the happy heathen

the real question is why is everyone so eager to ship off yurio to the point of which y’all are shipping a 15 year old child with people over 18 

Happy Birthday Anais!!!

I thought, for your birthday, I’d try my hand at making a moodboard of things that I feel represent you, so… tada?

You’re actually a super awesome person, and an amazing friend(even if you are a complete and utter heathen), and I’m very happy to have met you(even if it’s not irl).


To the tune of “Heathens”

Christians stole from heathens

Let them know

They don’t have a single excuse

To use about all the abuse

They don’t deal with outsiders very well

They say pagans use evil spells

Christ issues not to mention

They say we have satanic divination

They’ll always take our pagan rituals to use

They’ll forget the rituals that they use

They’ll think “these are all traditions I can use”

But after all they did

Please don’t forget….

Christians stole from heathens

Happy Ostara everyone!

You know, I really didn’t expect how many people were going to slap Ivar in this game… and I really should have of course. He deserves it.

Other things I learned about myself reading all these answers: I really want to slap and provoke Bjorn, and I absolutely want to bang Ubbe I think I need to go hunting in new fic tags…

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mariannevibritannia  asked:

if you haven't already gotten it, i'm sending you asurei too bc i don't know anyone who loves it more than you.

I’m answering this in the verse of the project I’m working on for the most part so here we go B3

  • Who said “I love you” first 

Asuka. Totally Asuka. Definitely Asuka. 

  • Who would have the other’s picture as their phone background

Again, Asuka. She totally denies that this means anything though.

  • Who leaves notes written in fog on the bathroom mirror

Surprisingly, Rei, but her handwriting is infuriatingly small and the drips get in the way so Asuka always has to end up asking what she wrote in the first place.

  • Who buys the other cheesy gifts

Asuka never quite knows what Rei might like so she sticks with the cheesy stuff. Rei always appreciates it though. Rei’s favorite gift is one that’s given to her by Asuka. 

  • Who initiated the first kiss

Rei, much to Asuka’s surprise. 

  • Who kisses the other awake in the morning

Rei wakes up first, but she feigns being asleep so she can get Asuka to do this.

  • Who starts tickle fights

Definitely Asuka, especially once she learns Rei hasn’t ever been tickled before. 

  • Who asks who if they can join the other in the shower

Neither. Rei has no concept of personal space and Asuka believes in the element of surprise. It’s not like either of them mind, anyway.

  • Who surprises the other in the middle of the day at work with lunch

Again, neither. Asuka did try to surprise Rei once, but she can’t cook for shit without setting something on fire. 

  • Who was nervous and shy on the first date

Both to an extent, but Asuka more so since she, unlike Rei, has a reputation to uphold (that is until she realizes Rei doesn’t give a damn about that and they make out in front of Rei’s apartment)

  • Who kills/takes out the spiders

Rei. Asuka runs around shouting that there’s a spider on the ceiling. Rei calmly bats it down and carries it outside. Asuka then refuses to touch her until she washes her hands. Asuka, that’s not how it works. 

  • Who loudly proclaims their love when they’re drunk

I’m not saying Asuka took Rei to Oktoberfest, stole the microphone, and shouted about how much she loves Rei for 5 minutes until someone managed to tackle her, but that’s totally what happened. 

So I loved Heathens by Twenty One Pilots.

And I love sketching?

And this is the first work I’ve posted on here so ta-da :3

(Please don’t repost this it’ll hurt my lil soul :c - maybe reblog instead for motivation? )