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Imagine being on the set of Harry Potter and Daniel Radcliffe is always trying to make you laugh

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“Hey (Y/N)!, look at this!”

#9 Not-So-Medical Emergency

Finally, some peace and quiet.

Hermione strode across hers and Ginny’s shared room at the burrow to the well used purple armchair in the corner. Harry, Ron, and Ginny had finally stopped arguing over quidditch plays and gone outside to test some out. She, naturally, had opted to go inside and read instead.

Hermione plucked her book off the side table and sunk into the chair, tucking her feet beneath her. The book was one of her favourites and it showed. The edges of the cover were curled and the pages well worn.

She had only made it through a couple of paragraphs before a charmed letter flew under her door at such a speed it swept pictures off the wall as it zipped past. The letter slowed and flipped repeatedly in front of Hermione as if trying to catch her already caught attention.

Hermione reached out and snached the letter out of the air and carefully opened it.

The letter was short and written in fast smudged writing. It read;


Please come to our room immediately. Bring your wand. Medical emergency. Need help.

~F & G”

Hermione stared at the letter. On one hand the twins could seriously be hurt and need help. On the other hand this could be a trap to prank her. She cautiously stepped over to the door and opened in a crack, listening for any sounds of mayhem. Hearing nothing, she opened the door slightly more and peaked out into the hall way. No nets, fogs, unknown containers, or redheads could be seen.

Hermione made up her mind. She stuck the letter in her back pocket, grabbed her wand off the bed where she had set it down, and half jogged down the hall to Fred and George’s room.

She slowed to a stop in front of their singed door. She waited a second more before knocking on the frame.

“DON’T COME IN!!!!” Two voices shouted back frantically, making Hermione jump.

“You asked me to come here!” Hermione yelled back in at them, pressing her ear to the door. “What’s going on in there?”

“It’s just Hermione!” One of them hissed. “She can help!”

“You sent the letter?!” The other replied.

“Of course I did! We’ve already tried every spell we know!”

“I don’t want her to see us like this!”

“Why not? She’s seen the aftermath of our experiments before!”

“You know why, shut up!”

“Just say you’re me.”

“Oh yeah, you’re right, that’ll totally work. EXCEPT THEN THERE’LL BE TWO OF YOU!”

“Then I’ll say I’m you.”

“That doesn’t solve the problem!”

“Look,” Hermione called, “do you want my help or not? Because I don’t like to be interrupted when I’m in the middle of reading.”

“Don’t open the door George!” Fred’s voice hissed at his brother.

The door swung open suddenly and what Hermione saw made her mouth drop open in amused surprise.

There stood the Weasley twins, one looking rather more embarrassed then the other, absolutely covered head to toe in glitter.

“Wow.” Was all Hermione could manage without bursting into a fit of laughter.

“It’s not funny!” George exclaimed.

“Oh it is funny,” Hermione giggled, “but in what world is this a medical emergency?”

“In the world where there’s glitter in my eyes!” Fred insisted, stuffing his hands in his pockets, “Are you going to help or are you just going to stand there and laugh at us?”

“I think I’ll do a bit of both.” Hermione teased him.

George laughed, earning himself a very pointed glare from Fred whose cheeks burned as red as his hair.

“Okay,” Hermione collected herself, still smiling, “it’s really quite simple, we just need some mandrake root, gilly juice, water, and a caldron.”

The twins ran to their closet and began frantically rummaging through the boxes of ingredients.

Hermione giggled at the twins desperation to get unglitterbombed. ‘Fred sure looks cute when he’s blushing’ she thought to herself.

* *
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Imagine Ginny Weasley walking through the halls and getting catcalled by a few boys. “Looking hot, Weasley!” One of them yells. Behind her, Fred and George start doing ridiculous poses, blowing kisses to the unsuspecting boys.

“I know,” they say in unison.

ok so Ron says he doesn’t like spiders because when he was 3 the twins turned his teddy bear into a spider right? the twins are only 2 years older than Ron, which means they were FIVE YEARS OLD when they did this and I’m just??????? like they were five and they didn’t even have WANDS and they managed to deliberately turn a bear into a spider???? even if they managed to steal a wand from their siblings or parents that’s a really tricky bit of transfiguration and at age five most kids are just doing uncontrolled magic….. like TBH in my opinion Fred and George had more innate talent than the trio combined but they just wanted to chill and do pranks and I respect tf out of that

*crying in the corner*

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Harry, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. Every day, once a day, give yourself a present. Don’t plan it, don’t wait for it, just let it happen. It could be a new shirt at the men’s store, a cat nap in your office chair, or two cups of good, hot black coffee.

They are amazing 😊

I love them 😍

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