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Regina Mills Appreciation Week
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3x19 | Regina breaks the curse with True Love Kiss


Yes, that is a cake made of pancakes. 

Listen up y’all and let me tell you about my amazing parents, who got married 31 years ago on Summer Solstice, June 21, 1986. My dad (being my dad, and also a future historian of science) wanted the ceremony to be at sunrise, because of Summer Solstice and symbolism and such, but when confronted with the fact that no one would show up to a wedding at five in the morning, he compromised and they had the ceremony at eight. Hence the breakfast reception, complete with milk and a pancake cake.

31 years later and they’re still going strong. Throughout the years, it is no exaggeration to say that they have shown me what true love really is.

Anyway, I just wanted to celebrate them for a moment and share a bit of this absolute preciousness with you all.

P.S. Here they are today:

Finding your inner self....

Struggling to figure your sexuality is never a fun ride and credit has to be given to those in the world who figured out their sexuality. (like seriously an award needs to be given to you guys) It takes a tremendous amount of thought, mental and physical strength to do so. 

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For those who are still trying to figure out your sexuality (including myself) keep at it. All of the countless thoughts and worrying that swirls and consumes your mind will pan out in the end. YOU’RE VALID AND LOVED. If you are one who does not want a label and decides to go in whatever direction your heart desires then do it!!!!

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I honestly do not know if I am straight, bisexual, or just bicurious. There are sooo many beautiful and wonderful guys out there that make one’s head woozy. But then there are girls who are absolutely beautiful and you find yourself staring at them for too long and the sudden thought pops in your head like damn she has a nice body. Then you’re left with where in the hell did that thought come from. 

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That post about Jon's first words being mother upset me so much and Jon's relationship (or lack of) with Cat is literally one of the most fascinating in the show. I don't think either of them hate the other because they aren't capable of that hate (Jon certainly isn't) unless its at Joffrey or Ramsay. With Jon I always imagined that even as he went to the Wall, he never hated her because a small part of him always clung to the hope that the only mother figure in his life would one day love him

the thought of that cuts quite deep :(  show!catelyn (bless michelle’s superb acting) certainly convinced me she hated him. the venom in her eyes when jon went to say good bye to bran could kill (again michelle was amazing). i can’t remember how it was in the books but, but in the show, jon was an angel and i think would’ve jumped into her arms if she opened them for an embrace like for her own kids. 


Hiromu’s birthday present to Naito. 2 boxes of the melon cream soda Naito used to buy all the time when they were in Mexico.
But then, Naito noticed that the boxes had been opened and reclosed. So he opened the boxes and they were both half full - one had 3 bottles in and the other had 5. Naito isn’t sure if it’s just a coincidence that he turned 35 or if Hiromu left him that many on purpose!
At least I think that’s what his blog says - Google Translate is not always the best.
Also, the Naito bear isn’t a present. Naito already had that. Apparently he travels around with a cuddly version of himself…..

I mean, I’m not saying William hasn’t ‘changed’ but I mean I can see why some abuse survivors may need a little more convincing than a five minute clip and two texts. 

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