the happy dodo

<~/o/ II DODO II \o\~>
( WIP )

today’s the birthday of the pervy Alicein-cabbie here ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)!
the one who reads interesting magazines and gets punched for it by Mitsuki ~

don’t EVER let the Alicein-kiddies get sight of those magazines…ò.ó) !
What if Abel would’ve seen it.. ?!?!
*prepares his grave*

that’s all I could do for now ;w;;; another WIP - yaaay ;w;)9 !
didn’t even started to draw the Marie-Julie one digitally x.x sryyy
enjoy Dodo sitting in his car :D !

hope u like iiiittttttttttt


Happy birthday to Dodo, the best bonus son and big bro! ❤#henkeholm




I commissioned my friend @dorothywonderland to do a pair of chibi pieces and they came out GR8! The red set is of my two unnamed OCs and the other is of my boyfriend and I holding our usual weapons in BotW (because we’re dual wielding the controllers for our playthrough LOL).

Dodo is a fantastic artist and friend of mine who I highly suggest you all look into for your commissions! She has a good number of stylistic and coloring variations available for you to work with. Also, her prices are extremely fair to the buyer and you’re getting beautiful and outright adorable work! Find her blog here and her commission specifics here!!


♫ “Que sera sera. Whatever will be, will be.” ♫ 

Happy 91st Birthday, Doris Mary Ann Kappelhoff aka Doris Day! (April 3, 1924)

I think Doris is a very sexy lady who doesn’t know how sexy she is. That’s an intergral part of her charm…Beautiful Doris with that fantastic body, all sweetness and charm up front, and that turns people on, and I don’t think she could have had the success she’s had if she didn’t have this sexy whirlpool frothing around underneath her All-American-girl exterior. ” - James Garner

I didn’t really know Doris, but I liked her. She was open-faced, honest, and straightforward.” - Ginger Rogers

Well, Doris in the epitome of guilessness. An almost naive quality of innocence and trust. As an actress, she perfectly illustrates my definition of good acting.” - James Cagney

Doris Day is one of the grand ladies of song She exudes sunshine with her acting and singing and just the mention of her name should bring a smile to one’s face. I adore her.” - Robert Goulet

Confidence. Doris oozes it, and it helps explain why everything she does is so damn good.” - Jack Lemmon

She has a way of being very personal with a song… She was absolutely perfect for the recording industry.” - Rosemary Clooney

I always felt that making a living wasn’t the easiest thing in the world, and I decided I was going straight ahead and try to be as uncomplicated as possible. The important thing in life is just living and loving.

- Doris Day

Happy Birthday, Dodo. I love you with all of my heart. ∞


so this is my qpp’s little bro, aka one of my favorite people on the whole entire planet.
and he’s always been interested in my witchy things, which is rad, so I’ve been meaning to get him a crystal for a while
and because he’s basically Actually Steven Universe I decided on a rose quartz, and I got him a worry stone today
this is what my qpp said after he got it
it made me so happy


“She was a girl who fell in love without pausing for breath.” Hedda Hopper

“You know something - I think God did a little dance around her when she was born.” - Kaye Ballard

“I think she is potentially one of the greatest actresses I’ll ever work with, because in every scene she is so open, simple, and honest that I found myself in the position of having to play up to her. Which, in the parlance of actors, means she’s so good that I automatically reacted to her. She’s the kind of person that every time you see her you’re delighted.” - Jack Lemmon

“She’s gifted in a way that makes everything she does work. She’s a Hollywood producer’s dream:  she has beauty, she’s a great actress, a wonderful singer - putting it simply, she has it all!” - Tony Bennett

“She was the Fred Astaire of comedy. Whether it was Rock Hudson or Rod Taylor or me or whoever—we all looked good because we were dancing with Clara Bixby.” - James Garner

"I so fell in love with Doris: she was the most wonderful, funny, delicious, completely sharing, giving actress I had ever worked with - and I mean that sincerely.” Polly Bergen

“Doris Day is one of the grand ladies of song. She exudes sunshine with her acting and singing and just the mention of her name would bring a smile to one’s face. I adore her.” - Robert Goulet

“One thing I like very much about Doris is her absence of affection. She just can’t pretend. If she really likes you, it’s great. If she doesn’t, you might as well get lost because she wont put up a false front.” - Louella Parsons

“Doris was an Actors Studio all by herself. When she cried, she cried funny, which is something I couldn’t even try to explain; and when she laughed, her laughter came boiling up from her kneecaps.” - Rock Hudson

“She knew her lines perfectly as well as everyone else’s. She was always prepared, never caused any problems although she was overly concerned about the way she looked, never thinking she looked good enough. She did and that is part of the reason she was such a success. There was no ego or sense of how great she was. She was disarmingly modest and one of the most natural beauties I have ever encountered.” Joe Pasternak