the happy pals


Have you ever met someone at the wrong time in your life but then the right time came around and somehow now you’ve been given the chance to finally make each other happy?

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[ to @newtscamamder ] salut elena, and happy happy happy birthday!!! it’s been entirely too long since i’ve talked to you, and even longer since i wrote something for you, so enjoy some spur-of-the-moment drarry headcanons <3

  • after the war, the first thing harry said to draco was at least a little surprising, if not worrying 
  • ”move in with me, malfoy”
  • ”no way in hell, potter”
  • apparently, there was a way in hell
  • a nervous draco showed up to the address harry had owled him months before and knocked softly
  • the door swung open to reveal a ruffled potter, who immediately smiled as he saw draco
  • “i was hoping you’d show up, draco”
  • two weeks later, they’re skirting around the apartment and acting as if they barely knew each other
  • which, of course, wasn’t true
  • harry was acutely aware that draco brushed his teeth with his left hand, but turned a book page with his right
  • and draco was intensely trying to ignore the fact that harry cleaned up every single mess in the house without ever bringing it up to the blond
  • two months later, they’re friendly
  • joking around about the years they spent in misplaced hatred
  • “still think you got a chance with the weaslette, potter?”
  • “only if that flower girl – what’s her name, peony? – would take you off my hands”
  • quietly, they grew closer and closer
  • close enough to lay on top of each other
  • and jokingly flirt
  • and sometimes not jokingly flirt
  • after their first year, harry took draco to a christmas at the weasleys
  • “they’re my family, and i wouldn’t want to just leave you at home”
  • it was awkward and shifty
  • until molly took draco into the biggest bear hug and whispered “i’ll go knit you a sweater”
  • draco wouldn’t admit it, but he had tears in his eyes
  • after that, draco and harry were practically inseparable
  • the only way one could tell they weren’t actually together is by seeing that they weren’t hold hands
  • until one day, they did
  • maybe it was draco that grabbed harry’s hand, or harry grabbed draco’s
  • neither of them knew who made the first move
  • they never mentioned that moment
  • or the little sparks that flew whenever their fingers touched
  • but it was always on the back of their minds
  • and then, it was always in front
  • then it was on the tip of their tongues
  • and one night, tipsy draco told even tipsier harry
  • “i want to hold your hand all the time”
  • granted, it wasn’t the most articulated thought that draco ever had
  • but it was enough to get the point across
  • and enough to ignite the flame in harry’s heart and make harry’s eyes shine
  • harry reached over and grabbed draco’s hand
  • neither of them let go.
Simple Envelope Tutorial

I use this technique for almost every single envelope I make because it’s very easy and looks very professional if done cleanly. You can use any size of paper and any adhesive. The envelope below was made with the exact same technique from an old birding book page. <3

First, start with a piece of paper, of course. Scissors and adhesive are all that you require, but I’m using a pen to mark off areas that will be discarded as well. Usually, I would never use Scotch tape, but I didn’t want to wait for other adhesives to dry.

First, we’re going to turn the paper over so that the inside is facing us. Then begin by folding the bottom edge 2/3 to ¾ of the way across to the other side. The paper you leave hanging out will become the envelope’s flap closure, so plan ahead!

Now fold each side in by a few centimeters.. These will become the side flaps, so making them about the same width is advisable. I just eyeball it, but if you want, you can use a ruler to get them perfectly symmetrical. These can be visible or not depending on how you fold the final product.

I avoid double creasing to keep things clean, and I unfold the bottom before creasing the sides. Likewise, I unfold the sides when I fold down the top closure flap, as you can see below. 

Once you unfold the whole thing, you’ll be left with a piece of paper with creases. Below, I’ve used a pen to show you which creases need to be cut along in order to form the flaps.

Once you’ve cut the approproate pieces off, you’re ready to fold along the creases you’ve already made and apply adhesive. Again, I’m using this tape which I would not recommend. XD

Fold the bottom up and the sides in, and you’ve got yourself an envelope, my dears. :3

Hopefully this helps you when you need to send your next letter!

i love flirting with girls because,,, they’re so soft?? and it’s so easy to make a genuine connection to them bc you can relate to each other and probably have stuff in common?? i just told a girl she was beautiful and i liked her nose highlight and she’s so happy. also it’s precious when they blush and smile and giggle,,, girls are so pure i love them. happy pride pals.