the haunted buffalo

I live smack in the middle of the North American Great Plains. One of my favorite areas to walk and take pictures is a place called “Buffalo River.” That’s because before it was a park, it was a wild place that was absolutely full of buffalo, which were wiped out in the name of making room for grazing cattle (or worse, in many areas they were wiped out as an act of war on the Plains Indian tribes to destroy their food source) They weren’t killed for food or hides or even really for trophies, they were simply flat out murdered. It’s a common story in the plains. Buffalo exist in fractions of what they have before.

Today the place has ‘buffalo’ in the name, and sometimes apparently people even find old bits of buffalo bone, but the buffalo themselves have long since passed. When I look out on that beautiful sea of grass I can’t help but feel like it’s oddly hollow and empty, as if it were haunted by hundreds of buffalo ghosts.

Criminal Minds' Matthew Gray Gubler on His Extra-Spooky Directing Style (ProTip! Only Tease a Killer's Talons)

By Matt Webb Mitovich / April 21 2015, 12:36 PM PDT​

For this Wednesday’s Criminal Minds (CBS, 9/8c), cast member Matthew Gray Gubler again stepped behind the camera, directing a script by three-time collaborator Breen Frazier, which means viewers can count on an especially “out there” installment.

Having directed the crime drama on seven previous occasions — including Season 8’s infamous “human marionettes” case — Gubler this time brought to life the mystery of several people with no apparent connection who are haunted by the titular “Mr. Scratch,” a talon-wielding “shadow monster.” Here, the actor/director previews his latest twisted effort and reveals what gives himself the heebie jeebies.

TVLINE | Was it just the luck of the draw that you worked with Breen Frazier again, on “Mr. Scratch”?

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This sounds totally crazy, but I’m terrified of buffaloes, and of the Abominable Snowman. I’m very scared of large beasts. [Laughs] There’s something sort of prehistorically disturbing and haunting about buffaloes. So, both of those — along with about 1,000 other neuroses!
—  Matthew Gary Gubler’s fears 😂