the hang gang

do you know what i want?

i want an lgbt+ tv show/movie that’s not a drama

i want a how i met your mother to be about a pansexual ted mosby and the running joke is that barney’s offended ted doesn’t find him attractive

i want a legally blonde to be about a lipstick lesbian who goes to law school to get her girlfriend back

i want a that ‘70s show where jackie is bisexual and between dating kelso and hyde she brings her ugly ass girlfriends with her to hang out with the gang (because there’s no way she can have a woman in her life prettier than herself)

i want a 13 going on 30 where jenna rink wakes up to be 30 years old and his name is michael rink and he still falls in love with matty from the house next door

i want a parks & recreation where ann perkins is asexual but still becomes pregnant via artificial insemination because ann is perfect and would be the best mother in the history of ever

being lgbt+ doesn’t have to be the focal point of a movie or show

like i understand it’s still a pretty bold move in media but like i’m just getting sick of all of the representation being the ultra dramatic main premise of it all

there are so many lgbt+ dramas. just give me my sitcom.

So, the gang is hanging out...
  • Leo: *grinning* Hey, Neeks, what does Aphrodite look like to you?
  • Nico: ...
  • Will: ...
  • Annabeth: Leo, maybe that isn't such a-
  • Nico: She looks a lot like Percy-
  • Annabeth: WHAT NOW
  • Percy: WAIT REALLY
  • Will: *looks down*
  • Nico: *completely poker-faced but slowly starting to grin*
  • Nico: You know, if Percy was taller, tanner, blond, blue-eyed-
  • Nico: Freckled, was a healer, was a son of Apollo, and much hotter.
  • Everyone but Percy: *dying of laughter*
  • Percy: Okay, that is just RUDE. *looks at Jason desperately* I'm still your type, right, bro?
  • Jason: *completely sincere* Of course, bro.
  • Percy: Bro...
  • Jason: Bro...
  • Piper: So... I'm still here... You know... Your girlfriend...
  • Annabeth: Welcome to the club.
  • Annabeth and Piper: *glare at Hazel and Calypso*

27 - CPAU - Geno hanging with the CP gang.

*cried* F-Finally is dooooooone! after 5 hours.*ehem* Okay, Here it go, why not have a quality X-Mas Movies for a change for the gang. :D Let your mind be into imagination on what they’re watching. (It’s so hard to paint them when they so SMOL* >_

Geonary Challenge by awesome @shinydiamondblog

CPAU belongs to lovely @loverofpiggies

Words can’t express how badly I want a scene of the Hell’s Kitchen gang all hanging out together. Maybe at Luke’s bar once it’s rebuilt. Like imagine Karen fangirling over Trish because she’s been a fan FOREVER. Or Malcolm and Foggy arguing over who has the best hair. Or Matt trying to convince Jessica that it’s best to conduct her business LEGALLY but she just downs another whiskey and is like “yeah yeah whatever altar boy.” Then Matt beats everyone at darts and Jessica is grumpy but Luke and Trish are like “Jessie it’s fine, you beat everyone at arm wrestling.”

Imagine, just the whole Stranger Things gang hanging out and getting all ready for the holiday seasons at the Byers house

  • Lucas climbing on top of Dustin trying to get to the top of the tree to put the star on top
  • Will making homemade tree ornaments and carefully placing each one on their own branch
  • Mike stringing popcorn together to make a pretty little decoration, unaware that Eleven is eating it all from the other end.
  • Joyce being tangled in the Christmas lights and feeling the deja vu
  • Hopper passed out on the couch with a Santa hat over his eyes
  • Nancy, Jonathan and Steve wearing ugly knitted Christmas sweaters as they sit around the fire roasting marshmallows
  • Joyce sneaking a kiss from Hopper under the mistle toe
  • Eleven then is standing under the mistletoe after seeing this when Mike suddenly walks beside her unaware of it, and she kisses him mimicking Joyce and not really understanding it
  • Dustin, Lucas, and Will’s jaws all drop in shock when they see it

The gang hanging out at the barns. Eventually Blue and Gansey leave, and Noah has quietly slid from time (smh crying). So Adam is lingering, like he’s gotta go man but shoot he just wants to be with Ronan.

So Adam is at the door and him and Ronan are talking and not saying anything. They both want to stay with the other but don’t say anything.

But the second that Adam’s hand touches the door, Ronan puts his hands around Adam’s waist and pulls him in and kisses him against the door and boi, you better believe Adam stays the night.

you know what lowkey fucks me up and i need in future seasons?? alec and magnus casually being in each other’s proximity without even touching?? like consider:

- the Gang hanging out at the loft for either Serious Business or no particular reason, magnus sprawled in one of his comfortable lounge chairs, swirling a drink in his hand and engaged in conversation with the others, while alec just absentmindedly decides to sit on the armrest focused on whatever they are talking about and occasionally contributing, sharing amused looks with magnus whenever simon starts his overly excited rambling

- during a briefing before a very important mission at the institute, which magnus has to attend as well, nobody really cares about seating arrangements because there aren’t enough chairs for all of them anyways so izzy sits on the table with one leg dangling off the side, clary next to her on a chair and jace stands, hunched over a map. magnus sits at one end of the table, legs crossed, making that boring office chair look like his throne and alec stands next to him, one arm draped over the back of the chair (maybe or maybe not playing with his hair occasionally, even if magnus playfully slaps his hand away once in a while because ‘mind you, i spent an hour on my hair this morning, alexander!!’), and nobody makes any teasing comments bc they’re used to it by now

- during a battle, both of them on high alert, back to back, making sure they cover as much ground as possible, twirling gracefully like in a dance, blue flames circling magnus’ fingers and alec’s arms stretching in fluid motions, his bow and quiver an extension of his limbs, communicating without even saying a word, just sensing the other whenever something is wrong and working together to Kick Ass

- them finding each other when they’re in a group setting/room full of people and always ending up standing next to each other, alec’s arms crossed, both sporting unimpressed glares at whoever is talking (probably a clave representative or even alec’s parents), most definitely rolling their eyes in unison and bumping shoulders once in a while, sharing quick amused glances and smiling to themselves, doing their best to keep a serious stance and pretend they are actually paying attention and not just making heart eyes at each other

but yeah anyways casual proximity is what i’m getting at


“Hanging out with Mystery (maybe named Debbie) plus asking Peridot to build an extra space for her to stay.”


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You had to admit you weren’t hanging with the gang that much anymore. After your dad got a huge raise and moved you to the other side of town you began to hang with Socs.

Today actually you were hanging with a few of your new friends when Dally, Two-bit, Pony, and Johnny walked by. Oh no.

“Oh there’s our little rich kid” Dallas called lighting a cigarette and walking over to you.
“Haven’t seen you around. Thought you may be dead in a ditch somewhere” he said sarcasm dripping from his mouth.

“Move along grease” one of your friends hissed but you forced him to back off.

“It’s fine. Dally look…” but before you could continue Dally spit his cigarette on to your nice new shoes.

“Might want to buy new ones rick kid” he snarled.
Two-Bit and Pony didn’t say anything. They seemed to be avoiding looking at you however Johnny shot you a sad look. You really should have expected this, you had abandoned them.


Requested by anon:

“I don’t see why you stick around with a bunch of greasers like us, won’t that hurt your reputation?” Ponyboy asked as you were hanging out with the gang.
“You guys gave me something that I didn’t have before I met you, an actual caring family and friends. I don’t have that on my side of town. It doesn’t matter that I’m Soc or you're a Greaser. We’re just people.”

Dating Ponyboy & Being Dally’s Younger Sister

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  • Hanging out with the gang all the time
  • Dally having rules about PDA with Pony and you
  • Dally threatening Pony when you first start dating but he never again because he trusts Pony
  • Pony gaining a reputation for taming the ‘mini Dallas Winston’
  • Living at Buck’s with Dally and having to clean up after their parties
  • Sneaking off to the Curtis’s when Buck’s gets really crazy
  • Cuddling with Pony all night but leaving in the morning to run back to Buck’s
  • Coming up with tons of excuses to go to the Curtis’s house
  • “But Dal I don’t wanna stay at Buck’s all day! You just got out of the cooler, we should go celebrate with the gang!”
  • “You only wanna celebrate so you can see Pony.”
  • “…WHAT?!? No of course not… can we still go?”
  • Soda and Darry being hesitant about letting Pony date Dally’s younger sister
  • Getting into trouble with Dally and getting scolded by Darry
  • Pony defending you when Socs try to mess with you
  • Getting hit on by Tim Shepard, a lot
  • “You touch my little sister and I’ll rip your head off.”
  • “Hey! She’s my girl, you better back off if you don’t wanna get cut.”
  • Getting back at Dally by making out with Pony on the Curtis’s couch
  • Making Dally uncomfortable with your PDA for fun
  • Pony constantly having his hands on you, whether around your shoulders, on your leg or just holding your hand
  • Hating Sylvia’s guts and beating her up when she tries to come back to Dally
  • “I don’t wanna see you hurt again that’s all Dal!”
  • “It’s not your place and it’s not like that broad is gonna hurt me!”
  • “Whatever, everytime I try and help you out you just throw it back in my face! I’m going to the Curtis’s, I’ll be back later.”
  • “I don’t need you help you stupid bitch!”
  • Fighting with Dally a lot
  • Breaking down in Dally’s arms when your dad comes into Tulsa and tries to talk to you
  • Dally only giving you hugs when you are upset
  • Dally always kissing you on the head before you leave his sight
  • Pony loving to kiss your neck
  • Soda walking in on Pony and you making out
  • Accompanying Dally, Johnny, and Pony to the movies
  • Getting really jealous when you see other girls talking to Ponyboy
  • Taking Ponyboy’s virginity and him taking yours
  • Having a really sweet first time with Pony but then being really paranoid about getting pregnant so you make him wait until you can get on birth control
  • Working a part time job so you and buy food and clothes for Dally and yourself
  • Pony visiting you at your job and getting you in trouble most of the time
  • Helping Darry with cooking for the boys
  • Ponyboy being in love with your cooking
  • Two-Bit forcing you to make him cake
  • Baking with Sodapop
  • Bonding with all of the boys and Pony getting jealous sometimes when the boys get too close to you.
  • “I love you, I really do but I hate seeing you with all the guys all over you.”
  • “All over me Pony? We were wrestling I mean it’s gonna happen.”
  • Pony and Dally not letting you go to rumbles and in return you refuse to patch them up after.
  • Being really careful around Pony after a fight because he gets all bruised up
  • Helping Johnny clean himself up after a fight
  • Being utter crap at stitching up cuts but doing your best
  • Hanging out with Johnny whenever you were mad at Pony and Dally
  • Pony and Dally teaming up on you when you want to do something they both disapprove of.
  • When you’re mad at Pony, going to the DX and staying with Soda and Steve for the whole day.
  • Cherry wanting to hang out with you and become friends, but refusing when you see her flirting with Pony.
  • Dally teaching you how to fight
  • Having to spend the night in the cooler when you get in trouble with Dally
Meant to Be » Conor Maynard

Request: Could you please do a Conor imagine where the reader is his girlfriend but the fans hate her, and jack starts worrying that she’ll break up with Conor cause he knows Conor loves her but he sees them being cute when all the buttercream gang are hanging out and realised that it wouldn’t happen? Sorry for how long it is.

You, Anna, Jack and Conor had known each other since you were children. You had all grown up together as your mum was best friends with Helen from school. You were the same age as Jack, who over the years had become your best friend.

Ever since you were around 14, you had had a crush on the oldest Maynard, Conor; he had asked you out around a year later after sharing a kiss under the mistletoe at Christmas. Now, seven years on, you could say that you had truly fallen for the most amazing guy ever; you were in love with him.

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