the haunting green

You seemed a daughter of the viewless wind, a creature of the ocean foam and the crimson light, whose merry life was spent in dancing on the crests of the billows, that threw up their spray to support your footsteps. As I drew nearer, I fancied you akin to the race of mermaids, and thought how pleasant it would be to dwell with you among quiet coves, in the shadows of the cliffs, and to roam along secluded beaches of the purest sand, and when our northern shores grew bleak, to haunt the islands, green and lovely, far amid summer seas.
—  Nathaniel Hawthorne, “The Village Uncle”

Confusion overtook me as I looked into it’s eyes, not even giving me a second to feel any fear. It was like I forgot I was sinking into the abyss, The creature staring into my soul with it’s haunting, unforgettable green eyes.

How do we celebrate valentines day? With a pirates/mers au, of course!

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