the hang over 3

I am sure Sharna ..

Would be so proud of all her fans who are hating on Bonner …. 👀👀👀👀👀👀👀👀 you all right now….

Do you really think Sharna would condone your behavior?

If you think she would be ok with this, then re-read her Twitter message from Saturday night to the haters.

Sharna was the one who;

1) defended Bonner from Day 1 on hand gate

2) she was the one comforting him not once, not twice, but at least three times that we know of, when he broke down and cried about how hurt he has been to loose the career he loved and almost die

3) she was the one hanging all over him on Friday in the Too Fab interview

This behavior is immature. Grow up.

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8 & 12

8: Which one spends all day running errands and which one says “You remembered [thing], right?”

They both run the errands, but split up so they can get home and cook faster. KIbum’s the one to ask (while they’re still in the car after shopping) if Jonghyun forgot anything, Jonghyun says no, but later remembers right as they’re pulling into the driveway that he did indeed forget something

12: Which one of your OTP overdoes it on the alcohol and which one makes the other stop drinking?

KIBUM, Kibum over does it lol, Jonghyun tells him to stop drinking and nurses him in the morning when the hang over kicks in

Thank you ,<3 <3 I hope you guys are enjoying these as much as I am ^^


Jimin’s lipbite + Jimin holding onto Hoseok’s hand on his waist + Jimin’s disappointed face when Hoseok leaves = ASDFGHJKKJHGFDSASDFGHJKLKJHG

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3, 18, 21, 22!

Already answered 3 and 21!

[Ryder Questions]

18: What does Ryder do in their spare time? What are their hobbies and interests? Do they share these with their friends, or are they more private?

Victoria plays acoustic guitar. She’s been playing since she was a kid, and she’s pretty good. Her repertoire is mostly rock from the 1960s-1970s (always with a kind of acoustic folk-y vibe to it; she has a great version of “All Along the Watchtower”), and she has the entire discography of Kara And The Destinies down, along with some others. As long as you have a version of the original for her to listen to and figure out, she’ll give anything a shot once.

She’ll play around the ship, but she’s not the douchey white guy in your dorm who only knows “Wish You Were Here” and plays it over and over again until 3:00am. She’ll hang out in the lounge (there is a lounge somewhere on the Tempest), or on the glass walkway from the bridge to the research station - it has fantastic acoustics - and play sometimes. But she’ll always knock it off if someone asks her to (she makes it clear early on to please ask me to knock it off, I can do this anywhere and would rather leave than have you get gradually more annoyed by the fact that I keep missing a note in “Shelter From the Storm”); conversely, she’ll usually start up if someone asks her to.

Gil eventually dares her to do open mic night at Vortex, and she does an absolutely masterful version of “Riders On The Storm.” (It’s her favorite song to play)

Her voice and style are a lot like Monica Heldal. (listen. any time I can share “Conman Coming” with you guys, I’m gonna do it)

She also does yoga - she’s been doing it since she was sixteen and she is bendy. She, Cora, and Lexi have sessions in the cargo bay sometimes, and Jaal walked in once to see Victoria contorted into Locust Scorpion and, for the longest time, thinks that all humans can do that. Liam sets him straight on that.

22: Favorite world they land on? How do they feel getting to be the first human to step in so many of these places?

She doesn’t think too hard about the “first human” part. It’s freaky and Too Big.

She very much enjoys Kadara Port (not so much the rest of the planet why is the water toxic why are there fiends everywhere…why do fiends make that gross growly drowned snoring noise). It’s familiar. 

But as for actual favorite planet? Havarl. She loves Havarl. It’s pretty and peaceful and I don’t have to drive anywhere and even though there are dinosaurs hiding in the giant glowing plants, and even though there are remnant and roekaar everywhere, it just clicks for her. It’s so utterly alien, but not in the same gonna-kill-you sort of way that the other planets are. Where Eos, Voeld, Elaaden, and Kadara are desolate and desperate and always on the offensive, there’s something about Havarl that’s welcoming in its alien nature.

Sobrang sakit ng ulo ko. Daig ko pa ata may hang over. 😩 almost 3 hours lang ata tulog ko kahapon tas buong araw nagluto, napaso pa ko huhuz tas sobrang late na nakauwi kagabi galing Laguna then ang aga kaming ginising ni mommy. 😩😩😩 yoko na po. Huhuhuz

I don’t get hang overs but I do get 3 hour long paragraph text lectures from my mum anytime I drink because she checks snapchat and the social meeds. “You shouldn’t be dancing like that Tyler it’s not proper!” jesus 

You know what’s terrifying about BG 2.0? I just realized that they were planning it in 2014. Remember the ice bucket challenge Liam did? He was nominated by none other than Cheryl- 50 last names- Cole. This irrelevant hoe was already planning to ruin him, starting with re-associating them on social media. I am absolutely sickened. Its been hanging over his head for 3 years and I am so sad. Please free my boy.

Brake Lights

Pairing: Luke x Y/N

Word Count: 2,044

Requested: Anonymous - “Can I have an imagine for Luke where you guys are broken up but you hang out with him because the other 3 invite him over but you guys are  talking and you guys are in the car siting next to each other and you guys are about to crash but he protects you like puts his hand over you so you won’t fly out the car and you guys get back together in the end”

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Sorry, it’s so late! 

“I can’t do this anymore, Y/N. I-I just can’t. We’re so young, and I think we just need to explore other options.” He confessed.

“Explore other options?! You mean you just want to be able to sleep with any girl you find “hot” for the night!” You sneered.

“That’s not it and you know it!” He fumed while tugging at his hair in exasperation.

You couldn’t help the sinister laugh that escaped your throat. “Then please, Luke, please explain!”

“I just think we need a break. We’ve been together since high school. We need to see what else is out there, so that way we don’t end up resenting each other one day.” He explained.

“Well, looks like we’re already there.” You hissed before grabbing your keys and slamming the door shut in his face.

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More Practicing Tips

Hey guys! If any of you are having trouble maintaining a consistent practice schedule, this troubleshooting guide might help. None of these are guaranteed to work, and it’ll probably take a combination. Of course nothing is going to help much if you’re not prepared to put in the time and effort. Feel free to share for your musical friends, and if you’ve got other tips or tricks send em my way!

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Adding fairy lights to your bedroom is a lovely touch. I absolutely LOVE the look of fairy lights! How cute are they? 💖 They are also a great way to display your photos.

Here are some ways to display them:

1. Traditional nails or tacks. But if your renting your home and aren’t allowed to put holes in the wall, or you just don’t like the idea of holes in the wall, here are some other ways:

2. Drape the lights over your canopy

3. Hang a few strands behind your canopy ✨

4. If you have the bottom bunk in your dorm, drape the lights from the top.

5. Put a battery-powered strand inside of a jar for a cute diy light. 🌌

6. Stick command strip hooks on your wall and hang your fairy lights on them. (The command strips won’t damage your walls)

How ever you decide to use them, be creative and have fun! Have a good night guys! ✌💖

(I’m not responsible for any damage that may occur to any part of the room. Try these diys at your own risk)

28/08/15 8:43 PM // I saw a post the other day about how that person was having trouble studying at a small desk, so I decided to write a guide!

How To Manage Studying at a Small Desk

1. Place your main information/study resource on the top left corner of the table. A laptop would be best placed here as its position is stable and easily accessible.

2. Place any external resources in front of the main study resource. This includes handouts, worksheets, etc. It’s totally fine if its edges cover a part of your laptop/book or hangs over the edge of the table.

3. Other books should be placed on your lap as the table will be used for note taking. If you need to study from a laptop, your textbook would usually be the one on your lap. Another alternative is to buy a book stand (but idk where to get them here).

4. Your note paper should be placed on the right hand side of the table where your hand will be comfortable when taking notes. This is when I say that I’d recommend loose leafs or spiral notebooks as they take up less space. However, regular notebooks are fine if you don’t mind some parts dangling off the table.

5. The top right corner is where your pencil case should be placed. It’s easily accessible and you can always put your frequently used pens between your pencil case and your notebook.

Any remaining resources could be placed in a tray beneath your table (if you have one), or you could just keep them in your bag if you won’t be using them continuously.

(i) if you are left handed, just mirror the positions of the items
(ii) the diagram was based on my school desk which is about A2 sized
(iii) I have a 15 inch laptop

The Invisible Man with the Invisible Knife, Part One

The crime in the centerpiece episode, TSoT, is a delayed action stabbing. It’s… odd. That means it deserves attention.

Where else do we get knives and stabbings?

1). ASiP. Sherlock welcomes John into his home and heart, 221b Baker Street. It just needs a bit of tidying, THWACK! He stabs a knife into a stack of letters on the mantle, above the empty fireplace.

2). TGG. “I dunno how it happened, but it was an accident. I swear.” Berwick and his wife had an argument, he stabbed her over and over (he knows how to handle knives). He’ll be hanged.

3). THoB. Sherlock standing on the threshold of 221b, covered in blood, harpoon in hand. “Well, that was tedious.” (We don’t see it, but he was stabbing a dead pig hung in the air above him. Eeuw. I’m glad they left that to our imagination.)

4). Also in THoB, one of my favorites- the Cluedo game board, stabbed to the wall of 221b.
John: It’s not actually possible for the victim to have done it!
Sherlock: Well, it was the only possible solution.
John: It’s not in the rules!
Sherlock: Well, the rules are WRONG!

5). HLV. John storms the drug den, finds Billy the Wig. “I’m looking for a friend. A very specific friend. I’m asking you if you’ve seen Isaac Whitney, and now you’re showing me a knife. Is it a clue??” (Btw, Old Testament Isaac is the kid who was nearly sacrificed on the altar by his father. Think big sharp knife.)

6). TAB. Sherlock finds Sir Eustace in the dark hallway, stabbed in the heart with a letter opener (aka paper knife), his white shirtfront bloody red. Sherlock blames John, blames himself, they argue. “THERE ARE NO GHOSTS!” (In fact, it was Sir Eustace’s wife that did the stabbing).

What do we have so far?

Stabbing with everyday knives at home = 4.
Angry family fights = 4.
Blood at home = 2.
Message from the writers = 2.
(The rules are wrong, and the knife’s a clue.)

Just noticing. 😉

Thanks to Ariane DeVere for all the Sherlock transcripts!