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Honestly, the worst thing ever about being a wrestling fan is knowing that they can take one bad bump and that’s it. They won’t be able to wrestle anymore and that’s honestly heartbreaking.

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Master List of Fics


    Ain’t No Other man

          Characters: AJ Styles x Tina Henderson (OFC)

          Warnings: Fluff, angst, non-cannon, mainly fluff

          Summary: AJ and Christina have been dancing around their attraction for each other since before his divorce. However, neither have acted on it, and AJ and her still remain friends. Their friends see how much they like each other and try and tell the other.  

         Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

    4 AM 

          Characters: AJ Styles x Tina Henderson (I love these two)

          Warnings: angst, cheating, sadness, anger, eventual smut

          Summary: After Ain’t No Other Man, Tina and AJ have been together for a while, when AJ has a night out with the guys that leads to him cheating on his girl. Can AJ win back Tina’s trust, or is their relationship broke forever.

          Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5

    Down On Me

          Characters: AJ Styles x Reader

          Warnings:  Daddy kink, smut, AJ Styles smut, basically smut

          Summary: When (Y/N) has been champion for a while, and the pressure is getting to her, AJ Styles steps in to make it better.

          Part 1

    Get On Your Knees

          Characters: AJ Styles x Reader

          Warnings: oral sex, sex toys, smut, control sex, basically smut

          Summary: (Y/N) doesn’t want flowers, wine and dining, or pretty poems. She wants AJ Styles on his knees in front of her, and that is what she gets. 

          One Shot

Finn Balor

    Finn’s Nurse

          Characters: Finn Balor x Reader

          Warnings: oral, smut, nipple play, basically smut,

          Summary: Finn has been out for months now, and had the goal of being in the Royal Rumble. At the doctor’s appointment to get clearance for the Pay Per View, Finn’s hopes are dashed, as he can’t be cleared just yet. More depressed then he’s been in weeks, he lets his girl know the bad news in a text, before making his way home to drink away the night. (Y/N) has other plans for her man, and shows up in a sexy barely there nurses outfit, and makes Finn feel better.  Basically smut

          Part 1

    Bang Bang

          Characters: Finn Balor x Reader

          Warnings: oral, possession, angst, smut basically smut

          Summary: It’s know that Finn Balor had a dark side, and he’s a pro at controlling it, most of the time. When Elias Samson touched his girl, Finn lost it, letting Balor out to show who (Y/N) belonged too.

          Part 1

Jeff hardy

    Side to Side

          Characters: Jeff Hardy x OFC

          Warnings: casual sex, angst, friends with benefits, oral sex, nipple play, sex toys, smut, fluff, and more.

          Summary: Perrie is the latest WWE Makeup Artist, and catches the eye of Jeff Hardy. What starts off as fuck buddies, leads to feelings and maybe more, but will the other feel the same?

          Part 1 Part 2

This will be constantly updated as I put out more work. Also check out my blog for a page dedicated to this list of works as well. 

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Writing Ideas Update

So, my brain spits out more story ideas faster than I can write, so I’m gonna talk about each one I have so far with a small one sentence summary. I have no idea when they’ll be written since I do work, but on my off days I write as much as I can. Feel free to let me know if you wanna be tag, if you haven’t already, or if you just wanna make sure I didn’t forget to add you in if you have mentioned it before. Ideas will be listed after the cut off if you’re interested. (This is listed in order or when I came up with them, not when I will write them)

F = Fluff
S = Smut

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Wrestling Week
Day Five: Favorite match: The Hardys vs. The Young Bucks at Supercard of Honor XI
A favorite because I witnessed this live. There’s something different about seeing The Bucks live. The energy in the room is unexplainable, you know you’re gonna see something special. It was the first ladder match I’ve ever seen live and out of all the shows I’ve been to, and all the matches I’ve seen, none of them made me feel the way this one did. I literally had my head in my hands and could not believe what I was seeing. I could not believe HOW MANY TIMES NICK JACKSON KEPT GETTING UP AFTER SOMETHING INSANE. And when Matt fell from the top of the ladder through the table on the outside I was like “GOD THEIR KIDS ARE HERE” OMG. You get to care so much about the Bucks, cause they share so much of their life through Being The Elite and my heart was just like STOP.  Not to mention the fact that a tag team match was the main event of a ppv. I was just so happy and so proud.

Imagine walking down a red carpet with Tom. You’re typically a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but Tom’s recently proposed, so you’re excited to get all dolled up and show off your shimmering rock. You spend all day getting your hair and make-up done, and put on a stunning lace gown. You can’t wait to see photographs of you in your fiance’s arms, both of you looking and feeling like a million bucks.