the hardest word to say is goodbye

Lyrical Starters (Pt. 2)
  • “We were born to make history.”
  • “She’s a diamond on a landmine.”
  • “Saying goodbye’s the hardest part… Wish we knew this from the start.”
  • “Last year’s wishes are this year’s apologies.”
  • “I’ve got a sickness, you’ve got the cure~”
  • “All I want to do is trade this life for something new!”
  • “Love hurts, but sometimes it’s a good hurt…”
  • “I need to lose myself tonight.”
  • “Hate is a strong word, but I really, really, really don’t like you.”
  • “You can go back if you want to, I will be right there behind you!”
  • “If I ever leave, I could learn to miss you…”
  • “Even when your hope is gone, move along just to make it through.”
  • “I almost wrote a song about you today, but I tore it all up and I threw it away…!”
  • “You need that boy like a bowling ball dropped on your head.”
  • “Heavy metal broke my heart.”
  • “Love… It will get you nowhere!”
  • “My age has never made me wise.”
They say death is hardest on the living. It’s tough to actually say goodbye. Sometimes it’s impossible. You never really stop feeling the loss. It’s what makes things so bitter sweet. We leave little bits of ourselves behind, little reminders. A lifetime of memories, photos, trinkets. Things to remember us by even when were gone.

ddlovato: Got to cuddle for hours while taking a nap with my Mimaw today. This woman is an ANGEL. Anyone who knows me knows how obsessed I am with them so this has been a very painful experience. One of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do was hold her during my Papa’s funeral. Over 54 years together, they were the definition of soulmates. His last words were even “I love you.” My heart was in pieces this past week having to say goodbye to him and watching her breakdown several times was probably the most gut wrenching thing I’ve ever witnessed. But even though she’s devastated she keeps telling me “I’m gonna be okay.” This woman right here is my WORLD and at 93 years old she is the strongest woman I know. Watching her strength has given me the inspiration to keep powering through life’s most difficult obstacles and conquer them with grace. I love you Mimaw.. SO much. And RIP Papa.. You are so loved and so missed by so many.. P.S. My dear Lovatics, please pray for her. She is heartbroken but when I told her there were millions of people praying for her, she smiled…. Thank you all for the love and support..

I don’t know how to face all of this, I’m not prepared.
Every picture I see, every video I watch, every song I listen, I start crying and I don’t know how to stop.
Glee taught me so much.
It’s a part of my life and it will always be.
And you know, I’m never saying goodbye to you.

“And Glee Club will never end, Mr. Shue, because… You are the Glee Club.”

Finn Hudson/Cory Monteith

Tonight, FOX aired the Glee memorial for Cory/Finn. I couldn’t stop crying. I knew he was dead, but it really hit me tonight. We never get to see him sit in that chair Puck stared at when he sang his song to Finn. We never get to see him wear his varsity jacket that Kurt and Santana share. We never get to see him sing to the Glee kids. But most of all, we never get to see him and Rachel again. We can never see Cory and Lea together again. If y'all couldn’t read it, Puck carved “QUATERBACK” in the tree. All of the letters were capitalized. Remember the plaque with the lady on it with her name, etc. on it? Well, now they have a new one. And it’s Finn. When Carole broke down, I broke down. I’m going to miss him so much. Even though I’m just a fan, I know he loved me. He loved all of is gleeks out there. What’s Lea going to do? Cory was her love. The one she wanted to marry and has kids with. Before I found out Cody was a drug addict, he was my role model. After I found out, he is still my role model. He wanted to change for kids. He didn’t want to influence them to do drugs. He wanted to change. In English, we had to choose an assignment. It was either to write about your future or your role model. And I chose Role Model. We had to write why and who and I put basically what this post explains. I will miss seeing him sing to Rachel. But I will especially miss him and Lea. R.I.P Cory Monteith/Finn Hudson, our quaterback.

‘The hardest word to say is goodbye’

Can I just say, I am very glad Glee never specified how Finn died. Because in regards to Cory’s death, I’ve seen people say “oh, well, he was just a druggie” or “don’t do drugs, kid.” And I feel like that belittles his death so much. It doesn’t matter how he died. What matters is how he lived. And whether this was the intention of leaving it ambiguous or not, I’m glad that’s what Glee chose to focus on.

Forever in our hearts.

Edit: Oh, and I should add I don’t mean we should belittle the problem of addiction either. Of course, there should be awareness that this is a mental illness that needs treatment along with love and support throughout recovery. But we cannot let this or any mental illness be the sole definition of the person who suffers from it - Cory or anyone else, living, recovering, in treatment, what have you. A person should not be defined by their problems, but by what they do and what they love - in short, who they are. Cory was not just a drug addict. He was a talented and all around good person, and though he had problems, he also had the bravery to face them head on. And that is how he should be remembered.