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There’s an intriguing trend in Spring Awakening fics to stick Melchior with Moritz and then, given that they’re left to themselves, put Wendla and Ilse together in a lesbian relationship, and I must say that I AM ALL FOR IT

When I think of Qrow’s semblance, I think of thirty minute visits to the houses of the people you love the most in the world before leaving because you’re afraid you may make them hate you.

I think of tearing away from your team for fear of something bad happening to them, and when you try to explain they just don’t understand.

I think of learning how to crush your own emotions any way you can - booze, solitude, flooding your life with work - because emotions are social things and you are not supposed to be a social creature.

I think of watching your friends move on and grow closer and closer to one another until they get start getting married and wishing you could have something like that but telling yourself you can’t.

I think of the niggling thoughts that must spring up every time you hear something bad happens to your friends, because even if you aren’t around them you still think about them all the time and it might be your fault.

I think about blaming yourself for the death of the only people you’ve ever been close to, and convincing yourself you’re right about it.

It’s understandable why Qrow drinks, and why he acts the way he does. It’s a defense mechanism. He’s trying to stop people from getting too close.

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I'm new to Tumblr but enjoy your posts. I have a theory about ACOMAF. We know someone is betraying Rhys and Feyre, right? Tracking Rhys' magic doesn't always make sense. I think it's Mor. She's never around when Rhys and Feyre get attacked. She has several episodes of being missing - disappearing after leaving Rita's, refusing to go to Feyre's family, not being there when Velaris is attacked. Cassian acts suspicious, asking where she's been. There's more but I need more space! What do you think?

Do we know for a fact that Maas said someone is betraying them? I know we all got excited about a betrayed plot line but was it ever verified? Or was it just a tumblr trend?

And the magic track happened at the Spring Court cuz Tamlin has been sneaking around since the beginning of the book. I thought he’d allowed Rhys into the Spring Court so that they could track his magic, but then @sparkleywonderful (she’s the Suriel of the fandom as far as I’m concerned) noticed that every time they track Rhys, Feyre has also used her magic. And that Lucien and Tamlin know she has fire magic from Autumn Court so they could use that magic (cuz Lucien likely has it too) to get a “lock” on her magic. To track her. And by default, track Rhys. Who is the person they wanted. Cuz I’m convinced they’re trying to break into that prison.

And I can’t remember where Mor was supposed to be during the Velaris attack, I thought she was at the Night Court with Rhys. But you never know. I think Cassian asks where Mor is to play buffer between her and Azriel. Cuz he also asks Azriel where he’s at. And I think we could argue that she doesn’t want to go to the human lands cuz of how they treat women (I think that’s the excuse she gave).

But just because she has a cover, doesn’t mean she isn’t being sneaky. You know? For a while on Tumblr, everyone was posting theories about how Amren would be the one to betray them and that it would be either by accident (cuz maybe she’s mates with the Hybern king, or they’re related/have history, or because she doesn’t want to go back to the prison). But as I reread ACOMAF I could easily see it being Azriel. He is a mystery and he has all these “contacts” in other courts and if Mor’s gift is truth, than IDK about you, but I’m going to pay the most attention to her.

Honestly, the only ALSO make an argument for Cassian betraying them to save Nesta. I can make an argument for Elain betraying them accidentally because maybe she goes to find Greysen, or Lucien and let’s something slip, or she’s captured and tortured and then tells them everything.

Like. UGH. I could see it going SO MANY WAYS! First I need to verify where Maas said someone should betray them. And what her exact words were when/if she said it. Cuz Kier would betray Rhys in a heartbeat.

ALSO, LUCIEN. MISTER FOX MASK HIMSELF. If I were him, and I knew Tamlin had made a deal with Hybern, and that Feyre’s sister was my mate—sorry. I’m spilling my guts. My loyalty can no longer lie with Tamlin. But all that aside, Lucien’s fox mask has never sat well with me. Foxes are almost always symbolic of tricksters and sly people.

SO. YES, BASICALLY I CAN MAKE AN ARGUMENT AS TO WHY ANYONE COULD BETRAY THE MAIN GROUP. But I don’t want to get serious and say who I think is most likely when I don’t know if Maas actually said someone would betray the group.

@sparkleywonderful do you know?

“It was the first thing my dad taught me, you know..”

Hannibal watched him as Will approached his space, sat between his legs and basically made him his bed, just because he can. Will could feel the smile radiating off Hannibal’s face.

“..that here in the sea, the stars are your comrades.”

He lazily points a finger upward, following a train of stars.

“These two are your friends.” Will says as  he pauses and shifts to a constellation opposite. “Spring up, fall down.”

He points to one star, directly above him. “And that’s your best friend.”

“Polaris.” Hannibal supplies. “The star that would always take you home.”

Will smiled to himself. “I used to call bullshit on it. One star couldn’t just be able to miraculously substitute directions.” Hannibal felt his body getting heavier, along with an audible sigh. Will closes his eyes.

"But maybe… I take it back.”

Silence hung in the air. Will hadn’t felt this comfortable in years.

Hanniversary request for @imlostinthedream who wanted Will and Hannibal cuddling under the night sky. I’m sorry I used a stock photo for the stars (I collect too many of them ||orz||), but this one was so PRETTY.


In the aftermath of a trauma, the human body has one amazing instinct. Survival. Even when it appears as though nothing’s happening, white blood cells spring to life to fight infection. Tissue repairs itself and the heart keeps beating. Emotional scars can be more difficult to heal, but we do our best by renewing old friendships, creating joyful moments, or trying new things, to make us feel like we’re doing something, even if we feel helpless. And through it all as long as our hearts keep beating, we survive.

Music Theater Kid Probs #201

Your friend asks you to make a good musical playlist… It ends up being 36 hours long. (And the plot explanations to go with every musical took three and a half hours.)

  • me starting a new anime: it's okay, i guess. this will be a good one to watch every now and then
  • me after watching 2 more episodes: YES yes i love it and i love you and i love you two together and i love all the songs and omg how funny this is the best one yet i swear wow time to watch all the episodes right now did i mention i love it because i dooooooooo


Dean was a little sour about his lack of camera time lol. Sorry Ron.

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Inspired by this post, I’m crossing fe:a girls in ulyana sergeenko’s S/S 2013 Dresses