the happy hollisters

Survey #146 : ABC

How artistic are you? 
Not at all

Do you want to go to Africa? 

AC/DC or Aerosmith? 

Do you know what Armenia is?

What’s your beer of choice (if any)? 

Do you know the title of Buffalo Springfield’s one-hit wonder? 

Do you have a brother? (Do you like it that way?) 
Yes and yes

Which bank do you use? 
Wells Fargo

Which comedian do you most enjoy? 
Ellen Degeneres, if she counts

Would you ever live in California? 

Is it possible/likely that you’ll become a cat lady?
If anything, I would be a dog lady

How many different countries have visited? 
Just the one that I live in, USA

Do you believe there’s a devil? 

Does eating dessert often make you feel guilty? 
Nah, but it should

Can you legally drive? 

What have you been diagnosed with (if you don’t mind sharing)? 
Nothing serious

How often do you drink energy drinks? 
Never, I don’t like them 

Where did you live when you were 11 years old? 

Do you like the actor who played Edward Scissorhands in that movie?
Johnny Depp? Yes

Have you ever felt an earthquake? 
A VERY small one, but yes

When was the last time you saw your father one-on-one? 
Like, 20 minutes ago

Do you think French is the most beautiful language? 
I guess so, yeah

Is Friday your favorite day of the week? 
Yeah, but Saturdays and Sundays are too.

Have you listened to Jimi’s song ‘Fire?’ 

Do you have real gold jewelry? 

How often do you watch ‘Gossip Girl’? 
I used to a lot, but never anymore because I stopped watching it when I found out everything that happens.

Is Google your homepage? 
No, I don’t have one… it just shows my top websites

Do you like Geico’s commercials? 

When did you last feel happy? 
I don’t even know the last time I was truly happy honestly

Do you prefer Hollister, Hot Topic, or H&M? 

Did you dress up last Halloween? 

Would you voluntarily watch the History Channel? 
Maybe, it depends what was on

Have you ever been on an island? 

Would you be able to locate Indonesia on a globe? 

Do you know if Iceland or Greenland has more ice? 

Did you watch the last presidential inauguration? 
Yes, some of it

Do you enjoy jogging? 
Not at all

On which instrument could you most easily play ‘Jingle Bells’? 
None of them haha. I guess I could do it on the piano, but not the right way

How much do you know about John Lennon? 
Not too much, but a little bit

Do you know how Jell-O is made? 

Have you tried Krispy Kreme doughnuts? (Was it love at first bite?) 
Uhhh I actually don’t think I have

Are you very afraid of North Korea? 
Generally, kind of

How many pairs of khaki pants do you own? 

Have you ever been a fan of the Killers? 
I like Mr. Brightside, but that’s about the only song I know

Does it bother you when couples are lovey-dovey in public? 
Only because I’m jealous haha, but it really depends on my mood

Do you have your own lighter (why or why not)? 
No, I have no need for one.

In how many languages (besides English) can you count to 100? 
Two… English and Spanish

What’s your favorite lollipop flavor?

Do you believe in miracles (why or why not)? 
Yes, I just have faith that God makes miracles happen

What do you think of shows like Maury and Jerry Springer? 
They can be funny to watch sometimes but I hardly ever watch them. I think they’re fake

Do you care that Mars (the candy co.) uses deadly animal testing? 
What? I didn’t know that

How did you form your opinion of marijuana? 
I just don’t see the point in using it.

How often do you sleep naked? 
Literally never

Do you actually check the Nutrition Facts before eating something? 

Who is your favorite musical artist/band beginning with ‘N’? 
No one comes to mind

How nerdy are you (in what ways)? 
Haha I don’t know

What do you think about olives? 
I like black olives, but not green olives

Are you much of an outdoorsy person? 
I can be

How big of an Oprah fan are you? 
I’m not one

How often do you shop online?
I look at stuff a lot, but I rarely buy anything because I’m broke

Are you looking forward to your prom? If you already went, how was it? 
I went my senior year and it was so much fun

How are your local policemen? 
I have no idea

What is your ideal PB&J sandwich like? 
A lot of peanut butter and jelly on white bread, sliced in half diagonally. Now I’m hungry

What do you think of the movie ‘Pineapple Express’? 
Never seen it

How true is the saying, ‘quitters never win and winners never quit’? 
Pretty true

Do you prefer Quiznos or Subway and why? 
Subway, I just like the taste better

Have you learned the quadratic formula yet? (Do you remember it?) 
Yes, a squared plus b squared equals c squared.

What is the one question you most want to ask someone and who?
HAHAHA I want to ask my one friend if he has any feelings towards me at all other than just as a friend

How many rooms are in your home?
9 including downstairs and the garage

Do you like raspberries?
Not really, I don’t like the texture of them

What’s one of your best memories from during a rain storm? 
I don’t really have any

Have you actually read Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo & Juliet’? 

Do you know any Sign Language? 

What is your sleeping schedule generally like? 
It varies a lot

How well do you sing? 
Not terribly, but not great either

How often do you listen to 60-70’s music? 

What do you think of Twitter? 

How much do you value the Ten Commandments? 
A lot

Are there many trees where you live? 

How much taller/shorter do you wish to be?
I’m pretty happy with my height

Where do you usually buy your underwear? 
Target or Kohl’s. I prefer to buy them from Victoria’s Secret though

How do you define ‘ugly’? 

Do you like to shop at Urban Outfitters? 

Would you like being described as ‘voluptuous’? 

For listening to music, do you like to crank up the volume or keep it calm? 
It depends on my mood

Do you ever watch the annual Victoria’s Secret fashion show? 

Would you agree that ‘variety is the spice of life’? 

Are you currently on wireless Internet? 

Can you recall memories of learning how to whistle? 

Do you go to White Castle or just vicariously through ‘Harold & Kumar’? 
Um, neither

Have you gone to Washington, D.C.? Did you like it? (OR-do you want to go?) 
Yes, I loved it! I want to go back

Why did you need your most recent x-ray and what were the results? 
I don’t remember 

When it comes to ‘xoxo’, do you interpret ‘x’ as the hug or the kiss? 
The kiss

What does X stand for in Roman numerals? Can you write the previous number? 
10, and I think IX?

Why do you think xylophones are only popular with young children? 
I have no idea

Can you explain the meaning of the yin-yang symbol? 

Do people more often mistake you as being younger or older than you are? 
Younger I think

Did you know that yawning is contagious? 

Would you like a bottle of Yoo-Hoo or it’s not really your thing? 
I love Yoo-Hoo, so sure

How many places’ zip codes do you know by heart? 
2, where I live and my college. And a couple of surrounding towns I guess

What comes to mind when I say ‘Zero to Hero’?