an image from somewhere else.

The communication side of things include asking open-ended questions such as:

1- Have you ever had an SB before?
2- What did/didn’t you like?
3- How long have you been on SA? What was your experience so far?
4- What do you see as your ideal arrangement?
5- Why are you looking here instead of other sites?
6- What are you looking for in an SB?

You get the idea. Ask the question, then do nothing but listen intently. Resist the urge to respond until you are sure he is done talking. You will learn a great deal from his reply. You will find out what a mutually beneficial arrangement is in his mind. You will find out if he is comfortable giving an allowance. If he’s new, find out what he knows and how he decided to join SA. Don’t be offended if he doesn’t have a full grasp on it yet, but instead invite him to the blog. Red flags will come up naturally…trust your instincts and know that if it sounds questionable there is a high likelihood it is questionable.

Mind you – don’t drill him with every question. Just ask a few that appeal to you and incorporate them into the conversation. Even add, “if I were your sb, what would make you happiest?” while asking the others to keep him from feeling interviewed or defensive. If you don’t understand a reply, ask him to clarify in a curious fashion. Some people skip this and go straight to the meet, but I have found it to be very useful in my approach and I’ve managed to stay away from the flakes. We’ve all had different experiences, so do what works best for you. Overall, be SAFE!”

– Midwest SB

Open heart

Now I have
seen the light
Every wrong
made right
Broken in two
through and through
a hopeless fight
Still worth
fighting for
Full of pain
and wanting more
‘What are you
rebelling against? ’
We fight
not for ourselves
but for every broken soul
Yearning to
be whole
The haves keep taking
our hearts keep
We are the have-nots
Finally connecting
the dots
in the sky
Eyes and hearts open
we stand
asking why

“Anarchists do not even claim, however, that the majority of oppressed people today even consider themselves victims. It may also be the case that among our own ranks, compassion and love are not necessarily the right words to describe our deepest motives. As for my animating force, it lies in the repugnance at the humanity that encircles us, a rage at the indolence of the rich who blithely build their happiness on the ruins of the joyless existence of the dehumanized multitude. My rage dissipates not one iota when I consider the extent of the squalor to which the oppressed are subjected. As they emerged from the mother’s womb, the haves and the have-nots are as distinguishable as one egg is from another. And then, at the end of their miserable lives, spent as it is among the outcasts of society: slogging, these skeletons — the shadow remaining from an exhausting struggle for life — have scarcely enough money to bury their kin with dignity.”
- Gustav Landauer, Anarchism in Germany, 1895

“The Rooftop Kingdom” by Jessie Lucid. The first drawing for my new Stucky Fanfic “The King of the Jocks: The King of the Misfits”. This is my Punk Bucky & his best friend Punk Clint! Chapter 1 is posted on Archive of our own under the name lucidnancyboy. I really hope you guys will give it a read. I plan on posting a new chapter & drawing every few weeks. Here’s the summary: Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes come from two completely different worlds. Whether you define them as “The Haves” & “The Have Nots” or “The Popular” & “The Weirdos”, when the two sides mixed it was never pretty. Steve is “The King of the Jocks”: superstar athlete, insanely rich, wildly popular, and friends with every asshole Bucky despises. On the other side of Eaton Academy’s social hierarchy you have Bucky Barnes, “The King of the Misfits”. Bucky is multi-talented, wickedly funny, firmly middle class, outrageously out and proud, and gives absolutely zero shits. The fact that Bucky Barnes rocks My Little Pony t-shirts and big black combat boots with pink laces amongst the spawn of Manhattan’s elite annoys the hell out of the popular crowd. While most of the kids are jerks because Bucky and his friends dare to be different, Steve really doesn’t know what it is about Bucky Barnes that drives him crazy, or to be more honest makes him nervous as hell. There’s just something about him that’s an unsolved puzzle in Steve’s mind, one that he’s been avoiding since 9th grade. So, when their worlds collide, Steve is forced to figure this shit out quick, and what he discovers is not at all what he was expecting.