the hate movement

pros and cons of hufflepuff house


  • the best damn friend you could ever ask for
  • hard working as hell and will get the job done
  • open minded and caring, and willing to prove it
  • they give people the benefit of the doubt and care first, but if you prove to be a dick they will turn on you so fast
  • sass queens
  • the best at researching problems and solving them logically
  • the most respectful kids you could meet 


  • too willing to give second chances
  • grudges that last for a thousand years if you cross their friends
  • self sacrificing
  • big on the “don’t fight hate with hate” movement 
  • they’re really hard working so if they set their minds to something they might end up running themselves and others to the ground because of their goals
  • stubborn and opinionated, even if they’re open minded no one will talk the out of their beliefs 
  • least likely out of the houses to understand why someone might want to break ties with others

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mark in hard carry mv (meme7 version 3/7)


As you celebrate the life of Dr Martin Luther King jr, please don’t applaud yourself or society for advances we’ve made in equality because the steps we’ve taken are very small and there has been fighting through it all. Dr king warned us that moderate whites were a bigger threat to the civil rights movement than hate groups. Also don’t say segregation was a long time ago, the very first black woman to enroll in an all white school is still alive at 62. Appreciate the sacrifices he made but don’t sit around and think we’ve done enough.

Dear feminists,

Don’t you ever belittle women against feminism by saying we’re just trying to please our boyfriends or only wanting to impress men.

Because guess what? When you use that kind of logic, you are assuming a few things:
1. That everything a woman does is because of a man.
2. That every woman is heterosexual.
3. That a woman’s opinion is irrelevant if she cares about her dating life.


He’s fat… He said his name is Hugh Mungus, and he’s fat. He gestured toward his belly and said his name is Hugh Mungus



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