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‘Hoofing to receive some photos from Tom Hardy training and working on set in his Royal Marines BJJ Rashguard and Shorts. He wanted to show his appreciation and express how much he has trained and worked in his RMBJJ kit, taking it all over the World with him.

If your a Veteran and would like to get involved in Jiu Jitsu please message REORG directly @royalmarinesjiujitsu ’
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liSTEN. I was perfectly fine with my life that didn't include a Jeff Hardy love. BUT YOU RUINED THAT. I see what you reblog all the time and because of that I now have an unsatisfiable love for Jeff Hardy. AND THERES NOT ENOUGH FANFIC ABOUT HIM. Anyways, just thought I'd let you know that you are solely responsible for my love of Jeff

omg lmao you’re fucking joking!! i’m glad i could be of assistance lmao.

well okay i know the issue with fanfic and him so. if you aren’t already aware, you get reader/oc fanfics on here and on ao3.  occasionally on FF but those usually are terrible, no tea no shade but that’s just how it is. on FF and livejournal and those angelfire websites you get fanfic with other wrestlers and it’s 97% slash and the good shit is slash so there’s that. be warned that anywhere you go, there will be incest fics. it’s just how it is. just don’t read it. please don’t. for your sake and mine.

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THIS WEBSITE is has literally almost all the jeff fic you’ll ever need and it has a part 2 and part 3!! and is being updated to this day so that’s a win PLUS there’s series fics over here!! this shit is all slash though so if you aren’t into it just fucking run lmao

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The Girl With No Name - Alfie Solomons Fan Fic: Chapter 10



Warnings:  NSFW, oral sex, mentions of violence

Chapter 10 – Pillow Talk

For once Ollie was on the ball and caught her before she could leave the lot.  Alfie limped painfully through the front doors, his eyes searching wildly but with edged with a concern he couldn’t conceal.   Though none of it entered his harsh tone.

“Get her in the fuckin car Ollie.”

Ollie’s pained howl was the only response as her fist met his chin and a sharp heel landed upon his foot.   She was off across the parking lot like a scared rabbit.   Until the loud crack of a pistol broke the silence and a shot grazed off the paved gravel in front of her.   She stopped immediately in her tracks, waiting for the next shot that would certainly pierce her this time.   When nothing came, she slowly turned around, eyes huge and mouth open.    Alfie was walking directly towards her with gun raised.

“Do ya think I missed on purpose love?   Cause ya better be sure before ya take another fucking step.”    

“Alfie please.”

He saw the pleading look in her eyes that matched her tone, but he turned his softer side against her and waved the gun towards the car.   For a moment it seemed she would stand her ground and Alfie felt uncertainty for the first time in his life regarding pulling the trigger.  He never pulled his weapon unless he was ready to pull the trigger.   And especially not against a woman.    He’d never raised more than his voice to a woman.   Staring into the soft brown orbs that still shone with tears, he knew he couldn’t do it.   He couldn’t that first night he met her and he still couldn’t bring himself to squeeze off the shot.   She was lying to him.  She was betraying him – in some way he knew it deep in his bones.   And yet something held him back and it was more than just knowing how soft her skin felt or how much he wanted to bury himself deep, even if one last time.   She was holding his gaze.   Her chin up and her back straight.  She had not reached for her own weapon and drawn on him like she had before.   He knew he was right, and yet something felt wrong.   It was the sag of her shoulders.  That’s where the defeat was hiding… but it wasn’t about any damn jewels.   That kind of heaviness, that look of pain in her eyes.   That was personal.  And he knew it had nothing to do with him.  

“Get in the car love.  And we will talk, right?”

She began to move, but instead of towards the car she walked straight over to where he still stood with gun raised.   He stiffened immediately and braced himself for either her fists, or her heeled feet.  A momentarily thought crossing his mind that Alfie Solomons would be taken out by black, shiny high heels that were designed to take a man down in other ways.   He braced himself, hand holding the gun tight even though his finger was well back from the trigger… but nothing could have prepared him for when she folded completely upon his chest and wrapped her arms around his neck.  Clinging like the world would cast her off if she let go.  He heard the hiccup against the collar of his shirt.  Felt the wetness upon his neck where she pressed in close and sighed deep.   It was the complete collapse of her weight against him – a sagging in her bones that told him this was no ploy.   With a side glance towards Ollie who now stood by the car, still holding his own gun, he shook his head gently.

And then wrapped his arms around her tight.  

The return drive to his office was once again a quiet affair.   No teasing about his zippers this time, instead she had leaned right into his shoulder the moment he sat himself beside in the back.    A glance downward showed her staring vacantly through the front window, watching the town pass by.   When they arrived back at the distillery, she got out of the car and Alfie could once again see the steel slide up her back.   No way she was going to walk looking defeated through his bakery.   She raised her chin and started that slow, gently swaying walk that made every man look up from his work.  Alfie frowned behind her – even though seconds prior he had been enjoying he view himself.    The pain in his hip was the reason he lingered behind causing his loud bark towards the gaping mouths that were supposed to be working to be even sharper than normal.   She turned on a heel and frowned when she noticed his slow gait.

“So what’s with the old man walk sugah?”    But her eyes held only concern and not a trace of humour was in her tone.

Alfie grunted and made to catch up,  “Just my sciatica – acts up every now and then is all, yeah.”

She nodded and continued on at a pace that matched his own, and much less undulating of hips.   When they reached his office, Alfie lowered into his chair with a groan; tossing the jewel case upon the floor.   Not even concerned about returning it to the safe.   Manon settled upon the couch, arms resting over her knees, their gazes locked across the space.   Ollie disappeared into his office and moments later set a mug of coffee before both.    Manon murmured and smiled her appreciation, Alfie merely raised his to take a drink.    They continued watching each other; each holding out for the other to speak.   The tension once again settling like dust within the room.   She was determined to hold out this time, but as the minutes passed and still that hard gaze pierced her, she sighed wearily and shrugged her shoulders.

“Ya do know I want the money just as much as ya, right?   So why would I compromise the meeting?”

“I know ya didn’t compromise the meeting Manon.”

Slightly taken aback that he believed her, she raised her hands without a word, waiting for him to continue.   The stare was unrelenting.  She leaned back into the cushions and stared at the ceiling.  

“Manon.”   Her gaze flicked down her nose to peer at him.  “See this is where ya say  Thank you for believing in my crooked ass Mr. Solomons and I think it’s so-and-so who messed with the gems and the meeting time.”   He leaned back in his chair.   “See that’s how it works… when someone wants a deal over death love.”

She turned her coffee in her hands, letting its warmth seep through her shaky, chilled palms.   Eyes fixed on the floor and Alfie’s confusion only mounts as the time ticks away and she appears more broken with each second gone.   He doesn’t know this version of her and wants her to yell at him.  Cuss him out. Tell him she has no idea what is going on – but, she doesn’t say that.   So he knows.  She does know what is going on; she just doesn’t want to tell him.   Still, he can feel the weight of whatever burden she is carrying from clear across the room.  Whatever her reasons for withholding, he also suspects it has nothing to do with wanting to betray him.   So he waits, until his own coffee grows cold in its cup and the light starts to fade from the windows.

“I have a good idea who it is Alfie.”   Her eyes raise and he can see both pain and fear in the warm depths.  “I just don’t want to say nothing right, okay?”    Alfie leans forward in his chair, hands pressed upon his desk and she can tell by the furrowed brow that he’s about to explode.  Her hand raises.  

“No just wait a minute, let me explain.”  His breathing is rapid and she can almost feel the heat of his anger like a breath of wind, but she pressed on.   “I want this person to come to me.  I want to give them that chance before I say anything Alfie.”

“Yeah, and why does this prick deserve that?”

She took a deep breath, and though he saw her teeth biting her lip hard, tears escaped and ran down her cheeks.  “Because I think they did something very bad.  Just to hurt me.   And if they don’t come to me first.  If they don’t admit what they’ve done and that it was to hurt me -  then I’ll know.”

“Know… what?!”

“I’ll know I am done with them.  For good.”

And just like that Alfie say the fire snap in her eyes and in the chilled tone that laced her words; and he knew the girl who fought beside him was back.  

He only nodded.   “And then you will tell me what the fuck has been going on?  Everything?”

“I will tell you anything you want to know sugah.   Honest.”  

Suddenly she stood and began to pace around the couch. “Right now, I need to think.”

Alfie leaned back in his chair, propped his feet upon the desk and gestured to the phone.  “Right.  Well, expect we might be getting a call, so might as well wait here for a bit.. while we think.”    

He leaned back and watched her through lidded eyes.   He could feel her anger now, as each step brought forth silent mumbling and her hands moved about as if possessed.   Every now and then she would stop and strike her palm with a fast and he was sure he could read the word “bitch” on her lips.    She stopped and faced him, her eyes blazing and face scrunched up with the force of whatever was building inside her.

“If they fucking think they can get away with this Alfie… try and make me look bad.  My reputation.  Mess with my personal business…. Well let me tell you Alfie Solomons, they gonna fuckin regret it sugah.”   She paused and stared wild eyed around his office.  “I just don’t know how… yet.  But I will dammit.  Oh yes I will.”

Her blood was boiling with each spit word …. and his own was raising no small amount just watching her.  Briefly he wondered if this was how he appeared to others when his unpredictable nature emerged.   Damn, I’m impressive as hell then.   But, so is she and it’s like a siren call beckoning him once again.

She paused before his desk, hands pressed tightly against the edge and Alfie willed his gaze to not fall towards her gaping blouse where her chest heaved with the effort of her anger.  

“After all I done.  Everything I did for them.  And this is how I get repaid.”  

“Listen sweetie, ya seem pretty worked up about it all. Why don’t ya just tell me, and will go get this son of a bitch.”

Her head shook back and forth.  “No, I wanna know where I stand with this person.  Once and for all.”   She glanced towards the phone.   “Besides, them Russians still ain’t called.   Shouldn’t they be calling, wondering where we at?”

“Not if they already bought the real gems love.”

She straightened and pushed off the desk.   “Shit, damn, fuck.”   Then proceeded on another turn about the space before stopping before his desk, this time her hands on her hips and he saw the moment the rage melted into passion.

“I’m so angry right now Alfie.  I don’t know what I’m about to do.  But I need to do something sugah.”

Alfie’s fingers worked around the edges of his mouth, pulling the stray hairs while his gaze burned into her own.

“Well honey, that sounds to me like it’s time we should be leaving.”

“What about the Russians?”

Alfie rose from the chair and snorted his contempt. “Fuck em.   If who I know is in charge, it’s no wonder they’ve made a bad decision, right.”  He came to stand in front of her and rubbed his hands up and down her arms.

“Listen sweetie, we can sell some of this here Paste shit, but not in my store, fuck I’ve got my own reputation, yeah?  But it will help recoup some losses… which we will split fair, right?”

“Ya would still do that Alfie?”

He nodded and then pulled her by the arm towards the door.   “Yeah, well it’s against my better judgement, I don’t mind saying love, but it seems the deal is done and we’ve got nothing else but to accept it.  So that’s it, done.”

“Yer not so bad at all Alfie Solomons.”

“Yeah well don’t go spreading it ‘round love.”   He reached back to grab her hand.  “Come on now.  That lil temper of yers got me all hot and wanting ya something fierce.”  He winked as he put his hat on.

“Jesus… again with the timing Alfie.”

He chuckled as he continued through the door into the factory.

“Still not a no honey.”


Alfie’s hallway was littered with clothing from the front entry to his bedroom door.   The teasing play had started during the drive on the way over again.  A hesitant kiss at the first stop sign, and then building to a barely contained inferno as they slowly found their way back to one another.   Desire charging straight down the yellow line and running common sense off the road.  Alfie had one hand on the steering wheel and the other up her skirt, fingers petting the downy softness over her lace panties.   Struggling to keep his eyes on the road before him, when directly below her painted nails were dragging along the seam of his crotch.   Her fingers toying with his hardening cock and he was desperate for her to take the whole length in a firm hand.    At the next stop he turned eyes filled with lust towards her and grabbed her about the neck to pull in for another ravishing kiss.  The streets were practically empty and he took his time plundering her mouth while his hand rubbed her pussy until he felt the dampness seeping through upon his fingers.

“Ah, fuck yeah love. Yer ready for me ain’t ya.   Don’t know if I can wait.  Got half a mind to take ya right here.”

“Are ya ready for me sugah?”   Her hand reached down his trousers and grasped his thick length and Alfie heaved a sigh of relief.   Reaching across with the other hand, she pulled down the zipper at the same time as she began to bend low over him, a fiery gleam in her eye.   “I’ve been dying to suck this marvelous cock of yours down sugah.”    

He frowned briefly at her words but lost the train of thought and gasped aloud when her mouth enclosed over the tip and glided slowly to take his full length in her hot mouth.   He bucked his hips into her bobbing mouth, and head tipped back as a low, long groan pulled from his throat. Fuck, was it this good the last time?   Fuck.  He wasn’t capable of any rational thought at the moment, as he looked down and watched himself swallowed whole around those luscious red lips.   Fuck.  The heat was already surging straight to his balls and his fists tightened about the steering wheel.   He gasped for air, while his eyes took one long look around to make sure they were still alone on the street.  Not that he would mind getting caught on the receiving end of the best damn blow job of his entire life… fuck… he was throbbing in her mouth … but these were dangerous times too.   His hands lowered to twist in the tight ebony curls and guided the motion of her head.   Still taking him deep, her tongue swirled around the tip and all the way back down to lick his balls and he damn near shot straight through the roof of the car. Fuck Manon… god love, I’m gonna cum ya do that again.   She laughed lightly and his cock jumped against her mouth.  Slowly she pulled her lips along the entire hard length until he popped gently out of her mouth.  

“Yeah, I think yer ready sugah.”   She nibbled his top lip, felt the tickle of the overgrown whiskers above and moaned beneath his kisses, “I want all of ya Alife.  Naked and pounding and sweating o’er me.”

Alfie pulled back and slapped his hands on the wheel, “Well that’s fucking yes if I e’er heard one, innit?”

Now she had him just as she wanted him.  Naked.  His cock pulsing inside her soaked pussy.   Every muscle strained and rippling.   The sweat already collecting on his brow as he labored over her.   But it was his eyes on hers that set her heart pounding and sent tremors throughout her entire body.  He wouldn’t look away.  Pinning her down with his eyes, just as the caress of his hips against her own held her in place upon the bed.    She turned her head to the side, unable to meet the intensity of his gaze.   How it changed the experience and her emotions were climbing as high as her building climax.    He reached a hand down to cup her face.

“Nah, Manon – I want to see you.  I want to watch ya cum.”

She bite her lip and squeezed her eyes closed, willing those tumbling feelings to settle even as he stroked her body to a pitch. She needed a good fucking.  She wanted a good fucking.  The problem was Alfie gave you that … and so much more. His one hand reached to cup her face.

“Don’t shut me out like the other night love.”

Her brow creased and then a look of surprise crossed her face until she recovered.   A flash of pain briefly visible and then her eyes softened and with a slow smile, she reached for him.

“Then come closer Alfie… let me feel all of ya.”

Alfie lowered his body upon her own, the feel of her silky flesh beneath his own an intoxicating warmth that soothed every stress in his being.   Elbows bearing his weight so he could tangle his hands in her hair; holding her to him. His mouth crashed upon her own, tongue pressing into the depths in rhythm with his pulsing dick impaling her soft centre so slow he could feel every inch he breached.  The quivering and clenching of her cunt around him.   So used to relentless pounding when he fucked, this leisurely pace tears him apart with each languid thrust.  His kisses ravishing her as slow and thoroughly as the motions of his hips between thighs that wrap around his waist like a vise.   Tearing his lips away to trail all over her face, her throat, the curve of her breasts, the drag of his beard sending tremors over her flushed skin.   When she started moaning his name in between the French, he clamped down his own surging climax to keep the sweet pace.  Her nails dug into his shoulders as she arched into him, then dragged down his back to grip his ass.   Faster.  Fuck me harder Alfie.  

He held her face gently and forced her eyes to his own. “Ah no, just like this love.”  His lips ghosted across her own and moved to breathe hot against her ear. “So slow… trust where I’m gonna take ya sweetie.”

She was hanging on the edge, every nerve set on fire. The burning in her cunt almost making her cry out for relief.  She needed more of him.  Harder. But he kept stroking slow and deep until she thought she might actually pound her fists upon him to bring forth her release.   Just when it felt she might go mad, the burning gave away to a warm flush that started from her toes and crept up her entire body.  Her eyes bulged wide to find him staring down into them, a knowing smile on his face.   She wasn’t sure if she was falling or floating, or if her entire body was engulfed in warm flames dancing upon every nerve  

“That’s it love, ride it out.”

She croaked a whimper, now desperate to have this overwhelming cascade of bliss dissolving along each limb to give her its own release.   Her cunt gushed with wetness, the sounds almost obscene as he continued pushing into her body.  Taking her higher than she’d ever gone.   Please. God… oh Alfie.    Alfie always had a weakness for the throaty sounds of begging, but there was something about hers that sent him right over the edge every single time.  He groaned deep into her neck and clutched her tight to him, but kept to his pace drawing their climax out long and slow.  Her entire body shook beneath him, gliding against his own with the sweat that clung between where they were still pressed close.  He grunted and gasped until his cock pressed deep inside her, finally stopped its pulsing spurts.   He dropped to lay flush upon her and crushed his mouth to hers once more, her walls clenching in a series of deep pulls upon his softening shaft.  With each pull she moaned deep into his mouth, and he could still feel the fluttering of her walls as he kissed her deeply.   Finally he felt her relax beneath him.  Her legs lowered to entwine about his own, while her arms stretched around his neck. Fingers pulling through his hair.   He pulled back and met her eyes, saw something dancing in the depths – for just a moment and his breath caught thick in his throat.   It looked like something he had always been searching for, but by the time he acknowledged it, it was gone.

Alfie rolled off her slick with sweat covered body and lay on his side, cradling her up against his still heaving chest.  His eyes trailing over her naked in the moonlight filled room.   So fucking beautiful.  He couldn’t believe the fucking privilege that was his to have just taken that body to dizzying heights.  He could take her nice and slow and long like that every damn night.   Her fingers were trailing through the fur on his chest and his eyes briefly closed at how good it felt to be touched like this.   Gentle and soothing.  Her eyes shining back at him and her smile soft.  She was open to him again.   He was suddenly tired as hell, but he was going to find a way to keep it this way between them.   As if reading his thoughts, she leaned forward and kissed his brow, his cheek, and finally a lingering one upon his lips before drawing back.

“Mon dieu Cherie.  It’s never been like that before.  No one Alfie.”

He wanted to beam with pride, but a bitter sweetness engulfed him to think that the unspoken part might be that no one ever would again. Including him.   He tucked the thought away and pulled her close upon his chest, while he lay upon his back, and stroked long caresses down her back until he felt her breathing soft and regular beside him.   He pressed a kiss and a whisper upon her brow.

“Me neither love.”

Basking in the aftermath of how he had made love to her, for that’s how she chose to view it while nestled safe in her dreams, Manon let her body relax for the first time in years.  Feeling safe, and maybe even a little bit treasured – if not actually loved – for the first time since she’d started this long journey.  But the past is a bitch with ill-timing and it sought to follow her into those sweet dreams and tear them apart.  The recent conversation came chasing her while she slept. So real her eyes blinked against the harshness of the street lamp that had shone above them.

“Yer o’er yer head wit ‘em and ya knows it love. Time to let me take o’ve yah?”

“No, ya can’t do this.. not now.”
“I ‘ave done it and there’s no say to ya but to play along now.”

Manon tossed and turned in the bed, as the dream turned swiftly to a nightmare of the present.

“I’ll not hurt ‘im.. I don’t care about the money, he’ll get over that.  But please, don’t make me hurt ‘im.  He don’t deserve…”

“Hell love, all man deserve hurtin and ya well should know it.  Even that one pining away for ya back at the room.  Pathetic he is. Canna decide iffen he love ya or hate ya.  He’s waiting, hoping ya will come to him.  Don’t even care none that ya been on some blokes dick.”

“Then why are ya with him?  Why are ya both doing this to me?”

Her hand flew up in the bed, while in her dream another clamped tight around her chin.  “Because ya left us out ya greedy bitch.  Just walked right out on us ya did.”   The grip tightened and Manon whimpered in her sleep causing Alfie to stir.

“Did ya really think I’d let another person just walk away from me?  Treat me like I were nothin?”  

She swatted the hand away and hissed back.

“I’m not the one that’s like him and denna ya e’ver compare us again sugah.  I’ll walk away from all this right now, I swear it.”

A brittle laugh, “Y’all do what yer told… or yer new man will end up in the Thames.   He must have quite the dick to get ya so stupid.  I’m disappointed Manon, truly I am.”

Alfie reached over in the dark to lightly shake the twisting form beside him. His hand brushed along her cheek and felt the wetness. Raising on one elbow, he watched the range of emotions that crossed her face in her sleep.   But it was the words that caused a stir …. And a panic in his heart.

“I’ll do it for ya.  But only if he doesn’t get hurt.   I can’t hurt…  don’t make me hurt him… please…”

Alfie gathered her back into his arms and she immediately fell back into a quiet and peaceful sleep.  Unlike himself, who lay awake for a long time after wondering what on earth the kind of mess she had gotten herself in to.

Or better yet, what he had.

~ to be continued ~

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