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pairing: derek hale x reader

warnings: SMUT, swearing, dirty talk, NSFW GIFS. porn without a plot, basically.

prompt: going into heat while living in the loft with derek being the only available alpha. 

the cold loft was deserted as you laid in the middle of your bed, beads of sweat ran down your sore skin and your breathing was coming out harder than usual. you’d turned down the AC as soon as you’d woken up, the icy air doing very little to calm your raging hot skin. you had lived with derek and issac in the loft for 6 months after being turned by scott and having no where else to go; at first you thought of yourself as an inconvenience yet derek and issac constantly reassured you that you weren’t. al though they had said it many times, you still didn’t bother them with any of your problems and tried to keep to yourself in your room.

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‘When were you going to tell me?’ ‘When it became Relevant’ - Eobard Thawne

Note: I do not own this gif, this is just a filler in the little bit of time I have to spare when I’m not working. So enjoy. Better constructed/written stories will be coming tomorrow (Monday in England). 

It was harder to hide than normal. Usually it was a simple headache and a few dizzy spells but recently you’d been losing time and passing out. Your vision had become blurrier in your haze and purple clouded your vision. Cisco had seen you once, he’d caught you as you fell. You’d sworn him to secrecy.

You were walking through the small office space. A bunch of test tubes in your hand and a smile on your face. Cisco and Doctor Wells had just gone for some burgers and Caitlin had the day off. It was just you and the comatose Barry in the confines of the damaged building. You checked him every half an hour; a video feed showing his sleeping form as you worked.

A swirling feel grew in your head, your hands relaxing and your eyes blurring. You could hardly keep your balance as the tubes crashed the floor; shattering as they made contact. You squinted attempting to find some solid surface in the middle of a minimalist room. Your head felt like it was tightening, like your eyes were going to burst out of your head and your brain was going to seep out of your ears.

You felt your knees give out almost immediately, your head not quite caught up with the rest of your body as you fell to the ground. You remembered the glass on the ground as you neared it. Any second now and you hit the chemicals, the glass and the ground. You’d regain control in a few minutes or maybe never again. It was hard to say as you waited.

“[Name]” Doctor Wells shouted, his voice like a beacon. A grounding mechanism for your mind as you blinked. Your head turning to the side to see him. In his wheelchair? No, for a minute you thought you saw him stood there, his hands gripping onto you to keep you up right. That couldn’t be right. He was paralysed, the explosion made him so. “Keep your eyes open”. Your head rolled back.

When you awoke you were lying in one of the spare rooms, a small camper bed beneath you. It was one of the beds that Doctor Wells had placed here. Somehow, perhaps he’d walked it in himself. That was ridiculous. The room was dimly lit, the hallway brighter as the light creeped in through the glass.

“When were you going to tell me?” The question caught you off guard the least, the voice it belonged however. Your eyes caught him sat on his chair to the left of you. His head resting on his hand and his glasses in his other hand. You hoped he wasn’t talking about it, but somewhere inside your frazzled mind you knew he was. You closed your eyes.

“When it became relevant”, you breathed. “With the explosion, Barry and sorting everything here, there wasn’t a right time. How did you find out?”

He was silent for a while as he placed his glasses back on his head. His face was almost unreadable. His eyes revealed no emotion as you waited. You just wanted him to say something, anything. Argue with you or give you a pity-filled sentence.

“It was always relevant. You, are my only concern. You, Cisco, Barry and Caitlin.” He remarked, his hand reaching for your arm, you remembered his moving. You opened your mouth to say something but closed it. You were phasing in and out of consciousness at the time. You’d probably imagined him standing.

dear you,

i wish i can understand you better. i find you perplexing and interesting at the same time, and it’s so frustrating to not be able to catch your motion of thoughts or pick up on your emotions quickly. or make the right responses to your words, or smile at the right time, or laugh at your jokes appropriately.

i feel so inadequate for some reason, and as i’m writing this down, i can feel the tears that want to come out.

trying to understand a person is harder than i thought it would be. i know you have high expectations and here i am flunking some of my papers, and i can’t even decide how to start off a conversation with you without sounding awkward.

i guess we’re just that, then.

here’s a goodbye to a possibility-



year 2016 & bts

3rd wheel
  • Viktor [caressing yuri's thigh]: you're getting thick again.
  • Yuri [blushing]: what kind of exercises would you recomend?
  • Viktor [smirks]: you want me to say it?
  • Yuri [blushing harder]: stop that
  • Yurio: come with us, they said.
  • Yurio: it'll be fun, they said.
Things that Yuuri on Ice has taught me:

-it’s okay to fail, so long as you pick yourself back up again and try harder

-different people show love in different ways

-good times will always come after the bad

-there is always a light in the darkness

-remember that some people need support more than motivation. (Though they are similar, they are not the same)

-talking things out is always better than keeping it in.

-you can always have someone to look up to, but it is important to find yourself

-love may not get you gold, but it will always win.

My roommate just walked in the door and asked if I have pants on because her parents are with her… so then this happened

“Stiles do you have pants on?” Derek yelled into the apartment as he unlocked the door. 

“Yeah but I can take them off if there’s sexytime in my future,” Stiles yelled back and Derek’s ears burned red.

“My mom’s with me,” Derek said, avoiding eye contact with his mother. 

Talia laughed, “Hi Stiles.”

“Hi Mrs. Hale,” Stiles said, coming out of the bedroom, face red and voice a little higher than usual, “I didn’t know you were coming by.”

“I can go if you two have big plans,” Talia said and Stiles blushed harder. Derek felt his own cheeks flush too, “I just wanted to come see the new place.”

“Well here it is,” Derek said, “Stiles don’t you have something to do not here.”

“Yep,” Stiles said, “Um, something somewhere else.”

“Oh don’t leave, I’m going,” Talia said, kissing Derek on the cheek and hugging Stiles, “I’m glad you had pants on.”

“Me too.”

She left with another laugh, “Don’t just bring you mom over without warning! What if I hadn’t had pants on!”

“I didn’t think that far,” Derek said, tugging Stiles closer.

“I’ll ditch my pants now if you want,” Stiles said as Derek nipped at his ear, “Right now.”

“Do it,” Derek whispered, voice rough, all their embarrassment forgotten as they made their way to the bedroom leaving a trail of clothes behind them.


This blog is inspired by the idea that us introverts have a harder time feeling like we don’t fit in. Especially when it comes to a group setting. We’re the quiet ones. We’re the ones that don’t seem to have anything interesting to add to a conversation. We’re the ones with all the intricate thoughts that only comes out when we write, create art or sing.

Hence, we wanted a blog that expressed a sense of wear styles that goes with who we are. Subtle. Yet Sleek.

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Survey suggests millennials aren’t lazy and entitled. In fact, it’s quite the opposite.

  • Millennials can’t seem to escape the notion that they’re of a lazy, spoiled, entitled generation.
  • But a recent survey revealed that millennials are, by many metrics, much harder workers than older generations — even when it comes at the expense of their personal lives.
  • The survey found that millennials are more likely to pass up their vacation time, even though they typically receive fewer vacation days than their older colleagues.
  • Nearly half of millennials surveyed said it was a good thing to be seen by one’s boss as a “work martyr” or someone who shows “complete dedication” to their job. Read more
Success does not come without several failures along the way. Take them lightly, and use them to propel you forwards
  • Saeyoung: [caressing MC's thigh] This part's a bit thicker.
  • MC: [blushing] What kind of exercises would you recomend?
  • Saeyoung: [smirks] You want me to say it~?
  • MC: [blushing harder] Stop that
  • Saeran: Come with us, they said.
  • Saeran: It'll be fun, they said.

└ How can this adorkably cute mien be that of our oldest member? Muri desu~~ Too squishable~~

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