the hands that bind me

Meeting Maria

Nico lay fast asleep next to Will. Will liked to look at Nico asleep, because he looked at peace, like an Angel. His usual scowl disappeared and he looked liked a regular fifteen year old, not some kid who’d been pulled out of his life and placed into a hotel where he didn’t age. Not like some kid who’d endured so much pain and misery that even the gods themselves couldn’t inflict anything else on him. Of course, Nico often had nightmares but Will chose to classify that as caused by his experience in Tartarus. Will caressed his cheek slowly, wondering how Nico survived it. He’d seen the damage it did to Percy and Annabeth.

Nico slowly buried himself into Will’s warm chest, and Will wrapped his arms around his waist, putting his chin on top of Nico’s head, pressing a kiss on his forehead before closing his eyes, allowing the calm of sleep to overtake him.

Will didn’t know where he was. It was a forest, covered in trees, roses blooming on bushes on the ground.

“Do not fear,” a melodious, soft voice said, “Come to me, Will Solace.”

Entranced by the beauty of the voice, Will walked deeper into the forest, stopping only when he reached a clearing. There was a wooden bench and table, and seated atop the table was a woman.

Will approached, sensing she was not dangerous. She was short and eloquent. If grace could be described, she’d be the description. She wore a black dress, lace black gloves and a black hat tilted elegantly on her head. Her hair was long and straight, toppling over her shoulders in obsidian black streaks. Her skin was a light, olive tone and her expressive, big, doe-like eyes were too familiar to Will, but he couldn’t figure where he knew those brown eyes. The woman smiled at him, lighting up her entire face.

“You know who I am,” she said in accented English, “yet you don’t know who I am.”

She seemed to be amused by this.

“Very well, Will Solace,” she said, “I am Maria di Angelo.”

Will’s heart almost skidded to a stop.

“W-what?” Will stammered, “Is this possible?”

Maria laughed, “Well, I am here, am I not?”

“Why aren’t you with..with…” Will managed, unable to say his name.

A frown crossed Maria’s ethereal face. Will realized, with shock, how much Nico resembled his mother.

“I fear my son has suffered enough in his short life,” Maria said, her eyes glistening, “You know what the fatal flaw of all children of the Underworld is, Will Solace? It is holding grudges. My Nico has come so far…opened his heart to love and friendship…let go of so much anger and hate…the last thing I would want is for him to continue on that path, and I am terrified he would do so should I appear to him.”

“He’s not like that anymore,” Will said, coming to Nico’s defense. Maria said nothing, offering a smile.

“Take care of my little prince of darkness, would you, Will Solace. Swear it by the Styx, and then I shall fully be able to find peace. My guilt for leaving my children at the hands of this cruel world is what binds me here, ” Maria said, softly.

“I don’t need to swear by the Styx for something I intend to do,” Will said, a small smile breaking out on his face, “But if it helps you to move on, then I, Will Solace, swear by the river Styx that I’ll take care of Nico. I’ll love him, comfort him, be there for him and remind him that he’s never alone, until the day I’m unable to.”

Thunder boomed within the distance. A serene smile crossed Maria’s face, “Thank you, Will Solace.”

Will woke up with a gasp.

“Will?” Nico moaned, raising his dark head.

“It’s alright, Neeks. Just had a strange dream,” Will comforted Nico, “Go back to sleep, babe.”

“Wanna share?” Nico whispered, still half-asleep.

“Will you tell me about your mother?” Will blurted.

Nico froze. That got his attention. Will silently prayed that he hadn’t overstepped his bounds. He knew Nico was sensitive about his past.

Nico yawned, pulled the blankets up over his black shirt and told Will, “It’s almost one in the morning​. I’ll tell you all about my mother and sister in the morning, I promise, tesoro, but just let me sleep.”

“I know, l know. With great power comes a great need to take a nap,” Will smiled into the darkness, “Night darlin’.”

Soon enough, Will fell asleep too, a smiling Maria di Angelo watching over both boys in the darkness.

Bad Girl Ch 9: PTSD

I’m sorry for leaving you all hanging I didn’t mean to wait that long!

“What?” Baekhyun whispers, his eyes wide.

I can’t hold in my uncontrollable cries anymore, “I’ll be a good girl daddy, I’m sorry, please don’t hurt me.”

He drops the knife and releases my hair, his hands hover over my shoulders as if he is suddenly afraid to touch me like I might break. “My baby, my sweet baby,” He cries as he wraps his arms around my head, holding me to his chest. “Daddy is so sorry, don’t cry, I’m so sorry.”

“What the hell is going on down here?” Suho roars when he busts the heavy metal doors open. It only takes him a moment to access the situation in front of him. His younger brothers are all a mess, Baekhyun more than anyone but the younger three seem to be in shock. My eyes lock with his and he seems to join them in their daze for just a second before someone pushing pass him knocks him out of it.

“Did you really take her?” It is Xiumin roaring this time. All this screaming is too much, I can’t stop myself from shaking.

“All of you stop yelling!” Jiyong snaps, still on speaker. “She’s scared, I know this is a lot for everyone but calm down. She is so scared right now, please.”

“Oppa, come get me,” I cry, “Please Oppa, I can’t be here right now, this is just too much.”

“I’m coming my love,” I can hear him moving things around, rushing to my rescue.

“Don’t fucking dare come anywhere near our home,” Baekhyun seethes.

“She asked me to, I’m going to leave her there with people who just tried to kill her!”

“That was before we knew!” Sehun screams as he fights with Baekhyun to get a hold of me.

“Knew what?” Suho tries to catch up on the conversation.

“It’s her Hyung,” Kai cries as he drops to his knees, tears slide down his cheeks, completely contrasting the bright smile on his face. “It’s our baby! She isn’t dead.”

“Is it really her?” Tao joins us in the room.

“Stop asking me that!” I scream earning the attention of everyone in the room. “Why do you keep saying that? I’m not dead, I’m not a copy, I am me, why is that so hard for you all to understand? Why did you do this? Why are you guys so willing to hurt me over and over again? Is my happiness nothing to you?”

“We thought you were dead,” Xiumin tells me. “We saw you getting beat into a bloody pulp, they found your body, there was a funeral, we thought you were dead.”

“We need to get her out of here,” Suho rushes over and picks up the knife Baekhyun had dropped. He pushes the younger two out of the way and quickly and cuts the ropes binding me. The knife is out of his hand the moment the last rope is cut, his hands are on my shoulders pulling me out of the chair and to my feet but my legs aren’t strong enough to hold me up. He catches me and picks me up without a problem. I want to fight him so bad, I don’t want any of them to touch me, I just want to go home. But I’m tired, I’m so tired. My head rests on his shoulder.

“She’s bleeding,” Baekhyun reminds them, rushing to keep up with Suho who is basically running through the dimly lit hall.

“You keep your distance, you are the one that hurt her!” I see Tao stop, he pushes the older boy to the ground.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know it was her, I was just so mad,” Baekhyun is stumbling over his words to the point I almost don’t understand him. His voice fades as Suho continues on taking me out of the basement into the bright hall way upstairs. I close my eyes, the transition being too much for me. The only thing that let me know that we joined the others in the living room is their unison gasps.

“Lay get over here,” Suho commands the minute we step in.

“Is that?” Sweet Lay’s voice wonders.

I swear to God if he-

Suho thankfully cuts both Lay and my thoughts off, “She isn’t a copy, this our baby. I don’t know what the hell is going on and how she is alive but this is her and she is hurt. Fix her.”

“I-I need a first aide kit,” He stammers, his voice coming closer.

“Than stop fucking staring at her and go get it!” Kris snarls.

“Keep your voice down,” Xiumin warns, poison thick in his voice. “This isn’t the time to be angry with each other, we need to focus on this, on her.”

“Is she awake? How did she get hurt?” It’s Kyungsoo this time, his voice deep and warm like morning coffee, I forgot how much I love his voice.

“I think so, Baekhyun cut her, he was in one of his episodes and I think he lost it.” Suho tries his best to explain.

One of his episodes? Is that a normal thing? How long has that been going on? I have so many questions in my head that I want to ask but I know I would receive questions of my own that I’m not sure I can answer.

“That fucking piece of shit,” Kyungsoo seethes but I’m assuming one look from Xiumin keeps him from opening his mouth again.

“Baby,” Chen calls.

“Jooyoung,” I finally respond and open my eyes slightly.


“My name is Jooyoung, not baby, I don’t know what is going on but for the past year I’ve been told you abandoned me so understand that I will not be pretending like everything is fine and none of this just happened.” I sigh and sit up without Suho’s arm around me. For a moment I consider getting up and moving but I choose not to push my luck, no matter what I say if they want to hover over me I don’t really have a choice.

I look at everyone, starting with Kyungsoo who is on my left, we are on the couch, Chen is next to him sitting a good distance away with Luhan. Kris is next, he is standing with his arms cross over his chest, Xiumin is in front of the TV, directly across from me. The next few are standing in a cluster; Tao and Sehun have their arms locked together while Kai is standing in front of them. Baekhyun and Chanyeol are creeping in the hallway for good reason, I don’t think I can have them any closer right now. Suho is the closest, his arm is resting behind me, waiting to wrap me in them again. I finally look at him, actually look at him and I’m taken back.

Without a thought I reach both of my hands to his hair, “Daddy, you hair is pink.”

He seems a bit dumbstruck for a moment but leans into my touch instinctually. A soft chuckle leaves his lips, “It used to be red but it faded.”

I take my hands back, what am I doing? I just told them to drop their pet name for me yet I continue to use theirs.

“Are you going to go back to him?” Chanyeol suddenly asks.

“What?” The room echoes.

“Are you going to go back to Jiyong?”

I shrug, “I don’t know. I want to talk to him, I need to know what is going on.”

“He lied to you,” Kai reminds me.

I narrow my eyes on him, “Like you were an open book Jongin.”

His eyes go wide, “How do you know my real name?”

“I know a lot of things now, Minseok, Yifan, Jongdae, Junmyun, Jongin, Yixing. Good to know half of you lied to me right off the bat. You guys couldn’t even be honest about your names, why should I believe anything you say over Jiyong? He is an open book to me, anything he does in this big bang world, I know about it.”

“Because why would we lie to you about something like this?” Kyungsoo quickly questions.

“I don’t know! Maybe you all realized how much you missed me and thought of some lie to get me back. Even though I would like to believe you wouldn’t destroy the happy life I had to do that, I don’t know. I need some kind of proof.”

“Proof?” Xiumin mumbles. “I can give you proof.” He steps aside and runs his hand along the edge of the TV to turn it on. In seconds the screen lights up revealing a frozen frame of me on the ground. My heart stops.

“The video, you guys have the video? Do you have all of them?” I run my hands through my hair, my face becomes hot. They saw it, they saw all of it. I wanted nothing more than to forget all of that. I cover my face to hide my shame, how have I not ran out of tears from crying so much in one day? My chest feels tight, I try to breath in but it isn’t working, I can’t, I can’t breath.

I close my eyes to try and calm myself but that only makes it worse. Suddenly I’m back in that small cement room again, Taeil is there, the memory of his his mask is burned into my mind, all of them are. I imagine him grinning, excitement bright in his eyes. My clothes are gone leaving me naked in front of him, I know even with five layers on he would still be able to strip me with just a look. He makes me feel so vulnerable and fragile, he could crush me in his hand and blow me away like dust without a problem.

“Hello pumpkin, you look so scared,” He chuckles, lunging for me quickly only to land a few feet away. He’s taunting me, always taunting me. I press up against the wall as he comes closer and closer.

“Did you miss me pumpkin? Huh? I came all the way back just to finish the job, just me. No more Zico, no more savior. I have you all to myself to do all of those horrible things I’ve been aching for since the last time we met.”


“Yes, pumpkin, you have no where to go,” His laugh echoes in my ears.

“He’s going to kill me! Get him away!”

“Baby, calm down,” Kyungsoo and Suho are both wrapped around me, whether they are doing it to restrain me or comfort me I’m not sure but it’s only making me panic more. I fight my way out of their grip into the middle of the living room. Everyone seems closer, like they are trying to close in on me without me noticing. They aren’t going to catch me, I’m not going to let them.

“Everyone just back up!” I command with my arms out at my side making sure they get the message. I scan the room, looking for an exit or at least some place to sort of hide.

“Sorry, I’m sorry baby, I’ll turn it off,” Xiumin quickly turns the TV off.

“I need time, give me time,” I tell them.

“Maybe one of us should take her to our room,” Luhan suggests. “One on one seems a lot easier to handle.”

“I’ll take her,” Lay volunteers, “I need to patch her up.”

“Do you honestly think she is going to let you touch her?” Kris scoffs.

“I want to do it!” The younger three interject.

“No!” Xiumin, of course, is the one to put his foot down. “Luhan will do it.”

“What?” The crowd whines.

“He is the only one who is stable enough to do it, the rest of us can’t handle it.”

“I can take care of her just fine!” Kris roars.

“You can take care of our baby just fine when she is having a tantrum, this isn’t a tantrum, this is a panic attack. Can you handle watching her relieve those things we saw on those tapes in front of you?” Xiumin snaps back, standing chest to chest with the taller man but still manages to be the more terrifying of the two.

“Is that alright with you?” Luhan asks me, everyone else took a step back. “Do you want to come to my room with me? I promise that I won’t lay a finger on you.”

I nod. My hands are shaking against my chest as I follow the older through the familiar hallways. He walks into his room first and lets me be the one to leave the door open or closed. I close it. He stands on the far side of the room and again lets me decide on how we do things. I have free rein of the room and decide to go for the bed. Though I’m a bit hesitant to just crawl under the covers and make myself comfortable Luhan quickly encourages it. Once I’m settled everything just fades away. He has always been able to do this to me, if I had a nightmare, or was nervous about something he would bring me back down to earth.

“Are you feeling more stable?” He is by the windows now, far from me.

“Yes, thank you.”

“Can I come closer?”

I sit up in bed, “You can come sit by me if you want.”

“Is that what you want?” He cocks a brow at me and give me a small smile.

I nod.

Oh so slowly he makes his way toward me, he goes around the other side and lowers himself on to the bed so we are laying next to each other, “Is this okay?”

I chuckle, “We’ve laid together before Luhan, this normal.”

“No this isn’t normal anymore. You have no idea how much this means to me right now. You have no idea how many times I’ve woken up hoping you would be next to me. Lets not talk about that now though, how about something more light?”

“Like what? Everything is a trigger for something that could break the others heart.”

He hums, “When I was younger I wanted to be a fireman.”

I stare at him, he’s looking up at the ceiling his head cradled by a soft pillow. He looks like an angel. I couldn’t imagine such a beautiful savior, “I wanted to be a ballerina.”

“Why weren’t you?”

“Because I wasn’t allowed to take classes as a child.”

“What do you want to be now?”

“I’m not sure, I’m just trying to figure out how I want this day to end before I start thinking that far a head.”

“How do you want this day to end?” He looks over at me.

“I honestly have no idea. Either way, someone will be hurt. Either way I will end up with a heavy heart.”

“I know you are dealing with a lot right now but is there anyway I could hold your hand?” It is such an innocent request that for a moment I think he’s kidding but when our eyes meet there is so much emotion in his I just want to start crying.

“Only for a little while,” I offer my hand to him.

“That is all I’m asking for.”

I just want to say @xiudaddyskitten I see you blowing up my phone all day, whole shit you blew through this shit! And thank you all for the love!

Xoxo Pretty bird

your arm around my shoulders. you oscillate your eyelashes, draw circles on my hand. you’re the only thing binding me together besides the scared skin your salty tears touch. you’re a part of the ocean, current resting in your winding curves. vast space, unkind to strangers and those who do not try. your leg moves involuntarily to the feel of your heart beat, so much of something (no one really knows what) that you can’t contain it. the rhythm you unknowingly play against my leg is the closest to your heart i’ll ever find myself
—  Excerpt from a book I’ll never write #88// anonymous
Hostage part 3

Data recovered!! We’re back in business!

Pairings: the Winter Soldier x reader

Warnings: humiliation (ish), smut (ish), swearing

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Hostage part 2

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Original Imagine: Imagine being unsure about your plus-size figure but Elijah assures you of how beautiful you are, Imagine Elijah fucking you until you see stars, Imagine Elijah make you come undone under his skilled hands, Imagine holding Elijah’s hands when you ride him

Author: Lein

Reader Gender: Female

Word Count: 1641

Warnings: Smut, very light bondage, body shaming, body negativity

A/N: Part 2 to Rubens. I know I promised to write this ages ago, but I didn’t get to do it earlier. I hope you guys enjoy this anyway!

You propped yourself on your elbows, still not sure if you were completely at ease lying here naked, your entire body on display for Elijah, who didn’t keep his eyes off you. The body you disliked, the body Elijah seemed to love.

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All Has Fallen Into Place...

There has been a development with Elspeth. It is perhaps best explained in poetry. 

A filament of scarlet red

Does twine through air and water both,

And ties about my hand, the thread

Shall bind me to my ev’ry oath.

With naked blade, on bended knee,

A hunter’s eye set in his face,

A hero asks to marry me.

We stand to end a years-long chase. 

I cannot go ask my mother, 

for she lies at her final rest,

But she left a silver dagger, 

to pierce the heart that loves me best.

The beast is treacherous indeed,

To so betray a child of waves.

Yet this allays my greatest need, 

And lifts my hopes out of their graves. 

A filament of scarlet red 

Does stitch me to my pledgèd troth. 

I wish a blade born of the sea,

Brought to me in this kind of case.

Mother left a silver dagger,

Though she lies at her final rest,

To aid a wayward child of waves

And come to her in time of need.

I sever it, the choking thread,

As to endure it I am loath.

And in the wind I may run free

To swift escape my former place.

I shall recall my dear mother,

Who truly knew what would be best.

Her legacy beyond shore-graves 

Would be her last true selfless deed.

Love is For Children

Request: anon said: Hii! Could you do #2 and #6 with Barry Allen?

Summary: Reader gets jealous of Iris, but feelings are later revealed.

Word Count: 1,186

Prompts: 2. “I’m in love with you, you idiot!”  -  6. “Wait, are you jealous?”

Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Universe/Fandom: The Flash

Warnings: nothing.?

A/N:  I REALLY AM PROUD OF THIS WOWWW!! I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed writing it! much love xx

p.s. natasha romanoff ;)

I let out a small chuckle as Barry wildly dances in the living room of my apartment. He extends his hand out towards me and I grabit. The two of us start dancing around to Closer by The Chainsmokers. I sing along with the words while Barry acts as my backup dancer.

I legitimately pull him closer as I sway my hips to the beat. He lets out a flustered laugh and I wish I could capture this exact moment. His green eyes staring at me with adoration, acting like we belonged in eachother’s arms. A loud ping resonates through the room coming from both our phones and I knew exactly what it was. The large smiles that were once on our face instantly slipped away. I grab the remote and shut the music off as I read the message from Cisco.

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Like Her - Part 7 (C.H.)

A/N: sorry that it took so long. I wasn’t motivated enough to finish writing it last week, but I have now. there should be only one more part after this (at the most two more) then the short series will be over. hope you like it! enjoy :)

Masterlist || Ask

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 8 | Part 9


~Third Person~

Calum drove the van into the empty lot in front of the abandoned warehouse. Everyone filed out of the van, weapons in hand as they took a look around. No one said a word as Calum stared at the building with a blank expression on his face.
Many things were running through Calum’s mind at the moment. One of them being about what happened the last time that he was here and another being what he hopes won’t happen while he’s here again.
“Alright,” Calum muttered and his gun clicked as the bullet was prepped into place.
Everyone turned to look at him.
“Find Styles. Keep your eyes open and be aware of your surroundings. Do not underestimate the situation. Got it?” Calum prattled off instructions. He received nods in return. “You guys head off in pairs.”
“But Cal,” Bryana interjected. “you’ll be by yourself.”
He waved her off. “I’ll be fine. Besides, if something happens to me while I try to find Y/N, I need her to find you guys.”
Ashton clasped Calum’s shoulder. “You be careful, alright? Think smart, Cal. Don’t just be driven with vengeance. That won’t help Y/N if you fight based on your anger. Your main priority is to save Y/N and for both of you to return.”
Calum nodded once and patted Ashton’s back. “Look out for each other, alright?” He looked him in the eye. “Take care of them, Ash.” Calum’s words held a deeper meaning.
“You’ll come back, Calum.”
Calum didn’t say anything in return as he looked back at the warehouse. “Let’s go.”

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Limes (Nygmobblepot)

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Kink Challenge Request #58-Sensory deprivation 

Dom!Ed x Oswald

Warnings: Usual smutiness. Penetration. Edging. 

A/N: Not 100% happy with this one, as I’m not sure I made Ed quite dominant enough and I’ve written sensory deprivation with Edward before.  But it is what it is. 

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Dating Mafia Boss EXO: Kyungsoo

The first time I saw him, was when he took the bag off my head. DO. He didn’t speak as he cut the binds on my hands and helped me up. He told me my friend owed him money and I was the closest one to her, the one he could hurt her most with, and she had finally come to pay. And then he disappeared as they took me to the car. Over the next few days all I heard was about how I was lucky he let me go in one piece. Or that he had let me go at all. I heard stories of how dangerous he was. That it was impossible to know what went on in his mind. That he only used people. And I was hoping I would never find out what he needed me for. And hoping I wouldn’t see him again. I didn’t for a while, until I found him following me home. With flowers. He apologized, something I never dreamed a mafia boss would do, and walked into my apartment. I found that he was nothing like I imagined. He shed the silent killer the second he stepped in the door. It became a routine. He’d come over after I got off work and we would talk. The man could listen to me for hours  as I talked about anything that had happened that day. But when I asked him, he could somehow not mention if he had killed or hurt anyone as he described his day. It comforted me to know that he wanted to keep me from knowing, yet scared me at what he could be capable of that he didn’t want to tell me. He even offered to cook and was thrilled anytime I offered to help him. He’d make conversation the whole time and sing as loud and off key as he could to make me laugh. I would catch him looking at me, his eyes lit up, but a slight blush would find its way to his cheeks when he saw me looking. Occasionally I’d see him watching me eat, his heart shaped lips forming a smirk that made my heart beat faster. And then finally, I gave in. I gave him my heart and soul. And then my body. Sweet caresses and gentle kisses were followed by fingernails digging into my thighs to bring me closer to him. He didn’t stop until his name escaped my lips and even then it wasn’t always enough to make him stop. But when he did, he’d take me in his arms and pull me against his chest. He would joke, between whispering sweet words in my ear, that I needed to learn to be quiet and when he heard me scoff I could feel him shaking with laughter that his joke had gotten to me. Loud, happy laughter. My beloved Kyungsoo, would they still call you dangerous if they saw how harmless you really are?

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Hi guys :D so this is 3/12 Mafia boss Exo, I hope you guys enjoy it. I tried to not help kill Soo stans today but I actually got an idea for a Soo fluff as soon as I finished this drabble. Thought I should warn you in case I post it today XD  


Banishing Spell to Keep Away Harm

 You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 black taper or image candle (gender depends on who you are trying to bind)
  • nail
  • a large piece of black cloth
  • red ribbon cotton
  • needle and thread
  • Banishing oil
  • loose tobacco
  • a small mirror that can stand by itself
  • If you can obtain hair or nail clippings from the person or a picture, you can use it in this spell.

(This will protect without causing the person bound any harm.
It is not a dark spell but a very potent protective one)

Fold the felt in half and cut out a rough shape of the person you want to bind.
Make the figure large enough so that you will be able to stuff it after you have sewn it together.
Sew the pieces of the poppet together, leaving a hole through which you can stuff the poppet.
Fill it with cotton and tobacco, and if you have the hair or nail clippings of the person, add those to it.
Once it is filled, sew the opening closed. If you have a picture of the person,
staple or sew it to the front of the poppet.
Next, care the name of the person onto the black candle with the nail and add these runes:
Thuraz, Isa, Eihwas, a dark filled in circle to represent the dark moon,
bars like you will see in a jail, and a widdershins (anticlockwise) spiral.
Anoint the candle and the poppet with the oil.
Cast a circle, invoke the elements, God or Goddess you are working with.
Light the altar candles.
Light the black candle and adjust the mirror so that flame is reflected in the glass.
Hold the poppet out in front of you and say

Creature of cloth thou art,
Creature of flesh and blood you be.
I name you (name of the person you are binding).
No more shall you do me harm.
No more shall you repeat false tales.
No more shall you interfere in my life, nor in the lives of my loved ones.
By the power of the Gods and by my will, So mote it be!

Draw an invoking pentagram over the poppet.
Now take the ribbon and begin to wrap the poppet like a mummy,
leaving no space unwrapped. Say:

I bind your feet from bringing harm to me.
I bind your hands from reaching out to harm me.
I bind your mouth from spreading false tales to harm me.
I bind your mind from sending energy to harm me.
If you do so continue, let all negative energy be cast and reflected directly at you!

Tie off the ribbon and hold the poppet in front of the mirror while you visualize all negative
energy this person has sent to you being reflected back at them.
Wrap the poppet in the black cloth and tie with another length of ribbon. Say:

Great Mother, I have bound this person
from harming me and my loved ones.
By the powers of three times three
By Earth and Fire, Air and Sea
I fix this spell, then set it free
Twill give no harm to return to me
As I will, So mote it be!

Let the candle burn out while the poppet sits at its base, then take the poppet
and the remains of the candle far from your home and bury it deep in the ground
or toss it in the ocean and walk away without looking back.

My savior
  1. rating:14  
  2. warnings:kidnap, violence, swearing and a little fluff?
  3. pairings: Peter Pan x reader
  4. requested: yes, can you do an imagine were a few of peter’s lost boys defy him and kidnap y/n and peter saves y/n? plz and thanks so much~ anon. 
  5. this is my first story so i’m sorry if its really bad.

I was on my way back to camp from collecting firewood when I started thinking about Pan, it seems he was all I could think about when I was alone, I couldn’t stop thinking about his forest green eyes or his brown floppy hair, I sighed as I continued walking how long have I liked Pan now? three weeks? a month maybe? I wish I could control my heart, how could it be so cruel and fall for him, a boy who will never like me back. I walked deeper and deeper into the forest staring at my feet I saw another stick and bent down to pick it up, as I reached for the stick out of no where a foot stomped on my hand, I screamed out of pain and surprise my head shot up up to see the bastard who stood on my hand. There was Jack, one of Pan’s many lost boys looking down at me with a sadistic grin I narrowed my eyes at him “what the fuck do you think your doing Jack?” he chuckled at me and put more pressure on my hand I groaned in pain, “ you know Peter hasn’t been the same since you arrived y/n” I looked at him confused “what are you talking?“ he grabbed a handful of my hair and dragged me up to my feet, I gritted my teeth in pain “ Your coming with us y/n” he through me to the ground causing me to drop the sticks as soon as my back hit the ground another lost boy sat on my stomach and put a sack over my head. I thrashed about trying to get out of his grip but it was pointless they were bigger, stronger then me I soon gave up and got tired, I felt an extremely intense pain in my head and I quickly blacked out.

Peter’s P.O.V

I was looking for y/n everywhere but she was no where to be seen. I saw all the lost boys sleeping around the fire but then I saw a few empty beds, I counted them one by one until I realized Jack, Sam, Owen and Nicholas were gone. I felt my blood begin to boil remembering how much Jack hates y/n I stormed into the woods looking for any sign of y/n or the lost boys, I saw a pile of sticks lying on the ground and if I looked closer I could see more then one set of footprints in the dirt, from the way the dirt was all over the place at one particular spot I could tell someone struggled here. Fear began to wash over me as I thought about all the things that could be happening to y/n, tears began to sting my eyes as visions of her being tortured and killed flash in my mind I blink the tears back as I teleport back to camp, I start waking up the lost boys and tell them y/n has been kidnapped they all jump out of their beds and grab there weapons as I tell them who has taken her. They all become the angry hateful beasts I have trained them to be at the mention of the lost boys, I send a few lost boys to the ,north , east, south and west to track them down and once they once they do find them they have to signal for me and aren’t allowed to kill them with out my permission, as they all head out to their assigned locations I scream “COME ON BOYS!” in the loudest voice I could muster making sure they all hear me. 

Reader’s P.O.V

I woke up with a awful pounding in my head. I groaned as I tried to sit up I felt something tight on my wrists and ankles, when I looked down I saw they were tied together I looked around frantically trying to figure out were I was. It was cold and damp on the rocky surface I was sitting on, I looked at the ground and realized I could see two circles of light, I looked up towards were it was coming from and I saw a face with two eyes and a mouth. I gasped “where the hell am I?”  I whispered to my self “ your in skull rock y/n “ a boys voice said mockingly I turned my head to see Jack. I felt anger boil up inside of me “ why did you bring me here Jack?” I spit out his name like it was poison he just laughed in response “ because i’m going to kill you “ he looked at me with such anger and hatred in his eyes, my blood ran cold but I did my best to keep up my courage because in my heart I knew peter would come for me. Jack began to walk towards me with a small dagger in his hands I held my ground and glared at him he knelt down in front of me and put the dagger against my throat “ now isn’t really the time to put up this tough girl act y/n” he pressed the dagger closer to my throat drawing a little blood he grinned “ you should be begging for your life”, I chuckled “ I don’t beg for anything Jack never have never will” he growled in announce “ i’m sick of your fucking attitude y/n!” I closed my eyes ready for my life to end, when I felt the dagger pull away from my neck I opened one of my eyes to see what’s going on, both my eyes widened in shock as I saw Felix brutally punching Jack in the face. I looked around to see lost boy fighting lost boy all I could hear was metal hitting against metal the sight was enough to bring tears to my eyes, they came to rescue me I was so happy, I saw a shadow looming over me I looked up and saw Peter this caused the tears to flow down my cheeks “ P-Peter..” he rushed over to me and untied the ropes that were binding my hands and feet, once they were untied he picked me up bridal style and flew us back to his tree house, he gently put me down on the bed and was about to leave “ P-Peter can you please stay? “ he looked at me surprised before he smiled  “ of course “. He lay in the bed next to me and pulled me closer to him so he was cuddling me, “Peter your my savior” I closed my eyes “ I love you y/n” was the last thing I heard before I drifted off to sleep.

List of Loud House Episodes I’ve Seen so far

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Season 2

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Wowie Norse mythology

After seeing what happened to murderface at the end of doomstar, I thought of Tyr (Norse god of war, sacrifices his hand in the binding of Fenrir) and it got me thinking, there is obviously something bigger than the band as far as they know, probably the end of the world (the metalocalypse or ragnorok) wouldn’t Toki be a reincarnation of Balder? Balder is supposed to return to the new world after ragnorok, and the metalocalypse technically started when Magnus took Toki and Abigail does that mean that he’ll be the one to reverse the effects of the end? What deities are the rest of the band? This fandom is dying we need dumb theories


There were two requests about Roman Reigns’ hernia, so I meshed them together. I hope you two who requested the imagine enjoy! Xo


– Can you do an imagine where you’re dating /married to roman and you get the call that he needs emergency surgery for his hernia? Please and thank you xoox 

– You and roman getting into a fight about his possible hernia and then him being all romantic and apologetic when he has the surgery

Leati’s next show is here in Barclays Center, so we took the opportunity to have a nice little dinner date, along with a drink or two before we get back to our regular routine tomorrow morning. He leads me into our hotel room with the brightest smile on his face. I see it everyday, but each time I’m blessed with it, I fall just a little bit deeper in love with this gorgeous, crazy husband of mine.
I kick off my heels and throw my bag onto the floor beside them, then tug at Leati’s shirt so he’s forced to press his big body against mine.

“I had an amazing time tonight.” I press a small kiss on the corner of his mouth. “Thank you.”
“You are absolutely welcome,” he says, leaning down to take my lips between his teeth. Then he walks forward, slowly making me step backwards until the back of my knees hit the mattress. “I wasn’t in the mood for dessert earlier… but I am now.”
“Oh.” My eyebrows rise in amusement. “What do you want then?” I begin to unbutton his shirt. Despite the muted lighting, his golden skin glistens, just begging for me to kiss every inch of him.
“My favorite,” he breathes, nipping at my bottom lip again. “You.”

The hem of my dress is trussed up and over my head in a flash. And before I know it, my back hits the mattress. The cool sheets instantly make my back bow off the bed. Leati straddles my hips, his long and strong fingers float up my torso, my ribcage, up my arms, until he binds my wrists with his hands. I’m completely at his mercy.

“Your clothes are still on. That’s hardly fair.”I pout.
He releases me briefly, shrugging off his shirt fully. I take the opportunity to watch him move, kicking off his shoes and socks and finally slipping off his jeans. All of his clothes are on the floor beside my dress without a care. Then he crawls over me again, his left hand binding my wrists. “Any other complaints?”
His warm breath against my neck stirs the pool between my thighs. My hips writhe beneath him on their own accord. “Not a one, baby.”
“Getting antsy?”
“Like you aren’t?” I giggle, directing my eyes to the unmistakable bulge in his Calvin Klein boxers.

Straight lust flashes through Leati’s eyes, and then his lips are on mine. His tongue skims my parted lips and I welcome him with the rise my head off the bed, making the kiss deeper, stronger. He responds immediately, ravaging me. His free hand slides down my neck, stopping when he reaches the tops of my breasts. With one swift move, my nipples meet the cold air, hardening even further. I moan into his mouth, tugging my hands free from his hold. I’m growing beyond antsy now.
I free his hair from his bun and watch as the inky strands fall forward around his face. I giggle when the tips fall onto my breasts, tickling the sensitive flesh. Leati shakes his head, promoting his hair to tickle me further and I’m squirming, trapped under his thighs, in a fit of giggles.

I slap his thigh three times. “I tapped out!” I squeal.
Leati leans forward, taking my mouth one more time until I’m breathless. “I just wanted to hear your laugh. Now do with me as you please.”
He places my arms over his shoulders. Once he’s made sure I’m holding on tight, he flips us over so I’m splayed over him like a blanket. Skin on skin never felt so good. The only barrier is my bra and our underwear, but that will quickly no longer be an issue. I place my hands on his abdomen and fix myself to straddle him. He immediately winces, his hips buckling underneath me. This is not the first time this has happened.

“Incredible,” I huff, scolding him. “I’m going to take a wild guess and say that you have not gone to the doctor.”
“Leati, dammit!” I crawl right off of him and the bed, not caring about the fact that my hand was still on his stomach. If he doesn’t care, why the hell should I? “What the hell is wrong with you?”
He leans back on his elbows. “You are ruining a very good moment. And a very promising end to the night.”
“You,” I place my finger directly to his stomach, not at all missing his wince when I press into his skin, “are ruining a very good body. And a very promising career.”
“It’s a possible hernia.” He shrugs.
“That can possibly mess everything up for you. Does WWE know about this at all?” The smirk he was sporting flees his lips. The panic is setting in. Fucking good! “What are you going to do if it really is a hernia? What happens when the possible hernia becomes a real hernia during a match, huh?”
“Then I will tap out and have my limp body carried out on a gurney.” His lips form a small smile, as if there was nothing at all wrong with the foolery that just slipped from them.

I am absolutely speechless. I throw my hands up in surrender and stomp off to the mini wardrobe across the room.

“Where are you going? Come back!”
“I’m changing,” I growl through gritted teeth. That man is impossible. I free myself of my bra, quickly shrug on one of the impossible man’s famous t-shirts, and strut off to the bathroom without looking back.
“Are you serious? What am I going to do with this then?”
I peek over at him, finding him adjusting his groin in his boxers. I want him, as always, but my anger is definitely beating my need for his body right now. “That box of tissues still by the bed?”
Confusion crosses his beautiful face. He looks to the box and nods. “Why?”
I smile sweetly. “Good.” I grab my bottle of lotion from beside the sink and head back to the room. I toss the bottle at him. It lands directly between his sore spot and his groin, causing his legs to jerk off the bed momentarily. “Do with that as you please.”

As mad at him as I may be, I’m watching his match. I’m sitting backstage with a few of the divas gathered around me. I guess the girls are picking up on my mood because they’re barely talking to me, but I’m not making a big fuss about it. I’ve come to love some of the girls, but my mind is focused on Leati.

Speak of the devil. I turn my head towards the door. He is fully suited and booted in his ring gear, delicious as ever. “Yes, Leati?”
“Can you come here for a second?” He gives me his best puppy dog eyes, so of course I stroll over to him. “Are you still mad at me?”
“Does this still hurt?” I poke his tummy, softly. Even with his thick vest and my gentle touch, his eye twitches. I roll my eyes. “Looks like a yes from the both us.”
“I promise that after this match I will go to medical. All right?”
“Now give me my good luck kiss.” He puckers his lips. “Come on!”
I let out a long, long sigh, pushing up to my tiptoes. My lips meet his and my eyes shut closed. Fireworks shoot through me at the contact, waking my want for him again. No way. Not gonna happen. I pull away from his lips, hesitantly. “Good luck, baby.”
“Thank you.” He presses a chaste kiss to my lips once more and then he’s gone.

I join the divas again, waiting for Roman Reigns’ theme song to pour through the speakers.

“Everything alright?” Trinity probes.
“We’re good.” I smile on a small shrug. “He’s just a massive pain in the ass.”
“Undoubtedly. But don’t worry, he’s got this tonight.” She winks at me and now I’m wondering whether or not the winner of this match has already been decided. Leati never tells me, so it’s always a guessing game.

We turn our attention back to the TV once Roman Reigns starts making his way through the crowd. His fist meets with mostly the childrens’ little fists, while women and some men grope and pat at his back. I let out a small chuckle. He lands over the barricade and slides into the ring with his usual grace.
And damn, does he look delicious.
The next theme song hits and it’s one I recognize. Big Show. The giant takes his sweet time and I’m all but yawning. He finally steps foot into the ring and the bell rings.
A few minutes in, Roman Reigns is still doing his rag-doll bit and I’m waiting for him to make his comeback. But something about this match is making my stomach churn. Big Show keeps going for Roman’s gut, Roman grunting and bending over in pain with each blow. Big Show didn’t know about the possible hernia, at least I don’t think he did, but he must because he’s surely going for it like a mad man. I watch Roman fight with every ounce of pain in his face. He’s hurt. No, he’s now injured and still pushing through. Big Show goes for the gut again and I’m suddenly flying out of my seat.
I find myself pacing in front of medical, because this is where Leati will be once the match is done. Ten minutes later, no Leati. My phone buzzes in my pocket and I’m blindly reaching for it without a second thought.

“Hello?” I greet as Big Show appears through the curtain. A sigh of relief leaves my lungs. But the cautious look in his eyes does nothing but bring my stomach to churn again.
“Mrs. Anoa'i, this is your husband’s EMT.” The earth bottoms out beneath my feet. I’m pretty freaking sure about that. “Please do not worry. Mr. Anoa'i does have a hernia that needs emergency surgery, but he will be perfectly fine.”
Big Show steps forward, obviously coming to talk to me and I put my hand up to stop him. I don’t need coaxing. I need to get to my husband. “Where is he? Did you already leave to the hospital? Why didn’t anyone come find me–”
“Mrs. Anoa'i, we searched for you but could not find you.” Of course not, because I was waiting in front of medical. Damn it! “We are headed to Mt. Sinai. I will personally wait for you outside of the ER as per request of your husband.”

That’s all I need to hear before I hang up and make a run out of the building, leaving Big Show and several of the divas with wide eyes as I pass them. I immediately hail a cab, shout out Mt. Sinai emergency room, and sulk in the back seat.
He better be okay. He better fucking be okay. Stupid, stubborn man. This is exactly what I was afraid of. Stupid, stupid! I yell at him in my head.
I’m not sure how much later, I throw a fifty dollar bill on the passenger seat and run towards the man waiting for me, just like my husband requested. He quickly leads me to the private room Leati is being tended to in. I burst into the room and spot his big body in a hospital gown and the signature white blankets hospitals give covering what the gown won’t.

“This must be your wife.” The blonde doctor smiles at me. “I’m Dr. Keller.”
“Nice to meet you, Dr. Keller,” I huff out on a smile as genuine as I can manage. I’m winded, concerned, and upset. “Is he going in for surgery right now?” I talk like Leati isn’t in the room to keep my patience in check.
“Yes. Like I was just explaining to Mr. Anoa'i, the hernia has twisted around one of his testicles. That’s why he wasn’t able to push it back in.”
Wait. Hold up. “What do you mean push it back in?”
“This has been happening for a long while, baby. I just… pushed it back in.”
My neck snaps to my stupidly handsome husband’s face. “How long?” I grit out.
Leati’s chin falls to his chest. “Six months…”
“You pushed a hernia back into your body? For six months?” I slip into the chair beside his bed, fuming. “What the hell is wrong with you?”
“Injuries equal downtime. Even more with surgery. That equals disappearing from the main roster. That means no TV time, no money. I couldn’t do that to us.” He grabs my hand in his, making a point to fix my engagement ring and wedding band so they are perfectly snug at the base of my finger. “I’m sorry. I’m so, so sorry. I thought that I was doing what was best for my family. For us.” He threads his fingers in between mine and pulls my ring to his mouth, pressing feather light kisses all over my bands and his own.
I pull our hands to my lips and repeat his feather light kisses. “I don’t care about TV time. I don’t care about money. I care about you, your body, and your health. You could be collecting bottles on the side of the road and I will still be by your side..” I pull his scruffy chin to look into his beautiful brown eyes. I’m kind of glad he removed his contacts before I got here. “Do you understand me?”
Leati kisses our bands again. “I promise after this I’m going to take extra careful care of my body.” He leans over, pressing a long kiss to my temple before he reaches my ear. “You could’ve had me last night. Do you know how long its going to be before we make love again?”
“Oh, Jesus christ!” I push him away from my ear and turn towards Dr. Keller, watching us with a small grin on his face. “He’s ready to go into surgery. Please, take him.” For his sake and my sanity.

“Yes, ma'am.” The kind doctor calls in his team to wheel away Leati.

“Good luck kiss?”
I cock my head to the left. Of course, my stubborn man wants a kiss right now. “Good luck kiss.” I carefully sit on the edge of his bed, not wanting to pull at any IV’s  or other wires attached to him. Ugh, this is a mess. I brace a hand behind his head and swoop in. His warm, soft lips coat mine, warming me from head to toe. Leati moves his hand up my spine to the nape of my neck. I make sure to take the kiss to the next level, juicy and leaving him wanting more. Then I pull away from him.
“You’d collect bottles with me?”
I burst into full blown hysterical laughter, promoting him to do the same. “Yes. I’d collect bottles with you, baby.”