the have the best chemistry

Nick: I have the best chemistry with Rachel. Rachel has all the qualities I’m looking for in a wife.

ABC: Rachel is the next bachelorette!

Nick: I think I might love Rachel

ABC: tune in next season to watch Rachel search for true love!

Nick: Rachel means the world to me

ABC: we cannot emphasize enough that Rachel has agreed to have 25 men compete over her on tv this fall during sweeps!!!

Nick: omg Rachel 😍😍😍😍😍



10 Best Bamon Moments in 2015, as voted by my followers:

#2 Damon saves Bonnie from getting hit by a truck.

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do you ship kalex

I decided to give more than a yes or no answer because I get so little chance to explain why/how I ship them.

Yes I do, I love the potential there is for them as a romance, the angst…I live for angst lol. Their love is so profound, no one knows and understands Kara the way Alex does. Kara slept for 24 years and traveled thousands of light years all to be dropped off at Alex’s doorstep (literal soulmates in canon. Platonic or romantic). Alex is Kara’s home on Earth and Kara is the reason behind so much, if not everything, Alex does. Chyler and Melissa have so much chemistry, possibly the best chemistry in the entire cast. I know it’s taboo for many people because they consider each other sisters and I get it. But it’s not too far fetched to think that maybe Alex and Kara did like each other when they first met, we know in canon Alex struggled with “weird” feelings when she was young and buried those feelings so deep within for years. Who’s to say she never felt something for Kara or that Kara never felt something for Alex, the girl she spent day and night with, the reason she stopped using her powers and then the reason she revealed herself to the world. Those feelings forced down because Eliza was constantly telling them they were sisters (despite the fact Kara has never seen her or Jeremiah as parents), that Alex had to look out for her sister, etc. I wonder if they would see each other as sisters if Eliza had let them decide on their own what their relationship would be. Would they see each other as sisters or just best friends? It’s an interesting idea imo. What if they chose to stick to sisters because it’s what was expected of them? What if they do feel more but choose to ignore it because they have been sisters for too long, and maybe they think the other just doesn’t feel the same? It’s a much more complex story than “Supergirl” would ever tell, especially when they are already doing one similar over on the Flash. 

 But that doesn’t mean I don’t love their relationship as it is in canon. I love seeing a relationship between sisters (adoptive sisters at that) as the main relationship in a show. Their love and support is so pure and unwavering. We get to see many stories of brotherhood and male friendship but so rarely get a story of sisterhood. Every time I have cried during the show has been from a scene between the two sisters, or from a scene between the Danvers’ with J’onn. The found family is the most important dynamic of the series. This is why I am so sad to see this relationship sidelined so much during s2. 

They are my OTP (romantic and non-romantic)

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22 and 30 please!!!

22.Which of your ships have the best chemistry?

Holy shit, that’s so difficult! My main ships: SteveTony, SpockKirk, and HolmesWatson just COMPLEMENT each other so well, balance each other out with their similarities and differences, that every moment they’re in has epic chemistry. Instead, I will cite instance when their chemistry was just off the charts. 

For HolmesWatson, in every universe, it’s always their DESTINED FIRST MEETING (Bless Stamford, The MatchMaker of the Century). In the books, Watson is just so immediately in love with Holmes that he dedicates an entire writing career in just observing him, and I honestly think Holmes also fell in love with Watson at first sight too, with the way he was showing off in the Study in Scarlet like a peacock.

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 SpockKirk in the original series was like a delicious slow burn, and then all the gay just culminates into one huge moment in Wrath of Khan:

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The new Trek is so well cast and I honestly believe Chris Pine (my fave) played Kirk as in love with Spock ;u; (Pinto’s chemistry and closeness certainly helps)

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SteveTony’s sexual tension is also off the charts. Like the rest of the ships mentioned, their relationship is arguably the most important in the Marvel universe. RDJ and Chris just love each other so much that their scenes are always just wonderful to watch.

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23. Which of your ships deserve better writing?

I’ll be honest with you, I gravitate towards the ships with the BEST writing in the fandom. I’m a fanartist, but I have so much respect for fan writers and how they take us to different worlds without expecting anything in return but only our feedback *A* 

And I don’t think anyone would argue with me when I say that Holmes Watson, Space Husbands, and Superhusbands have the best quality writing across fandoms. :)


The Almost Kiss!

they need to be paired up for PP3 Press Interviews next year seriously i cant stress this enough they have so much chemistry together Anna brings out the best in Brittany she’s not like this with anyone else who she’s paired up with. 

Brittany literally loosens up around Anna, making the serious interviews with Brittany less serious and more ‘’ lets have a laugh ‘’.


30 DAYS OF EVA, DAY 9: Favourite Character pairing

  okay so I actually don’t like most pairings in NGE so this one is less ‘my favourite’ and more ‘the one I can stand the most’. I like asurei, ritsumaya, and asumari well enough as well, but if I had to pick my fav I think I’d definitely say kawoshin. I think they probably have the best chemistry and relationship of any characters in the show, and as much as I shit on the gay piano I do actually think its a pretty compelling scene emotionally. Their interactions are complex and interesting, and I think one of the more healthy (ha) relationships that Shinji has. 

Never 'Ship Alone... The Importance of Tumblr

I shipped Mulder and Scully from X-Files so hard in my youth. Lol. I would be so frustrated not seeing more than a peck or those glances that they shared. I shipped in silence because 1.) I’m black, lol and 2.) Not many black people I knew watched The X-Files. So every week I would squee in silence waiting for the magical moments Chris Carter would give me. Only Hardcore fans would experience the season 9 kiss, which felt entirely too late(although they’ve kissed before, 6x3 Triangle, this was the first romantic kiss I got to enjoy over and over again). So imagine when I fell in love with The Walking Dead and season 3 roles around. I started reading the comics and knew Michonne and Rick were best friends(they have great chemistry in the comics as well). On the show however, they are magical. So I hit another wall. Do I want to ship them? Do I want to invest the time in this alone? Yep. Again, I shipped in silence because, 1.) At the time not many people watched TWD that I knew of, 2.) Selling people on their chemistry was difficult.

So I kept it to myself. Everytime Rick would look Michonne up and down, or kick everyone out the prison except her, I knew it was more. I just knew. Lori had just died and he was still grieving so I wasn’t expecting much, but damn it….he liked Michonne. If Rick stared at me like he stares at her, I’m dropping my panties- No. Questions. Asked. 😂😂😂😎. When Norman Reedus said on TTD that he saw them flirt in the season 3 finale, I died. Died I tell you. I finally was like, yes someone sees it. It’s not just me being a hopeless romantic for my fave two characters of the series.

The show got more popular and everyone talked about the killing and crazy stories(myself included), but no one would talk about these intimate moments. My only saving grace had been Yvette Nicole Brown…my shipping captain. That episode of TTD when Chris Hardwick said he saw chemistry between Jessick, YNB and myself wanted to throw up. In a way, I never worried about The Jessick angle. I knew her and her clan died in the comics, and when I saw them in 6x8 walking hand and hand and Carl was near Jessie, I kept telling my mom(who I got hooked on the show), that she was gonna die in the next episode. I knew Rick would chop her arm off to save Carl. So I just dealt with that story line. (I was very proud I called that one…lol).

Then 6x10 happened and I literally died. I’m still dead. It was a big deal for me. Then I noticed the hate my OTP were getting on Facebook and decided to keep my joy to myself. My boss was like, I dont understand how they just put them together. I had to give a dissertation to my boss y'all…lol. Gave her episodes she needed to re-watch…ha!

If people stopped complaining about the pacing, actually listened to the characters during slower episodes, and not concentrate on the deaths (which are awesome), well you would have seen it imo.

I discovered Tumblr about a month ago(this was in October, 2016) and have gone to shipping heaven. I never realized how many people live for my OTP. The Richonne community is so awesome and sticks up for our pairing and I’m so grateful. I get to die with y'all and take this shipping journey together out in the open. Loud and proud.

Thanks Tumblr, because of you I no longer ship in silence. Cheers shippers!

edit: Happy Anniversary Richonner’s

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16, 22 and 23 for the shipper meme!

Talk about a ship you initially disliked.

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I really didn’t ship Gratsu at first, but as time goes on they continue to grow on me :’)

Which of your ships have the best chemistry?

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NaLu for sure.

Which of your ships deserve better writing?

I think NaLu deserves more moments then just fanservice.

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G important question, if you had to collaborate with one YouTuber for a year, who would you pick?

Probably Ethan haha. We have the best chemistry together out of anyone I’ve ever made a vid with :P

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please never stop reaching, i love how much reaching we klance shippers do as a community haha! yet even with all the reaching i still think klance has the most potential for excellent romantic development, and not to mention they have best chemistry besides shiro and allura (imo)

my job here is reaching can’t stop won’t stop

(but yeah they have potential and i love exploring the potential)

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Hey cutie, I have a request for a drabble - I wanna see more of Sirius Black arguing with a feisty Slytherin girl and then accidentally making out with her because angry chemistry is the best chemistry. (don't feel you have to use this if it doesn't work for you) 😘 xx

“Black! If you push me one more time!” you exclaimed in the middle of the busy hallway. This had made exactly 4 times this week Sirius Black’s shoulder had collided with yours. Not to mention all the times he had done to over the last six years.

“I’m afraid I don’t know what you’re talking about, love” he chirped, turning to face you. “But if it’s such a bother, maybe watch where you’re going.”

“You think because you’re good looking, you can just treat me any way you want?” He raised an eyebrow at your question. “Well, you’re a right tosser, Black!” You huffed, turning on your heels. But something had stopped you mid turn. A hand this time. His hand.

“I’m good looking?” he questioned, grinning while he ran his fingers over your green and silver tie. 

That’s all you got out of what I said?” You rolled your eyes, entirely exasperated with him. Even though you were rightfully annoyed with him, you found it hard to keep on your way and move from him. You stood staring at him for a moment, his grey eyes studying every part of your face.

“I just mean if you think I’m so good looking…” he began, his fingers intertwining with yours. 

“Oh for Merlin’s sake! Will you let me be if I take it back?” you pleaded, still annoyed, but still not willing to release his hand. 

“I’ll let you be if you follow me into this empty classroom and let me snog you,” he leaned down and whispered in your ear. Your jaw dropped slightly in disbelief, unsure whether to hit him or follow him. But before you had really made up your mind, you were following him behind a large wooden door. The minute the latch clicked shut, he had pushed you up to the wall, his lips eager on yours. Instinctively, your fingers dart to his thick, dark hair. His tongue begged you for permission to enter.  You readily let him in, moaning into his kiss.

“For the record, I’m not a tosser,” he said, pulling away slightly from your mouth, his breathing deep.

“Oh shut up,” you laughed, your mouth on his once again.

Oso & Totoko’s fusion: Cherry Quartz!

…I feel like drawing this fusion is blasphemous in some way.

But I feel like if RQ!Totoko were to fuse with any of the boys, Oso would be the one she’d settle for. Mostly because Totoko & Osomatsu seem to have the best chemistry together. Plus, in this AU they’ve spent more time together under Pink Diamond’s rule after the boys were initially split up.