the hanger project

Random Flash headcanons

I have no justifications for these, they’re just random Flash headcanons bopping around in my head:

  1. Barry and Hal meet when they’re 36 and 38 years old, respectively.  Barry thinks Hal is the coolest thing since sliced bread.
  2. Barry’s favorite place to sit is the floor.
  3. Cisco loves those little marbles that inflate in water.
  4. Cisco also wants sugar gliders.  At least two, but three would be ideal.
  5. Caitlin’s favorite sport is curling.
  6. Oh, and Caitlin owns two cats, a Siamese and an orange tabby.
  7. Iris is incredibly good at making things work.  She can unlock a car with a coat hanger, fix any home project with duct tape, and squeeze onto an already full couch without making anyone fall off.
  8. Iris is also champion navigator and the ultimate two AM “please bail me out of jail” friend.
  9. Cynco have at least four kids, possibly five (I’m thinking they adopt Caleb, their second-oldest son).  They want twice as many as Westallen because “your kids are speedsters.”  Cisco loves being able to barely hold them all, while Barry’s lucky if Don and Dar* are in the same room.  (Oldest to youngest: Thiago, Caleb, Natalia, Zoe, and Leonardo.)
  10. [Barry: “Like the Ninja Turtle?” Cisco: *fist bumps* “Like the Ninja Turtle.”**]
  11. *Dar is my nickname for Dawn, because naming your kids homophones is a recipe for disaster.  It’s short for “Dawn Rose West-Allen.”  Dar rhymes with car.
  12. **Don is short for Donatello.  Like the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.
  13. Don is really, really good at stacking cups.  He gives Uncle Wally a run for his money. 
  14. He’s also really good at chocolate chip cookies.  (Making and eating.)
  15. Dar has a black belt.
  16. Thiago is the world’s greatest sleeper, proven to be able to fall asleep in any environment.  He’s also really unfairly good at Jenga.
  17. Caleb knows ASL.
  18. Natalia is our blind Viber.  She is, by far, the most accurate Viber.  Whereas Thiago gets only impressions and Caleb can’t Vibe at all, Natalia has Cynco’s level of control.
  19. Zoe spends too much time with Don and Dar and is convinced that she can become a speedster if she gets struck by lightning, so she’s a storm junky.  In her teens, she’ll often hitch a ride with the Tornado Twins to chase their namesake for fun.
  20. Leo likes Iris the best because he wants to be The Flash’s hero, too.  He ends up being Thiago and Natalia’s righthand man in the field.
  21. Barry has the skating into view technique mastered.  Wally is envious and keeps trying, with varying degrees of success.  One time he plows into Barry and together they pulverize a massive mound of snow in the subsequent crash.
  22. Jesse is more timely than both of them, but she likes the increasingly spirited struggle that takes place whenever Wally, also relatively timely, tries to get Barry, exceptionally late, moving.  He’s not above dragging him out the door half-asleep.
  23. Barry Speed-purrs in his sleep.  Jesse can do it consciously, but she doesn’t do it clocked out.  When Wally snoozes he makes very soft purrs that are completely inaudible and totally overridden by Barry’s rumble-like-a-tiger growls. 
  24. Still, Barry is really comfy to sleep on.  And he’s uber chill about anyone and everyone just falling asleep on top of him at some point.
  25. Including Oliver Queen, not that Oliver would ever admit it.
  26. Jesse is a champion ping pong player.  Pity the poor speedsters who challenge her for the title.

We love wooden hangers because we love our clothes and think they should be treated nicely. No bent-out-of-shape sweaters on wire hangers welcome over here. Wood hangers can be decidedly slick though, so we busted out some Plasti-dip to make them a little grippier.

It’s super easy to do: Tape off your painting boundaries, custom mix your color in the Plasti-dip (we used the blue, yellow and white tints), bathe your hanger in Plasti-dip and hang (over newspaper or something else that can get dirty to catch errant drips). About three minutes after you’ve finished applying, remove the tape; otherwise you could yank the Plasti-dip off with it. 

There’s enough Plasti-dip in the container to paint several wardrobes worth of hangers. Other ideas: dip the handles of your tools or cosmetic brushes; dip the key-ring end of of your keys; paint along the edge of baskets.


Stylish storage solution for your sparkling statement necklaces. We love jewelry but wanted a fun way to display our must have accessories. Eliminate the dread tangled necklace with an easy DIY that adds a unique addition to your jewelry storage solution.

Create this inexpensive pop of style with 4 easy steps: Sand your hanger, paint (we heart Behr Majestic Orchid) and let dry. Once dry, measure out equal spacing and screw-in your 7/8" hooks. Now enjoy.

For almost $10, you can a few of these pretty meets functional storage solutions. What goes great with this project? A playlist. Get your weekend “To-Do” to a “Ta-Da” listening to our favorite songs this week:

DIY jewelry holder! 1.Select a picture frame (use a small one for delicate necklaces and bracelets and a larger one for chunkier pieces of jewelry or for a lot of jewelry) 2. Paint/ add glitter/ add detailing if desired 3. Take out the glass or plastic and the back of the frame 4. Find some branches from outside and cut them to match the inside length of the frame. 5. Adhere branches using a hot glue gun. 6. Hook jewelry on to branches!

To make some more room in my kitchen, I decided to channel my inner Julia Child and move some of my baking stuff from the cupboards to a mostly empty wall to free up cupboard space.

Here’s Julia and her famous pegboard wall.

Since I didn’t want to install pegboard, I decided to take a simpler route and just use nails as hangers.

For this project you will need:

  • Lightweight kitchen stuff with holes for hanging. Baking pans, cookie cutters, whatever you want.
  • Wrapping Paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • A pen or pencil. 
  • Masking Tape
  • Nails and/or Screws with heads small enough to fit through the holes in the pans.
  • A hammer and/or screwdriver

They’ve started putting grids on the back of wrapping paper which makes it absolutely ideal for this, because you don’t have to measure the distance between things, and to make sure things are level. 

Size up the area on your wall, I just unrolled the paper in the spot I wanted it, and cut it at the right length. Now you need to find a large work space, which for me was the floor. 

Arrange everything on the paper, I ended up with a big gap so I added the cookie cutters.

Next trace everything on the paper, making sure to mark where the holes are. You can also just take a picture with your phone, but I wanted to get a general idea of how things looked on the wall. 

Tape your paper to the wall, you may need some help depending on the size.

Put the nails/screws in right through the paper, if you have thicker items like the cookie cutters, make sure there’s enough nail sticking out to hang them securely.

Carefully pull the paper down, your wall will look like it got attacked by a spiteful child, armed with a hammer and nails. Don’t panic, you’ve done everything correctly. Use the paper, or your reference picture to figure out where you wanted to hang stuff. 

And you’re done, you have a functional and decorative wall, that will free up some of your cupboard space.


Val was in the Hanger, working on Project Zeus while singing along to old earth music.

“Fly me to the Moon

and let me sail among the stars.

Let me see what spring is like 

on Jupiter and Mars…”

Just then, he noticed Tali was right behind him.

“Umm…How long were you standing there?”

Little Known Brief Menswear Tales: The voxsartoria 2014 On-line Holiday Gift Guide

Christmas! Kwanzaa! Hanukkah! And so on.

My family and friends tell me that they find it very difficult to get gifts for me, despite hints that I give them, such as, “Get me something that I like,” and, “Don’t bother getting me anything if it’s going to be crap.”

I know that all of you are the same way.  

So, here is my 2014 On-line Holiday Gift Guide to help you ensure that your season is merry.

1. Shoe Shine Rag from Mr. Porter: $475

2. Golf Club for Tiny Man from Jos. A. Bank: $13.60 (sale price)

3. Insulating Sleeve for Starbucks or Dunkin’ Donuts Paper Coffee Cup from Rick Owens: $332.00

4. Knit Wool and Cashmere Pocket Square from No Man Walks Alone: $55.00

5. Hand-made Yak Hair Toothbrush from The Hanger Project: $95.00

6. Deer Bone Chopsticks from A Suitable Wardrobe: $72.00 (for 2)