the harold song by kesha

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if you still think Ke$ha is just a shallow pop star, take two hours out of your day and go watch the first season of My Crazy Beautiful Life.

Kesha spent years working as a waitress before she finally made it to stardom. She writes or co-writes all of her songs herself, and has done so since she was a child. Kesha has a MENSA level intelligence but she uses it for her art instead of a STEM field because that is where she feels happiest.

Kesha has publicly spoken out against bullying and intolerance at every performance, and she sponsors several programs against bullying in high schools. She is also a big LGBT advocate and embraces her queer fans with open arms.

There are multiple Kesha songs (“The Harold Song”, “Wonderland”, “Last Goodbye”, and “Love Into the Light”) with a deeper message that she wanted to release as singles, but record execs refused to let her branch out and move beyond the party girl image. If you don’t want to watch her show, take twenty minutes to listen to these four songs and you’ll see that she is much more than the constructed image.

Kesha is a real, kind, and caring person who desrves our trust and love.

your biggest pretend [listen here]
i. a whole new world - aladdin // ii. young and beautiful - lana del ray // iii. wildest dreams - taylor swift // iv. somewhere only we know - lily allen //v. you’re the one that i want (cover) - angus & julie stone // vi. the hardest of hearts - florence + the machine // vii. skinny love - bon iver // viii. peter - daughter // ix. someone like you - adele // x. the harold song - kesha // xi. let her go - passenger // xii. i’ll follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie 

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Top 6 songs

1. The Harold Song - Kesha

2. It’s All Coming Back To Me - Celine Dion

3. Groove is in the Heart  - Dee Lite

4. I Want You - Kelly Clarkson

5. Believe - Cher

6. All I As - Adele

i hate Kesha bc The Harold Song makes me feel like i should be sad about a past relationship but i’ve never been in a relationship so i dont have one to be sad about this is so unfulfilling someone date me for a minute & break up w me in a bad way