the harlem meer


Harlem Meer. Central Park. ‘Meer’ is Dutch for lake. The Harlem Meer is known for it’s catch and release fishing, skating and swimming at Lasker Rink and Pool, and surrounding playgrounds. The Meer is also a thriving home to fish, turtles and waterfoul. Surrounding the Meer are many varieties of trees, shrubs and flowers. As with all bodies of water in the park, the Harlem Meer is as man-made as the Lasker Rink and Pool.


The Charles A. Dana Discovery Center. Central Park. Built in 1993 on the Harlem Meer, the Discovery Center is the Park’s newest building. It is the site for many educational and community programs, seasonal exhibits and holiday celebrations. Some of the seasonal events include:

  • The Harlem Meer Performance Festival in the summer.
  • The Halloween Pumpkin Sail of candlelit Jack O'Lanterns on the Meer in autumn
  • The Holiday Lighting event in winter.

The Discovery Center is also home to Central Park’s catch and release fishing program.