the hanger project


We love wooden hangers because we love our clothes and think they should be treated nicely. No bent-out-of-shape sweaters on wire hangers welcome over here. Wood hangers can be decidedly slick though, so we busted out some Plasti-dip to make them a little grippier.

It’s super easy to do: Tape off your painting boundaries, custom mix your color in the Plasti-dip (we used the blue, yellow and white tints), bathe your hanger in Plasti-dip and hang (over newspaper or something else that can get dirty to catch errant drips). About three minutes after you’ve finished applying, remove the tape; otherwise you could yank the Plasti-dip off with it. 

There’s enough Plasti-dip in the container to paint several wardrobes worth of hangers. Other ideas: dip the handles of your tools or cosmetic brushes; dip the key-ring end of of your keys; paint along the edge of baskets.


Whenever I buy something new,I like having it on display.

This pearl hanger looks like part of the decor and makes me happy every time I look at it.

What do you reckon?


Val was in the Hanger, working on Project Zeus while singing along to old earth music.

“Fly me to the Moon

and let me sail among the stars.

Let me see what spring is like 

on Jupiter and Mars…”

Just then, he noticed Tali was right behind him.

“Umm…How long were you standing there?”