the haunted mask 2

hehehe :)

Watching the goosebumps movies I have today. I bought them from blockbuster when they were shutting down haha unfortunately they aren’t my favorite goosebumps movies, but they are decent. (My favorite was slappy- the dummy) I have The Haunted Mask 2 & Welcome to Dead House. I’m sure you could find these movies on youtube & online now a days.

Viewers Beware.. You’re in for a scare… dun dun dun dun dun..

Goosebumps #36: The Haunted Mask II

Just call him prune face! Steve Boswell will never forget Carly Beth’s Halloween mask. It was so gross. So terrifying. But this year Steve wants to have the scariest costume on the block. So he gets a mask from the same store where Carly Beth got hers. It looks like a creepy old man. With stringy hair. A wrinkled face. And spiders crawling out of the ears! Steve’s definitely got the scariest mask around. Too bad he’s starting to feel so old. And so tired. And so evil.



Anyone remember the show Goosebumps?