the happiest of valleys :)

flower asks
  • bluebell: are your emotions consistent?
  • calla lily: what do you consider most beautiful?
  • carnation: who or what have you felt the deepest love for?
  • daffodil: top 3 hopes for the future
  • forget-me-not: share a favorite memory
  • iris: what are you most knowledgeable about?
  • lavender: do you consider yourself lucky?
  • lilac: who was your first love?
  • lily of the valley: what words make you happiest?
  • magnolia: are you going through something difficult?
  • poppy: what do you daydream about?
  • thyme: is there anyone you need to confront?
  • violet: who do you feel the most commitment toward?
Drop the false pretense darling,
you don’t have to pretend to God
that you’re okay, that you’re doing fine
He’s a compassionate God who
meets you where you are
and that place could be the
deepest, darkest valley you have
ever known or the happiest mountain
you’ve ever been on

I missed my blog birthday!

A little over 3 years ago I started an experiment with the Hansons marathon plan. Before it was published in book form, I scrounged through the internet looking for bits and pieces about an approach to marathoning I hoped would be the key to getting to the Boston finish line. And maybe other people would benefit from my results.

I could never have imagined the success I’ve had. 8 marathons run since then across 6 rounds with the Hansons. An improvement of almost 30 minutes and lots of PRs at shorter distances as well. Never could have done it without the support of Tumblr that has connected me with so many people who make running fun, effective, and rewarding.

I don’t know how long I can keep the gravy train going, but if you’ve followed along for a while (thank you!), you know I’ll put my heart and soul into it. Enjoy some of the photos I’ve posted over the years from one of the happiest runners you’ll meet.