the haunted looking glass

Jon/Daenerys fanfiction: Brave enough to yield

Summary: Jon Snow comes to visit Daenerys at Dragonstone after the events of Season 6, and learns of his true parentage. He and Daenerys are both stubborn, and find it difficult to trust each other. A shared tragedy brings them closer together. Told from Daenerys’s point of view.

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Jon had refused to kneel, when he first came to Dragonstone. He’d stood before her, in well-tailored furs clearly made by someone else’s hand, and simply declined. Dany had been insulted. She was also intrigued. How many men would refuse the Mother of Dragons, the most beautiful woman in the world?

Stubbornness ran deep in Jon, she soon learned. She’d had the idea to form an alliance with him, and seduce him, as soon as she heard of his visit. She’d plotted as he traveled from Winterfell, with Tyrion’s help.

“He’ll be as intractable as a mule. Slightly more handsome, though,” Tyrion had told her, and winked.

Tyrion had been right. Jon promised his army with some reluctance, but he was cold to her advances. It stung more than she expected. She wasn’t immune to loneliness herself. She’d felt a childish swelling of hope when she’d learned that she might not be the last of her line, that another dragon might walk the earth. But Jon kept her mostly at a distance, though she saw him staring at her once or twice. Perhaps there was some truth to the saying that Northern men had ice in their veins.

Jon took to Rhaegal, at least. Dany envied how quickly he’d developed a bond with the beast. It had taken her months to feel the presence of Drogon’s mind, once he was fully grown. Jon had managed to connect with the green dragon in a matter of days. It had made her job of convincing him of his true heritage easier. That, and Varys’s scroll from Howland Reed had left Jon with no room for doubt.

Jon himself might not say much, but the news he brought of the terror north of the Wall had turned Dany’s mission on its head. She’d sailed across the Narrow Sea prepared to do battle in Westeros. She’d arrived on shore ready to take what was hers, as was her right, and reclaim the Iron Throne at King’s Landing. Then Jon confirmed Varys’s whispers of the White Walkers, and the wights, and priorities had shifted to protecting the realm. They needed weapons, and weapons, according to Jon, meant fire, and dragonglass.


Fire, and powerful fire at that, they had in abundance, thanks to Drogon, Rhaegal, and Viserion. But the dragonglass was more elusive. Dozens of Unsullied had scoured the castle and come back empty-handed. Dany was not a patient woman by nature, and was ready to move on. Yet Tyrion insisted they search the caverns beneath Dragonstone once more.

“I’ll hear no more about dragonglass, Lord Tyrion.” Dany tucked into their meager breakfast. The stores of food were depleting fast. But she’d traveled enough under rough conditions to eat whatever was before her.As she saw Jon scrape his plate clean, she thought the same might be true of him.

Tyrion had a more discerning palate, and picked at the stale bread and hard cheese with distaste. “We need all the weapons we can find, my queen.”

Dany rolled her eyes. Would Tyrion not let this go? “Has it slipped your mind, Lord Tyrion, the days we’ve spent searching arrived?”

“Hardly, Your Grace. But I did receive an interesting raven just this morning. Apparently we haven’t been looking in the right place.” Tyrion, naturally, made a show of revealing his secret. He brought the scroll out from under his green tunic with a flourish.

Dany didn’t recognize the seal. “Who sent it?”

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Voltron AUs I want to write

● Victorian Haunted House/Murder Mystery
● Narnia/AliceThrough the Looking Glass style dimension hopping where Pidge and Matt step thru the wardrobe
● Shlance or Klance one shot with lance nursing his dying husband with dementia as he recalls their adventures
● Amnesia one shot where Lance convinces Keith they are dating when they aren’t
● Allura runs a cat shelter one shot
● Shogun period piece
● Mirror’s Edge or Persona universe/cross over
● Dungeons & Dragons AU (Shiro/Paladin, Keith/Ranger, Pidge/Rogue, Hunk/Fighter or Barbarian, Lance/Cleric or Druid)

1. I look for you when the bell rings after class, my eyes hover near the usual spot you used to wait for me. Now, that spot is always empty or filled with faces I don’t have a desire to see.

2. I look for you at the local cafe every Saturday morning because that was your favorite place to go on the weekends. Even your everyday barista worried and thought that the place lacked the monochrome beauty of your leather jacket and sketchbook. Now, there are plenty of artists who paint their canvases and leave them on display, but the charcoal fingerprints of your nimble hands haunt the glass cups of the coffee shop.

3. I look for you when I get home from school on the days my parents are out of town because you promised me you’d come keep me company because I felt lonely on my own. Now, I come home to an empty house when my parents are gone and when I climb into bed, I have to wrap the sheets around my arms but they don’t compare to the warmth and surety I felt when you were wrapped around me instead.

4. I look for you at parties, because you were known as the ‘guest of the house’. With your dashing smile and crazy dance moves, everybody couldn’t help but stare and I felt special because your smile was always aimed at me. Now, my cheeks are always unflushed and the parties are tasteless and filled with nothing but memories that choke me.

5. I look for you in the places where you have touched me and laid gentle kisses, but now my hands, thighs, cheeks and lips are all very cold and the evidence of your markings are gone, but the feel of your skin remains.

6.I look for you in my mother’s eyes, because she considered you family and my mother loves her family. She cooks, wines and dines all for them, but now the seat that was yours at the table is always empty and my father sits with his feet splayed on it often times. 

7. I look for you in books, because books always seemed to understand my feelings for you, but now the words don’t fit or soothe me, they make me angry and anxious. I rip the pages, and I tend not to read very often either.

8. I look for you in old photo albums and in all of the polaroids you have taken of us. I still have the scrapbook you made me, but now it feels too painful to look at and it sits gathering dust on my shelf. I wonder if you have done the same with the one I gave to you.

9. I look for you everywhere, in all of the places I have fallen harder for you and in all of the places we have spent creating history, but I don’t ever have to look in my heart, because you are my heart.

—  Nine places I look for your love that has consumed me.
Her mind was like her room, in which lights advanced and retreated, came pirouetting and stepping delicately, spread their tails, pecked their way; and then her whole being was suffused, like the room again with a cloud of some profound knowledge, some unspoken regret, and then she was full of locked drawers, stuffed with letters, like her cabinets.
—  Virginia Woolf, The Lady in the Looking-Glass