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jamming on SO-BANG-CHA 🚒🔥🔥


Funny story how tom holland became spider-man in case you didn’t know. They were having potential actors do scenes with rdj and Chris evans to see who would have the best chemistry. They were chatting and tom holland told them he did gymnastics and could do a back flip from standing position. Naturally Chris Evans and rdj were excited and wanted to see it RIGHT THERE and now while Kevin feige and some of the marvel lawyers were more worried about holland getting potentially injured. After Chris Evans, Robert Downey jr, and tom holland’s insistence, they agreed to let him try. He landed it successfully and got a standing ovation from Evans and Downey getting their seal of approval and basically the job. After all nobody, not even the head of marvel is gonna turn down captain America’s and iron man’s first choice for spidey. Whether you are a dc fan or marvel fan I think you can appreciate how this happened

  • Reporter: Connor-
  • Leon: *glaring* -is the greatest player in the world. He's the best captain ever and we have the best chemistry. Our chemistry is amazing. Also we're really good friends off the ice, for sure. I'd make a joke about playing against him except it hurts too much. Hey, do you think Connor would consider German citizenship or playing for Team Europe? He's just so fast man, I'm just trying to keep up and be the best player I can be so I can be better for Connor because he deserves everything in the world, you know?
  • ____
  • Reporter: Leon-
  • Connor: *beaming* -is so big and strong, have you seen him? He's so big and has such a presence on the ice, throwing that big body of his around. He's the most underrated player in the world ever. Make sure you mention that okay? He's so good and strong, you know? He's unbelievable. He doesn't get enough credit. I should probably talk more about him so people know how awesome he is. I love Leon. There is literally nothing I don't love about that guy.

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let us discuss.,, tiny mochi jimin,, and big muscle pig jungkook

Here are the facts:

  • Jeon Jungkook’s height is 178cm
  • Park Jimin is 173cm

It is the perfect height difference for back hugs (and back hug scenes).

JK also has a thing for Jimin’s small stature. He’s even made a rap about it. And he has also revealed that he thinks Jimin as his “jjokkomi.”

  • Jungkook weighs 70kg
  • Jimin weighs only 61kg

Jungkook carries Jimin like he weighs nothing.

  • Jungkook’s wrist width is 16.4cm - the thickest out of everybody in Bangtan. (Even Tae, who has the biggest hands in the group can’t fully wrap his fingers around JJK’s wrist. Let that sink in for a sec..)
  • Jimin’s wrist is 15cm - the thinnest out of everybody. He also has the smallest hands.

Jungkook likes to hold and pull Jimin by the wrist.

And so I can scientifically conclude without any bias whatsoever that Kook/min have the best physical chemistry together. The data also shows that Jeon Jungkook may have a size kink. I’m going to err on the side of caution and say that he definitely does. 

Six of Crows facts

Jesper x Wylan is the greatest gay ship in existence. Period. They are made in heaven and have the best chemistry in existence.

Kaz Brekker is the coolest cat on the block.

Kaz Brekker is in love with Inej Ghafa

Inej Ghafa is in love with Kaz Brekker

Inej Ghafa worked in a brothel and can someone please just give credit for how many times her modesty was stolen, and what shit she had to go through

Nina Zenik is bisexual and a queen.

Nina Zenik is curvy and loves food. 

Nina Zenik and Inej Ghafa need more moments.

Matthias Helvar is a polar bear and needs to be protected. Preferably by Nina Zenik

Nina and Jesper secretly meet up to discuss and play matchmaker for Kaz and Inej.

Matthias secretly gets along with Inej the most, simply because of her ability to sit quietly and not make vulgar/inappropriate comments. They usually sit and watch the sunrise together, without saying a word to each other. Nina thinks it’s cute.

All while Kaz rages silently from a corner.

Nick: I have the best chemistry with Rachel. Rachel has all the qualities I’m looking for in a wife.

ABC: Rachel is the next bachelorette!

Nick: I think I might love Rachel

ABC: tune in next season to watch Rachel search for true love!

Nick: Rachel means the world to me

ABC: we cannot emphasize enough that Rachel has agreed to have 25 men compete over her on tv this fall during sweeps!!!

Nick: omg Rachel 😍😍😍😍😍

1. Talk about the first ship you ever had.
2. Talk about three of the most important ships throughout your life.
3. What’s your current OTP?
4. What’s your current NOTP?
5. Do you have any poly ships?
6. How do you feel about love triangles?
7. How do you feel about RPF?
8. Have you ever shipped yourself with a character?
9. Do you have many ships that never got together at all?
10. Do you ship any characters that have never met?
11. Talk about your favorite first kiss.
12. Have you ever been disappointed when your ship finally got together?
13. Has a ship ever broken your heart?
14. How do you feel about will they/won’t they?
15. Have you ever “shipped at first sight”?
16. Talk about a ship you initially disliked.
17. Talk about a pairing you’ve stopped shipping romantically.
18. Talk about a moment which made you question an entire ship.
19. Have you ever shipped something despite yourself?
20. Talk about a ship you feel alone in shipping.
21. Is there a ship you just don’t get, but have nothing against?
22. Which of your ships have the best chemistry?
23. Which of your ships deserve better writing?
24. Do you mostly ship canon pairings?
25. Have you ever shipped a pairing before you even started watching the show/movie simply because of gifs and graphics or similar?
26. Have you noticed a pattern in your shipping? Is there a romantic dynamic you’re more drawn to?
27. Is there a ship you’ve shipped for most of your life?
28. Does shipping come easily to you?
29. Do you need to ship something to really enjoy a movie/book/tv show/comic?
30. Name a couple of fandoms in which you have no ships.
31. Talk about one of your favorite headcanons for a ship you love.
32. Share five must-read fics.
33. Name your favorite fanartist(s).
34. Share your favorite fanmix for your OTP.
35. Recommend 1-5 shipper blogs.
36. Do you create fanmixes/gif sets/fanart/fic/fanvids and so on for you ships?
37. Do you have a favorite trope and/or AU for your OTP?
38. Do you like and use ship names?
39. Is there a fictional relationship you’d really want for yourself?
40. If you could change one thing about your OTP, what would that be?

Show Me The Money 6 Producers

Fanxy Child (Zico and Dean) Idol Rapper/producer Zico has returned for yet another season of producing on SMTM. This time alongside award-winning singer/songwriter/ producer Dean whose making his producing debut on SMTM after much anticipation. They’re both more than likely going to be on the younger end of the producers so I’m excited to see what’s to come from their team and how having a vocalist that specializes in R&B over hip-hop as a core producer will affect that

Feel Ghood Music (Tiger JK and Bizzy) Veteran rapper and producer Tiger JK has finally made it out onto SMTM as a producer after years of hounding from Mnet. He’s declined almost every year and had stated that he was adamantly against it. But after last season he discovered Junoflo and had opened up to the idea of hiphop survival shows. He’d even made a cameo on high school rapper as a producer. Tiger JK and Bizzy both have been rapping/producing and have been pioneers as well as a backbone in korean hiphop for well over 20 years. Their experience, as well as the combination of and new school, will be sure to change up the color of SMTM this season.

Dynamic Duo (Choiza and Gaeko) With 18 years of experience together as a duo this team just might have the best team chemistry. They’ve gotten and ear and an eye for talent and have signed some of the most influential artist in khh. It’s a rarity to see this duo participating in an mnet series. 

Illionaire/AOMG (Dok2 and Jay Park) As two of the most prominent trendsetters of the korean hip hop and R&B scene Jay and Dok2 have made a huge splash internationally. Illionaire and AOMG both have garnered a win under their belt for SMTM in the past, and are setting out to grab another. With a combination of R&B vocals and both leading two of the most successful companies they’re about to make aa huge splash in SMTM6



Summary: Y/N and Peter have been best friends since childhood, but when they enter middle school, Y/N joins the popular crowd and leaves Peter behind.

AN: this may become a series lol

Peter Parker x Reader

Send in prompts from this list! // Masterlist

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I ran as fast as I could and hid behind a tree. I peeked from the side to see if he was following me and saw no one. He was right behind me. I thought. I faced back and waited for Peter to call out for me. I went to peek behind me again. Nothing. I turned back and -


“Ah!” I let out a high pitched scream. Peter Parker was hanging upside down from a low branch and laughing his brains out. “Peter! That wasn’t funny!” I crossed my arms.

Peter swung down from the tree. “Oh, come on Y/N. You have to admit that was pretty funny.” He gave me a grin, showing off the loss of his two front teeth.

“For you.” I said, still pouting. I turned around and walked away from Peter. 

“Hey! Y/N! Wait!” Peter yelled out. I stopped and waited for him to catch up. He stood in front of me. “I’m sorry for scaring you.” He looked down at his shoes.

“Okay!” He looked up and I gave him an equally toothless grin. “Let’s go play another game! I’m thinking…tag! TAG YOU’RE IT!” I tapped his shoulder and ran off, laughing. 

“I’m gonna get ya Y/N!” 

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Karamel isn't a perfect rs and thats why its the best SuperCorp would be boring they have friendly chemistry but no passion Karamel is interesting because of the problems with it.

you’re right, people shouldn’t be with someone who respects them, supports them and is their best friend!!! that’s boring. they should be with someone who keeps things interesting by degrading and disrespecting them all the time!! the more they insult them, the more exciting the relationship will be, right?!?!

stay the fuck away from my askbox you goblin.

Criminal Minds Season 12 Finale Thoughts

Read at your own risk: SPOILERS BELOW!

  • MGG and Aubrey have great fucking chemistry together.
  • Aubrey was brilliant and this might be the best I’ve ever seen MGG, always loved him but damn he was really good tonight.
  • So glad they brought the drug thing back in the way they did. Reid has changed. We expected him too. But “Watch Me” shows us that our Spencer is still in there.
  • Also…watch me *ugly sobbing*
  • Mama Reid is okay. Thank. Jesus.
  • “Don’t leave me ever again.” *more ugly sobbing*
  • Morgan and Garcia back together gives me life. I love them so much. And thank fucking god for Penelope Garcia. She is my light in the darkness.
  • No Morgan till the end? Really?
  • But given the way they left it, maybe Morgan will have screen time in the season 13 premiere? *fingers crossed*
  • The Maeve thing made me sick to even think about, I’m so glad the baby wasn’t his. However, if it was Cat who was pregnant, I was pretty sure it wasn’t.
  • Jennifer Jareau.
  • Emily Prentiss.
  • My baby is so loved.
  • That cliffhanger.
  • Season 3 much?
  • Joe holding a gun on his daughter XD
  • Basically, feels, ugly sobbing and goddammit that cliffhanger. -_-

Looking forward to season 13.