the haunting green

Liability (Part 1)

A/N: FINALLY posting something. This is based off a recent even that happened in my life and I kinda needed to write it all down…let me know what you think! Especially since I haven’t written in forever! 

Dean x Reader, Sam, Jody, Claire

Word Count: 1000+

Warnings: Angst, Swearing

The two of you had avoided each other for weeks.

What went from hurtful words spewed at you in the heat of the moment, to you needing time, which then eventually led to the art of stonewalling that the two of you perfected in. And now here you were with this awful knot in your throat, your mind curled in on itself, two hands firmly holding the steering wheel, driving in the middle of buttfuck nowhere. You couldn’t even remember what the two of you had been arguing about in the first place, but the overwhelming sense of not being of any use to him, of being an inconvenience, a liability, was enough to have you putting as much distance as you possibly could from Lebanon, Kansas.

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Soulmate! Where you can hear each others thoughts

I love these, but these are always the toughest to write!
Tucking her legs underneath herself, Betty pulled the baby soft, pink blanket tighter around her body and curled into the corner of her couch, tears falling steadily as she squeezed her eyes shut.

Today had been a bad day, one of the worst actually and she finally had a moment of peace to cry it out, Her parents were at work and her cellphone was turned off, the quiet enveloping her in a lonely kind of calm.

She thought back to earlier this morning, Cheryl telling her she was too fat to be in the newest River Vixen routine, Chuck slamming her lunch tray to the ground before grabbing her by the waist and whispering disgusting things in her ear, then their was her mothers angry phone call about Betty missing her shift at the Salvation Army, Not to mention Archie and Veronica had recently discovered their bond and had no problem flaunting their new found love, further cementing the fact that Betty would be alone forever. The thought brought on a new round of tears, Betty reached for the tissues on the table beside her.

“Jesus Christ, what an idiot.”

The unfamiliar voice came from directly inside Betty’s head, dropping the tissues to the floor she glanced around her living room.

“Hello?” She called out, standing and clutching the pink blanket like a weapon.

Nothing, just silence. Okay so now even the voices inside her head were calling her names. Figures.

“Thanks a lot.” She thought silently.


The deep voice inside her head echoed back. Betty whipped around, still not seeing anyone. Okay, okay fine she’ll play along. Why not?

“Hello?” She thought

“What the hell? Who are you? And why are you in my head?” The voice timbered back

“Actually, you’re in my head.” She answered back.

“No I’m not, you’re in mine. I can hear your thoughts.. what the hell is a river vixen?”

Betty’s cheeks tinted pink, focusing, she squeezed her eyes shut and her brain was filled with a jumble of words
“Serpents, family, writing, hotdog.”

“What’s a Serpent?” She shot back.

It was silent for a moment before the voice answered back
“Who are you?”

Sitting back down on the couch, Betty bit her fingernails
“I don’t know if I should tell you, I’m probably going insane and I’d rather not further my path to the psych ward by giving you my name.”

A heavy, deep laugh rang through her head and the voice answered
“Fair enough. Well, I’ve got nothing to lose, I’m Jughead Jones.”

She giggled, what kind of name was that?

“You know I can hear your thoughts right?”
She could practically hear the smile in his voice and she blushed

“Sorry, that’s gonna take some getting used to. I like your name, it’s different.”
She squeezed her eyes again, a blurry vision of a dark leather jacket and wavy hair, sad eyes.

“You know, it gets better.” She thought, she could feel the tension in his hazy brain, she thought she had gone too far for a moment, dug too deep into his head, when he finally answered

“You oughta take your own advice.” He answered back, his own mind invaded with scarred palms and growling stomachs.

“Maybe” she answered.

“You’re hungry.” He replied, it wasn’t a question, he could read her mind. He knew she had been skipping meals.

Betty closed her eyes and laughed
“So are you.”

“Always” he replied, she could imagine a goofy smirk.

She heard her parents car pull up and immediately felt the nauseous pit in her stomach.

“I have to go.” She sighed “I’m gonna turn my brain off for a while, I’ve gotten very good at that.” She tried making her thoughts sound upbeat but it came out lame, even to her.

“Hey, atleast we have that in common.”

She laughed, a sense of calm filling her mind for a moment.

“I’ll talk to you soon, maybe? Unless this hallucination wears off and I never hear from you again Jughead Jones.”

His response was almost immediate
“You will. I’ll talk to you soon…"he trailed off.

“Betty Cooper. My name is Betty Cooper.”

“Goodnight Betty Cooper.”

“Goodnight Jughead Jones.”

Jughead lay on his too small bed, his hands behind his head as he stared at the ceiling, dark green haunting eyes and a flash of honey blonde silk running through his mind.

Betty Cooper, she was complex and damaged but her mind was so full and it was clear her heart was golden, cardigans and folded hands ran through her cloudy mind. He wanted to hold her, to wrap her in his arms and tell her it was okay, she didn’t have to be anything she didn’t want to be, she was beautiful and amazing the way she was.

His thoughts were broken by the shouting and slamming coming from outside his trailer. He was a Southside Serpent, utterly different from the cheerleader with the three story home he saw in fuzzy images. But it didn’t matter, nothing really mattered, not when she made him feel like this, not when she was his soulmate.
He was gonna find her.

Betty held her books to her chest as she waved at Veronica and Archie, today had been long and
She couldn’t wait to get home and hopefully talk to Jughead.

“Hey there Juliet.”

She smiled when the voice hit her head,
“Hi Jughead.”

“Headed home?”

She adjusted the strap of her backpack and tried to balance her heavy textbooks
“On my way.”

Betty felt something spark, and her head felt heavy.
“Jughead.” She thought, panicked. Was he okay?

“Hey Bets.”

The voice sounded different than normal, it was louder and it seemed to be coming from right behind her, turning around slowly, her eyes widened as she spotted the familiar blue eyes and wavy hair, leaning against the stairs, a dark leather jacket snug on his back as he smirked.

“Jughead.” She whispered.

Almost if by some unidentifiable force of gravity, Betty’s books were on the ground and Jughead hands were on her waist, tugging her tighter into his body as his lips found hers, it was perfect and it was home.

Pulling apart Jughead panted resting his forehead against Betty’s as her chest heaved against his.

“Nice to meet you.” He smirked, as Betty laughed heartily, resting herself against his body.


A Marco Moment

Set right after the Season 2 finale, Marco realizes that something is missing.

What a great season finale this was.
Let’s ruin everything with an unnecessary one-shot.

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The boy in the red hoodie stared in silence at the empty room in front of him.
It was just a mundane guest room, the one his family always used for exchange students.

Marco was feeling weird, almost out of breath, the heart in his chest pumping wildly as if he’s just finished running a marathon.
There even were, strangely enough, tears in his eyes. How did those end up there? He kept staring at the simple bedroom around him, as if he was desperately looking for something.
Or someone.

He could hear the party from downstairs going on normally, people laughing and having fun.
Which made him question his presence in that meaningless room even more.
The boy closely inspected the room’s walls and furniture as if it could give him some answers. He could swear that there was reason he felt so weird.
A reason why he was there in the first place.

“Marco… there you are!”

He turned around, startled by a girl’s voice.
It was Jackie, his girlfriend, whose haunting green eyes could read through his fake smile in a moment.

“What are you doing here all alone? Something’s bothering you?” she asked.

As crazy as that sounded, Marco could only think of one answer, which was another question.

“Yes actually… what am I doing up here?” he chuckled, realizing how silly that sounded.

Jackie smiled at him and gently took his hands, stepping closer to him. “I don’t know… having a ‘Marco Moment’ maybe?”

“No, seriously.” he said, trying to sound as serious as possible. “I feel like I ran up here for a reason but… I can’t really remember now?”

That made him earn an amused look from his patient girlfriend, but he didn’t want to sound crazy.

“Maybe I *am* having one of my weird 'Marco Moments’ after all…” he admitted, smiling at her.

“Or even weirder… someone put a weird spell on all of us or something…” she joked, poking at his head. “But it’s OK: I like weird.”

The two teens smiled at each other and left the room, closing the door behind them, heading back downstairs, the music getting louder, despite being late.
Marco turned back one last time, looking at the wooden door leading to that empty bedroom.
He could swear that there was a reason he rushed there, a very important one.

But maybe he just forgot.

The End


Siren Song Elixirs introduces new Dragon Age inspired fragrances for Fenris, Isabela, & Varric!

Lyrium Ghost - Dragon Age Fenris

Fragrance - Cool lyrium upon the skin, electric to the touch, kissed with the fresh smell of new rain dripping in from the ceiling of an abandoned mansion. Faint wisps of black coconut, bergamot, lime, lavender, rosemary, mint, white gardenias and geraniums hearken back to forgotten days on sunny Seheron and a faded past of playing in majestic gardens as a child. Dry notes of aged white wine linger with a hint of haunting green notes of dry moss and blue musk.

Key notes - Cool blue musk, Mint, Gardenia, White Wine, Fresh Rain

Pirate Queen - Dragon Age Isabela

Fragrance - Salty sea breezes, tropical coconut, black amber, lavender, and exotic violets drift upon the air as she passes, the fragrant smells of the Siren’s Call, rosewood and mahogany, linger upon her skin and hair. She’s beauty and grace but beware her sharp tongue - this pirate’s kiss is laced with spiced, honeyed ale from the Hanged Man.

Key notes - Ocean air, Violets, Coconut, Honey & Ale, Lavender, Mahogany, Rosewood, Spices.

Storyteller - Dragon Age Varric

Fragrance - The aroma of vintage red wine mingles with honeyed mead in the Hanged Man. Smoldering embers from a fire rise from beneath an ancient mahogany mantle where he writes by firelight, accompanied by the smell of aged books he’s collected on his travels.

Key notes - Vintage red wine, Honey Ale, Old Library books, Smoke, Mahogany


“Atleast your lunch didn’t run away?” Jughead grumbled sarcastically. “Real smooth, honestly author in training right here.” He groaned, dropping into his seat in the back of the chemistry classroom.

He was the literal definition of an idiot, look it up in the dictionary and there he was, a stupid grin on his face as he spewed out lame jokes to the love of his life. Not that he had ever had a chance with “The Betty Cooper” but whatever minuscule hope he had was crushed by that cringe worthy display that had just occurred in the hallway.

He couldn’t seem to get his words straight when she was around, he blamed it on her soft skin and strawberry scented hair, that could send any guy into catatonic shock but in actuality it was just her presence in general. Jughead couldn’t remember a single day where the beautiful Cooper girl wasn’t racing through his mind, he found himself staring at her whenever he got the chance, creepy as it was he was drawn to her by some unexplainable magnetic force. He tried, really he did.

“You’re not good enough for her, for any of those kids but especially not Alice Coopers daughter, it would do you good to get your head out of the clouds.”

His mothers sharp words and harsh tone rang through his brain. She was right, he knew that but still… he had to go and touch her? He had to feel that electrifying shock when his skin met hers? And then.. the blush on her cheeks when he brushed away the grease stain. Jughead lifted his palm to reveal the smudge of oil, he couldn’t keep the grin off of his face, it was stupid he knew that, to put actual meaning into her words

“I’ll see around Jughead Jones.”

It wasn’t something he really had the time to think about, but when it came to Betty Cooper there had always been time. He still remembered the first time he saw her, they were only six year olds and she was sitting on her own by the sand box, wind whipping through long blonde pigtails, she had been talking to herself, head ducked low as she whispered. He hadn’t been able to get her out of his head since that day. She was like him, he knew in that moment she was dealing with something bigger than both of them, just like he was.

Living in the Southside of Riverdale wasn’t something Jughead took pride in especially considering he was the only teenager from that side of town who went to Riverdale, his father had been adamant about his son attending the better school, he wanted him to have an education, he wanted his life to be different than his.

Forsythe Pendleton Jones was a good father, he worked hard to provide for his family, he was kind and loved his family to a fault, his only fatal flaw?

He was the prominent leader of the Southside Serpents, a title that held a lot of weight in the community, a lot of weight on Jughead shoulders.

As for Jugheads Mother, Gladys Jones, she was a horrible, bitter, angry woman with a deep hatred for her oldest son, he was a disappointment and she made it very clear with every beating. She wanted Jughead to follow in his fathers footsteps, she wanted him to take over the Serpents, and he tried too, but it was never enough.

He wanted a normal life, a normal family, a girlfriend.. one with silky blonde hair and haunting, meadow green eyes.

The rest of the day flew by without another sighting of Betty, well not until the end of the day, He caught her walking side by side with Archie Andrews and Kevin Keller , her neighbor and American dream extraordinaire and the Sheriffs son.

Popping the cigarette he kept in his jacket sleeve into his mouth, he stared openly as Betty Cooper walked past him, a hint of a smile on her lips as her eyes lingered on his motorcycle, a hand reaching out to touch the chrome, before Kevin grabbed her hand

“Rude.” He shook his head lovingly at the blushing blonde and shot Jughead an apologetic smile “sorry, we’re still teaching her manners.” He teased walking ahead with Archie who snorted.

Betty stuck her tongue out at the two boys and turned to Jughead

“I’m sorry, that was rude. I just.. sometimes I can’t help myself, your bike is beautiful.” She averted her gaze to the Harley and he laughed

“She sure is, you can touch her if you want.”

Almost instantly she dropped her backpack and bent down by the bike, her fingers touching the wheel and admiring the old fashioned detailing.

“My dad had me fix up an Original Harley when I was eight, I’ve been in love with them ever since , I haven’t seen one in ages.” She looked up at him with sparkling eyes as he squatted beside her

“You should see my dads, this one is practically scrap metal compared to his.” Jughead couldn’t keep his eyes off of her, the passion in her eyes, her ponytail was in pieces after the long school day, she really was beautiful, almost too beautiful. Perfect.

She beamed at him
“Maybe you could show me one day?” She was practically bouncing with excitement, wrapping her fingers around his forearm her tiny hands were softer than he expected, considering he was certain she was almost always elbow deep in a trucks hood.

They both took a moment to stare into each other’s eyes, something different yet so familiar mirrored brightly.

Jughead cleared his throat, tearing his eyes away

“Umm, yeah totally. Whenever.” He tried to come off aloof, but his twitching fingers might have given him away.

“Betty!” Kevin called, “Come on, I’m getting hangry” he sing songed.

When Betty turned back to Jughead he was already mounting his bike, the engine revving loudly.

“I’ll see you around Betty Cooper.” He smirked

“How will you get in touch with me?” She called over the rumble of his bike.

“I’ve got my ways Juliet.” He grinned before riding away, leaving an incredibly confused Betty Cooper smiling after him.