the haunted bookstore

Rough Seas

Rough Seas by palominopup
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 71,600
Summary: Lieutenant Commander Dean Winchester was coming home after fourteen years with his two year old baby in tow.  He’d left the town of Winchester Bay after his father caught him and his best friend/lover together.  He ran from his father, from the town and from Cas.  Now, he’s back.  The Novak brothers warned Dean to stay away from Cas, but in a town the size of Winchester Bay, how could he do that…no matter how hard he wanted to.  A rescue at sea starts a series of events that brings the men together again, but the years took their toll on any love they once shared.

I have a confession. I love romance novels. I can hear the gasps of shock reverberating!! No seriously, even before discovering fanfic, I would haunt the bookstore waiting for the next Nora Roberts book and then tuck it in the bottom of my knapsack, saving it for a nice sunny day. This fic has all the hallmarks of those classic romances: small towns, young love, heartbreak, and the reigniting of old flames. Add to that Lt Commander Winchester of the US Coast Guard (dear lord above) and Castiel Novak of the Novak Bros fishing fleet and it is a recipe that works! Need a break from angst, death, torture and all the other thing we love about SPN? Then this fic is for you! The author has now finished Castles in the Sand, which is a follow up story told from Cas’ POV.


The Haunted Bookstore - Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Today, I got the chance to visit The Haunted Bookstore in Iowa City- local to me, since I live in the Amanas and can easily walk here from my art classes on Sunday mornings.

I took lots more photos than this, but this place was fucking huge. No walls were left uncovered in books. It takes up an entire strip of commercial space in downtown Iowa City and has everything from first editions to new releases. They have at least 20 shelves of each genre and more. Most books are in their original languages and print.

There are chairs in every corner and 2 cats, Sylvia and Cola, that roam freely around the shop. The cats often jump up and rest with people as they read within the store. I found myself in the science fiction wing with my nose in an X-Files encyclopedia.

The shop owner, Emily, was more than happy to let me feature her shop on my blog, unfortunately I was not able to get a photograph of her or her daughter that were at the shop that day. Sadly, a camera battery can only last so long in a maze of books. I found myself literally lost a few times, following the cats (who also followed me).

When I saw the inside of this place- the only thing I could think of was writing a story about it.

-Audrey A. Sandersfeld

I bought the cutest little witchy mug at the markets this weekend!

I also got chatting with the owner of the stall about her shop based in Brisbane called Mystical Realms Witchcraft. Admittedly there were a lot of ‘Old Religion’ mentions on the flyers for her shop/coven/Facebook page and since I’m just a 20-something there was no way she was gonna listen to me if I told her that Wicca isn’t an 'old religion’ in the grand scheme of things…

Oh well - I’ve got tomorrow off from work so the plan is to take my grandmother out for lunch/coffee and then go haunt some local bookstores together 👻📖 Hopefully I will also get time to work on my grimoire ~

- Marci