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Laquan Smith Fall/Winter 2017

Turning up the heat for his Fall/Winter 2017 collection, NYC-based designer Laquan Smith wowed New York Fashion Week attendees with his new, sexy creations ranging from latex bodycon dresses and mini skirts with lace-up puffer thigh-high boots to more neutral jumpsuits and dresses.


“Anacaona” is one of my favorite Cheo Feliciano songs. It was written by the great Tite Curet Alonso, one of the greatest Puerto Rican composers of all time. The song tells the story of Anacaona, a Taíno cacica.

This clip is from the 1972 documentary Our Latin Thing, a film by Leon Gast which explores the Latin music explosion of the 70s centered in NYC. It features a mind-blowing performance by Feliciano and other members of the Fania All Stars at the Cheetah Club in New York City, as well as a behind-the-scenes look in the studio with Larry Harlow, Feliciano and others.