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James Potter:

- Annoying Pureblood Rich Kid 

- barges into Lily’s compartment on Hogwarts Express with his annoying rich kid buddy 

- offers friendship 

 - simultaneously insults her poor kid best friend and is therefore rejected 

- proceeds to make himself a nuisance for the next 5 years 

- Obsessed as heck w Lily but only calls her by her last name

- every time she’s around feels the need to show off 

- makes the fool of himself every time she’s around instead 

- good at Quidditch though

- hangs about with his gang of Cool Kids 

- picks on her friend partially out of jealousy, partiallly due to the whole Gryffindor vs Slytherin shit 

- begins realizing the errors of his ways around year 6 

- somehow betters himself as a person, loses the ego 

- becomes a truly sympathetic character at about year 7

Which I believe we can all agree sounds extremely familiar, so to sum this up…  

look joanne you can’t just draw all these parallels, put jily on a pedestal as the ultimate Soulmate Bond, and then somehow expect me nOT TO SHIP DRARRY

All I’m sayin’.  

  • *gang all hanging together*
  • Lucien: So what's it like? Reading everyone's minds.
  • Feyre: I mean, it's usually a conscious effort, and I don't do it often.
  • Lucien: But what's it like?
  • Feyre: Like what do people think about? You have your outliers, like Mor, who write cute stories about strangers they pass on the street. But then you have a lot of Azriel's grocery lists, Nesta's endless appreciation of Cassian, Elain's analysis's of flowers. Other than-
  • Cassian: I'm sorry. What was the middle thing?
  • Feyre: Az's grocery lists?
  • Cassian: No. After that.
  • Feyre: I can't remember. Nesta, do you know?
  • *Nesta fuming in the corner*
Things that we didn't see but (possibly) happened at the end of Stranger Things 2
  • Eleven and will finally meet
  • Will and Max being officially presented
  • Everyone watching Steve’s beaten face
  • Eleven and Hopper helping to get the doctor out of the laboratory
  • The reunion of the boys with a now free and weak Will
  • Joyce having to tell Will that Bob died
  • Max’s meeting with Billy after having sedated him and having to go back home together
  • The Byers family (or all) collecting Will’s map and cleaning the Shed
  • Telling Will everything that happened
  • Getting rid of the demo-dog in the refrigerator
  • Hopper possibly scolding the guys for having put the demo-dog there
  • Eleven and Hopper returning home
  • Literally all returning home and having to pretend that nothing happened (with their families) to then have to go to sleep
  • Nancy and Jonathan♡
  • Dustin meets his mom’s new kitten
  • Joyce returning to work
  • The boys return to school
  • Bob’s funeral :(
  • Giving treatment to Will’s wrists and ankles and the burn in his body
  • The whole gang hanging out with eleven
  • Eleven and Mike hanging out the two alone ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  • Nancy and Steve talking about their relationship and possibly end it formally
  • The temporary eviction of Yertle The Turtle ended and has a new home
  • Dustin returns the books to the library
  • Billy doesn’t mess with Steve anymore

Feel free to add something(〜 ̄▽ ̄)〜


“Back in New York, whenever I needed to blow off some steam or force my mother’s hand, I’d go out on a bender, dancing with my fave celebrity gal pal, my best gay, and some dim-witted, sexy, disposable arm candy.”

do you know what i want?

i want an lgbt+ tv show/movie that’s not a drama

i want a how i met your mother to be about a pansexual ted mosby and the running joke is that barney’s offended ted doesn’t find him attractive

i want a legally blonde to be about a lipstick lesbian who goes to law school to get her girlfriend back

i want a that ‘70s show where jackie is bisexual and between dating kelso and hyde she brings her ugly ass girlfriends with her to hang out with the gang (because there’s no way she can have a woman in her life prettier than herself)

i want a 13 going on 30 where jenna rink wakes up to be 30 years old and his name is michael rink and he still falls in love with matty from the house next door

i want a parks & recreation where ann perkins is asexual but still becomes pregnant via artificial insemination because ann is perfect and would be the best mother in the history of ever

being lgbt+ doesn’t have to be the focal point of a movie or show

like i understand it’s still a pretty bold move in media but like i’m just getting sick of all of the representation being the ultra dramatic main premise of it all

there are so many lgbt+ dramas. just give me my sitcom.


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Pairing: Yoongi x Reader

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Gang!AU, College!AU

Word Count: -

Summary: He’s someone you found very hard to befriend with at first, ever since he stepped foot into the classroom as a new student. But the cold shoulder and intense glares that were given to you countless of times from Yoongi were suddenly turned into something more caring and loving throughout the years. But would you still stay with him if he’s full of secrets, secrets that you would never guess that he would keep from you? Even if it was him being a member in the most known and most wanted gang in Seoul, whereas you were just a college student whose name was on the list? 


“Yoongi, I love you so much but I’m sorry.”

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         Top 15 MTV Scream Relationships (as voted by my followers):
               09. The Lakewood Five // “You and your friends probably need some time away.”

Knife and Flamethrower Part 2

[Part 1 is here]

Henry Bowers x Reader x Patrick Hockstetter

General Idea: Reader is dating Henry but sleeping with Patrick on the side

Warning: Violence, bad language, some sexual situations, NSFW

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Dating Patrick Hockstetter Would Include:

· Him stealing flowers out of people’s gardens on his way to meet you before school

· Him breaking into your locker to leave notes

· Sometimes they’d be funny, sometimes they’d be sexy, sometimes they’d be sweet

· If you had a class at the other end of the school, he’d also break into your locker to meet you there with the books you needed so you could get all the way there in time

· Him kissing your neck and whispering in your ear when you were trying to study or do homework

· His disgustingly sexy smirks when you wore shorts or a dress

· Him glaring at anyone who looked at you in a way he didn’t like

· Him always having his hand on you somewhere to let others know you were his and only his

· Him getting a bit handsy in public when other guys stared at you

· Making him look you in the eyes when he was about to go into a rage or a panic

· Him not knowing how to comfort you when you’re upset

· He’ll either just hold you until you stop crying or lash out in anger at whatever caused you to be upset

· You keeping an alarm on your watch for when he needed to take his meds

· You walking to and from therapy with him for support

· Teaching him how to play with cats tHE RIGHT WAY

· Getting him books about bugs so he could look and learn without killing them

· Him flinching every time you touched him at first, then slowly melts into your touch as he gets more comfortable with you

· Him stealing snacks and little knickknacks from corner markets for your dates

· You being sarcastic and him being a jackass

· You and him going to punch Henry at the same time the first time you meet the gang and Henry said something sexist

· Henry and the gang also becoming protective over you over time, seeing you as the ‘princess’ of the gang

· You and Belch talking about Slayer, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Metallica, and other metal bands while the rest of the gang did dumb guy shit

· The gang teaching you to defend yourself if you ever got into trouble without Patrick around

· Whenever he goes to hang out with the gang, you send him with lil lunches you packed for them all

· Wearing his flannels and button ups in the fall

· Watching a slasher movie every day of October

· Him lending you some of his shirts to sleep in during the hot summer months

· Him breaking into your room window at night cause he has trouble sleeping when he’s alone with his thoughts

· You reading a novel out loud so he could be distracted from his thoughts and finally sleep

· Him refusing to move if you fell asleep on him

· He’d just watch you curiously or observe your breathing patterns

· Him being a rough and dominant kisser

· Him pinning you against walls, beds, anything really to kiss you

· Him smirking in amusement every time you tried to match his height and kiss him

· Although he’d give in and lean down after a few seconds

· Him a l w a y s being the big spoon

· Him watching curiously when you did things like paint or move along to music

· You playing with his long skinny fingers

· Playing with each other’s hair

Dating Jughead Jones would include:

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• stealing his beanie and him hating it every single time

• “You know, I do need that.”

• “but my head is cold.”

• him showing you his writing and asking for your opinion, especially when he’s stuck

• spending hours and hours at Pop’s with him, helping with Blue and Gold stuff, even though you aren’t technically a part of it

• letting him steal the cherry from your milkshake even though you love them

• stealing fries off his plate as your twisted revenge

• “Hey! Fries are off limits!”

• “I’m paying for both of us!”

• him being slightly possessive over you and you loving it completely

• helping him when he has no where to stay

• he takes a while to open up but after that he confides in you with everything

• literally

e v e r y t h i n g

• from his emotional issues to his mildly unconventional sexual fantasies

• helping him play out those fantasies

• sticking by him when he joins the Serpents

• also secretly loving the dangerous side that comes out in him because of that

• staying with him all the time when his south side host family let’s him stay at FP’s empty place (which is often)

• stealing his Serpents jacket

• he doesn’t hate that at all, in fact it’s one of his favourite things to come home to

• “Hey babe, I’ll be home in an hour.”

• “That’s so long though!”

• “Put on the jacket and I might make it back in 45 minutes.”

• “That’s literally all I’m wearing.”

• “… I’m coming home now.”

• going with him to see FP every week at least once

• FP l o v i n g you and insisting Jug at least introduce you to the Serpents

• he does, proudly, and they all welcome you with open arms

• going to visit him at Southside High whenever possible

• he gets more and more open with PDA the longer you’re together, even more so when someones making eyes at you

• him standing in the hallway when you’re in the shower because you sing when you shower and he loves your voice

• watching movies you hate all the time because you know how much he loves them

• gentle, sweet kisses in the morning and right after you sleep together

• him constantly making sure you’re comfortable

• “Forsythe Pendleton Jones The Third!”

• “what did I do now?!”

• hanging out with the gang and constantly being asked about your intimate details

• “okay, but who takes charge?”

• “why would we tell you th-”

• “Jug does.”

• he pretends he hates it but you don’t miss the little smirk on his face when you brag and gush about him

• him never being afraid to cry in front of you

• texting snail emojis back and forth when you aren’t together just to make sure each other is okay

• “why did we choose snails?”

• “because it takes you six years to text back”

• *three hours later* “oh yeah”

• “you did that on purpose”

• not saying ‘I love you’ often but meaning it so deeply when you do

• feeling safe

• making him feel safe

• being his family


this guide will teach you the ins and outs of realistic gangs, roleplaying gang members, and how all of that works. almost all gang roleplays i’ve seen are so inaccurate, glamorized and romanticized. movies are not realistic. even if it isn’t a gang rp - a gang related character could be interesting in any sort of character development plot. so here we go –

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Marked as His

Patrick Hockstetter x reader

“I know it seems like a long time to wait, but as soon as high school is over, you can move far away from your dad,” you cooed in Henry’s ear as he held onto you tight, trying to keep himself together, “And the gang will move with you too.” 

School hadn’t even started yet, but Henry had already been through a tough morning. His dad was at it again; screaming at him, throwing things around the house, even taking a shot at the ground while Henry ran out. He hated how weak his father made him feel, but (y/n) always made him feel powerful again.

“I know we talk about it all the time, but I feel trapped in this hell hole of a town with my shit old man,” Henry admitted, shaking slightly as he clung to you, “I just wanna get out, (y/n).”

You brought Henry as close as you could to try and stop his quaking. The two of you had been friends since childhood, so you were the only one who knew exactly what to do when Henry’s dad went off on him.

“We’re gonna make sure we all get outta here eventually, okay?” You assured him, putting a hand on the back of his neck to remind him to breathe, “But while we wait, I’ll do whatever I can to help you believe that.” You pulled away momentarily, fumbling with the clasp of the necklace you wore every day. Once you finally got it off, you pulled off the stone pendant, offering it to him.

Henry took the stone from the palm of your hand and looked down to inspect it, “(y/n)… Are you sure you don’t-“

“It’s black tourmaline,” you cut him off, putting the bare silver chain around your neck again, “It’ll shield you from negative energy and channel a healing light.” He finally cracked his first smile of the day and secured his arms around you once again.

“What the hell’s goin’ on here?” You lifted your head to see Patrick heading towards the two of you, making a ‘c’mere’ motion with his fingers. You gave Henry one last pat on the shoulder before scurrying over to Patrick and crashing into his arms. He held you close, but his eyes never left Henry. “You wanna tell me what the hell you were doin’ with my girl?”

“Fuck off, Hockstetter, you’ve been dating her for five minutes,” Henry rolled his eyes, not wanting to plunge into another bad mood, “It’s none of your fuckin’ business.”

“I was just helping him, Patrick, it’s okay,” you assured your boyfriend of about a week, “We’ve been friends since we were five, it’s not a big deal.”

“I think I’ll decide what’s a big deal and what’s not, okay babe,” Patrick’s voice was smooth, but angry as he kissed the top of your head, making sure Henry watched, “Don’t let me see you touchin’ my girl again, Henry,” he flashed a grin, “See you in third period.”

“See ya, fuck face,” Henry responded with a quick smirk as he shook his head and walked the other way.

“Are you sure you two are friends?” You asked sarcastically, looking up to give Patrick a skeptical smile as the two of you walked down the hall, “You have the weirdest dynamic.”

“We’re friends,” Patrick confirmed, smiling back down at you, “We’re just dumb as shit too,” he joked, thinking of how much shit the guys in the gang gave each other day after day. Yet, they were still friends.

At that, you laughed.

“What’s so funny, huh?”

“Nothing,” you waved your hand, easing down from your laughter, “Just that… You guys really are dumb as shit,” you admitted, smiling as you shook your head. You’d been hanging out with Henry’s gang all throughout high school and they made you question your own sanity every day just by being around them so often.

“You think you’re funny, huh, girl?” Patrick teased with a smirk, pushing you lightly against a locker, “You wanna say that to my face?” He pressed his forehead softly against yours, his eyes comically wide.

“You guys are still dumb as shit,” you repeated, laughing at how weird he was when it was just you and him together. He always knew how to keep you entertained.

“You’re gonna pay for that later, (y/n),” Patrick’s voice was low in your ear before bringing his lips to your neck, causing you to stifle a soft moan, “Or right now,” he chorused between kisses, trying to drive you over the edge of your self control.

“Patrick, not at school!” You gave his shoulder a nudge, trying to get him off you before a teacher saw. He smirked as he stood upright again, looking down at you.

“You’re so cute when you’re embarrassed,” he snickered to himself as he brought a hand to the top of your head, stroking your hair as he moved it down to the back of your neck. He took another long look at you as your cheeks somehow managed to turn a brighter pink than they were before. He seemed to enjoy the view before you noticed his brows furrow as he looked down to your neck.

“What are you looking at?” You asked, confused as to what his problem was. You quickly brought a hand up to the side of your neck as your eyes widened in shock, “Don’t tell me you gave me a hickey, Patrick, I swear to god, I didn’t bring any concealer today, if someone sees-“

“Where’s your crystal thing you always wear?” He put a stop to your nervous rambling as he traced a finger around the thin chain hanging from your neck, “You lose it?”

“Oh, that thing,” you watched his finger move around your neck, “I gave it to Henry; he needed it more than I did.” Patrick didn’t say anything, but continued to trace his finger across the chain until he found the clasp, undoing it with ease. “Don’t tell me you’re mad about that-“ You cut yourself off as you watched him remove one of his rings from his skinny finger, then proceeding to thread it through the chain.

“Now Bowers and everyone else will know you’re mine,” he whispered softly as he put the necklace back around your neck and leaned down to your ear once again, “Only mine.”

Part 2