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A funny little print idea I had two days ago that I like to call Tartarus + Starry Night

Finally my kindergarten years of drawing van gogh have paid off (Not quite there with the brush strokes but JEEZ I really respect impressionist and pointillist style a whole lot more now)

Fan Bing Bing absolutely killing it and looking like an immaculate goddess at the Met Gala, meanwhile nearly everyone else entirely missed the theme memo.

anipwrites  asked:

Draw Nathanael for the ink requests thing, if you wanna? Maybe a fox hero Nathanael, if you're feeling brave? Thanks!

A little bit of both?

I think this is the first time I’ve drawn Nathaniel, whoops. Thanks for the request!

Artwork ©: alazic02

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anonymous asked:

this is a very out of the blue question but do you have tips on drawing face shapes? they are the only thing i really struggle on. with my art and i cant seem to find any good tutorials

i was actually struggling w/ this a bit too a while back!! mm, i cant offer any great tutorials but i’ll try my best! you should def take my advice w/ a grain of salt though bc my face shapes are one of the most stylized/exaggerated parts in my drawings ;v;

so i think in order to understand face shapes you need to know how the head is structured first.

Ignoring facial features like noses and lips, the two main parts that stick out of the front of the head are going to be your cheek bone and your brow bone. they’re kind of like two little mountains when you’re looking at a 3/4′s view. I think these are the features you want to primarily focus on either emphasizing or de-emphasizing depending on your style. 
The second thing to notice is that the cranium of your skull sticks out past your neck. This doesn’t really affect face shape as much as head shape, but its still an important anatomical feature to take note of!

I drew up some comparisons of a relatively proportionate face, how i would draw a face in my style, and an extremely exaggerated chibi style. 
For the first face, I tried to use harder lines and sharper angles. The transition between brow bone and cheek bone is a harsher angle. The jaw as well is more defined and the neck is relatively proportionate to the head, giving this a more realistic/masculine feel. I’m not really familiar with drawing realistic head shapes though so it still looks more stylized.
The second head is the way I typically draw faces. I tend to de-emphasize the brow bone and push the cheek out a little for a more cutesy style. I also don’t use many angles and I’ve softened the curves and jawline. Lastly, I thin out the neck to make the head appear bigger and make the ears bigger as well.
The last example is extremely common in chibi styles. I’ve completely ignored the brow bone and make the head rounder and squished in. The angle of the cheek bone kind of bounces into the extremely exaggerated cheek and once again the neck is thinned and the ears are made bigger.

I’m not sure if this was really any help on how to draw face shapes, more like generally what i try to consider when drawing a head. There are definitely better tutorials out there! But I think the best way to learn is to observe real people and consider the planes of the face. For me, the key to drawing a face is the cheek bone and jaw; they kind of transform it from a circle and a triangle into an actual head. Ofc, that’s just my personal preference, I hope I helped a little bit! Good luck!! 

“ White chocolate or Dark chocolate? Take your pick.”


I haven’t done any Mystic Messenger fanart before and I just had to after playing the Valentines Day DLC.


Old art of my OC and friends OCs for an old RP group several years back lmao. They were part of an “All Boys Sports Academy.” My oc is the one in the purple jacket name Sen and he did kick-boxing and he was also the one who wore the school mascot costume during sports games lmao.

Egotober, Day 01 - Pumpkin carving

Egotober list by @ego-surveillance-squad

On the topic of “Say Goodbye” Anti got very interested in how to actually carve a pumpkin and Seán decided to show him.