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Planet Comicon: John Barrowman

Mr. Barrowman was quite fetching last weekend wearing an adorable tardis dress and legging ensemble from…

This man is a gift.

An outrageously funny, priceless, almost completely nsfw gift to our fandom, and to all of humanity.

Someone asked him, “What is your creepiest fan encounter?”  Of course, it’s tricky for the celebs to answer that kind of question without alienating fans.  But his response was a treasure, because it sounded very sincere and was in keeping with John’s own uniqueness, I think!  He said:

“You say that like it’s awful.  I don’t think they’re creepy, okay?  I think they’re unique.  Because I love that in our family [here he gestured out at the crowd], in our world, we allow each other to do and say and be things that we will never really do or say or be outside.  And it’s building up the confidence that one day we will be able to, right?  So when someone comes up with a rather unique gift or a unique idea, I love it!”

I believe this may have been (though it could’ve been earlier - can’t remember) when he launched into the story of being given a gift (I think by someone he knew in some way) involving a re-inventing of the publicity photo of Jack riding a bomb (circa The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances, which would be appropriate).  Apparently, instead of the bomb, he was riding, as he put it, a ….“marital aid.”


On a related nsfw-ish note (which really a lot of the panel involved, heh): There were sign language interpreters there, and he thought the sign for, ahem… “hung like a donkey” was so amusing he just threw it in randomly throughout.  It did involve a rather distinctive gesture. ;)

At some point, after he’d said something else a bit nsfw, he turned around and said “Good luck explaining that to your five year old on the way home!”  Really, they scheduled his panel at noon.  Did they know him??!?  Heh.

And yep, this was the panel where the stage had a large issue.  I have no clue why it happened.  The press said the stage collapsed, but that’s not true.  as you can see from the photo below.  The stage was fine, but it’s set came down.  It was like watching really large slow-motion dominos.  I was so glad John wasn’t sitting in the chair provided for him, or it would’ve hit him!!!  As it was, no one was seriously hurt, though one person did hurt their hand(s?) (I don’t know how badly, but I don’t think it was serious).

Immediately after the thing fell, he hopped off the stage and told the volunteers to get away from it because it was “above your pay grade.”  He was really awesome about the whole thing.

He continued the rest of his hour, then afterwards they rescheduled Summer Glau’s panel, and Catherine Tate’s was a half hour late.  It was all handled pretty well.

And again, John Barrowman = Gift To Us All.

 Doctor Wheatley and Captain Rick! 

A birthday present for my awesome friend, whovian, and Rick lover @nerdyjo!

Crossover/Mashup art of @jedtheguy as Wheatley and @stephen-geekenders as Rick from @geekenders Portal Musical in Doctor Who cosplay as the 10th Doctor and Captain Jack Harkness. I had a lot of fun mashing the two outfits together and I hope you like it! 

This took 5 hours to draw and you can watch the speedpaint here!

Okay…so the other flight attendant wanted a picture with these ppl and I didn’t understand why. She knew they were famous but she didn’t know where they were from either. Lol she asked if I wanted a picture with them too and I was like “why would I want a picture with random ppl?” I don’t know I thought they were reality stars??

It wasn’t until later I reviewed the picture and I realize that was Matthew Lewis and Jack Harkness.

I cannot believe I served Neville FRIGGIN LONGBOTTOM TEA AND DIDN’T KNOW IT. AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!! HDJEHDKDJDHDHJDHFsjjwjejdhs what kind of Harry Potter fan am I?????

Are those girls famous too???? Because I have no idea??? And I’m a oblivious fool??????


Sydney Patua’s Ada Lovelace, please meet Kate Beaton’s Ada Lovelace!

Behold: the Sketch-o-Trash!

I’ve been doodling on this piece of copy paper for a while out of sheer boredom…… but a lot of it is just for fun (and not canon .-.), if you notice the notes and sketches of this particular kid…. Oh, wait- in fact, this is the first time I’ve posted something with Georgie, the son of Margo…. Speaking of which, I’m thinking of scrapping this Cooper character I’ve drawn in the way past, and incorporating a few traits in Georgie. Yeah. I guess that’ll work. 

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Jack was underwhelmed by our sneaking skills.

thatprincessgirl (Rose), lostboycosplay (11), eberlecosplay (Jack) & Time And Space Cosplay (10). Photo by Jessica Lowery.


OMFG!!! This is bloody brilliant!!!
And look at John all giddy!! :D

theAdventureEffect sings to John Barrowman

So, if you’re like me, and you…

-Love the Danvers Sisters
-Think they’re the best part of the show
-Want to see them interact more

I wholeheartedly recommend Adventures of Supergirl. Chapter 2 came out today and it’s GREAT. Because Science! Sisterly Bonding! And also Sewers! (I needed a third ‘s’ thing. ….It’ll make more sense if you read it.)