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The University of Toronto has the largest academic library system in Canada, and third in North America (behind Harvard and Yale). It is also the highest ranked University in Canada, and according to Times 2015-2016 ranking,19th in the world. 

There are 44 different libraries that belong to UofT, most of them are located at UofT’s main campus, St. George, but its satellite campuses also host a few of the less neo-gothic ones. 

The university was established in 1827 (exactly 40 years before Canada was even a country lol), and some notable alumni include Margaret Atwood (who is regularly seen wandering the campus), Frederick Banting, Lester B. Pearson, and me (soon). Alumni list does not include Drake or The Weeknd.

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In which Hogwarts house would you place the power rangers and why?

I’m not too good at this but I’ll give it a go:

1) Jason: Gryffindor. He’s brave-hearted and loyal to his team. He’s also really adventurous as seen with his thrill-seeking driving after the prank at the beginning of the movie as well as at the mines.

2) Kimberly: Slytherin (or Gryffindor maybe). She’s pretty resourceful and cunning and would probably do anything to achieve her goal at the beginning of the movie (before she meets the others). She’s really determined and intelligent too, as seen with how determined she was to get Trini to join the rest of them (also she’s in love with Trini, that’s why). But she’s also got the nerve, bravery and loyalty of a Gryffindor too and she does kinda change after she meets the others (from who she was before) so I’m not entirely sure.

3) Trini: Ravenclaw. She might be daring and brave like a Gryffindor but she’s also really practical and smart like a Ravenclaw. After all, she’s the first one who seems to figure out more about their powers when she runs up that cliff wall first and the others follow. You also see more of her intelligent side in the movie’s follow-up comic (Aftershock) where she’s the one who brings the team together in order for them to follow Jason in addition to pointing out the more practical ideas and plans to Jason when he struggles to lead.

4) Billy: Hufflepuff. The most loyal and hardworking of the group. He proved that he would die for his teammates and he’s dedicated to them as well as their cause. He’s also got the intelligence of a Ravenclaw too, but he’s essentially the most pure-hearted member of the group, making him a Hufflepuff.

5) Zack: Gryffindor. He’s the daredevil of the group and that daringness and bravery would make him a Gryffindor. He’s also super dedicated, loyal and hardworking when it comes to supporting his mom but also to his team.


{4.16.17 - AP Exams !!!

  • I made a color-coded guide to bio things I’m rusty on + need to commit to memory (again)
  • Honey joined me to take photos
  • listening to: Hart House IV (BP Debate), bc it looks like I’m going to UofT - if I want to continue debating, my only options are British and Canadian Parli. So far, I’m thrilled to try them.

so its almost 2 in the morning and ive honest to god spent my whole day either sleeping or reading trimberly fics, but i ran out of fics to read and im not tired bc i took like 3 naps. what do i do