the happenings of spring

my old high school GSA invited me back to talk about being on T/how college is for a trans person and i just so happen to be on spring break this coming week so i’m in town and im soooooooo excited to stop by and see everyone!!!!!

Gradblr Challenge: 3.24.17

So life happened on what was supposed to be my peaceful spring break. But my parents are amazing and made sure that I got cupcakes for my birthday tomorrow. So this afternoon I ate one of these beauties and did some reading. I’m not nearly prepared for next week so it’s going to suck but things happen sometimes.

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  • Me: *watching the Spring Day MV*
  • Me: *distracted and staring into space*
  • Yoongi: *starts rapping*
  • Me: *immediately turn back to my screen, my every thought consumed by him, his beautiful skin, and his pink sweater*
  • The world: *literally ends around me, everything is in flames, in the distance people are screaming*
  • Me: *doesn't notice*
  • Me: "Yoongi's pink sweater," I whisper to myself, seconds before disintegrating into nothingness
Feyre spying in the Spring Court
  • Tamlin: Tell me everything that happened to you.
  • Feyre: Rhysand was absolutely horrible to me
  • Rhysand (through the mating bond): You mean horribly good in bed.
  • Feyre: *tries to keep a straight face*
  • Feyre (through the bond): NOT HELPING!!!

There’s an intriguing trend in Spring Awakening fics to stick Melchior with Moritz and then, given that they’re left to themselves, put Wendla and Ilse together in a lesbian relationship, and I must say that I AM ALL FOR IT

who proposed: No matter what, Kuroo promised (himself, mostly) that he’ll be the one to propose. (Actually, he’s gotten a little antsy ever since he realized, with utmost certainty, that Daichi is the person he wants to spend the rest of his life with, to the point that he bought an engagement ring on impulse, because he claims that a) it was calling out to him and b) that must be a sign, so there).

how they proposed: A short backstory time! So, the thing was, despite of having a track record of being unable to keep a secret for any longer than a minute, the first person Kuroo told that he bought a ring and the he is planning to propose to Daichi, was Bokuto (you know, he would understand, from one reckless bro to another). And after the hoot of congratulations and loud well-wishes, Bokuto paused and asked, “But what if he rejects your proposal?” And the possibility got Kuroo so scared out of his wits, it had taken Kenma and Yaku to calm him and convince him to follow through with his plans.

And how Kuroo planned: night of their anniversary (a good timing, since it was his turn for that year), fanciest restaurant in town, sweet gestures and small trinkets throughout the whole day (sappy enough for the occasion, but not too much to get Daichi suspicious). They were waiting for the desserts and Daichi was already in his spiel of teasing Kuroo about how he outdid himself, not knowing that Kuroo was fidgeting with the box, and the ring itself, under the table, until the inevitable happened and he accidentally hooked his thumb and the ring fell out of the box.

Cue Kuroo panicking, and going under the table to look for it, vehemently refusing Daichi’s offer of help (but let’s face it, Daichi did anyway, despite the refusal) and so they were both crouching, Daichi trying to look for something he doesn’t even know, so he asked “What exactly are we looking for?” By that time, Kuroo already (gratefully) found the ring so he replied with “An answer.”

“An answer?”

“A ‘yes’, specifically.”

“A yes? To what?”

“To this,” and Kuroo showed the simple ring, held it in front of Daichi’s face. “Will you marry me?” Daichi sat up straighter, forgetting that they are actually under a table, so he bumped his head into it, but it didn’t stop him from grabbing Kuroo to smother him with kisses.

So yeah, long story short, Kuroo proposed under the table.

who stressed more over wedding planning: SUGA! Since Kuroo already had the stress of his life during the proposal, and Daichi is absolutely alright with leaving it to the hands of people who actually know how to plan a wedding, it was perfectly logical that they hire a wedding planner. Now, Suga isn’t really opposed to the idea, but what exasperated him was that the two were completely chill, and just left everything, that he had to threaten Daichi that he will plan the whole thing and “so help me, if you do not get involved with this more, I will make the color motif Karasuno orange, and line it with pumpkins, that it will look more like a Halloween party rather than a wedding.”

who had the wildest bachelor(ette) party: You would think that having Bokuto as a best bro, Kuroo would’ve the time of his life before he kissed the bachelor life goodbye, but they have Kenma and Akaashi (and Yaku) to think about, so Bokuto’s original plan had been tamed to fit the three’s taste. Daichi doesn’t have that luxury because no one can ever stop Suga. He doesn’t even want to know how Oikawa, of all people, got roped in planning his bachelor’s party, and he’s actually afraid to know where Suga found the strippers. Daichi thinks it’s for the best that he’s better off not knowing.

who freaked out before the wedding: They were both low-key freaking out before the wedding, because it was the moment they realized that, that was it! It’s happening!

best man/maid of honor: Kenma, Bokuto, and Suga.

where they got married: I don’t exactly know where, just that it’s a simple, intimate garden ceremony.

if/what they wrote in their vows: They both wrote their vows, each mentioning how the ‘destined rivals’ thing took another, wholly different meaning; about the bad flirting and denseness; Daichi not missing the opportunity to point out that he’s willing to live with Kuroo’s appalling hair, because he is not just marrying Kuroo, he’s also marrying that hair; while Kuroo not so subtly touched on Daichi’s eating habits, but how he wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world because Daichi works out as much as he eats, and he’d be stupid to give up those thighs to anybody else. And yeah, it was sweet and lovingly insulting, but there isn’t anything there that didn’t come from their hearts so…

who cried at the wedding: They both almost did, while they were saying their vows, but they controlled it in time. But the ones who made a scene were Bokuto, Taketora, Tanaka, and Asahi.

which song they had their first dance to: 10,000 Nights of Thunder by Alphabeat. They wanted it to be fun and it’s not that they are not the slow dance types, but hey, it’s a joyous occasion. (Never mind that I imagine them singing the lines to each other ‘And baby, baby you’re irresistible, and I’m insatiable~

where they went on their honeymoon: Probably a tropical country… somewhere, anywhere, as long as there’s a beach.

what they did on their honeymoon: What else do you think would they do? Swim of course! Or maybe snorkel; scuba if it’s offered and they’re feeling adventurous. Then consummate their marriage (not like they needed to be married to consummate anything, but now it’s different…)

I am really sorry it took a while! OTL but I am not sorry about the length. Thank you @kisecchinosedai and anon! :D