the hasty pastry


IT IS FINISHED!  Well, alright, so I still have to print and trim about a hundred copies, but the coloring and setup is essentially finished!

Introducing “The Hasty Pastry”, a short mini-comic starter of what is to be a longer webcomic by the same name.  Stories are still in the works, and characters may develop and change throughout the story but it centers around a college-aged girl, Cat, and her experiences at a bakery where she works: The Hasty Pastry!

The comic will be for sale for $5 at small local shops and probably online through Etsy or Wepay.  It is around 5x8", full color, with 9 pages of story, and 4 pages of extra artwork, a mini-comic, and fun sketches.  And of course, webcomic to launch soon at :~)

Based off my experiences at Panera Bread co, but I want Cat to be more of her own person than an obvious representation of myself.  I cant wait to see where her and Pugsly go next ;)  This first story is a little campy, yes, but it is a small contained mini-comic to get things started and I am pretty excited!  Potato-head noses and swirly cheeks all the way!



Just click it, you know you want to know what this amazing art is all about and maybe if you have an extra dollar to spare you could help out NeverStarvingArtist.

For $5 you get A POOP MUFFIN!!!

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For $10 you get a digital copy!

For 25$ you get a beautiful copy of the finished book!

OK but here is the best Prize: Get your self in this book!!

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