the happy time

Happy Birthday To The Precious Neets! 

( Do not tag as ship, i just like cuddly brothers >//A//<  )


   i found it all on my own.
      it’s little and broken.
         but still good. yeah.
            s t i l l   g o o d.

ahahhh ! 
Yet another drawpile session, this time with @iggycat95, @yugimew, @blazecat360, @picturesbybest, @lizardagenda and @extraordinarycircus


happy 18th birthday tarjei / t-jay bone steak / TJ-snow!

hopefully this meme of a child enjoys his birthday because he deserves it so much!! here’s to another year of greatness! (ft. my favorite pictures of him) 

Happy Kiss Day everyone!! 😘😘
mwah mwah~ Here’s some bakudeku!!!
The app I used let me download a speed paint of this so here the link is!! 👀👀❤️

My grandpa is sooo cute. He was talking about some singer he liked as a teenager but couldn’t remember the name but he told me the lyrics of a song he liked so I googled it for him. (It was San Francisco by Scott McKenzie). And I played it on my phone and his shaky little hands took it and smiled ear to ear the whole time it played.

So I showed him how to use safari and google on his own phone to look up songs and he was so fascinated and happy at how “you can play all of this music free of charge??” So he just pulled up an Elvis playlist and listened to it while he ate looking soooo happy 💕💕💕

happy birthday to my special boy !!!!
it’s a hamster plush party