the haunted ballroom

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

we can glide over the oceans
we can hover across the clouds
where ghosts arent allowed

we can kiss under the stars
and we can kiss on planet mars
in our heads
in our heads

and i glance over at you
i can see right through you
cause youre a ghost
a spooky ghost

and you glance over at me
you can see right through me
cause im a ghost
a spooky ghost

as ghosts we dont sleep
but that doesnt mean that we cant
and lie around

we’re in a ghost romance
so lets haunt the ballroom dance
come on lets take a chance

you can be a ghost with no legs
you can be a ghost with no arms
you can be a ghost with no teeth
you can be a ghost with no head

and ill love you
and ill love you
it doesnt matter
cause nothing matters

and ill love you
and ill love you
forever forever
forever forever

lets put the bed sheets over our heads
we’ll be spooky ghosts together in our beds
in our beds

lets take the bed sheets off of our heads
lets fall back together in our bed
and kiss each other
like humans.

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Dead Waltzers - Boo to You Parade by Ryan Kirkpatrick

                               ﴾  🎃 DARE YOU ATTEND? 🎃  ﴿

                            Something of a looming pumpkin fragrance expels from
                               a neatly-sealed envelope. Inside, an invitation to a
                             magnificent event in Kalos in celebration for a holiday!

           ❝ Come to Kalos’ Battle Chateau for a GHOSTLY magnificence in celebration of a darker kind with Kalosian & Unovan cuisine including themed sweets & eerie passion in strings and keys. Be prepared  for an eventful weekend from afternoons to sun-sleeping mornings of specially-themed events:  haunted tours & trick-or-treating for the younger. If somehow this is not one’s fancy or too unsettling, feel free to make usage of the ballroom for dancing & even make usage of the pokémon battlefield in the rear of the chateau. We look forward to your participation. ❞
                 —- Siebold Dufour
                         & Lorelei VÖR

     Tags: #event:all hallow’s eve         #important:all hallow’s eve
              (for all the interactions)          (I will tag special events w/ this )
               please track both tags for the duration of the event or prior.

                         optional tag: #costume:all hallow’s eve
            ( will help everyone see who is wearing what easier. )
     Date & Time: OCTOBER 28, 4pm - 11pm & 29, 5pm - MIDNIGHT (12 am, OCT. 30 ) 
     Location: Battle Chateau, Riviere Walk, Kalos Region
     RVSP:   Send in an ask to @sangmer as a short ic letter that they wish to attend, if you wish to participate. I require a letter of response from those wanting to attend in order to have an accurate headcount by the time everything begins! Also, enter as many of your muses as you wish. Remember, however, this is only a 2-day event!
Also, once you have been accepted, you may mingle within tag. Though until the event truly begins, the interactions should be pre-event related, please! ( ie: hotel shenanigans  [[  Hotel Camphrier, Ambrette, Cyllage, & Richissime  rooms get up to 30% off during this event probably ]] sightseeing, conversations about breaking in early to steal food, etc.,etc… )

             { I will refuse to accept any letters after OCTOBER 26, 11:00 pm CDT! }       

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Evacuating the Ballroom - EXPLORE by Matt Valeriote


You don’t get much more “backstage” than listening to the actors behind the live shows talking about their experience. It may not be as exciting as “Oh, so THAT’S how the Haunted Mansion ballroom dancers are done,” but it’s still a really nice peek into the history and story behind the show.

Here are Wally Boag, Betty Taylor, and Fulton Burley reminiscing about the old Golden Horseshoe Revue at Disneyland.